Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4612


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Although Lan Long and Yu Bingxin were mentally prepared for a long time, they guessed that there is still a Palace Lord in the fleet. m.kudu.me

The two of them have been speculating, why didn’t the Palace Lord show up and would not join forces with the three Palace Lords to deal with them?

In that case, no matter how much pressure the two of them are under, they can support a period of time and delay until reinforcements arrive.

But that Palace Lord has not taken a shot, and seems to have confidence in the strength of the other three Palace Lords.

Until the battle between the two sides was in full swing, Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin were dragged by the three Palace Lords, and the Palace Lord who was hiding in secret did not take action.

Moreover, it was such a very ruthless killer move, killing nearly a thousand Sea Beasts on the spot, and injuring thousands of Sea Beasts.

The Palace Lord, who was hiding in the dark, used divine force and divine technique, and controlled the power of Heavenly Dao. It was so wonderful that the peak made Blue Dragon and Yu Bing feel bad.

They can imagine how powerful the Palace Lord is.

At least, it will not be the same as them, it is the strength of the Divine Emperor.

It is very likely that Divine Emperor is on the upper boundary!

200 years ago, Lan Long and Yu Bingxin also fought against the Second Palace Lord, Third Palace Lord and Fourth Palace Lord of the Shangqing Temple.

They are no strangers to the divine force atmosphere and methods of the Second Palace Lord.

They can almost conclude that the Divine Emperor who is hidden in the fleet and never shows up is not the second Palace Lord!

Since it is not the Second Palace Lord, the answer is ready to come.

“It is the main hall of the Shangqing Temple!”

“Damn it! The main hall of the Shangqing Temple, doesn’t it claim that he will never leave the Shangqing Secret Realm? How could it come to the Chaos Sea?”

“In the past 200 years, there hasn’t been any mutation in the depths of the Chaos Sea? Why did the main hall come here himself?”

Lan Long and Yu Bing couldn’t understand it, and they thought this matter was rather strange.

But the main hall’s intentions and the intentions of the Shangqing Temple are not the time to entangle and speculate.

The most urgent task, they must find a way to prevent the main hall master from slaughtering the Sea Beasts.

The two of them were distraught, anxious eye socket cracked, and desperately stormed the three Palace Lords. They only wanted to break through, blockade and suppress them, and help thousands of Sea Beasts.

However, the three Palace Lords had long anticipated this result and were psychologically prepared.

When Lan Long and Yu Bingxin launched a counterattack, they also unreservedly used their full strength to perform various hole card stunts, using the power of Dao Rhyme and Heavenly Dao.

“bang bang bang!”

“hong long long!”

Blue Dragon and Jade Bingxin used Divine Ability spells and collided with the stunts of the three Palace Lord Divine Ability, exploding even more amazing loud noises and formidable power.

The violent shock wave temporarily pushed the surrounding chaotic fog away from a blank area.

It’s a pity that Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin still couldn’t get rid of the entanglement of the three Palace Lords. They could only rush to the edge of the chaos and mist with difficulty, getting closer to the Sea Beasts in the sky.

“xiu xiu xiu!”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the main hall master displayed his supernatural powers again, releasing the mighty Heavenly Dao divine force and hitting thousands of holy light blades.

More than 30 million colorful light blades, carrying the law of Shinto and the power of Dao Rhyme, shoot like a rain of arrows, and stab many Sea Beasts accurately and accurately.

Those Sea Beasts of God King Realm have been constrained by six divine ships and three thousand elite Divine Kings, unable to leave the battlefield.

The previous tragic casualties left them with lingering fears and panic, and their morale plummeted.

Now that they are attacked by the Sky Blade again, they still cannot escape. They can only watch their companions helplessly. Under the assassination of the Colorful Blade, blood bursts out in the sky.

Another series of screams came out, echoing endlessly between Heaven and Earth.

More than six hundred Sea Beasts were strangled by sword light on the spot, and their sturdy body was cut into pieces, mixed with dark red blood, and scattered in the chaotic sea.

More than 400 Sea Beasts were severely injured, or were physically mutilated, or were critically injured, and their battle strength dropped significantly.

The more than 5,000 Sea Beasts who survived, all panicked and lingering fears, cowering fled away.

Although, Sea Beasts also have a certain hierarchy and status in the Chaos Sea.

But after all, they are not like the desert tribe, which multiplies brilliant and diverse civilizations and creates a complete and detailed hierarchy.

At least, in terms of discipline and belief, the Sea Beast clan is lacking, and cannot be mentioned on equal terms with the desert clan.

It is the instinct of all living beings to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

It is understandable that Sea Beasts scattered and fled when encountering an unstoppable expert like the Lord of Main Hall.

Although, more than 5,000 Sea Beasts are fighting and retreating, and they don’t want to entangle with the fleet anymore.

But six divine warships are covering the three thousand elite Divine Kings, chasing those Divine Kings, and biting them.

The main hall master also leisurely releases supernatural skills, every move is a killer move at the level of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

I often saw blade light and sword shadows and thunderbolt flashing across the sky, and hundreds of Sea Beasts were strangled into dregs and scattered in the Chaos Sea.

Maybe the main hall master uses the Divine Ability spell, which is not so gorgeous and dazzling, but it is simple, simple and extremely lethal.

At his level, he no longer pursues the magnificence of supernatural powers, let alone pleasing the eyes.

Perform supernatural powers, only to be fast, efficient, simple, and rude, and never waste excess power.

Over time, batch after batch of Sea Beast was torn into pieces, dyeing the blue sea surface red.

The Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin in the chaotic fog, looking at the eye socket cracked, roared and cursed in anger.

Finally, after paying the price of minor injuries, they finally broke out of the chaotic fog and returned to the battlefield.

Seeing that the main hall master once again used magical powers to chase and kill Sea Beast, who had fled, Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin rushed forward to resist and resolve them.

“bang bang bang!”

The divine technique light and shadow released by them jointly collided with the blade light sword glow displayed by the main hall master, bursting out loud noises of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and exploding shock waves destroying heaven and extinguishing earth.

“Shua! Shua!”

The colorful divine force shock wave swept across hundreds of thousands li and naturally affected everyone on the battlefield.

Three thousand elite Divine Kings, of course, were killed by the shock wave more than 100 people in seconds, and more than 300 people were hit hard.

But those Sea Beasts who fled in all directions suffered more casualties.

At least more than 500 sea beasts were killed by the shock wave on the spot, and hundreds of sea beasts were severely injured.

This level of casualties is actually not much different from the main hall master chasing and killing those Sea Beasts.

But Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin have no choice. Even if they kill 800 enemies and lose a thousand themselves, they must block the main hall and cover the retreat of the Sea Beasts.

Unfortunately, this idea soon fell apart.

Three Palace Lords, Four Palace Lords, and Five Palace Lords chased them, and once again entangled the Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin.

The main hall master chased and killed a few ten thousand li and killed more than a thousand Sea Beasts, then turned back and joined forces with the three Palace Lords to deal with Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin.

So, the battlefield was divided into two parts.

On one side are six divine ships and more than two thousand elite Divine Kings, pursuing and killing those Sea Beasts.

On another battlefield, four Palace Lords joined forces to besiege Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin.


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