Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4536


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For a whole thousand years, the Emperor-level Magical Powers skill that Split Sky and Tired of Dreams dreamed of, finally got it!

At this moment, Shit Tian’s excited body trembled, almost shed tears of emotion. m.dragonb.net

Ordinary people cannot imagine how much it has longed for over the past millennia to obtain God Emperor Level’s pill concocting, refining tools, and formation methods.

It even thought about it more than once, taking the risk and going to the territory of the two temples in person, by fair means or foul, it must also get the secret technique.

But in the end, reason defeated the impulse, and it had to suppress this idea.

Now, it finally got the treasure it dreamed of, and it has ten Magical Powers skills at once!

It and Yanli will soon learn these skills, deploy the Emperor Divine Array, and refine the Emperor Divine Pill and Divine Item!

From now on, it can have more means and ways to increase its own battle strength.

When the orcs are again invaded and bullied by the two temples, they can also launch a more powerful counterattack and better protect their people!

This is a huge change for the entire Orcs, an incomparable improvement!

How can Cracking Sky not be excited?

Seeing that it is so excited, Ji Tianxing reminds him, “Don’t be happy too soon, although the ten Magical Powers skills are the simplest and most basic.

But your foundation is already weak and you may not be able to learn it soon.

According to the emperor’s estimation, it will take you two years to master all the ten Magical Powers skills, and smoothly pill concocting, refining, and deploying. “

Ji Tianxing thought that he reminded the cracking sky to calm the cracking sky.

Didn’t expect, after listening to the split day, I became more excited, the blood flow accelerated, and the heartbeat speeded up twice.

“What? Can I learn it in two years?

After we learn, we can arrange the Emperor Array and refine the Emperor Divine Pill and Divine Item?

Is this true?

My god, it’s incredible! “

Split Sky’s eyes shone brightly, exclaiming in excitement.

“…” Ji Tianxing was helpless and decided not to say anything more.

There is no way, the cognition of the two parties is not at the same level, and it is difficult for him to realize the mood of Splitting Heaven.

For him, the ten easiest and most basic emperor-level skills, if he only learned it for half a year, he would already feel that it is very slow.

But the cracking sky and disgusting wasted thousands of years, but they failed to learn a little bit of fur.

Suddenly learned that with the help of Ji Tianxing, they can learn in two years, so why not get excited?

After a while, when the mood of the cracking sky calmed down, Ji Tianxing went on to say, “From tomorrow, the emperor will build a square outside the gate of God Palace to preach.

The square will not be too big, with a maximum of one to two thousand people.

In order not to cause confusion and prevent others from listening, try to let those who can transform their forms to listen.

Eighteen lords and their geniuses can learn at any time.

The Dao and skills explained by the emperor every day are different. Maybe today is the art of formation, tomorrow is the Alchemy Technique, and the day after tomorrow is the art of refining…”

Leap Tian listened carefully, and when it finished listening to Ji Tianxing’s arrangement, it panicked nodded and agreed.

“It’s so good! My people, as long as you can understand the Taoism you tell, you will gain something.

As for who can learn how much and how much he can improve, it all depends on his innate talent and good fortune.

It’s just that it’s going to work hard for you. “

Splitting the sky secretly ponders, Ji Tianxing everyday all wants to preach art and preaching, after three consecutive years, it will definitely be exhausted, right?

Who knows, Ji Tianxing waved his hand and chuckled, “What do you think? Do you think this emperor will preach for three consecutive years?

The emperor will often preach for the first year at most.

In the next two years, after they have laid the foundation, they will need to be improved through practice.

By then, the emperor may only need to point them. “

“Okay…” Splitting the sky was a little disappointed, the light in his eyes dimmed, and he said solemnly, “No matter what, I will arrange guards to maintain good order and never let you be disturbed or affected.”

Ji Tianxing wanted to tell it that these all are too much to worry about.

When he teaches art and preaching, he doesn’t need bodyguards to maintain order at all. All the listeners will be very obedient and quiet.

But before it happened, he didn’t want to speak first.


Soon, the night passed.

The news about Ji Tianxing publicly preaching and preaching outside the God Palace was also quickly spread in Lidu under the instruction of Leap Tian.

Overnight, tens of thousands of Fierce Beasts and Divine Beasts all learned about it.

It is the first time these orcs have heard of this kind of thing, and there is a Divine Emperor expert who is so generous and willing to teach the Taoism in public and give guidance to everyone for cultivation.

This is simply unheard-of, something that has never been seen before.

All the orcs were shocked, but also very curious and looking forward to it.

They all discuss spiritedly, full of curiosity about the mysterious Divine Emperor of the Hong Clan, and they all decided to see the truth.

Countless orcs are wondering whether the Hong Divine Emperor is really preaching and preaching art, or going through the scene to fool everyone.

If it is the former, then he is the benefactor of the orcs and deserves the respect and gratitude of all the orcs.

If he is the latter, then many orcs will definitely ask two Old Ancestors to punish that guy fiercely!

However, just as many orcs were gearing up to go outside the God Palace to listen to sermons, they learned a new piece of news.

The Old Ancestor announced that considering the large number of people, the square outside the God Palace cannot accommodate too many orc people, so… only the orcs that can transform can go.

As soon as the news came out, 90% of the orcs immediately lost the opportunity to observe and learn.

On the contrary, those orcs who have been able to transform are very happy and proud.

After several hours of suffering and waiting, after dawn, more than 4,000 Divine Beasts and fierce beasts rushed to the God Palace where Ji Tianxing lives.

In order not to cause congestion, the more than four thousand orcs had already completed their transformation in the sky before arriving at the square outside the God Palace.

Although, their anthropomorphic appearance does not look like human race or desert race, but more like so-called orcs.

But one thing is that their size has indeed shrunk many times.

Nevertheless, when more than 4,000 ‘orcs’ arrived at the God Palace Square, they discovered that the square was indeed not big enough to accommodate so many orcs.

The square with a radius of thousands of feet, built by Ji Tianxing himself, is very gorgeous and spectacular.

The entire square is located in the sea of ​​clouds. The ground paved with nebula is covered with hundreds of millions of Dao Mark Road, which looks very profound.

There is a ten zhang high platform in the center of the square, which is where Ji Tianxing sits.

The Orcs people who rushed to the square first all surrounded the high platform and sat down in the square.

After accommodating two thousand orcs, the square was full.

The more than two thousand orcs that followed were left with disappointment and regret only under the order of the sky.

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