Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4538


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The news of Ji Tianxing’s first day of preaching and teaching art caused a sensation in Lidu. m.lnwow.co

Except for the god kings of the desert tribe who acted as slaves, they don’t know the inside story and dare not discuss them.

Tens of thousands of orcs are discussing spiritedly, respect and awe at Ji Tianxing, and express their strongest curiosity and expectations.

On the first day, only two thousand orcs listened to the preaching of Ji Tianxing, and the other two thousand orcs were able to transform, but they were too late to catch up.

So, before dawn on the 2nd day, the two thousand orcs rushed to the God Palace where Ji Tianxing lived.

However, when they rushed to the square outside God Palace, they found that more than 500 orcs had arrived first.

The orcs not only arrived first, they also found a good place to sit down, and were in a state of contemplation and comprehend.

What’s more, the whole body is covered with a layer of divine light, the breath fluctuates violently, and there is a breakthrough realm at any time.

Seeing this scene, many orc kings suddenly realized.

The 500-odd guys didn’t come early, but just listened here for a day yesterday and never left!

It seems that they have all benefited a lot, and I plan to continue listening today!

Mindful of this, many orc god kings are a little jealous, and they only hate that they came late yesterday, failed to get a position, and missed listening for a day.

So, after these orc kings came back to his senses, they quickly seized positions.

Even if you missed it yesterday, you can’t miss it again today.

The result… Just two quarters later, the square was full again!

Except for the more than 500 orcs left behind last night, of the 2,000 orcs who came today, only more than 1,400 have grabbed the spot.

The five hundred orc kings who came late are the worst luck and most tragic.

They missed the first day and also missed the 2nd day!

The more than five hundred orcs are all heartbroken and regretful.

They left the square with expression sadly, but they all swear silently in their hearts that they have missed two days and must not miss tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning…no, tonight, they will come in advance to grab the spot! !

It didn’t take long for the morning sun to rise and the sky gradually brightened.

A new day is approaching, and the gate of God Palace is opened.

A white robe, sacred and majestic Ji Tianxing, bathed in golden light, stepped out of the God Palace and came to the square.ァ First release, domain name, please remember

With the experience of yesterday, the two thousand orcs listening to the sermons in the square today seem to be more peaceful and regular.

When Ji Tianxing stepped onto the high platform in the middle of the square, the two thousand orcs all bowed and saluted in unison, and paid respectful greetings.

Although many orcs are new to etiquette, their actions are somewhat nondescript.

But Ji Tianxing believes that as long as these orcs are willing to learn, they will be able to learn soon.

In addition, Split Sky and Miscellaneous said that they have to learn the skills and habits of the wild race.

But many of the things of Professor Ji Tianxing bear his brand and characteristics, especially thinking, beliefs and principles, etc., which are different from the culture and beliefs of the Huangzu.

And these orcs are like a piece of white paper, they can learn how to teach them, and they will not distinguish the difference between the two.

Not to mention these orc kings, even disgusting and splitting the sky may not be clearly distinguished.

What if they know the truth?

In fact, they are not obliged to learn from the wild tribe, but to learn what makes them stronger!

In a short while, the 2nd day preaching and teaching art began.

Compared with the first day, Ji Tianxing began to reduce the narration and thinking about Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, and taught some Magical Powers and skills step by step.

He not only talked about the experience and skills of Shinto cultivation, but also talked about pill concocting, refining tools and the method of formation.

More than five hundred orcs who had heard the sermon yesterday, and heard these things today, many people were stunned and comprehended on the spot.

What is even more exaggerated is that last night there were six orc kings all exposed and on the verge of breakthrough.

Today, during the preaching by Ji Tianxing, the six orc kings suddenly enlightenment on the spot, and successively breakthrough realm!

This is under the eyelids of the two thousand orcs. It is conceivable that when they broke through the realm on the spot, how much shock they brought to other orcs!

At that moment, all the orcs were excited and passionate about it, and they called out for their companions in their hearts.

It’s only because Ji Tianxing is preaching, they can’t disturb the order, so they keep quiet.

But their hearts have deeply recognized Ji Tianxing.

The sudden enlightenment and breakthrough of my companions are the best proof.

Today, the six companions can have a breakthrough on the spot, and perhaps tomorrow the breakthrough realm will be themselves!

There is no doubt that the 2nd day preaching and teaching art is not only a success for Perfection, but also a shocking effect.

Still when night fell, Ji Tianxing announced the end of the sermon, left without looking back, and went back to God Palace.

No one knows that, in fact, he stayed in God Palace at night, neither resting nor preparing for 2nd day preaching, but cultivation in twisted time and space.

This time, the orc god kings who listened to the preaching were still full of regret and reluctance.

But they will not shout or salute like yesterday, asking Ji Tianxing to continue preaching.

Because everyone already knows the rules of Emperor Dragon Heavenly God, they follow them tacitly.

Many of the orc god kings respectfully bowed, then left the square one after another and returned to their residences to secluded cultivation.

They listened to Ji Tianxing’s preaching and learned so much that it takes a while to digest.

There are also hundreds of orcs, following the practices of other companions, staying in the square.

They all sit quietly in place, earnestly comprehend, figure out what Ji Tianxing teaches, and draw nourishment from it.

Of course, they are here tonight, and they will continue to listen tomorrow.

An hour later, the square all around became quiet, and almost no one walked around anymore.

The number of orcs remaining has reached more than 600 people.

At this time, more than 500 orcs hurriedly rushed to grab the spot first.

They are the worst luck, the guy who missed the sermon twice in a row.

Although they didn’t hear anything, sitting in the square was still in a daze. There was nothing to comprehend.

But this does not hinder them in the slightest, and they are full of expectations and illusions for the preaching and teaching tomorrow.


Not far from the God Palace in Ji Tianxing, there is the God Palace where the sky is split and the living is tired.

After they got the jade slip from Ji Tianxing, they concentrated on researching and learning every day, just want to learn the ten imperial skills as soon as possible.

However, in the morning and at night of these two days, when Ji Tianxing starts and ends, they will secretly observe.

The personnel changes on the square tonight have caused Cracking to discover a problem.

“Although there are more people grabbing positions tonight, have you noticed a problem?

The people who listened for two consecutive days, none of them were left, all of them left. “

I was taken aback for a moment and tried to ask: “You mean, what the Emperor Dragon Heavenly God said is very profound and contains too much truth.

Even if the innate talent aptitude is an outstanding citizen, he can only listen for two days at most, and he has reached the limit of tolerance? “

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