Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4542


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At this time, Ding Lang has realized that he is saved!

In this dangerous lurks on every side, he was able to meet senior objects from the Kongming Temple, which is absolutely great fortune.

As long as he shows his identity, the other party is impossible to die.

In this way, he is expected to retreat completely and leave the unknown.

That’s why he took the initiative to report his identity, and his attitude was so respectful.

But at this time, the five Palace Lords have not realized any surprises and opportunities, he just feels a little strange.

“Your name is Ding Lang? A citizen of Xingyutang, a guard patrolling the city?

Then why did you come here? Still so embarrassed? “

The Five Palace Lords looked down at Ding Lang and frowns, and raised a series of questions.

Although, he did not answer Ding Lang’s question, nor did he introduce his identity.

Ding Lang is not stupid, and he is more and more certain that the other party is the senior of Kongming Temple.

So, he stopped probing and questioning the identity of the other party, and explained “reporting to senior, this matter is a long story…”

Ding Lang had already thought about his excuses a long time ago, ready to tell the other party his miserable experience.

But the five Palace Lord raised their brows and said coldly, “Then you can make a long story short!”

“Uh…your order!” Ding Lang was taken aback for a moment, and could only choose to use brief language to describe the cause and course.

“A hundred years ago, his subordinates went to an unknown place to explore treasure hunting and were captured by the expert of the orc.

They took me to Lidu to be a slave, in a refinery workshop, working day and night…

Until yesterday, the 100-year period expired, the Orcs let me go. “

After listening to Ding Lang’s explanation of the cause and passing, the whole hall was quiet.

More than five Palace Lords looked at him with weird expressions, and even the surrounding bodyguards had different faces and complex eyes.

Suddenly, Ding Lang also some not knowing what to do, not knowing what went wrong.

In the end, the five Palace Lords were the first to speak, breaking the silence.

“In front of this emperor, you dare to make up and say something ridiculous, do you want to live?”

Twenty guards, four guards Captain also smiled, looking towards Ding Lang, with the meaning of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Obviously, everyone does not believe Ding Lang’s words.

And Ding Lang’s focus is all on the word ‘bendi’.

In the entire Kongming Temple, there are only five experts from the God Emperor Realm, all of them Palace Lords.

According to rumors, the appearance and temperament of the five Palace Lords have nothing common with each other.

And the gentle black robed man in front of me is probably the youngest five Palace Lord!

Of course, Ding Lang guessed the identity of the other party, but he did not dare to scream, so he knelt on the ground and said, “Senior calm down, the words and sentences of the subordinates are true, and I dare not lie!”

The Fifth Palace Lord fiercely frowned, stared at Ding Lang, and observed for a moment.

Through Ding Lang’s demeanor and breath fluctuations, the Five Palace Lords can be sure that Ding Lang did not lie.

But he was still skeptical and asked, “Those ignorant ominous beasts and Divine Beasts did not kill you after catching you, but took you back as a slave?

Also, what’s the matter with Lidu you said?

Don’t tell the emperor that those wild beasts with devour raw meat and fowl will build the capital?

Oh, yes, you just said that after they captured you back, let you be a slave in the refining workshop?

hahahaha……A group of wild beasts can refine weapons? You are so imaginative! “

Infected by the laughter of the five Palace Lords, more than 20 bodyguards also laughed.

Ding Lang is very helpless. He just wants to say something in his heart, how can you believe it?

But the actual situation does not allow him to say that.

He can only turn his mind quickly, rack his brains to come up with various words, and describe his experience in Lidu in as much detail as possible.

The Five Palace Lords still have mocking smiles on their faces and are skeptical of Ding Lang’s words.

Ding Lang remained unmoved at all, and did not show any fear, each minding their own business continued to talk.

As time passed, he talked about Danger Land for a long time, and he restored all the general features of Lidu.

Five Palace Lords and more than twenty bodyguards have corresponding images in their minds.

Everyone gradually accepted this absurd fact, and even began to think, in their eyes, ominous beast and Divine Beast, are they really going to awaken?

If the so-called “lidu” really exists, the orcs have already begun to build houses and palaces, and they have learned how to arrange formations and refine weapons. What do they want to do?

Do you want to strengthen yourself, fight against the Kongming Temple, or even invade the territory of the Kongming Temple?

Mindful of this, the deep in one’s heart of the Five Palace Lords also gave birth to a sense of crisis.

Finally, when Ding Lang said the two leaders of the orc, the two God Emperor Realm’s Divine Beast and the ominous beast, and described their appearance…The Five Palace Lords gradually believed him.

One is that the five Palace Lords can judge that Ding Lang’s expression and state do not seem to be lying.

In the second place, Ding Lang said at least a thousand words when he was emotional, to describe the situation in the capital and to support his previous words.

After the five Palace Lords were summarized and analyzed, they failed to find loopholes and contradictions.

This can also prove that Ding Lang is indeed not lying.

As for the third point, the key lies in the ominous beasts of the two God Emperor Realm.

This is one of the secrets of Kongming Temple.

As early as tens of thousands of years ago, there were indeed a few Palace Lords with many elite experts who broke into unknown places and encountered all kinds of dangers, which almost destroyed the entire army.

Later, several Palace Lords did encounter the ominous beast of God Emperor Realm.

However, they were very cautious, only sensing the breath of the two emperor-class ominous beasts and Divine Beast from a distance, and then quickly retreated, not at all facing each other.

Otherwise, if the two sides meet each other and start fighting, the consequences will be unpredictable.

Although, those Palace Lords brought back abundant cultivation resources and Heaven and Earth Treasure, laying the foundation for the expansion of Kongming Temple.

But that incident was a shame after all, not a glorious thing, so it was not announced.

In the tens of thousands of years later, even if some rumors spread in the Kongming Temple, it only said that there was an ominous beast of God Emperor Realm in the unknown land, but it was never said that it was two ends.

Since Ding Lang dares to say that there are two ominous beasts of God Emperor Realm, one is ominous beast and the other is Divine Beast, and he can describe its appearance, it proves that he has indeed seen it!

This is because the five Palace Lords don’t believe it.

The mocking color on the face of the Five Palace Lords disappeared and gradually became serious, looking thoughtful.

More than 20 bodyguards also realized that what Ding Lang said was true, and his expression became serious.

Seeing the five Palace Lords fell into deep thought, Ding Lang’s heart was finally settled and he stopped chattering.

He quieted down and waited silently for the decision of the Five Palace Lords.

After a while, the five Palace Lords said, “Ding Lang, you stay on the emperor’s ship. This is a big deal. The emperor needs to report to the main hall to make a decision.

You must not leave without authorization before the emperor completes the task, understand? “

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