Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4547


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If there are only 8,000 God King Realm orcs, the four Palace Lords are not worried at all.

The four thousand guards they lead are all elite, if they take the first advantage and defeat the orcs in Lidu, it is really with no difficulty.

After all, the Five Palace Lords have said that the so-called li is very simple and simply is not a city.

That’s a barren mountain, nothing more than a circle around, with some rough and crude God King Level Array that’s all arranged.

As long as the four Palace Lords are killed, they can completely ignore the defense array and can directly attack the root of the problem and enter the core area of ​​the capital.


Several Palace Lords came to Lidu with confidence, but the scene before them was completely different from what the five Palace Lords said.

Not to mention that the number of Divine Kings in Lidu is not the same. Even the great array of defenses around Lidu is not as rough and crude as the Five Palace Lords said!

Just when several Palace Lords were secretly exploring the situation of Lidu, a golden light cover of ten thousand li gradually raised, covering the entire Lidu.

The golden light barrier that shields the sky and the sun releases the sacred coercion that suppresses everything, and it also contains a powerful Dao Rhyme breath.

That is clearly an exquisite Divine Formation! !

Moreover, after the Divine Formation was opened, it not only firmly protected the orcs in Liduli, but also isolated all Divine Consciousness investigations.

Even if the four Palace Lords use the secret technique of magical powers, they cannot pass through the great array to probe the situation inside Lidu.

They don’t dare to crack the great array forcibly, otherwise they will alarm the orc expert in Lidu.

Several Palace Lords were very helpless, and they all questioned the five Palace Lords.

“Fifth, what are you doing? Didn’t you say that leaving is completely undefended?”

“Fifth old man, we are in vain to trust you so much, aren’t you lying to the military?”

“Fortunately, we were cautious and calm, and did not rush, otherwise our tracks would be exposed!”

The five Palace Lords are also confused, and feel deceived in their hearts.

He gloomy face, immediately contacted Ding Lang for information, and scolded, “Ding Lang, didn’t you say that Lidu’s defenses are in vain and there are only 40,000 orcs in it?

Nowadays, there are not only 20,000 God King Realm orcs, but also a great array of emperor defense!

You must give this emperor a perfect explanation today! “

Ding Lang was also confused.

He stayed in the battleship, 300,000 li away from the five Palace Lords, and he couldn’t see the situation in the capital.

Since the five Palace Lords are angry, then the situation in Lidu must have changed.

Ding Lang was also a little flustered, but he quickly calmed down. After careful analysis, he sent a message to the five Palace Lords.

“Palace Lord senior, when his subordinates left Lidu, it was exactly as the subordinates said, there was absolutely no falsehood!

However, doesn’t this just prove that the Hong Divine Emperor is indeed leaving the capital?

It was precisely because the Hong Divine Emperor was preaching and teaching art in Lidu, more orc Divine Kings were attracted to Lidu to listen to preaching and learning.

It is also with the help of the Hong Divine Emperor that the orcs can quickly build a Divine Formation to protect the capital.

Otherwise, with the two ancestors of the Orcs, how could it be possible to arrange a great array of God Emperor Level? “

Thinking of this reason and explanation, Ding Lang was quite content in his heart and couldn’t help but give himself a thumbs up.

After receiving his subpoena, the five Palace Lords pondered for a while and felt suddenly enlightened, so they told the other three Palace Lords.

The three Palace Lords are discussing whether to tell the main hall master the truth and let the main hall master reprimand the five Palace Lords.

Since the five Palace Lords have given a reasonable explanation, the other three Palace Lords are not entangled anymore, and can only accept this reason.

Next, the four Palace Lords guarded the great array of Lidu’s defense, staring in four directions, monitoring the movement of Lidu.

Before the arrival of the main hall, they cannot act blindly without thinking, let alone make claims.


When Ji Tianxing arranged the first Divine Formation, it only took three hours.

But it took him eight hours to arrange the second Divine Formation.

Cracking the sky watched attentively from the side, and even shot a spell, occasionally helping Ji Tianxing.

This gave him a sense of accomplishment and proved that he also mastered some tricks of the Emperor Array.

Split Sky is immersed in the joy of comprehending Array and learning new Array, forgetting the passage of time.

The tens of thousands of orcs who left the capital have been watching Ji Tianxing cast spells, accompany him from dawn to night, and then to early morning on the 2nd day.

Finally, the second Divine Formation is also completed.

Another ten thousand li in a radius, a colorful divine light shield covering the entire capital.

This divine light shield quickly merged with the first Divine Formation. The two complement each other, and the formidable power has increased by about 40%!

When many orc Divine Kings discovered this, they all exclaimed and exclaimed sincerely.

They came to realize that the second Divine Formation displayed by Ji Tianxing is not only stronger than the first great array, but also superimposed on it.

After the two Divine Formations complement each other, their formidable power can be greatly improved.

This is one of the essence used by Array Dao.

There is no doubt that Ji Tianxing used practical actions to teach the tens of thousands of orcs in the capital a wonderful lesson.

And this class has benefited and inspired all the orcs a lot.

Even Cracking Sky is sincerely admired. There are many clear comprehensions in my mind, and I have a deeper understanding of the magical powers of Array Dao that will be cultivation.

“Long Tian, ​​thank you for helping me demonstrate and explain, and thank you for everything you have done for Lidu!”

For Ji Tianxing, apart from being grateful, Leap Tian is still grateful.

“You set up two Divine Formation in a row, and the divine force is greatly consumed, and you must be exhausted.

Let’s go back to God Palace and rest for a few days.

In the past few days, you should stop preaching and teaching art. Let everyone learn about it by themselves. “

Leaptian’s tone sincerely persuades Ji Tianxing to go to rest, and it also wants to go to retreat immediately and practice these two Array magical powers early.

Ji Tianxing waved his hand, indicating that it needn’t worry.

“Split the sky, do you know why this emperor has to arrange two Divine Formation in succession?”

Split the sky replied without hesitation, “Naturally, to integrate the two great arrays and enhance each other’s formidable power……”

“no no no…” Ji Tianxing shook the head, said resolutely “This emperor didn’t say this, but…why did the emperor suddenly make a formation?”

Of course, this is also the issue that Leap Tian is most concerned about. It looks at Ji Tianxing seriously, “Why?”

Ji Tianxing looked at the western sky calmly, and explained, “Because the emperor sensed the crisis, he foreseeed that a powerful enemy was coming, and he was about to bring blood light disaster to Lidu.”

Splitting the sky was stunned, after a little thought, he guessed what he meant, and blurted out, “What do you mean…experts from Kongming Temple, have you come to attack Lidu with an army?”

Ji Tianxing nodded.

The expression and eyes of Splitting Sky immediately became more solemn.

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