Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4549


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The Lidu great array arranged by Ji Tianxing separates the inside and outside of Lidu. m.xiaoshuo9999.com

Regardless of the people in the Kongming Temple or the orcs in Lidu, they all know the existence of each other, but they pretend not to know.

Both parties try to keep silent and stand still, so as not to let the other side notice.

At this time, the most anxious people are not the orcs, but the four Palace Lords.

They are almost certain that the young Divine Emperor of the Hong Clan is in the great array ahead.

As long as they break through the defensive great array and enter the capital, they can capture the Hong Divine Emperor.

If you can kill the two ancestors of the orcs by the way, you can get rid of the scourge of the orcs.

The orcs that have not been enlightened are already weak, and if they lose two more ancestors of the God Emperor Realm, it is really a piece of loose sand and let them be slaughtered.

The imagination is very good. The four Palace Lords are also impatient.

The main hall has already been ordered by the Lord, and no one can act blindly without thinking before he arrives.

The four Palace Lords can only suppress their excitement, and silently pray that the Hong Divine Emperor will not find any abnormalities.

In addition, the main hall must arrive as soon as possible.

Both parties are in a tense situation and feel that time is passing slowly.

In just two days, the four Palace Lords and many bodyguards seemed to have passed two months.

Of course the main hall did not arrive so quickly. According to his side guard Captain, it would take about three days to arrive.

At this time, there were more than two thousand beasts and ominous beasts in the area of ​​million li around Lidu. They received a secret order and started the operation.

As usual, they are cruising leisurely within their respective range of activities, as if patrolling their respective territories.

But they are not the same as usual. They seem to be careless on the surface, but in fact they search all around with all their might to find the traces left by the Kongming Temple.

Moreover, after they have patrolled their respective territories, they will continue to rush towards the capital, and carry out a carpet search along the way.

Of course, according to the orders of the two ancestors, the Low God King and the Orcs of the middle God King Realm do not need to deliberately hide their traces and breath.

There are only a few orcs of the upper God King Realm. As elite, they need to concealed aura with all their strength, so that they will not be discovered by the experts of the Kongming Temple.

After many orcs launched their operations, there was little gain in one day.

Neither the army of Kongming Temple nor any useful clues were found.

But, on the 2nd day, things turned around.

After hundreds of orcs approached Lidu, a few of the orcs of God King Realm found their clues at a distance of 300,000 li from Lidu.

Some orcs did not find the trace of the army of the Kongming Temple, but they sensed that there was a dangerous atmosphere nearby.

It’s like their natural enemies lurking in the dark, watching their actions all the time, and they will rush out at any time to unload them.

There are two strong orcs. Because of the relationship of Innate Divine Ability, a huge shadow is hidden between the mountains and rivers.

Based on their experience and insights, they can only guess that the dim shadow is a high-level divine ship of the Kongming Temple, but they cannot detect more information.

One of the orcs acted more cautiously. After reporting the news to the ancestor of the sky, he quietly retreated.

The other orc has a more radical style, and may also be anxious to make meritorious services.

It mustered up the courage to approach the dark shadow, trying to figure out how many deserted experts are hidden in the battleship.

As a result, when it was hundreds of miles away from the shadow, it was hit and killed mercilessly.

The divine force beam of light hiding the sky and covering the earth instantly flooded it, leaving it no chance to resist and escape, and was bombarded into dust on the spot.

Facts have proved that when it discovered the divine ship of Kongming Temple, the elite guards who stayed in the divine ship had also discovered it long ago.

When it approaches the divine ship in an attempt to break the invisibility of the divine ship, the bodyguards of the divine ship can only be bombarded and killed.

Such a decision is decisive. Divine King, the orc of bad luck, also failed to pass the news to Splitting Sky.

However, the movement caused by the hundreds of dao divine force beams of light is too great, and the light can be seen more than a hundred thousand li, or the divine force fluctuation can be sensed.

The tragic death of the orc Divine King also exposed the position of the ship of the three Palace Lords.

After the incident, the surrounding beasts noticed movement, and they hurriedly sent a message to Lidu and reported the situation to the ancestor of the sky.

The Divine Kings of the desert clan who manipulated the divine ship were also full of chagrin and could only quietly shift their positions.


Late at night on the fourth day.

Ji Tianxing ends secluded cultivation, leaves twisted time and space, and returns to God Palace.

In the past four days outside, he has cultivated for two hundred days in twisted time and space.

All the divine force he had consumed before was restored, and he reached Peak status again.

Qi Yunniao, who was guarding outside the God Palace, quickly reported to him, saying that the ancestor of the cracked sky had an urgent matter to discuss with him.

Ji Tianxing guessed it was related to the Kongming Temple, and quickly asked Qiyunniao to ask the sky to come over.

Within five ten breaths, Leap Tian hurriedly entered to be entranced palace and appeared in front of Ji Tianxing.

The two met in the study. After Leaping greeted him, he went straight to the topic and said, “Long Tian, ​​the method you said works really well, we have found each other’s location!”

Ji Tianxing’s eyes lit up, showing expectant eyes, and said, “Tell me about the situation.”

Leap Tian recounted, “My and I contacted more than two thousand God King Realm people and asked them to investigate the situation around Lidu.

None of the overwhelming majority people got anything, but two people sent us back news.

One of them was 300,000 li east of the capital. A citizen of God King Realm Ninth Layer found a dark shadow there.

It is a Thousand Eyed Spider with a special Innate Divine Ability, which can see through some disguise and lost track.

According to its judgment, the shadow should be a divine ship.

However, the godship is of very high grade, and it cannot detect more news and can only retreat quietly.

The other one is 300,000 li away from the capital.

That is also a citizen of the Divine King Ninth Layer, with a special Innate Divine Ability, it also saw a dark shadow.

But it is more courageous. After sending us back the news, it tries to get close to the shadow to see what it is.

As a result… it never sent back any more news.

According to the people nearby, they saw a bright light in that location, as if a fight had taken place.

But they rushed to the location of the accident, only to see a ruin, but did not find the subject.

So, that poor guy must have been killed by the expert of Kongming Temple. “

After listening to Lietian’s account, Ji Tianxing frowned and muttered to himself, “Two divine ships? One is 300,000 li to the east of Lidu, and the other is 300,000 li to the north?

It’s no wonder that the emperor used the secret technique before and failed to detect the army of the Kongming Temple.

They didn’t expect that they were so cunning that they were hiding in the divine ship and kept a distance of 300,000 li from Lidu!

However, they are encircling, and there must be more than those two divine ships! “

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