Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4544


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The five Palace Lords are really lucky and have found the treasure.

If he had been killed one hour before, he would not believe it. Picking up a Divine King from the roadside, he would get two pieces of confidential information.

The matter of leaving the capital is related to the ambitions and plans of the Orcs, and is very important to the Kongming Temple.

And the whereabouts of Ji Tianxing is related to the tens of thousands of years of hard work and the future of Kongming Temple, and it is even more important.

Now these two news are easily grasped by the five Palace Lords!

Who else can be luckier than him?

Just now, the five Palace Lords were thinking about how to punish Ding Lang, but now they look at him so pleasing to the eye, they treat him as a lucky star.

“hahahaha… really heaven helps me!”

The five Palace Lord laughed and exhibited one’s feelings in one’s speech.

He didn’t lose time, he quickly took out the jade slip, and after considering the wording, he reported the departure from the capital and Ji Tianxing to the main hall master.

Ding Lang tried every means to drill the camp, hoping to gain his trust and favor.

And he, as the youngest among the five Palace Lords, the weakest in strength, and the lowest ranking.

Then he will also have selfish motives, and want to increase his prestige and status, and gain more power and benefits.

The two news that Ding Lang brought to him today are the great achievements he made to improve his bargaining chips.


The specially-made jade slip for communication turned into a stream of light and left the ship.

After sending the subpoena, the five Palace Lords were in a good mood. They sat on the throne and stared at Ding Lang, and said, “Ding Lang, you have good luck. After you escaped from the dead, you met the Emperor.

Don’t worry, this emperor promises to take you safely out of the unknown.

Moreover, once it is confirmed that the news you have said is true, the emperor will reward you heavily! ! “

This is the promise of the Five Palace Lords, and it sounds really exciting.

When Ding Lang was excited, he thought to himself and felt that the Five Palace Lords were too stingy.

However, this idea can only be thought of in my heart, and must not be said.

He quickly showed a look of gratitude and |favored| astonished, and bowed to the five Palace Lords, saying, “Subordinates promise that what they said is true and that everything is true. Palace Lord senior will verify it.

Moreover, the subordinates are grateful for the life-saving grace of the Palace Lord senior and it is too late. How can they dare to take credit?

The subordinates just want to stay under the Palace Lord senior to share your worries and troubles for you, even if you are crushed! “

This remark of Ding Lang attracted more than 20 bodyguards to look sideways and cast a vigilant and defensive look at him.

No one is a fool. The meaning he expressed is obvious, that is, he would rather not have any rewards, as long as he can do an errand under the five Palace Lords.

This can be more than a treasure of resources. If you can achieve your wish, you will be able to reach the level of Clear Sky.

But these bodyguards can only be jealous in their hearts, but there is nothing wrong with them.

There is no way, who made Ding Lang just made two irreplaceable achievements?

The Five Palace Lords also understood Ding Lang’s thoughts, thinking that it would be useful to keep this talent, and just giving a promise can win people’s hearts without losing anything.

So, he nodded agreed to Ding Lang.

The results are naturally happy for everyone.


Time quietly pass, and soon another five days passed.

Ji Tianxing has been preaching and teaching arts for 20 days in the square outside God Palace.

During this period of time, nearly 20,000 orcs who can transform themselves have come to listen to his preaching.

After listening to each of the orcs, they have gained more or less and their realm of strength has improved.

Among them, 30% of the orcs have a significant improvement in their strength, breaking through one to the 2-layer boundary within 20 days.

Although there is no breakthrough for the remaining 70% of the orcs, it will be sooner or later.

In short, the battle strength of the 20,000 orc Divine Kings has increased significantly.

In addition, many orcs have learned the techniques of pill concocting, refining and formation, and began to research and experiment.

The Lidu of ten thousand li has become more heated.

Many orcs have chosen their majors based on their Innate Divine Ability.

Some choose to be a pharmacist, some concentrate on researching refining devices, and some research Array.

Everyday all I can see some craftsmen casting spells between mountains and rivers, trying to build houses and palaces.

There are also some orcs, Divine King, wandering around medicine mountain and refining workshops, trying pill concocting and refining.

What’s more, I ran into the barren mountains and forests around Lidu, trying to induce the divine force of heaven and earth to arrange a great array.

The most lively place away from the capital is the God Palace where Ji Tianxing lives.

The square outside God Palace has completely become a dojo recognized by the orcs.

The orcs who gather here every day either listen to sermons or debate, discuss and confirm with each other.

Such a thriving change makes the whole Li look vibrant, and all the orcs are full of confidence in the future.

And Ji Tianxing’s position in the orc in mind has once again consolidated and become the unshakable third giant.

Even when many orcs discuss him in private, they call him the Imperial Tutor.

Imperial Tutor, it means in writing, the teacher of God Emperor Realm.

These orcs who have just received education are always simple and straightforward, with distinct loves and hates.

At the same time, the split sky and disgust, which had disappeared for nearly a month, once again appeared in the sight of all the orcs.

The two ancestors of the God Emperor Realm spent a month in retreat.

When they first started to retreat, they were very excited and full of expectations, thinking they would soon learn one or two magical skills.

After all, Ji Tianxing told them that the ten secret techniques given to them are all very basic.

So, Lietian chose an Array of supernatural powers to comprehend, and he chose a refiner Divine Ability to study.

Who knows, they have been in retreat for a month and only concentrated on studying a magical secret technique, but they are still half-knowledgeable and ignorant.

In order not to waste time, Split Sky and Tien Li can only endure the embarrassment, end secluded cultivation, and consult Ji Tianxing.

After the two parties met, Ji Tianxing smiled without waiting for Li Tian and Ti to leave the mouth to speak.

“I thought you would come to this emperor if you retreat half a month, didn’t expect you to wait 20 days to come.”

Obviously, he had long expected that it would be difficult to practice a certain kind of supernatural power alone with the perception and aptitude of split sky and disgust.

Split the sky laughed and laughed, in order to alleviate the embarrassment, he broke the topic and talked about the clansman’s joyful discussion.

The tens of thousands of orcs in Lidu have this change, all relying on the teachings of Ji Tianxing, it will be remembered and I will always be grateful.

Ji Tianxing waved his hand and said, “Your time is tight, and this emperor is also very busy. If you are grateful, you don’t need to say more. Use actual actions to prove that it is true.”

Leap Tian immediately understood what he meant, and quickly patted his chest to promise “Long Tian, ​​rest assured, we will never break our promise to do what we promised you.

It’s just that the materials of the Emperor Grade are too rare and hard to find. At present, they can only be found under the command of one lord, and they are on the way to leave the capital. “

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