Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4548


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It and the orcs under his command are too weak in strength, and it is not enough to mention on equal terms with the two temples.

If the experts of the Kongming Temple really lead an army to attack Lidu, the orcs will surely fail miserably.

However, Cracking the sky will not be too worried.

The entire unknown land is the territory of the orcs, which is vast and vast enough.

What if the army of Kongming Temple captures Lidu?

Can the Kongming Temple look like this primordial mountain forest and create a city here?

Cracking the sky and disgusting can lead the people to flee and hide further away, not to fight with the army of the Kongming Temple.

When the time comes, the army of Kongming Temple can only return without success.

Therefore, Split Sky is not afraid of the invasion of Kongming Temple.

It was just thinking, how could the Kongming Temple suddenly attack Lidu without paying attention to the Orcs?

How can the Kongming Temple know the existence of Lidu and find its location accurately?

Mindful of this, Leap Tian finally understood.

“Damn it! After all, I was too kind, and let the Divine Kings of the deserted races finish their slaves for a hundred years, then let them go.

It must be those damn slaves who have reported to the Kongming Temple!

If I knew this before, I should listen to those who are disgusted, not to keep alive, or never let them go! “

Originally, Ji Tianxing wanted to be frank and tell the truth about Lietian, the expert of Kongming Temple was to hunt him down, so he came to Lidu.

As a result, such a few words came out in the sky.

Ji Tianxing was taken aback for a moment, and then explained: “Split Heaven, the reason you mentioned is of course there, otherwise the expert of Kongming Temple will not be able to find it here.

But what the emperor wants to say is that this time the expert of Kongming Temple is here, it should be directed at the emperor. “

Splitting Tiansi was not surprised, but smiled, “I’ll just say it, I guessed that you have an enemy with Kongming Temple, maybe it is to avoid their chase, and then meet me…”

Ji Tianxing raised his eyebrows and asked: “This emperor is open and honest and tells you the reason. It is this emperor who caused the disaster of swords and soldiers to Lidu. Don’t you be angry?”

The curl one’s lip, who disapproved of Sky Breaking, said: “What makes me angry? The Orcs and Kongming Temple are already enemies!

Even without your presence, one day we will fight the Kongming Temple.

Even more how, you also helped us that many, and even built two great defense arrays for Lidu.

I thank you that it is too late, so how can I blame you? “

When it comes to this, Split Sky patted Ji Tianxing’s shoulder and said boldly: “Long Tian, ​​you look down on our Orcs, as long as you want, we are your allies.

Didn’t you insist that we are cooperating before?

Now, we have formally formed an alliance to fight the Kongming Temple together! “

The discrimination and prejudice against the orcs of the wild race is inherent and deep-rooted. The two sides cannot reconcile, but can only be enemies.

And Ji Tianxing has no prejudice against the orcs, and there is no enmity between the two sides, so he is the best choice for allies.

This point is very clear to Seitian.

“If you can think like this, this emperor is relieved.” Ji Tianxing could see that the words of the cracking sky came from the bottom of the heart, not fake, but also showed a relieved smile.

Splitting the sky no longer delays time, and hurriedly asked: “Since the army of the Kongming Temple is here, then I will not retreat. I will go find Yili later and explain the situation to it.

I immediately issued an order to make all the people in Lidu ready to fight.

If our number is not enough, then I will let the lords from all walks of life send more people to support! “

Orcs have a natural enthusiasm for fighting and fighting, and they are not afraid at all.

Even when thinking of the imminent war, he will soon fight with the deserted clan of the Kongming Temple, and there is still some expectation for Split Heaven.

Ji Tianxing shook the head, persuading: “Split the sky, this battle is no small matter, you should not take it lightly.

The determination of the Kongming Temple is very high, and it is very likely that several Palace Lords have been dispatched.

We still do our best to defend, and we will talk about the opponent’s number and plan.

In the past few hours, the emperor has used the secret technique of magical powers, and has explored more than 200,000 surrounding areas, but has not found the army of Kongming Temple.

But the emperor has an intuition that they should be in the vicinity, spying on us in the dark. “

Leap Tian also realized the seriousness of the matter, and solemnly asked: “Or, I will send an elite scout now to investigate the situation outside?”

Ji Tianxing considered it for a while and said: “The expert of Kongming Temple is likely to monitor Lidu in the dark. Once you send out scouts, they will definitely find it.

We can only stand still and pretend that we haven’t noticed the danger yet.

You have to send an order to the people around you, let them approach Lidu quietly, and monitor the movement of the surrounding million li. “

Within one million li around the capital, there are at least more than 10,000 beasts and ominous beasts, and they are all very powerful.

However, before Ji Tianxing preached and taught art, half of the orcs heard the news and rushed to Lidu to listen to the sermon.

There are still thousands of mythical beasts and ominous beasts out there, which should be able to help.

After thinking about it like this, Split Sky thought this matter was feasible, and quickly nodded and said: “Well, this matter is covered by me, what other plans are there?”

Ji Tianxing waved his hand and said: “Not for the time being. You tell all the people that the preaching and art will be suspended for a period of time, so that they can concentrate on cultivation and preparation.”

Afterwards, the two started to act separately.

Ji Tianxing returned to the God Palace room, took out Nine Heavens, entered the twisted time and space, and went to restore the divine force.

Leap Tian first awakened the disgust that had just begun to retreat, and then issued various orders to arrange various affairs.

In a short while, news of the army of Kongming Temple spread in Lidu.

The previously cheerful and lively atmosphere immediately became solemn and solemn.

Tens of thousands of orc people have smelled the smell of war and fighting, and quickly entered a state of preparation.

There is no way, bloodthirsty and belligerence are the nature of the orcs.

Even if they open up spiritual wisdom and accept discipline and education, they will not kill the innocent as before.

But there is a strong enemy coming to the door of the house. There is no need to boost morale at all. All the orcs will fight against the enemy, dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

This is the nature of the orcs, and it is also a feature that many races cannot envy.

After an hour, the whole Li became much quieter.

Even outside the God Palace where Ji Tianxing lived, the many orc Divine Kings who lingered on the dojo also left one after another.

Tens of thousands of orc people have returned to the lords of all walks of life, consciously formed teams, and began cultivation, conserve strength and store up energy.

The pill concocting and refining workshops have also speeded up the progress, rushing to produce Divine Pill, weapons, and armor at all costs.

The Eighteenth Route Lords and many warriors have also begun to get busy, using what they have learned before to develop tactics for the soldiers.

Especially for the joint battle formation taught by Ji Tianxing before, the orc warriors decided to try it out once.

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