Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4613


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The three Palace Lords have been able to suppress the Blue Dragon and Jade Bingxin, and now the main hall Lord has joined the battle.

One can imagine how difficult and miserable the situation of Lan Long and Yu Bingxin is.

The two of them were completely suppressed and beaten, with almost no strength to fight back, and they could only continue to retreat.

Rao is so, in blindly resisting, the two of them are constantly injured, their injuries are getting worse, and their battle strength is also declining.

In the process of fighting and retreating, Lan Long and Yu Bingxin can only silently pray that their reinforcements will arrive as soon as possible.

In addition, the thousands of Sea Beasts who fled in all directions must preserve their strength as much as possible, and they must not be wiped out by the fleet of the Shangqing Temple.

Although the God King Realm Sea Beast in the Chaos Sea is countless.

However, Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin have their own territories.

Within their sphere of influence, the number of Sea Beasts that have reached the strength of the Middle God King, can obey the command, and have strong battle strength, not at all that many.

If the thousands of Sea Beasts are killed, they will face the dilemma of no soldiers available in the short term.

Even if thousands of Sea Beasts are called together, the Sea Beasts need to be trained to form a certain battle strength.


Six divine ships cover more than 2,000 elite Divine Kings and hunt down thousands of Sea Beasts who fled in all directions.

Those Sea Beasts are most familiar with the terrain and environment of the Chaos Sea. They are divided into four paths and fled to four directions respectively.

Moreover, after escaping the battlefield, they dived into the deep sea of ​​Moblue and rushed toward the seabed.

For the people of the Shangqing Temple, this chaotic sea is nothing special. It looks the same no matter how it looks, it’s an endless sea anyway.

But for Sea Beasts, this area is still very different from other places.

At least, what special terrain and structure the seabed has, they are all clear.

They know where to hide, where to ambush and fight back.

In this way, the six divine warships and more than 2,700 elite Divine Kings of the Shangqing Temple were also forced to divide into four groups.

Ji Tianxing’s team is composed of more than 500 Divine Kings from the guard battleship, led by the guard superintendent.

Fighting side by side with them and teaming up to hunt down the Sea Beast army are more than 500 Divine Kings led by the Elder regiment.

Of course? The battleship of the guard number battleship and the Elder regiment also followed closely, covering everyone’s actions.

Divine King experts of the two teams? Are all chasing after those Sea Beast? dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

Only Ji Tianxing absent-minded? Pretending to shout and rush to kill, he is actually observing the surrounding situation, searching for the traces of the main hall ship.

He is always thinking about the foreign race Divine Emperor in the main hall of the main seat ship? I want to take this opportunity to find out.

After all, the four Palace Lords have all gone to besiege Blue Dragon and Yubingxin, far away from 80,000 li? Not far from that huge vortex.

And the main hall main seat ship is covering five hundred elite Divine Kings? They are chasing and killing a group of escaped Sea Beasts alone.

Main hall main ship? Only Sixty Thousand Li far from Ji Tianxing? Divine Consciousness can still be detected.

The Sea Beast army chased by both sides? Fleeing in different directions.

What if it is delayed for a while? The distance between the two parties will get farther and farther.

If Ji Tianxing missed this short opportunity, after the battle is over, the main hall master returns to the ship, and he has no chance to investigate the reality.

After weighing it up, he still decided to take a risk? To approach the main hall main ship? Check out the true identity of the foreign race Divine Emperor.

Even if he is found? As long as the identity of the foreign race Divine Emperor can be determined? Even if he abandons the temporary identity of Su Juechen, there is nothing at worst.


Is Ji Tianxing about to turn around and leave, taking advantage of the chaos to leave the team? A majestic voice rang in his mind.

“Su Juechen, what are you going to do?!”

The voice that came suddenly was the Vice Hall Master Divine Consciousness sound transmission of Sanshantang, with a bit of anger in his majestic tone.

“From the beginning of the war to the present, you have always looked tired and lazy, and there is no plan to go all out.

What do you want to do?

Have you forgotten this Majesty’s words, don’t you want to add glory to Sanshantang? “

Obviously, Vice Hall Master has been staring at every move of Ji Tianxing, and will stop drinking in time when he just shows something strange.

Ji Tianxing has a cold light flashing under his eyes, and he hates and hates Vice Hall Master very much.

I knew that Vice Hall Master would stare at him all the time, and had high hopes for him. At the beginning, he should not be so dazzling when he was selected in the major comparing center of Sanshantang.

So that if he doesn’t play the battle strength of the time, he will provoke the Vice Hall Master’s dissatisfaction.

If it weren’t for Vice Hall Master’s actions to keep an eye on him, he would have the opportunity to investigate the truth and get close to the foreign race Divine Emperor.

“Oh…I made a mistake.”

Ji Tianxing sighed silently, turned reluctantly to join the battle, and continued to hunt down those Sea Beasts.


Soon, another two quarters of an hour passed.

After the Sea Beast army paid more than two thousand lives, finally escaped alive and escaped into the deep sea.

Although, the more than 2,000 elite Divine Kings under the cover of the six divine warships are a little unwilling to kill them.

But they have no choice. Those Sea Beasts are too familiar with the terrain under the Chaos Sea.

They are acting in the chaotic sea, which can be described as a fish back in water, but the Divine Kings of the Shangqing Temple are under pressure and difficult to move.

If you continue to hunt down, the forces of the Shangqing Temple will be dispersed, and the seabed in the chaos will not be dominant, and it will be easy to counterattack and besiege.

So, several commanders ordered to retreat, and the six divine ships covered everyone’s way back.

When everyone returned to gather near the whirlpool, several commanders counted the number of people.

The six divine ships are intact, with 3,000 elite Divine Kings, plus 500 Divine King experts, and there are 3,100 people left.

In the previous battle, the Shangqing Temple also lost 400 Divine King experts and more than 500 were injured.

In general, this casualty situation is acceptable, and it does not have much impact on the overall battle strength of the Shangqing Temple.

After the crowd was assembled, Great Elder and the guard superintendent issued an order to let the soldiers return to the god ship to recuperate.

Next, Great Elder and the guard superintendent summoned many Vice Hall Masters to start counting the results.

The entire fleet stayed near the vortex, waiting patiently for the return of the four Palace Lords.

There is no way, the four Palace Lords chased and killed the Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin, and they had long moved beyond the million li.

Even if the entire fleet goes all out to catch up, it is impossible to catch up to a few Divine Emperors.

Time quietly pass.

After two quarters of an hour, Great Elder and the guard superintendent have calculated the outcome of the battle through careful statistics.

The soldiers were united and killed more than 4,800 Sea Beasts. Only more than 2,100 Sea Beasts escaped into the Chaos Sea.

Moreover, most of the more than 2,100 Sea Beasts who escaped by chance suffered serious injuries.

Such glorious results have greatly boosted the morale of the Shangqing Temple and I am proud of it.

Of course, no one can ignore that half of the 4,800 dead Sea Beasts were killed by the main hall master.

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