Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4486


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The remote headquarters of Kongming Temple is located in the secret realm of Kongming.

The cluster of palaces in the depths of the secret realm is full of majesty and sacred solemnity.

In several God Palaces of gold and jade in glorious splendor, several Palace Lords and Imperial Capital are waiting patiently for news.

One hour has passed since they ordered the truce.

Before they want to come, time has passed so long, the soldiers of Qingyuetang and the Prajna fleet should have ceased war long ago.

Moreover, the two parties also evacuated to a safe area and began to recuperate, right?

Why did the Hall Master Qingyue and Marshal Zuo not send a message to report the latest situation after so long?

The Hall Master Qingyue and the two marshals certainly did not dare to disobey orders.

Could something accident happen?

This question has been circling in the minds of several Palace Lords and Divine Emperor.

As time passed, the Prajna Divine Emperor and several Palace Lords became uncomfortable, and wanted to send another message to question Hall Master Qingyue and the two marshals.

At this time, several streams of light flew from the sky and fell into the hands of the Divine Emperor and several Palace Lords one after another.

Seeing that the messaging jade slip finally came, everyone relaxed in their hearts and quickly opened the messaging jade slip to check the information inside.

However, when everyone read the news in the jade slip and learned the final battle, their complexions changed drastically.

Especially the Divine Emperor, his eyes were black, and he almost spurt a mouthful of blood in anger.

Yes, her soldiers and Qingyuetang have indeed ceased fighting.

But she didn’t expect that the truce was not because of her orders, but because the two sides fought until the end, and there was almost no force left, and the fighting had to be stopped.

At the beginning, she brought hundreds of soldiers into Origin Star, but now she hasn’t gained a foothold in Origin Star. She was hit hard by this, leaving only 10,000 soldiers!

Moreover, all those 10,000 soldiers were injured slightly or severely, and it is impossible to recover their battle strength in the short term.

This is a bolt from the blue!

The Prajna Divine Emperor was almost mad with anger. If the two marshals stood in front of her, she would probably not be able to suppress her anger and would kill the two marshals.

She was trembling with anger, her face was frosty, and she was filled with a terrifying cold killing intent.

Seeing her reaction like this, Chixia Divine King felt that the situation was not good, and his heart was extremely anxious.

But Master was in a fit of anger, and she did not dare to ask more questions.

On the other side, several Palace Lords were also dumbfounded on the spot, only feeling angry and helpless.

What angered them was that Hall Master Qingyue refused to comply.

The Hall Master Qingyue obviously received the order to cease the war, but he refused to cease the war, and had to fight with the Prajna fleet, which eventually led to both sides suffer.

Don’t you deserve to die if you are so daring and reckless to go your own way, causing such a disaster?

For several Palace Lords, the tens of thousands of deaths caused by this battle were serious, but they were barely acceptable.

But things have gotten to this point. The Prajna Divine Emperor is bound to be impossible to join the Kongming Temple. This is the most unacceptable result for them!

“It’s over! Our previous efforts were all wasted!”

“Damn Qingyue Hall Master, how dare he be so bold?”

“In my opinion, tomorrow’s ceremony will not be held anymore. Prajna must be impossible to join the hall.”

“Oh… the original cause was just a trivial matter that’s all, how could it develop to this point?”

“Broken the major event of this hall, Qingyue Hall Master die without regret!”

“Everyone has seen just now, and Prajna also received the jade slip, and at this time understood the news.

Don’t waste time, everyone, think about how to comfort Prajna, and whether it is possible to save her…”

Several Palace Lords secretly sound transmission discussed a few words, and quickly made a decision. Let the two Palace Lords take the lead, with the three Palace Lords and the four Palace Lords, to talk to Prajna.


When the three Palace Lords came to God Palace where Prajna was, Prajna also took Chixia Divine King and a team of guards to leave God Palace.

The two sides met on the square in front of the God Palace and stopped at the same place. The atmosphere was very embarrassing.

The Prajna Divine Emperor’s remaining anger has not disappeared, his face is still cold, and his body is filled with a strong killing intent.

But she has calmed down, her expression is cold, her eyes are indifferent, and there is no abnormal or excessive behavior.

She looked at the three Palace Lords indifferently with her expression, and took the initiative to say, “The emperor has guessed the purpose of the three Palace Lords, but the three Palace Lords don’t have to say anything, the emperor’s will is determined.”

Seeing her cold and indifferent tone, and a very determined attitude, the three Palace Lords knew that this matter was difficult to deal with.

However, I have come here, I always have to say a few words and express my attitude before I can leave.

Maybe they show enough sincerity, the Prajna Divine Emperor will hesitate, can they give them another chance?

So, the Second Palace Lord took the lead in bowing his hands and said, “Pharaoh, things that have developed to this step are beyond our control and expectation, and it is also a result we don’t want to see.

Regardless of the cause of the incident, the Hall Master Qingyue dared to resist his orders and did not comply with such a catastrophe. This hall will definitely give you an explanation.

Please stay for a few more days and see how old man punishes that damned bastard! “

The Three Palace Lords and the Four Palace Lords also went on to say, “Pajna Divine Emperor, both of us are very sincere, but it is difficult for the soldiers under their command to restrain.

The mistakes they committed should not affect our decision. This is the means and determination of the superiors. “

“Princess Divine Emperor, even if things develop to this step, our Kongming Temple is still open, and you are welcome to join.

I hope you can think about it carefully and don’t be impulsive. “

Prajna Divine Emperor expressionlessly looked at the three Palace Lords, and said indifferently, “How do you want to punish the Qingyue Hall Master? That is a matter for your Kongming Temple and has nothing to do with the Emperor.

The emperor is also willing to believe in your sincerity, but how can the emperor join the Kongming Temple when things have developed to this point?

If the emperor really agrees, how can he be worthy of the 90,000 dead soldiers?

Is there any face to see the 10,000 surviving soldiers?

In short, this emperor is impossible to join the Kongming Temple, and the three Palace Lords do not need to persuade.

If you are still willing to respect this emperor, please move and let the emperor go back to deal with this matter. “

Seeing that she really didn’t make progress, she was determined, and the three Palace Lords and the fourth Palace Lord frowned, she was a little hesitant.

The two Palace Lord sighed helplessly, and asked “that’s all, since you have decided, the old man will naturally not persuade you.

However, the old man wants to ask more, Prajna, what are your plans next? “

The Prajna Divine Emperor said indifferently, “Naturally, it is to deal with the aftermath of the incident and appease the surviving soldiers.”

The Second Palace Lord was silent for a moment, and then said solemnly, “Prajna, since you are not willing to join the temple, the old man hopes that this will end here.

You can comfort the soldiers, or take them far away and fly away from the territory of the temple.

But if you have the idea of ​​revenge and hatred and destroy Qingyuetang, then the old man has to remind you, and it is best to dispel this idea! “

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