Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4614


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The 3,100 Divine Kings of the Shangqing Temple were all immersed in joy and excitement. m.taiwanvod.com

Even if they enter the ship to be entranced, many people are unwilling to rest and heal their injuries, and they are still discussing the previous battle.

In the eyes of everyone, the Shangqing Temple has taught the Sea Beast tribe a tragic lesson, and has washed away the shame it once was. This is something to celebrate.

In the past tens of thousands of years, the Shangqing Temple has entered the Chaos Sea several times and suffered heavy casualties each time.

If it weren’t for the Sea Beast clan who had the home court advantage and were very familiar with Chaos Sea, how could the Shangqing Temple be slaughtered by those humble wild beasts that many Divine King expert?

The victory of this battle is the time for the Shangqing Temple to raise its eyebrows and prove itself.

The Shangqing Temple has proved with facts that before, it was just that they did not use all their strength that’s all.

Once the main hall master takes the shot himself, the Sea Beast clan has absolutely no power to fight back, and will definitely be killed and discarded.

The situation in the guard battleship is the same. Many Divine Kings do not go back to the room to rest, but talk and laugh in the hall.

The Sanshantang Divine Kings around Ji Tianxing are all emotional and refreshed.

These Divine King experts entered the Chaos Sea for the first time and also fought against the Sea Beast clan for the first time. Remember m in one second. luoqiuww.

They thought that this battle would definitely bode ill rather than well, they didn’t expect to win so beautifully, they were quite proud.

Returning to Sanshan City in the future, this is definitely a talk that can be bragged for a lifetime.

Only Ji Tianxing is reticent, not interested in the people’s talk and laughter, and secretly stares at the movement of the main hall.

When the situation of the previous fight was anxious, the foreign race god Imperial Capital never showed up.

Now that the war is over, the foreign race Divine Emperor is even more impossible.

The four Palace Lords will return at any time. Ji Tianxing cannot approach the divine ship to investigate, and can only wait for the next opportunity.


It didn’t take long for the four Palace Lords to return to the fleet and enter their respective ships.

Many Divine Kings can see clearly that the four Palace Lords returned triumphantly. Except for the four Palace Lords and the five Palace Lords who suffered minor injuries, everyone else was fine.

As for Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin… Many Divine Kings speculated that they must have been killed by the main hall master himself.

Even if you are lucky, it is also the result of one killed another injured and escaped in embarrassment.

But Great Elder and the guard superintendent have asked a few Palace Lords before they know that the ending is not what everyone imagined.

Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin did desperately escape. They also paid a heavy price to escape alive, and both were seriously injured.

But they were prepared long ago? They left behind and notified other ancient creatures to support.

Four Palace Lords chased and killed the Blue Dragon and Yubingxin million li, and later met two ancient creatures head-on and brought three thousand God King Realm’s Sea Beast.

Those two ancient creatures, like the Blue Dragon and Jade Bingxin, are the lord commanding another Sea Territory? Both are the strengths of God Emperor Realm.

Four ancient creatures played against four Palace Lords? There were also three thousand God King Realm’s Sea Beasts to help.

In addition, the Sea Beast clan is more familiar with the terrain of the Chaos Sea.

The opponent does not intend to fight recklessly with the four Palace Lords, but fight and retreat? Covering the evacuation of Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin.

What happened? No matter how hard the four Palace Lords attacked and killed, it was impossible to leave the Blue Dragon and Jade Bingxin.

In addition to aggravating their injuries, it is absolutely impossible to kill them.

The four Palace Lords can’t chase too far? Leave the fleet near the vortex.

What if other ancient creatures take the Sea Beast army to a sneak attack? The Shangqing Temple will suffer heavy casualties.

So? The four Palace Lords will accept as soon as they meet. They can only end the battle? Return to the fleet quickly.

After hearing the news? Great Elder and the guard superintendent both expressed their understanding and had no objection.

But the overwhelming majority Divine Kings are full of regrets and disappointments. They feel that this battle is not beautiful enough.

If you can kill Blue Dragon or Jade Bingxin, then it’s perfection.

The war was over, and several commanders issued orders for many elite Divine Kings to return to their rooms to rest and heal their injuries.

The six divine ships returned to peace, and only then set off again and continued to the depths of the Chaos Sea.


Next, the fleet will have to sail for more than a month before reaching the deepest part of the Chaos Sea.

The most mysterious and dangerous area is the ultimate goal of the Shangqing Temple.

In the process, the fleet has to pass through a Sea Territory, which is also the territory of two ancient creatures.

Not only the many elite Divine Kings, but even the Palace Lords thought that when the fleet passed the Sea Territory, it would be attacked again.

After all, the Sea Beast tribe has a very strong concept of territory. They seem to have a sense of mission, and they must protect the Chaos Sea at any cost from foreign invasion.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that during the next month’s voyage, the fleet was only harassed a few times, all of which were tentative attacks.

Those who use arrays, traps, and various methods to carry out long-range interference and attacks basically cannot pose a threat to the fleet.

There were two attacks. It was the Sea Beast of the more than 1,000 God King Realm. They joined forces to attack, and they really blocked the fleet and delayed one hour.

The result is beyond doubt, more than a thousand Sea Beasts to block the fleet is undoubtedly striking a stone with an egg and ruining itself.

Several Palace Lords didn’t have to take action. With only six divine ships and 3,000 elite Divine Kings, they fled in embarrassment after the Sea Beast beat them down.

Apart from these two attacks, the Sea Beast clan never launched a decent attack.

Everyone secretly speculated that it might be that Blue Dragon and Yu Bingxin failed in their actions and suffered heavy losses. They sent a message to remind other ancient creatures.

Otherwise, the two ancient creatures of this Sea Territory are absolutely impossible to sit and watch the fleet pass through their territory.

The 40-six-day voyage is over.

Early this morning, the fleet of the Shangqing Temple finally reached the deepest part of the Chaos Sea and was about to enter its destination.

The Chaos Sea here is completely black.

The sea water is deep and unmeasurable, far exceeding hundreds of thousands li, and many Divine King Divine Consciousness cannot be detected downward.

Unlike the outer circle area of ​​the Chaos Sea, there is dead silence here, and the sea seems to be frozen, completely motionless.

There is no wind between Heaven and Earth, only the thick chaotic fog and the still black sea surface.

There is almost no light here, and the sky between the fog and the sea is like night.

In the ancient legend of Origin Star, this is the origin of everything in the world, and it is also the mysterious Sea Territory of Eternal Night.

It stands to reason that the origin of everything in the world should be vigorous, which makes people feel the breath of vitality.

But here on the contrary, it will only make people feel deadly silence and dullness, and unspeakable depression.


The fleet of the Shangqing Temple arrived at the center of the Yongye Sea Territory, and then stopped neatly and suspended over the sea.

The 3,100 Divine King experts in the Divine Ship have long since finished recuperating and healing, and they are all ready to go, full of energy.

The four Palace Lords also flew out of the godship, standing above the sea, looking at the north, their expression became solemn and complicated.