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“bang! bang bang bang!”

Six divine ships and three thousand elite Divine Kings released countless magical powers, colliding fiercely over the sea with an attack released by seven thousand Sea Beasts. m.huanjian.me

The blade light and sword shadows and the divine technique that cover the sky and the sun are brilliant, exploding into countless fragments, and there is a deafening noise.

The violent and unmatched impact, engulfed in countless divine light fragments, turned into a colorful shock wave, spreading towards all directions.

The formidable power of the shock wave is too violent, causing several ten thousand li Sea Territory to arouse a heaven overflowing giant wave.

Even the huge vortex, affected by the battle between the two sides, swayed continuously, being squeezed out of shape and out of control.

The first round confrontation between the two sides soon ended.

The six divine warships and three thousand elite Divine Kings, no matter how full they are, they cannot break through the encirclement of seven thousand Sea Beasts.

Of course, the full attack of the Seven Thousand Sea Beast failed to injure the six divine ships.

Both parties used the Divine Ability technique, which basically canceled each other out, and no one took advantage.

Despite this, once the war begins, there is no way to stop, and everyone bursts out with all their strength, dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

Ji Tianxing is also mixed in a team of more than 500 people, casting spells carelessly, pretending to attack hard.

Although, while the Vice Hall Master and the two Elders participated in the battle, they also supervised the more than 30 elite Divine Kings of Sanshan Hall and urged everyone to fight hard.

However, Ji Tianxing and many elite Divine Kings performed mediocre, and Vice Hall Master and the two Elders were helpless and could not blame anything.

After all, such a massive and many people’s fighting battle is definitely not a matter of a few or hundreds of elite Divine Kings.

It is neither three thousand elite Divine Kings nor dozens of Peak Divine Kings that can determine the outcome of the battle.

It is a few Palace Lords of God Emperor Realm!

When the three thousand elite Divine King and seven thousand Sea Beast were fighting together, the God Emperor Realm experts of both sides also took action.

“shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

The three Palace Lords flew up to the sky in a tacit understanding, escaped into the chaotic fog, and launched a fierce attack on the blue dragon and Yu Bingxin.

The strength of the Four Palace Lords and the Five Palace Lords is slightly weaker, and the two teamed up to deal with the blue dragon.

The three Palace Lords have a strong foundation of strength and deal with Yu Bingxin alone.

Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin naturally did not shrink back, both roared and roared, and fought fiercely with the three Palace Lords.

The five Divine Emperors fought in the chaotic fog, their silhouettes teleported and flickered continuously, and burst out colorful divine light, bursting out waves of powerful divine force.

The fighting between them, even if it is just some aftermath and impact, is enough to shatter space and collapse the world.

Those ordinary Divine King experts, if they get close, will be accidentally injured by the shock wave, the light ones will be severely injured and lose their battle strength, and the severe ones will die on the spot.

But the effect of Chaos and Fog is very powerful. It can not only help the Sea Beast family to hide their figure and breath, but also block and weak Spirit Transformation shock waves.

The heaven falls and earth rends, Sun and Moon lost radiance played by the five Divine Emperors in the chaotic fog will not affect the sky and sea under the fog.

Nearly 90% of the aftermath of the battle was resolved in the fog of chaos.

Even if a part of the divine force shock wave breaks out of the chaotic fog and spreads into the sky, it will not cause too much casualties.

In short, the fighting between the two sides continues in this way.

The six divine warships played a great role, not only can suppress the attack of the seven thousand Sea Beast, but also protect the three thousand elite Divine King on their side.

However, the Sea Beast clan is the home game and has the advantage of being blessed by heaven.

They are good at using the power and efficacy of the Chaos Sea, and the battle strength can be supernormal.

Therefore, the two sides have been in a stalemate. The beatings were fierce and fierce, but the casualties were very small.

As time goes by, one hour has passed.

Neither the seven thousand Sea Beast nor the three thousand elite Divine King have taken advantage of it.

Both sides understand that it will be difficult for them to continue the fight.

So, everyone’s attention was focused on the five Divine Emperor experts who were struggling to fight in the fog of chaos.

Everyone is looking forward to the fact that the five Divine Emperor experts will be able to determine the outcome as soon as possible, and the situation will be changed.


The main hall of the main ship.

From the beginning of the war to the present, the main hall master has not appeared. He has stayed in the secret room, not knowing what he is doing.

The foreign race Divine Emperor, wearing a black robe and cloak, stayed in the room all the time, observing the battlefield silently, and had no intention of taking action.

Up to now, his identity and whereabouts are kept secret, only a few Palace Lords know.

Unless the main hall master orders him to take part in the battle in person, he will not show up.

He just feels a little puzzled. The Shangqing Temple can clearly have the upper hand and quickly defeat those Sea Beasts. Why does the main hall master not move?

Could it be said that the main hall master has long discovered that there are even more powerful ancient creatures hidden in the dark?

Or… the main hall Lord wants to wait for the blue dragon and Yu Bingxin’s reinforcements to come, and then to catch everything in one net?

The foreign race Divine Emperor didn’t ask the main hall master, so he could only speculate silently in his heart.

Finally, the situation in the chaotic fog has changed.

The three Palace Lords joined forces to besiege Blue Dragon and Jade Bingxin, gradually gaining the upper hand, seizing the initiative, and suppressing Blue Dragon and Jade Bingxin.

Even if they both move freely in the chaos and fog, and are continuously supported by the strength.

But the three Palace Lords joined forces and used the power of Heavenly Dao to release Dao Rhyme and defeated the blue dragon and Jade Bingxin.

Although the two of them are not injured yet, their situation is becoming more and more passive, and the space for moving and avoiding is getting smaller and smaller.

Until this time, the main hall master who had been staying in the secret room finally took action.

He didn’t show up, still staying in the secret room, but raised his hands and played endless divine force.

Suddenly, hundreds of millions of golden lights, carrying countless laws of the gods, and a ray of the power of Heavenly Dao, shoot towards all directions.

“xiu xiu xiu!”

More than 80 million golden light sharp blades filled the space of five ten thousand li in an instant.

What is amazing is that the master of the main hall masters the more than 80 million golden lights, not bad, and so good.

Every golden light stabs the Sea Beast accurately, even if it passes by the three thousand elite Divine Kings, it will not cause the slightest harm or threat.

In the next instant, the muffled sound of “pēng pēng pēng” burst out on the battlefield, which became one piece.

At least two thousand Sea Beasts were hit by the golden light blade, and the huge body burst out with blood mist, splashing countless blood beads.


Bursts of heart-piercing screams and wailing of dying pain echo in the sky.

Thousands of Sea Beasts were destroyed by the golden light blade, and the broken pieces of flesh and blood fell into the Chaos Sea like dumplings.

Suddenly, the sea surface of two ten thousand li and ink blue was also dyed red with animal blood.

The sudden change not only caused the Seven Thousand Sea Beast to lose 20%, but also made them panic, and their morale plummeted.

Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin also gave their hearts abruptly, and their expressions became quite ugly at that time.

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