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Hundreds of hurricanes that rushed out of the huge vortex were quickly destroyed by the artillery fire of six battleships.

But this is only the first wave of attacks.

Not waiting for the hurricane to break, thousands of water jets spouted from the huge vortex.

“shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

The water column of ink blue, like a rain of arrows in the sky, pouring down, covering two ten thousand li in a radius, covering six divine ships.

At the same time, dozens of huge waves surged out from the ink blue sea below the fleet, like giant palms that shot six divine ships.

In this brief moment, the fleet that was under attack from the top and bottom deeply felt the horror of the divine force of heaven and earth.

But this is still not enough to cause trauma to the fleet.

Under the control of many Divine King experts, the array of six divine warships is fully opened, and the formidable power of the defensive shield has increased again by a few points.

Moreover, every divine ship blasted a beam of light in the sky, facing the dozens of huge waves.

“bang bang bang!”

The multi-colored divine force beam of light collided fiercely with the ink blue giant wave, making a dull loud noise.

The all split up and in pieces where the huge waves were bombarded, turned into a monstrous flood and fell back into the sea.

Two ten thousand li The sea surface fluctuated violently, stirring up huge waves of hundreds zhang high, spreading to all directions.

The second wave attack was resolved by the fleet again.

But the Sea Beasts who are lurking in the dark obviously have long anticipated the strength of the fleet.

Even if the first two waves of attacks did not work, they did not intend to retreat, and continued to launch more violent and intensive offensives.

In the huge vortex, water arrows, water columns and colorful lights flew out again, pouring down like a flood.

Under the sea around the fleet, tens of thousands of ice knives and frost swords were also shot out, forming a huge sword array, strangling the fleet.

As a result, the space of 30,000 li was blocked and filled with countless blade light and sword shadows.

The six divine warships formed a battle formation, and they all released the mighty divine force, and joined hands to form a huge defensive mask to resist attacks from all directions.

In this way, the two sides are in a stalemate.

The sky full of water arrows, water jets and blade light and sword shadows have never been able to penetrate the defensive masks of the six divine ships.

But the six divine warships are also mainly defensive. Before seeing the Sea Beast or the ancient creatures? They didn’t mean to fight back.

At the beginning of the battle between the two sides, the more than 3,000 elite Divine Kings in the six divine ships still had some concerns? They all raised their hearts.

But as time goes by? Seeing that the fleet has always been as stable as Mount Tai? There is no risk, and everyone’s hearts fall back.

Many elite Divine Kings watch the battle with peace of mind? Observe carefully how Sea Beast manipulates the Chaos Sea? Launch an attack without showing up.

Ji Tianxing from the very beginning has never worried, and has always been in a silent state of battle.

He knew very well that these six divine ships were originally Emperor-class and half-step Emperor-class? The defense and formidable power are very powerful.

Even if it’s just those Divine Kings who control the divine ship? There is no need for 3000 elite Divine Kings to take action? Not to mention a few Palace Lords to take action? It can also withstand the attacks of Sea Beasts.

What does he look forward to more? Those Sea Beasts’ long-range attacks didn’t work? When they had to show up.

It is not just him, many elite Divine Kings and the foreign race Divine Emperor want to see what Sea Beast, who was born and grew up in the Chaos Sea, looks like.


Unconsciously, a quarter of an hour passed.

How many attacks did the Sea Beast launch? The blade light and sword shadows, the water column and the water arrow hiding the sky and covering the earth? They never stopped from beginning to end.

And the battle formation formed by the combination of six divine ships? It has never been breached.

Except for the dozen or so Divine Kings who control each divine ship? They have been busy, carefully and quickly manipulating Array.

Others are in a state of watching the battle, and have no intention of helping.

Until then? The situation in the field has finally changed.

Perhaps it was an attack that lasted for a quarter of an hour, and the six divine ships could not be injured. The Sea Beasts lurking in the dark finally couldn’t help it.

“shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

First, under the sea around the fleet, there were thousands of waves, and more than 3,000 huge shadows flew out of the blue water.

In an instant, the more than 3,600 silhouettes appeared on the sea, stepping on the turbulent waves and forming a battle formation to surround the fleet.

All the eyes and Divine Consciousness of the six divine ships fell on those silhouettes.

Everyone finally saw clearly, making them curious and long-awaited Sea Beast.

I saw that most of the more than 3,600 Sea Beasts were monsters that were ten zhang long.

Some are like sharks, some are like bats, and some are like sea snakes. Most of them are pitch-black as ink, shining with cold light.

There is also a small Sea Beast, which stands on two feet and walks upright like a human being.

But their bodies are thin and vigorous, covered with black scales, rickety at their waists, and simple and crude weapons are tightly locked in the sharp claw.

Seeing this kind of Sea Beast, Ji Tianxing thought of the sea Yaksha of the ordinary world.

Of course, these Sea Beasts are basically the strength of God King Realm, and Yaksha of the common world is completely two concepts.

The more than three thousand Sea Beasts surrounded the fleet on a huge wave, but unhurried to attack.

“xiu xiu xiu xiu! ”

At this moment, in the chaotic fog above the fleet, there were bursts of breaking through the air.

There are more than 3,000 more silhouettes, emerging from the dense gray fog and appearing over the fleet.

These three thousand sea beasts are also hideous in appearance, gloomy and murderous-looking.

Most Sea Beasts are like seabirds and eagles, and some Sea Beasts look like Winged Dragon.

The two sea beasts are not only different in appearance, but also the areas where they usually move and hide are entirely different.

The Sea Beast on the sea is mostly dark and cold.

They usually move under the sea surface and have stronger battle strength and higher concealment.

Most of the birds Sea Beast above the fleet are covered in gray, and they are easier to hide in the chaotic fog.

The more than 3,000 elite Divine Kings in the Divine Ship didn’t understand. Where did the 7,000 Sea Beast hide before, why did it suddenly emerge out of thin air?

It stands to reason that everyone released Divine Consciousness and searched below the sea surface and the chaotic fog. Why didn’t you find the seven thousand Sea Beast just now?

Only a few Palace Lords, Great Elders, guard superintendents, and Ji Tianxing and the others understand that the seven thousand sea beasts are already lurking all around.

However, with the special Innate Divine Ability and the power of the sea of ​​chaos and mist, they hide themselves.

If God Emperor Realm is not expert or has sufficient coping experience, it is basically impossible to find them in advance.

The situation has developed to this step, which means that the 7,000 Sea Beasts are finally going to attack with all their strength, and they are fighting head-on with the fleet.

The hearts of the three thousand elite Divine Kings are raised, and they are ready to fight and stand by at all times.

But at this moment, in the huge vortex not far away, two more silhouettes appeared to cover the sky and the sun.

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