Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4607


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Prior to this, the foreign race Divine Emperor also inquired about the legend of Chaos Sea. m.8wav.net

But he knows less information, and he is very one-sided.

Now that he has listened to the description of the chief guard, he knows that the secret of Chaos Sea is so amazing.

This also gave him more associations, and he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

“If there are a lot of God Emperor Realm creatures hidden in the Chaos Sea, and there are countless God King Realm Demon spirits, aren’t they the Origin Star, or even the most powerful force in the universe in the sky?

If so, wouldn’t they be able to capture the other half of the Origin Star at any time and crush the Four Great God Palaces? “

These thoughts came to the mind of the foreign race Divine Emperor.

For the Sea Beast and ancient creatures in the Chaos Sea, it also has a few more expectations and speculations.

Even, he has already begun to wonder, those ancient creatures of God Emperor Realm should have spiritual wisdom and can communicate, right?

The study fell silent, and both of them were silent.

The chief guard probably guessed the idea of ​​the foreign race Divine Emperor, and added a few words in a calm tone.

“Although, the ancient creatures in the Chaos Sea and the Sea Beast clan are the most powerful races and forces of Origin Star.

If they want to rule the entire Origin Star, it’s easy to turn around, Four Great God Palaces has no counterattack.

But… they will not leave the Chaos Sea. “

“en?” All the thoughts of the foreign race Divine Emperor were cut off on the spot, and he turned his head to look at the head guard in a little astonishment.


The chief guard’s expression calmly explained: “Those ancient creatures and Sea Beast rely too much on the Chaos Sea. They are blessed by heaven in the Chaos Sea and are stronger.

Of course, this is only part of the reason.

The most important reason is that the Chaos Sea is the source of all things, and the source of all power is also a place where immortality is possible.

The land occupied by the Four Great God Palaces is relatively barren, and it is difficult for the Divine King to break through the God Emperor Realm, and it is also impossible to live forever. “

After a pause, the chief guard showed a smile and said: “For example, the Chaos Sea is a prosperous capital, and the land occupied by Four Great God Palaces is a barren and desolate mountain village.

How can people who were born and grown up in the capital have the idea of ​​conquering mountain villages?

On the contrary, it is the people in the mountain village. “

Such a popular metaphor immediately made the foreign race Divine Emperor understand.

In the guard number battleship, Ji Tianxing is also thinking about these issues in the room.

He can guess that the chaotic sea is very dangerous, there are natural arrays, traps, and ancient Demon spirits.

After some analysis, he guessed that the previous water columns should not be natural traps and arrays.

Because the fleet has turned and circled several times during its voyage, just to avoid some seemingly ordinary vortices, waves and hurricanes.

But in fact, things that look ordinary or have no appearance are the natural dangers.

When encountering those water columns, the fleet showed no signs of avoiding.

It can be seen that it should not be a natural danger, but the mysterious Sea Beast attacked.

Although the fleet has passed through the water column, there is no danger again.

But Ji Tianxing believes that soon, the fleet will definitely be attacked by Sea Beast again.

As expected.

After only one hour, the fleet encountered danger again.

This time, it is near a huge vortex with a radius of ten thousand li.

The huge vortex on the sea is like a bottomless pit, swallowing endless sea water crazily.

The suction in the vortex is so great that countless tornados are formed in the sky, and even the fog of chaos is dragged.

Although there are several Palace Lords in the fleet, they should be able to pass through that vortex.

But to be on the safe side, the fleet still chose to detour.

Just as the six divine ships flew by near the vortex, the mutation suddenly grew.

Hundreds of hurricanes flew out of the vortex, smashing into six divine ships like mountains.

Every white hurricane is as high as ten thousand zhang, as large as a mountain, containing the space divine force to strangle everything.

Suddenly encountered an attack, and the six divine ships did not lose their positions.

Headed by the main hall main hall, the six divine warships rapidly changed positions and arranged in a three|corner formation.

Each battleship has activated the Divine Formation, releasing dazzling light, condensing into thousands of beams of light, and actively blasting towards those hurricanes.

“bang! bang bang bang!”

In the next instant, more than 3,000 dao divine force beams of light, fiercely hit hundreds of hurricanes, and burst into deafening noise.

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