Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4615


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The atmosphere of Yongye Sea Territory is too solemn and depressing. m.huanjian.me

All of the six divine warships were very quiet, and the 3,100 elite Divine Kings remained quiet without making any noise.

The four Palace Lords are standing above the fleet, looking at the night and sea in the north, their expression is rather complicated.

Their expressions and eyes have several points of emotion, but they also have several points of excitement and anticipation.

“After 200 years, we are back!”

“Yes! In the previous 30,000 years, we came here several times, and each time we came here with hope and returned with disappointment.”

“There is no such a time as today that filled us with hope.”

“Heavenly Dao is vast, the will of heaven is misty, the world is like sea, eternal life is like fog, chaos and confusion, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false…”

Hearing the emotions of several Palace Lords, the Divine King experts in the six divine ships are all confused and complicated.

Many people do not understand what the four Palace Lords are doing here.

What does the ‘heaven-shaking, earth-shattering major event’ mentioned earlier mean?

However, some Divine King experts have heard the clue and vaguely guessed the truth.

“Eternal Night Sea Territory? The deepest part of the Chaos Sea? This is the birthplace of Origin Star?”

“Palace Lord senior brought us here, is it to find the roots and explore the way of immortality?”

“It is also possible to find the true meaning of Heavenly Dao, and to explore the truth of immortality.”

“It’s incredible! We are fortunate enough to participate in such a sacred mission, it really deserves to be a major event of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering!”

“Before the main hall, the Lord always stayed in the Secret Realm of Shangqing, and never showed up. This time he personally made the shot, is he sure?”

“hahaha…this time we have the opportunity to witness history and miracles!”

Many Divine King experts are excited and full of excitement.

The other Divine Kings were still a little confused, so they asked the emotional Divine Kings.

After the Divine Kings explained it again, most of the Divine Kings knew the inside story, and they were immediately excited.

The six divine ships that were still silent just now became lively.

Ji Tianxing also mixed with many Divine Kings, gathered in the hall of the godship, and secretly observed the surrounding situation.

The discussion and noise of the surrounding people did not affect him at all.

The leader of the four guards must take all the guards and follow the four Palace Lords into the dangerous area.

However, when we set out, three hundred guards followed.

But in the previous battle, the guards were killed and injured more than half, and now they can still move normally, and there are guards with a certain battle strength, with only more than 100 people.

When the four guards and more than 130 guards came in front of the four Palace Lords, the main hall master frowned on the spot.

Obviously, to ensure that the four Palace Lords pass through the danger zone and successfully reach the gate of Heavenly Dao, this is not enough.

There is one point to explain here.

The reason why the four Palace Lords brought a group of guards from God King Realm is not to expect these guards to protect them.

Instead, let these bodyguards act as cannon fodder to explore the way and remove obstacles for the four Palace Lords.

300,000 li around the gate of Heavenly Dao, there are too many hidden dangers, and irregularities are feasible.

The Shangqing Temple explored the Yongye Sea Territory several times before, and arrived at the gate of Heavenly Dao. They only took human lives to fill in, and then explored and explored a relatively less dangerous path.

Although the Divine King expert is difficult to cultivate, it is not a big problem for some casualties.

However, the Divine Emperor expert must not make any mistakes.

Otherwise, it will not only affect the Shangqing Temple to explore the Gate of Heavenly Dao, but also weaken the power of the Shangqing Temple.

“Why are there only people left?”

Seeing the displeasure of the main hall lord, the three Palace Lords started to ask questions.

The Four Palace Lords and the Five Palace Lords only smiled bitterly, explaining that “Three hundred guards followed when they set off. In the previous battle, the guards took the lead, so the most casualties were…”

“Let’s do it, let’s temporarily transfer a part of the elite from the fleet to form an escort.”

Currently there is only this way. Of course, the main hall master has no objection. Nodded said, “More than two hundred and sixty will be collected and four hundred guards will be collected.”

The Four Palace Lords and the Five Palace Lords nodded expressed their obedience and turned and flew to the fleet to deliver orders.

When more than 2,000 elite Divine Kings were ordered to know that the main hall was mainly recruiting 264 guards temporarily, they were all excited and excited.