Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4541


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The confidants of the five Palace Lords have the same thoughts, but they dare not express them. m.lnwow.co

Since the five Palace Lords talked about it first, they had the courage to discuss it.

“Palace Lord senior, the unknown land is so vast, the Hong Divine Emperor can run away at will, or change the route.

We searched in a straight line like this, and it was too difficult to find him. “

“It’s not just the escape route. The Lord of the main hall was told through the apocalypse, but he knew that the guy fled east.

But who knows, is that guy in a spurt of energy passing through the unknown and fleeing to the territory of the Shangqing Temple, or hiding in the unknown? “

“It makes sense! We all know that unknown places are dangerous, but that guy may not know it.

In case he thinks an unknown place is suitable for hiding, and find a hidden place to hide, where should we go to find it? “

Several confidants are not optimistic about this action and have no confidence in the capture of Ji Tianxing.

The five Palace Lords opened their eyes and glanced at everyone, said with a sneer: “How can things be as simple as you think? You are too underestimating the main hall master’s methods and the background of the main hall?

Just three days ago, the Lord of the main hall passed the apocalypse again and received the Heavenly Dao instruction.

That guy didn’t leave the unknown place, he just stayed in the core area of ​​the unknown place for a while. “

Suddenly learning about this top-secret news, several confidantes were excited and full of surprises.

“Really? The Lord of the main hall got the apocalypse again?”

“Very good! As long as we determine the approximate location of the Hong Divine Emperor, the scope of our search can be narrowed a lot.”

“The Lord of the main hall is indeed the leader of the temple, the closest expert to immortality, it is really amazing!”

“Sure enough, we did not expect it! The Hong Divine Emperor really cunning, hiding in the core area of ​​an unknown place, thought we could not find it.”

“Fortunately, the Lord of the main hall can get the enlightenment through the apocalypse, otherwise we may be deceived and we will pass through unknown places all the way.”

Several confidant experts were discussing happily, all of them were full of confidence, and seemed to be able to capture the target soon.

Only the five Palace Lords still had a cold face and couldn’t raise their interest. When everyone was excited, they poured cold water ruthlessly.

“Do you think that if we can be sure that the guy is hiding in the core area of ​​an unknown place, it means we can find him?

Do you know how big the unknown is? How big is the area that can be called the core?

The guy’s strength and methods are not weaker than the Second Palace Lord, and he is also good at hiding his whereabouts and breath.

Even if we spend a few months searching the core area, can we really find him?

Maybe, we passed him by, only a few ten thousand li apart, we may not be able to find his existence! “

Sure enough, the confidants who were full of excitement just now calmed down immediately.

The Five Palace Lords went on to say: “Don’t forget, this is the core area of ​​the unknown place, and the most dangerous place.

There are the most and strongest ominous beasts and Divine Beasts gathered here, as well as the rumored imperial ominous beasts, which are ancient creatures!

Not only do we have to search for the Divine Emperor of the Hong tribe, but we also cannot alarm the ominous beast.

Otherwise, before we capture the Hong Divine Emperor, we will fight the ominous beasts first. “

Several confidants were silent, knowing that they were blindly optimistic, and they all showed shame.

The five Palace Lords will not say anything any more, so as not to discourage their enthusiasm.

Everyone returned to silence, and Shenjian continued to move forward.

About two hours later, the five Palace Lords, who had closed their eyes and searched the surroundings, suddenly frowned.

He used the Magical Powers secret technique to detect that there was a breath of Divine King expert on the front left, approaching at a very fast speed.

There is more than a hundred thousand li between the two. While the Divine King expert is flying fast, he also conceals his breath and trace while casting the spell.

But the five Palace Lords are Divine Emperor experts, so they can naturally break the disguise of that Divine King.

The five Palace Lords searched all the way, and almost every few thousand li, the breath of God King Realm could be detected, but those were ominous beast and Divine Beast.

The aura just now is different, it’s definitely not Divine Beast or ominous beast, but the creatures of the wild race!

Since the Five Palace Lords entered the core area of ​​an unknown place, they have never encountered any creatures other than the orcs.

Now, in this most dangerous area, I actually encountered a Divine King of the wild clan!

Moreover, the man still drove from east to west and met the five Palace Lords.

Why is this not surprising to the five Palace Lords?

He felt that something was strange, and immediately ordered several confidants to adjust their directions and drive the divine ship to chase the Divine King.

Under the control of several confidant generals, the divine ship quickly changed its direction, accelerated the pursuit for a few breaths, and then caught up to the target.

Shenjian did not appear rashly, let alone attacked.

The five Palace Lords quietly left the divine ship, personally took action, broke the disguise of the deserted Divine King, and stopped him.

Moments later, the Divine Ship, the Five Palace Lords, and the Divine King of unknown origin all stopped in the sky.

When the Divine King appeared in silhouette, everyone could see his appearance clearly.

It really is the Divine King!

It’s just that he is ragged and unkempt, looking quite embarrassed and vicissitudes of life.

Although, the Divine King, who looks a bit sloppy, is very vigilant and alert.

But the Five Palace Lords did not give any explanation, nor did they give them a chance to resist. They directly captured them with the help of the Divine Emperor expert and brought them back to the godship.


Divine light flashed, the five Palace Lords returned to the hall of the divine ship and threw the sloppy Divine King to the ground.

Then, the five Palace Lords sat on the throne gracefully, looking down at him condescendingly.

Four guards Captain wearing golden armor, and 20 elite guards wearing silver armor, stand in two rows in the hall, their eyes focused on the sloppy Divine King.

It stands to reason that under this kind of occasion and atmosphere, the sloppy Divine King would definitely feel scared.

But he is just the opposite.

When he saw the pattern inside the divine ship and the emblems on the many guards’ armor, he was not only afraid, but he also showed a strong surprise and a sense of relief.

Rather than waiting for the five Palace Lords to ask about his identity, he took the initiative to bow his head to the five Palace Lord one-knee kneels in a respectful manner: “Citizens of Xingyutang, guard Ding Lang, visit the senior here. !

Your subordinates dare to ask, senior, are you…? “

It turns out that this sloppy ghost who was hit by the Five Palace Lords was Ding Lang who had just gained freedom.

Before he was captured by the Orcs as a slave, he was a citizen of Xingyutang under the command of the Kongming Temple, and a city guard.

Therefore, he could recognize the unique emblem of the Kongming Temple, and guessed that this divine ship was the ship of the Kongming Temple headquarters.

And the black robe expert who grabbed him personally is a gentle middle-aged man, who looks powerful and mysterious.

Ding Lang couldn’t help but boldly guess that this expert must be a senior in the temple!

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