Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4543


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This remark of the Five Palace Lords undoubtedly acknowledges that what Ding Lang said is true. m.lnwow.me

While Ding Lang was excited, the hanging boulder finally fell.

Since the five Palace Lords decided to report the news to the main hall, it proves that he attaches great importance to this matter and knows the seriousness of the matter.

Thinking about it this way, Ding Lang feels that he still has a lot of credit.

If you have a good grasp, maybe you can stay with the Five Palace Lords and mix up some official positions and errands.

So, recalling what the Five Palace Lord said just now, he immediately grasped the point.

“Subordinates follow the orders of the Palace Lord senior and will definitely be on standby in the godship.”

Ding Lang bowed his head respectfully, expressing compliance with the order.

Then, he plucked up the courage to ask: “Subordinates dare to ask how Palace Lord senior came to the unknown and appeared in this core area?

I don’t know what mission Palace Lord senior shoulders. If it is useful to subordinates, the subordinates will definitely go through water and tread on fire. “

Originally, Ding Lang’s status was very despicable, and he was not qualified to inquire about the whereabouts and plans of the Five Palace Lords.

But he just revealed a big secret and won the trust of the five Palace Lords.

In addition, under the banner of his willingness to serve the five Palace Lords, he asked for this remark and it didn’t seem abrupt.

The Fifth Palace Lord frowned, glanced at him, did not speak, probably because he felt that he was a little too far away.

At this time, he should retreat respectfully and should not talk too much.

It seems that Ding Lang did not notice the discomfort of the five Palace Lords, and he supported the huge pressure in his heart, and then asked: “Palace Lord senior, depending on the direction of your ship, it seems to be leaving Yes, the subordinates are familiar with the situation in this area…”

The five Palace Lords can see that Ding Lang wants to climb up the pole.

Now that he guessed Ding Lang’s thoughts, he simply told the truth and suppressed Ding Lang’s fantasy.

“The matter of leaving the capital, the emperor must report to the main hall to make a decision. It has nothing to do with the emperor’s mission this time.

The emperor came to an unknown place to hunt down a Hong Divine Emperor, and he was hiding in this area!


Do you want to tell this emperor that you know where the Hong Divine Emperor is hiding?

Or, can you help the emperor find that guy? “

In the last two sentences, the meaning of ridicule Ding Lang is very obvious.

Ding Lang also has self-knowledge, and his face blushes immediately, and he bows to apologize, saying: “no no no, subordinates dare not, subordinates are incompetent!

The subordinates have gone beyond the distance, so please let the Palace Lord senior calm down! “

“Just know it.” The fifth Palace Lord retracted his cold gaze and waved his hand: “Get out.”

Ding Lang hurriedly said obediently, bending over to exit the hall.

However, as he retreated, he calmed down and suddenly thought of something.

“Hunting down a Hong Divine Emperor?? Is hiding in this area?

Could it be…

No way? There is such a coincidence? “

Suddenly remembering something, Ding Lang’s body shook and immediately stopped.

He suddenly lifts the head, plucked up the courage to look at the five Palace Lords, and said firmly: “Palace Lord senior, the subordinates know!”

The five Palace Lords just took out the jade slip and are considering the wording, preparing to report the departure to the main hall.

Didn’t expect Ding Lang, who had already turned and left, suddenly came out like this.

The Five Palace Lord was also taken aback, turned to look at him, and asked with a dark face, “Why haven’t you retreated? What do you know?”

Ding Lang has made up his mind and is fearless.

He walked quickly back in front of the Five Palace Lords, his eyes flashed, and his tone firmly said: “The subordinates know where the Hong Divine Emperor you are looking for!”

“???” The fifth Palace Lord was stunned at the time, thinking he had heard it wrong.

The more than twenty bodyguards next to him were also dumbfounded, all staring at Ding Lang dumbfounded.

Dante Lang is not afraid of fear, and his expression is calm, looking at the Five Palace Lords with excitement, even daring to look at him.

The Five Palace Lord finally came back to his senses, broke out into laughter caused by anger, pointed to Ding Lang’s nose and cursed: “What an act recklessly, in order to win the trust and favor of the Emperor, it turned out to be so Be bold and reckless!”

The four Palace Lords led thousands of elites. They have been searching in unknown places for two months, but they have not found the trace of the Hong Divine Emperor, or even useful clues.

Now suddenly a little wanderer popped up, saying that he knew where the Hong Divine Emperor was hiding.

No matter who it is, it is impossible to believe it!

This is ridiculous!

The five Palace Lords think Ding Lang is too seeking instant benefit and too impetuous.

Today, this person must be punished so that he knows what he is doing.

When the surrounding bodyguards saw the five Palace Lords getting angry, their hearts were raised, and their expressions became solemn.

But Ding Lang was not at all frightened. He stared at the Five Palace Lords with bright eyes, and said in a serious tone: “Five Palace Lords, although this incident is very coincidental, his subordinates hope you can calm down.

After you have listened to your subordinate’s explanation, you can decide whether to believe it or not. What do you think? “

Probably Ding Lang’s performance is too firm, not like lying.

Or perhaps, what he said before about leaving the capital gave the five Palace Lords a foundation of trust in him.

When the five Palace Lords saw his demeanor and heard him speak these clear words, they subconsciously nodded and agreed.

“Let’s talk, if you have half a lie, the emperor will not spare you!”

There is a chance to perform again, you can try high position and great wealth, Ding Lang’s heart is surging.

However, he tried his best to remain calm and methodically said: “Although, his subordinates don’t know what happened before, when did the temple start hunting down the Hong Divine Emperor.

But the subordinate stayed in Lidu and was released last night.

Before half a month, my subordinates had heard from the orcs in Lidu discussing that it was a Divine Emperor expert from a foreign race who was invited to Lidu by two Old Ancestors not long ago.

The foreign race Divine Emperor could not only create something out of thin air, he built a God Palace in Lidu, and he also preached on the square outside the palace gate.

Everyday all thousands of orcs go to listen to his preaching, and many orcs are suddenly enlightened, realm advanced by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, the foreign race Divine Emperor also taught the orcs the skills of alchemy, refining and formation, and taught them how to live and cultivation…”

Although Ding Lang was trapped in that workshop and couldn’t leave when he was leaving the capital, he has not seen Ji Tianxing with his own eyes.

However, in the previous half a month, the whole Li was talking about Ji Tianxing’s preaching and teaching art.

When Ding Lang is working, he often hears other orcs talking, and of course he will remember when he listens a lot.

After listening to Ding Lang’s narration, the five Palace Lords were stunned.

When he came back to his senses, he was already full of surprises, his excited body trembled, and he couldn’t help cry out in surprise.

“Is this true? Seeing that hope is slim, there is such a turning point?

This is simply a gift from heaven, an incomparable coincidence and luck! “

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