Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4539


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Cracking the sky and disgusting are very clear. m.qdian.me

Currently staying in the capital, the four thousand transformable orcs have the strength of God King Realm, and their perception and aptitude are very high.

With their innate talent, it stands to reason that they can understand at least 80 to 90% of the Taoism and skills taught by Emperor Dragon Heavenly God.

It takes at least three or five days of listening before you encounter bottleneck and intractable doubts, and you need to go back to retreat and meditate.

The occurrence of this situation now only shows that the Taoism and skills described by Emperor Dragon Heavenly God are really too profound and subtle.

Understand this truth, split the sky and dislike not worry but joy.

“Before I was worried that even if we forced him to teach Magical Powers skills, he would be perfunctory and foolish.

It now seems that we are worrying too much. “

“Yes! The ten Magical Powers skills he gave us are enough for us to study and cultivation for many years.

Even when he teaches art in public, he is also teaching real and useful experience and skills.

I now believe that he really wants to help us, not at all contemptuous and despising us. “

“Well, we don’t have to discuss this matter anymore.

Please tell those lords, let’s retreat for a while. “

After a few comments, Split Sky and Tiedi started to act separately.

Going back to retreat in the secret room and comprehend several emperor Magical Powers secret techniques

Rift Sky found several lords and confidantes and told them a lot before entering the secret room to retreat.


The next half a month, Lidu became very lively.

Ji Tianxing everyday all will preach and teach art on the square outside the God Palace for a whole day, teach the orc kings cultivation methods and experience, and give them guidance and guidance.

There are 2,000 orc god kings who listen to him every day to teach and teach art, and the square is completely enclosed.

Every orc god king respects him very much, and he is very focused and to be entranced when listening to the sermon.

After night falls, Ji Tianxing will return to God Palace for cultivation.

The Orcs in the Lidu City knew his habits and quickly adapted.

Every night, hundreds of orc kings will stay, meditate and comprehend on the square, or discuss and confirm with each other.

After a few days, the small square outside the God Palace became the dojo of Lidu, the Holy Land in the hearts of many orcs.

Not only can they listen to the Supreme Great Dao here and get the guidance of Supreme God, they can also discuss and confirm each other.

There is no way to grow them faster than this, even if the master teaches the discipline, it is only this.

Although, when I first came to listen to Daoist, there were only four thousand orcs capable of transforming into form.

But within a few days, lords from all walks of life rushed back to Lidu with their elite geniuses.

Everyday all there are hundreds of orc god kings. After listening for two days, they reached the limit of tolerance and went back to their residence to secluded cultivation.

However, every day all has a new orc king to join the ranks of listening to the preaching, so that the every day all on the square remains at a full state of two thousand.

What’s even more amazing is that almost every day there are several orc kings who suddenly enlightenment when they listen to the preaching and directly break through the realm.

Lidu originally had more than 40,000 Divine Beasts and fierce beasts. They have good strength, but they have not been transformed.

When they heard the news of Ji Tianxing preaching and teaching art, they witnessed the amazing changes and growth of their companions, and they desperately tried to transform themselves.

Once successfully transformed, they immediately rushed to the square where Ji Tianxing preached, just to listen to Ji Tianxing preaching and teaching art.

This also led to the sudden eruption of the transforming technique that has been practiced for many years by Split Heaven and Miriam.

Previously, the overwhelming majority orcs were not interested in the art of transformation. They felt that the body was more free and more convenient. Why is it necessary to transform?

But now, without anyone’s persuasion, all the orcs are rushing to compete with the cultivation technique.

Unconsciously, half a month has passed.

All the lords of the Eighteenth Routes are here, and one after another tens of thousands of outstanding orc kings with innate talent have been brought.

In addition to the original 4,000 orc god kings in Lidu and the 2,000 orcs that have been successfully transformed recently, Ji Tianxing’s discipline has reached as many as 16,000!

And, with the passage of time, his discipline will increase.

Normally, the lords of the Eighteenth Route and the confidant generals of the sky-splitting and disgusting confidant are respected and superior to all the people of the Orcs.

However, when Ji Tianxing preached and taught art, they also listened and learned respectfully like ordinary orc people.ァ First release, domain name, please remember

There are many careful orcs, and they have found that the sky split and disgust have not appeared for many days.

After inquiring, they found out that the two Old Ancestors obtained the Emperor-level Magical Powers secret technique from the Dragon Heavenly God, and they are retreating to comprehend and learn.

When many orc people heard that even their two Old Ancestors are practicing Dragon Heavenly God Absolute Art, then they can get the guidance and teaching of Dragon Heavenly God, which is definitely the blessing of three lifetimes what.

So almost, Ji Tianxing’s status in the mind of the Orc people has risen at an incalculable speed.

In the past half a month, his prestige in Lidu has been second only to the two Old Ancestors, Li Tian and Yanli.


Late at night on the sixteenth day.

There is a workshop in the south of the capital, where the orcs craftsmen smelt ores and refine Divine Items.

For thousands of years, batch after batch of deserted god kings have been used as slaves here, and Divine Item has been refined day and night.

The orc god kings who have been guarding here for many years have gradually learned a lot of God King Level Artifact Refining Techniques and become artisans of the orcs.

The armors and weapons worn by many orcs nowadays came from this workshop and were refined by orc artisans and those deserted kings.

At this time, a man of the desert race with rags and disheveled hair, under the escort of four orc kings, left the workshop and flew south.

The man with vicissitudes of face, describing the withered desert tribe, is also a Middle God king.

He broke into an unknown land a hundred years ago to explore treasure hunting, slaughtered many Divine Beasts and fierce beasts, and plundered many resources and treasures.

However, after the orc expert captured him, he was ordered by the Old Ancestor of Splitting Heaven and Aversion, and instead of putting him to death, he was brought back to Lidu as a slave.

Therefore, this person is good at refining tools. This person has been smelting Divine Item in the workshop for a hundred years.

Now that the 100-year period has come, the orc workshop owner in charge of the workshop issued an order to send this person away.

The four orc god kings escorted the deserted men and flew south all night, and didn’t stop until dawn.

Everyone stopped in the sky above a reckless jungle, and two orc god kings joined forces to cast a spell to lift the seal and prohibition on the deserted man.

“Ding Lang, the one-hundred-year deadline has come. In these years you are still honest and working hard enough, the owner released you as promised.

I hope you can do it for yourself, leave our territory as soon as possible, and do not stay here.

From now on, if you dare to step into our territory and be caught by us, it will not be a matter of a hundred years of imprisonment! ! “

One of the orc god kings patted the shoulder of the deserted man, and after two warnings, let him leave by himself.

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