Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4606


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The sea of ​​chaos shrouded in the fog of chaos is more than ten thousand zhang deep and hides countless dangers. m.hjaju.com

The fleet of the Shangqing Temple came here, and did not dare to fly in the sky.

Because that is the blocked area of ​​chaos and fog, which is too dangerous.

The six divine warships can only descend and fly over the sea at a hundred zhang high.

As a result, when encountering a stormy sea, the black blue waves sweeping across the sky and the earth will slap six divine ships head-on.

All Divine Ships have turned on the defense Array, condensing several layers of defensive shields to resist the attack of waves and unknown dangers.

At this time, the Divine King experts manipulating the divine ship are all energized, and concentrate attention completely on guard.

The bodyguards of each divine ship are also vigilant.

Even the 3,000 elite Divine Kings felt that the atmosphere was tense and the pressure increased, and they ended their exercises and breath adjustments.

Although, several Palace Lords have not yet ordered to gather three thousand elite Divine Kings.

But everyone felt the crisis, and they all remained vigilant and alert, and could gather for battle at any time.

Ji Tianxing also ended secluded cultivation, left Nine Heavens Shijue Tower, and returned to the room of the godship.

The solemn atmosphere and grim situation made him realize that the fleet has entered the Chaos Sea.

He quietly released Divine Consciousness, went out of the divine ship, and observed the situation outside.

Seeing the chaotic fog covering the sky and the dark blue sea below, he secretly thought: “This is the Place of Origin of Origin Star, the source of power for everything in the universe, the sea of ​​chaos?

The waves are roaring, and the wind is as strong as a knife. This place must be very dangerous.

Maybe, there are ominous beasts and Sea Beasts born in Ancient Era hidden under the endless deep sea……”

Ji Tianxing’s idea is not outrageous at all.

The Sea of ​​Chaos is the source of all power and can give birth to everything in the universe.

So, it is not surprising that there are ancient creatures born 100,000 years ago in the endless deep sea.

The facts also confirmed his conjecture.

After the fleet sailed for another hour, dozens of jets of water suddenly burst out under the blue and black sea ahead.

“bang bang bang!”

More than ninety black water jets rose into the sky, connecting the vast sea and the misty sky.

So many water columns form a huge cage, covering the six fast-moving divine ships.

Those water columns are formed by pure divine force. Although they have powerful formidable power, they are not Arrays after all.

The fleet headed by the main hall main seat ship suddenly encountered an unknown attack, but did not rush, and proceeded very calmly.

“bang bang bang!”

The main hall’s main ship, shining with golden light, took the lead in breaking through the black water column in front of it, breaking it to pieces.

Several other divine warships follow closely from behind, passing through the black liquid spilling over the sky, and continue to fly forward.

Even if two divine ships were hit by more than 20 black water jets, there was nothing serious about them.

At most, it is the defensive mask that protects the divine ship, which trembled violently|tremblingly, and burst into loud noises that’s all.

“shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

In the blink of an eye, all six divine ships passed through the black curtain of water and continued to move forward.

More than 3,000 Divine King experts were shocked and their hearts were raised.

Everyone is nervous, ready to go, ready to gather and fight at any time.

Everyone thinks that if the fleet is attacked, there will be an unknown expert, or some Demon giant beast, to besiege the fleet.

Who knows, after the fleet passed through the black water curtain, the sea and sky returned to calm.

Next, the fleet sailed a few hundred thousand li and encountered no danger.

This is a bit beyond the expectations of all the elite Divine Kings. Everyone is puzzled, discussing and speculating in private. Isn’t it an expert attack just now, but a natural danger?


At the same time.

main hall inside the main ship.

Except for leaving the Shangqing Temple, the main hall master had appeared when he was on the march.

Since then, he has stayed in the secret room, never showed up or issued orders.

Mysterious foreign race Divine Emperor has been staying in another secret room.

After the fleet entered the Chaos Sea, the foreign race Divine Emperor also felt the invisible pressure and then walked out of the secret room.

At this time, the foreign race Divine Emperor wearing a black robe and a cloak is talking with an old man with white beard and hair in the study.

This golden robe old man, who is as strong as a bear and has white beard and hair, is the chief guard of the Shangqing Temple.

The guards who serve in the temple of the Shangqing are called guards, and they are under the control of guards and generals.

Only those who serve a few Palace Lords are called palace guards, and there are only dozens of them.

The chief guard is the head of the guards in front of the hall, and also the master of the main hall. The guards are the real henchmen.

There is no doubt that the chief guard is also a Peak Divine King.

The foreign race Divine Emperor’s breath is cold, and his voice is low and said: “Before I came here, I heard everyone say that Chaos Sea is the most mysterious and dangerous land of Origin Star.

Although no real danger has been encountered now, the emperor has already felt it. “

The head guard stroked his beard and said expressionless: “Six Palace Lords, don’t worry, this is just the edge of the Chaos Sea, and has not really entered the core area yet.

The most dangerous and exciting things are hidden there. “

Although, the foreign race Divine Emperor has not been conferred as the Six Palace Lord by the main hall.

However, the two parties are in close cooperation. As long as there is no accident, the foreign race Divine Emperor will definitely become the Six Palace Lord after the trip to Chaos Sea.

Therefore, the head of the guard changed his name in advance, which can also shorten the relationship with the foreign race Divine Emperor.

The foreign race Divine Emperor was slightly nodded, and he asked, “The emperor just didn’t pay attention, what happened to the water column?

Is it a natural array, mechanism or trap? “

The head guard shook the head, explaining: “There are indeed many naturally-occurring traps and Arrays in the Chaos Sea, such as bottomless pit, big vortex, shatter space, the land of the ruins, etc.

There are quite a few water jets like the one just now.

But the water column cage just now did not occur naturally, but some sea beasts were tentatively attacking. “

The foreign race Divine Emperor came to be interested, and asked: “Sea Beast? The ominous beast spirit born in the chaotic sea? Are they all ancient and ancient creatures?”

Nodded, the head of the guard, said: “The sea of ​​chaos is the source of all things, and it is normal for any creatures to be born.

Those creatures who were born in the Chaos Sea and grew up in the Chaos Sea are all innate talents and spiritual Gods.

Almost all the creatures we can meet, who are willing to move around, are at the lowest level in the realm of gods.

The creatures with strong offensive are basically God King Realm.

In addition, there are many Antiquity Giant Beast hidden in the Chaos Sea, and those creatures are basically the Divine Emperor. “

The foreign race Divine Emperor was obviously a little shocked, and asked in disbelief: “You mean…in the chaotic sea, there are many creatures of God Emperor Realm?”

The head of the guard nodded, expression grave said: “Half of the Origin Star is land, occupied by major temples, and there are still some unknown places.

The other half of Origin Star is Chaos Sea.

The Four Great God Palaces can be traced back to history at the earliest, only a few 100,000 years.

The legendary ancestor who is present in the world has only breakthrough hundred thousand life essence and gained eternal life.

But Chaos Sea is different, and no one knows how long it has existed.

Maybe a few million years, maybe a few years, or even hundreds of millions of years.

During such a long period of time, many talented creatures have been born one after another. It is not surprising that they have grown into the realm of Divine Emperor? “

“so that’s how it is!” The foreign race Divine Emperor suddenly realized and was very surprised.

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