Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4609


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With the sound of a dull beast roar.

An ink blue silhouette of ten thousand zhang, rose from the huge vortex and flew into the sky.

This is a huge blue Ice Dragon, very strong, sacred and majestic.

Its ten thousand zhang-long body, hovering in the fog and in the sky, flickering.

With its emergence, the between Heaven and Earth of ten thousand li around the corner is filled with icy cold air, even the space seems to be frozen.

It just emits a dragon roar, and it shakes a few ten thousand li. The sea is tumbling with huge waves, and in the sky, layers of space ripple.

With such a terrifying power, there is no doubt that it is an ancient creature of God Emperor Realm!

Following the appearance of the ink blue Ice Dragon is a huge Divine Bird with a height of 30,000 feet and a wingspan of five thousand zhang.

Its body is ice blue, crystal clear and near-transparent, and the golden bones and dark red blood flow within the body can be clearly seen.

Its figure is very elegant and graceful, with nobleness in its majesty, and its invisible breath awakens the world and is breathtaking.

This is a Bingxin Phoenix, also a God Emperor Realm creature born in Ancient Era!

One dragon and one phoenix, both ancient creatures of the God Emperor Realm, appeared on the battlefield at the same time, and it was natural that they were shocked by many elite Divine Kings.

At least, many elite Divine Kings are a little nervous.

It is the first time they have seen such a battle in their lives, and they will inevitably feel a little worried.

Only a few Palace Lords, Great Elders, guard superintendents and Ji Tianxing and the others can be calm and express calmly.

After all, everyone has long been psychologically prepared.

When the Sea Beast of Seven Thousand God King Realm appeared, everyone expected that the ancient creatures of God Emperor Realm must appear next.

Only the ancient creatures of God Emperor Realm can control and command thousands of God King Realm Sea Beast.

Ji Tianxing just thinks that the appearance of a dragon and a phoenix is ​​a bit interesting.

He has seen Divine Dragon and Phoenix before in the two realms of Dragon and God.

Especially Dragon Race, he has watched too much.

The Divine Dragons he saw were more powerful and flawless than the Divine Horses. They were in line with all the imagination of the Divine Dragon.

But the Ice Dragon in front of me is more than brave in size and appearance? Shenjun is not enough.

Only in terms of appearance and appearance, it is definitely not as good as the Divine Dragon in the dragon world.

In fact, Chaos Sea is the origin of everything.

Straightforwardly? The Ice Dragon and Bingxin Phoenix in front of me can be called the ancestor of many Divine Dragon and Phoenix.

But their appearance is more primordial? They are simpler, not gorgeous or dazzling.

On the contrary, those Divine Dragon and Phoenix in the Second World of Dragon God? But they have evolved more perfect? ​​Even their appearance has become better.

The same goes for the seven thousand sea beasts around the fleet.

Dragon World, God World, Nine Star Domain and All Heavens Myriad Realms, there are also many Sea Beasts? They are descendants of Chaos Sea Beast.

But the appearance of Chaos Sea Beast is more hideous and ugly? It is also more primordial.

On the contrary, after their bloodline spread? When it extends to All Heavens Myriad Realms? After a long time of evolution? Integration with other species? It becomes more perfect.

Mindful of this, Ji Tianxing couldn’t help thinking, “If there is also a human race in the Chaos Sea, what will it look like?

More like apes, or more like birds and beasts? “

Just as his thoughts were flying, Ice Dragon and Bing Xin Phoenix spoke.

“If I didn’t guess wrong? Are the reptiles of the Shangqing Temple coming to die?”

The body of the Ice Dragon that is ten thousand zhang entrenched? A huge dragon head high? Looking down at the fleet above the sea? He said in a dull voice like thunder.

As Dragon Race, it should have spoken dragon language.

But there are too many types of Sea Beast in the Chaos Sea. In the long years, the various races have merged, and the same Sea Beast language has long been run in.

What is surprising is that the Sea Beast language spoken by Ice Dragon is very similar to the language commonly used by the Wild people.

There are only some differences in certain accents and intonations, but they do not hinder communication with each other.

Everyone in the six divine ships can hear clearly.

Everyone will not pay attention to this detail, but Ji Tianxing thought of a key question from this detail.

At present, the common language of the deserted tribe must be to learn and imitate the Sea Beast tribe!

The reason is simple. The birth of the Sea Beast clan is definitely earlier than the desert clan!

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Sea Beast clan is the earliest creature in the world, and its language is also the earliest language in the world!

Through this point, Ji Tianxing thought of a deeper problem.

All living creatures stepping into the path of cultivation, whether cultivation Martial Dao, Shinto, or ultimately Heavenly Dao, are actually in the process of understanding the world and exploring the origin.

The closer to the origin, the closer to Heavenly Dao.

In this case, the Sea Beast in the Chaos Sea is the closest existence to Heavenly Dao, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the darling of Heavenly Dao.

This can also explain why the Shangqing Temple has to enter the Chaos Sea after going through hardships and dangers to explore the mystery of immortality.

“If there is a chance in the future, we must start with the Sea Beast clan and investigate Heavenly Dao and the mystery of immortality.”

Analyzing these problems, Ji Tianxing secretly made up his mind.

At this time, seeing no one in the fleet answering the conversation, Bing Xin Phoenix sneered and sneered, “Creptiles of the Shangqing Temple, do you think it’s safe to hide in battleship?

In the past few tens of thousands of years, have you learned enough lessons?

Now you come to die again, are you tired of living? “

As Bing Xin Phoenix’s voice fell, the seven thousand Sea Beasts around the fleet also laughed loudly, even more ironically.

The elite Divine Kings in the six battleships, feeling the arrogance and contempt of the Sea Beast clan, are full of anger and shame.

In their view, they are the ones who have evolved completely and possess high wisdom.

These ugly, vulgar, and uncivilized Sea Beast tribes dare to laugh at and despise them, it’s damn it!

However, the three thousand elite Divine Kings are holding back their anger and killing intent, and they dare not to act blindly without thinking until they get the order.

At the same time.

A streak of divine light lit up in the fourth divine ship, and a silhouette flew out.

That is exactly the five Palace Lords. He appeared above the battleship, wearing a golden armor, holding a dark gold sword, pointing at Ice Dragon and Bingxin Phoenix, coldly shouted “Blue Dragon, Jade Bingxin, the main temple hit you hard back then, But let you escape.

Today, the same story will not repeat itself, you hard to avoid calamity! “

Immediately afterwards, the third divine ship and the second divine ship also lit up, and two figures appeared.

“Shua! Shua!”

Four Palace Lords and Three Palace Lords appeared one after another.

They also stood on top of the divine ship, looking at Ice Dragon and Bingxin Phoenix with grim faces, showing a sneer and murderous intention.

“Blue Dragon, Yu Bingxin, you are really boast shamelessly, how can you destroy or obstruct the actions and plans of this temple?”

“If only you two are present today, then you will be buried here!”

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