Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4540


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The deserted man named Ding Lang looks very embarrassed and vicissitudes of life, no different from beggars.

Moreover, he was empty-handed, not only did he not have a Divine Item on his body, he also didn’t even have a space ring.

The seal was finally lifted, but he did not dare to show his true identity, still maintaining the appearance of cowering and trembling with fear.

After all, the strength of the four orcs Divine King is stronger than him, and here is still the territory of the orcs, how dare he make a second.

“Many thanks to the escort of four big brothers, I am grateful for your care over the years!”

Ding Lang smiled and nodded bowed his waist to express his gratitude.

The four orcs Divine King did not want to waste time, so they were disinclined to pay attention to him. The leading orc Divine King waved to him to leave.

Dante Lang showed an awkward smile, cautiously asked, “A few big brothers, look…I will be leaving soon, can my space ring…”

For all Spiritual Gods, space ring is one of the most important items. Overwhelming majority wealth and belongings will be stored in it.

In Ding Lang’s space ring, there are not only the belongings he has accumulated throughout his life, but also some secrets and inheritance treasures.

When he was arrested that year and sent to the refining workshop as a slave, all Divine Items on and off his body were confiscated, and the space ring was no exception.

At that time, the owner said that as long as he performs well within 100 years, he can return the space ring to him when he leaves in the future.

Unexpectedly, the four orc Divine Kings all showed contemptuous sneers after listening.

“What space ring? Are you asking me for it?”

“Ding Lang, it is fortunate that you can retreat with your whole body, what space ring do you need?”

“Less nonsense, get out now!”

Obviously, as early as a hundred years ago, after Ding Lang’s space ring was confiscated, those belongings and treasures were taken away by the orcs.

Now that a hundred years have passed, the orcs have long forgotten about that, how can they return the space ring to him?

Of course, this is also the practice.

Almost every Divine King who was arrested and sent to Lidu to become a slave, will leave without a trace in the end.

Those Divine Kings of the desert tribe are also clever and will not care about things outside their bodies such as Divine Item and space ring. As long as they can leave alive, they are lucky.

Only Ding Lang, a paranoid character, can boldly ask about space ring.

After being scolded by the four orc Divine Kings and being pushed by one of the orcs, Divine King, Ding Lang could only hold back his anger and turned away timidly.

Until he flew a few ten thousand li away and disappeared at the end of the horizon, he still looked like he was afraid and cowardly.

However, after he flew out of the hundred thousand li, the expression on his face and the breath of the whole body began to change.


While galloping in the sky, he roared angrily and cursed the orcs.

“These damn, lowly beasts!

Enslaved this king for a hundred years, and took away everything from this king!

This hatred, absolutely irreconcillable! ! “

In Ding Lang’s cognition, he was captured by a lowly ant-like orc, and became a slave for a century, which is the most humiliating thing in this life.

The orcs took away all his possessions and wealth, and he hated the orcs.

When he thought of just now, in order to ask for a space ring, he bowed and bowed to the four orcs Divine King nodded, he exploded in humiliation.

He silently swears in his heart that in this life, no matter what method or means is used, he must avenge revenge!

However, the matter of revenge requires long-term consideration.

The top priority is that he needs to leave the unknown as soon as possible and return to the Temple of Kongming.

As long as he returns to his hometown, he can quickly recover vital energy.

After making up his mind, Ding Lang quickly identified the direction and moved towards Southwest.


At the same time.

Southwest, away from the capital, is two 10,000,000 li away.

This is the hinterland of an unknown land, the most dangerous and primordial area, and it may not have been tens of thousands of years for the desolate creatures to set foot here.

Looking around, all directions are the majestic mountain range and boundless.

Between countless mountain ranges and dangerous peaks, there are all kinds of mist and all kinds of dangers.

Even the sky is not calm, sometimes violent wind erupted, dark clouds cover the sky, sometimes colorful glare blooms, Heaven and Earth divine force riots.

Even those seemingly calm skies often hide cracks and loopholes.

At this time, there is a divine ship remaining invisible, flying over the vast mountain range and rushing to the east.

This two-thousand zhang invisible divine ship is the seat of the fifth Palace Lord of Kongming Temple.

Apart from him and a few confidante experts, there are also a thousand elite guards in Shenjian, all of which are experts of God King Realm.

Since a few months ago, the four Palace Lords received orders to chase and intercept Ji Tianxing. They have been running around without a day’s rest.

In the territory of the Kongming Temple, it is good to say that even if a few Palace Lords are in the west, they can quickly rush to the eastern border of the Kongming Temple by transmitting the great array.

However, afterwards, the Second Palace Lord personally intercepted and killed Ji Tianxing and let Ji Tianxing escape, and both sides suffered.

In the main hall, the Lord’s anger did not punish the two Palace Lords, but let the four Palace Lords rush into the unknown first to search for the whereabouts of Ji Tianxing.

Even the main hall master himself has to leave the Kongming Secret Realm and personally lead the elite experts to hunt down Ji Tianxing.

Several Palace Lords have seen the determination of the main hall Lord, and they also understand one thing.

In any case, Kongming Temple will do its best to capture the young Divine Emperor of the Hong tribe!

However, determination is one thing, whether there is a goal and a route, and whether the goal can be caught is another.

At this time, the five Palace Lords are sitting cross-legged in the exquisite Array in the cockpit of the godship, seeming to meditate with closed eyes, but in fact they are casting spells to search around 200,000 miles.

Several other confidants expert, concentrating on manipulating the divine ship, neither too fast nor too slow rushed to the east.

They don’t want to hurry up quickly, but they want to pass through unknown places at a constant speed and start searching along the way without letting go of any clues.

Even though they have been doing the same thing for two months, they have not gained anything.

But they can’t get bored, let alone give up, they must stick to it.

Because, not only the Five Palace Lords, the Four Palace Lords, the Three Palace Lords, and the Two Palace Lords also do the same.

The four of them were separated by millions li and flew east side by side, searching along the way, so as to reduce omissions and find clues as much as possible.

Everyone understands the truth, but still feel tired and bored.

“Hey…” The Five Palace Lords couldn’t help sighing while searching the surroundings, and muttered, “When you keep searching like this, when is the head?

The Unknown Land is so big, the guy is very cautious and cunning.

This is simply to find a needle in a haystack, hope is slim! “

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