Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4545


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It’s not that Ji Tianxing doesn’t believe in Splitting the Sky and dislikes it. m.bookeast.co

He just wanted to remind them, lest they only care about secluded cultivation and forget the conditions agreed upon with each other.

Since Cracking Heaven patted his chest to ensure that it was all right, Ji Tianxing didn’t say more.

Then, he asked about the progress of the cultivation of Leaptian and Yili, or prescribe the right medicine to help them answer their doubts.

Splitting the sky is more modest, so let Lili talk about his situation first.

I didn’t turn away from being disgusted, and directly told Ji Tianxing that it was confused and puzzled when studying the magical powers of refining tools.

After listening to Ji Tianxing, I understand the level of its cultivation and how to guide and inspire it.

He not only answered the question of disgust, but also raised a lot of it and taught it the corresponding experience.

After listening to the dislike, I suddenly realized that, and finally understood the whole story, so the impatient left and continued secluded cultivation.

As long as there are no accidents, at most half a month, disgust will definitely be able to practice that magical secret technique.

After I was tired of leaving, Li Tiancai told Ji Tianxing his confusion and incomprehension.

The Array Dao magical powers it has learned are also the most important thing among the three skills. Only the proficient Array Dao can better pill concocting and refine tools.

Therefore, Leap Tian attaches great importance to this.

Ji Tianxing will first explain its doubts, and help it solve the puzzles in happiness.

Afterwards, he should have imparted experience to Leap Tian and talked about the essentials of cultivation this magical power.

But he did not do that, but rather naturally said: “The experience and experience of the supernatural power of cultivation, even if the emperor tells you, may not be able to play a big role.

Every Spiritual God has its own way. After all, you need to understand it yourself.

Moreover, it is useless for us to talk about soldiers on paper here. It is better for the emperor to give you an actual demonstration, and you will naturally understand. “

Cracking the sky is shocked, it seems a little unbelievable.

“Long Tian, ​​you want to set up the formation yourself and give me a drill?

Very good! Thank you so much! ! “

Ji Tianxing is willing to teach the emperor-level supernatural power skills, which has been very grateful to Splitian.

Didn’t expect, he is also willing to demonstrate in person and give pointers on the spot.

This kind of treatment is often only offered when the Master teaches the discipline.

The two are not master and disciple, but Divine Emperor Expert with equal status and status, and there is no deep friendship, only an agreement exists.

This makes Seitian more admire Ji Tianxing’s character and respect him more.

Cracking the sky did not twitch, and after thanking Ji Tianxing, he followed him to leave God Palace and flew to the sky.

Next, Ji Tianxing stood in the sky above Lidu, explaining to Splitting Sky while performing magical techniques, and began to arrange great array.

He used the secret technique of magical power to gather the divine force of the world of million li and gather near the capital.

Thousands of magical powers, converging endless divine forces, covering the entire capital, began to form a base.

In order to make the split sky see more clearly and intuitively, Ji Tianxing deliberately slowed down the casting action and the process of condensing the Divine Formation.

Splitting the sky can’t turn your eyes on, especially to be entranced, and indeed quickly learned this magic trick.

This is the first time that Ji Tianxing condenses Divine Formation in public after entering the capital, and it is a great array covering the entire capital.

Therefore, it didn’t take long for him and Leaptian to appear in the sky, and many Divine Kings of the Orcs were onlookers.

Especially outside the gate of God Palace, the orc Divine Kings on the square were originally meditating all night, discussing and confirming Taoism with each other.

Suddenly saw Ji Tianxing take the lead, and the ancestor of Sky Splitting was studying by the side, how could they miss this excellent opportunity?

So, hundreds of orc Divine Kings all looked up at the sky and watched Ji Tianxing cast spells intently.

Even though Ji Tianxing uses the secret technique of emperor-level magical powers, those Divine Kings of the orcs may not understand or learn.

However, their purpose of observing expert casting is to learn experience and techniques from it and gain new inspiration and insights.

It didn’t take long for Ji Tianxing to display the various Divine Seals, gathering hundreds of millions of divine lights and forming a splendid big net over Lidu.

The tens of millions of divine force beams of light, like thousands of silk threads, are woven into a large net, and they are constantly falling on the ground.

Such a dazzling scene naturally attracted the attention of tens of thousands of orcs.

Almost the entire orcs in Lidu were shocked. Many orcs looked up at the sky and looked at the gorgeous and splendid picture, showing a strong expression of awe and awe.

Only three hours later, Ji Tianxing has arranged and completed an emperor-class great array.

This great array covers a radius of ten thousand li, covering the entire capital.

It can not only defend against foreign enemies and protect the distant capital, but also has the functions of invisibility, confusion, and trapping enemies.

In contrast, the ‘Moat Array’, which was previously set up by Split Heaven and Tien Li, is not worth mentioning, just like a child’s play.

After this imperial defense great array is opened, there is a golden light ball with a radius of ten thousand li, which covers the entire capital.

The semi-circular golden light barrier is more than two feet thick. It is solid and defensive power is very powerful.

Moreover, the great array will be voluntary revolving, continuously absorbing the divine force of heaven and earth.

Even if no one maintains and manipulates, the defense of the great array can last for thousands of years.

When the great array is turned on, it can be golden light ten thousand zhang, sacred and brilliant, or it can be hidden invisible.

Ji Tianxing displayed it in public, only waved a Divine Seal, and the golden light ball of ten thousand li disappeared.

But the orc people standing on the edge of the great array can reach an invisible wall with their hands, blocking the inside and outside of Lidu.

This kind of scenario has long been common in the territories of the Deserted Race or Divine Race.

But in Lidu, many of the Orc people saw it for the first time, and they all felt fresh and magical, and they all yelled excitedly.

Tens of thousands of orc people are also full of excitement and spirits, cheering and shouting loudly to express their gratitude to Ji Tianxing.

After all, Ji Tianxing personally arranged a great array of defense for Lidu.

From now on, the orc people living in Lidu feel more secure and more at ease.

In fact, Ji Tianxing did not tell everyone that the great array he arranged has the effect of converging heaven and earth to change the pattern of Feng Shui.

Although Lidu is the most abundant place for divine force within a radius of 10,000,000 li, it is too primordial and the divine force of heaven and earth is not cohesive enough.

With this great array of moats, the divine force of heaven and earth can be consolidated.

Over the years, Lidu will become the rare Spirit Vein, the cultivation Holy Land!

On the earth, tens of thousands of orc people are still celebrating.

In the sky, Leaping Sky learned the entire casting process, already has understood clearly in the mind, and immediately went back to try cultivation.

However, Ji Tianxing opened his mouth and left it.

“Split the sky, just now this Array Dao magical power, this emperor believes that you have learned it, don’t rush to try it immediately.

Taking advantage of today’s opportunity, the Emperor will demonstrate and explain the magical powers of the second Array Dao…”

“Ah? Do you have to arrange a second great array?” Cracking Sky couldn’t believe his ears, and he was very surprised.

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