Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4546


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Ji Tianxing demonstrated it to Split Sky face to face, and then explained it carefully, so that it would learn an emperor-level supernatural power within three hours. m.dragonb.net

If this is to let Splitian retreat alone, it will be impossible to succeed without about a year.

Being able to quickly learn the first supernatural powers, Split Sky is already very satisfied.

Didn’t expect, Ji Tianxing will perform another kind of Array Dao magical power, and demonstrate and explain it.

While Splitting Sky is full of surprises and excitement, he can’t help but mutter, thinking to himself: “Long Tian’s performance seems a bit abnormal?

Usually he is not so active. How can he take the initiative to demonstrate and explain to me today and also help me arrange a great array?

Will there be any problems in this…? “

Although the orcs are inherently upright, it does not mean that they are heartless.

Even if Leap Tian is grateful to Ji Tianxing, it is impossible to trust him completely.

When Ji Tianxing is found to be somewhat abnormal, it is quite normal that Leap Tian will be suspicious.

But I think about it, and I can’t think of what Ji Tianxing can do, let alone crafty plots and machinations. Remember the URL m.luoqiuzwww.

If we say that Ji Tianxing deliberately arranged two great arrays, and wanted to seal the capital…

Cracking the sky is not a fool, it has been staring at the side, whenever Ji Tianxing has such signs, it will immediately stop it.

After dispelling the doubts in my heart, the cracking sky can only be attributed to, perhaps, its villainous heart has helped a gentleman.

Perhaps Ji Tianxing has no intentions or malice at all, and just wants to take this opportunity to help it quickly master two magical secret techniques.

As for the great array of defenses arranged by Ji Tianxing for Lidu, it is the best choice before Leap Tian has no confidence and confidence to surpass.

It is only possible to take action when it can improve or rearrange the Array.

Then, Leap Tian expelled all the distracting thoughts and watched Ji Tianxing cast his spells intently.

The 2nd supernatural power displayed by Ji Tianxing is still the arrangement of the Emperor Array.

This Array is almost the same as the first great defensive array. It also has to cover a radius of ten thousand li. Even the array method is similar.

But this Array is obviously an advanced version, more sophisticated than the first Array, and its formidable power has also been improved.

Leap Tian watched it seriously, and suddenly felt a little grateful and ashamed.

It suddenly understood that the reason why Ji Tianxing taught it two magical powers at a time is because the layout methods of the two great arrays are 80% similar.

In this way, two Arrays are put together to teach it, so that it can be mastered faster, and it can also be Full Mastery.

Ji Tianxing took such pains to save time for his cultivation, which really moved him.

And it also doubts Ji Tianxing’s purpose, whether there is any conspiracy… This makes it very ashamed.

The tens of thousands of orc people who left the capital, looking up at the appearance of Ji Tianxing’s cast and formation, looked more and more serious and obsessed.

They don’t have the idea of ​​splitting the sky. They only know that the Emperor Heavenly God has arranged two Divine Formations in succession. As the content of preaching and teaching art today, it is really sincere.

This is more interesting and more enjoyable than teaching art in the dojo before.

Moreover, the second Array is obviously stronger than the first, which also makes many orcs full of expectations.

They also want to see, after Ji Tianxing arranges the second great array, there will be any new changes in Li.


Time goes back five days ago.

Let’s say that after the five Palace Lords have sent a message to the main hall.

The main hall master learned that the core area of ​​an unknown place has hidden a remote capital.

The ignorant orcs are learning the pill concocting, refining and formation techniques of the deserted tribe, delusional to strengthen themselves.

After reading this news, the main hall master’s first reaction is that the wolf ambition of the orcs must be suppressed as soon as possible!

You must never sit back and watch the orcs develop and grow, you must extinguish their resistance before they become stronger!

The five Palace Lords were able to report this news in time, which made the main hall master very pleased.

Immediately afterwards, he read the second news.

When he learned that the young Divine Emperor of the Hong tribe they had been searching for was hiding in Lidu. He even went with the orcs and taught skills to the orcs, and he stood up excitedly.

He was both surprised and angry.

Surprised and excited, I finally found the young Divine Emperor.

The so-called travel far and wide looking for something, only to return and find it easily.

The anger is that the young Divine Emperor colluded with the orcs, it was sinister and cunning, base and shameless!

The main hall master without the slightest hesitation took out the jade slip and sent a message to the four Palace Lords.

There is only one content, and that is to rush to Lidu as soon as possible, surround Lidu in secret, and determine the location of the Hong Divine Emperor.

As long as the four Palace Lords can be sure that the young Divine Emperor is indeed leaving the capital, don’t act blindly without thinking.

The four Palace Lords and the bodyguards under their command only need to surround Lidu and keep an eye on the young Divine Emperor.

The main hall will rush to Lidu as quickly as possible to meet everyone.

At that time, he will personally deploy plans and command operations according to the actual situation.

After receiving the order, the four Palace Lords responded to have nothing common with each other.

Of course, the five Palace Lords were full of joy, and the main hall Lord’s reaction was as expected.

Although the main hall master doesn’t mean to discuss merits and rewards for the time being, he is definitely the top merit.

The other three Palace Lords were dumbfounded and couldn’t recover for a long while.

They completely didn’t expect, a thing that seemed hopeless at first, unexpectedly mountain road twists around each new peak, there was such a turning point.

The most important thing is that the person who made such a great achievement turned out to be the most unremarkable Five Palace Lords!

Their first reaction was that the Five Palace Lord normally is so low-key, didn’t expect to hide so deeply?

But when they learned the whole story, they were so angry that they thumped their chests and called out injustice to the heavens, which caused the five Palace Lords to hit such a fortune.

However, no matter how angry they are, it is useless.

The main hall master has issued an order, and they can only follow the orders.

In just five days, the four Palace Lords have all found the capital, and they are in their respective positions.

Every Palace Lord carries a thousand elites under his command and lie in ambush everywhere in the city of East, South, West, North.

They can neither beat the grass to scare the snake, but also to investigate the situation in Lidu, and also to determine whether the young Divine Emperor is in Lidu.

This matter is difficult to do, but it is not difficult for the four Palace Lords.

Their temple is stopped at 300,000 li, so it is guaranteed that they will not be noticed by the experts from the capital.

The four Palace Lords took action in person, hiding their whereabouts and aura, and approaching Lidu quietly, using various magical secret techniques to investigate the situation in Lidu.

They worked hard for several hours and finally figured out the situation in Lidu.

As a result, there was a huge gap between the news that the five Palace Lords told them.

The five Palace Lords told several Palace Lords that there are only more than 40,000 orcs in the capital for years, and only 20% of them are God King Realm.

But several Palace Lords have discovered that there are as many as 20,000 God King Realm orcs gathered in the capital!

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