Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4618


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Asura Divine Emperor talked to himself, made up and acted, deceived several Palace Lords of the Shangqing Temple to believe it. m.bookeast.org

This remark at this time is nothing but inertial acting that’s all.

But in Ji Tianxing’s ears, it is particularly ridiculous.

In the center of Yongye Sea Territory, there is a gate of Heavenly Dao hidden. This is a secret he only knew today.

And the Gate of Heavenly Dao, as the name suggests, must be related to Heavenly Dao and immortality, and it is also the biggest secret of Origin Star and even the entire world.

In tens of thousands of years, the Shangqing Temple, at a great cost, entered the Chaos Sea several times and came to the Sea Territory of Yongye to investigate the Gate of Heavenly Dao.

However, judging from the actions of the Shangqing Temple and various clues, the Shangqing Temple failed several times.

So they came up with a certain experience, thinking that only by finding someone connected with Heavenly Dao can they explore the gate of Heavenly Dao.

Asura Divine Emperor is the person they believe is related and sensitive to Heavenly Dao.

Ji Tianxing sneered inwardly, but on the outside, he didn’t show any signs of strangeness.

The Shangqing Temple does not know the details of the Asura Divine Emperor, but he knows it all.

If Asura Divine Emperor is selected by Heavenly Dao, then Prajna Divine Emperor, Dao Xingyun, Lu Jiuyang and Underworld God Imperial Capital are!

But this is obviously impossible.

He should be the one who is really connected with Heavenly Dao!

Thinking of this, Ji Tianxing’s heart is increasingly looking forward to it.

He also wants to see the Gate of Heavenly Dao early to see what the Gate of Heavenly Dao looks like, and how he will react.

The words of the Asura Divine Emperor filled the four Palace Lords with excitement and anticipation.

They no longer delay time, the impatient led 370 guards and moved towards the north.

Of course, no matter how excited they are, they have not forgotten the dangers of this area.

The path that everyone took was the relatively safe path that was explored by the Shangqing Temple several times before.

“Shua! shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

The crowd flew grandiose across the sky, at a moderate pace, and their nerves were tight, and they were always vigilant and alert. x

Flying in the forefront, naturally there are more than a hundred bodyguards, all wearing armor, took out Divine Item and protective gear.

Five Palace Lords are in the middle of the team, and there are more than one hundred bodyguards behind, and they are surrounded by several Palace Lords.

In this way, 370 guards formed a circle to protect the five Palace Lords in the middle.

Ji Tianxing has a low-key hidden mind, and naturally hides at the end of the team.

In contrast, the last side of the team is also the safest.

As soon as the team moved ten thousand li away, there was a problem ahead.

The originally calm chaotic sea suddenly cracked the densely packed gap, and thousands of black blades flew out, strangling everyone.

All directions also raised a black flame soaring into the sky, turning into tens of thousands of black pillars of fire, forming a huge cage, trapping everyone in it.

The chaotic fog above everyone’s head is also tumbling, releasing an invisible amount of pressure to suppress everyone. x

The guards at the front of the team were unprepared and too late to escape. They were instantly strangled by hundreds of black light blades, and their bodies were fragmented.

The pieces of flesh and blood flying all over the sky are still flying in the sky, and they are burned to ashes by the black flames.

In the blink of an eye, six of the guards died, and they disappeared without even screaming.

The other bodyguards were shocked, all of them pale and frightened, and their hearts were full of panic.

Those guards thought it was their recklessness that triggered some traps and arrays.

When they were horrified and afraid of their companions’ death, they were also very afraid and timid, afraid of being scolded by several Palace Lords.

However, the Palace Lords were very calm and did not panic or anger because of this, let alone criticize the front guards.

On the contrary, seeing bodyguards lose one’s head out of fear, full of fear, several Palace Lords hurriedly spoke to appease and command.

“Don’t panic, everyone, these are just some array attacks on the periphery, not to be afraid.

As long as everyone responds calmly and calmly, everything will be fine. “

“The path ahead of us is explored by countless temple guards and people with blood and lives.

Although this path is relatively safe, it is not absolute. There will still be various dangers. Everyone must pull yourself together. “

“Everyone obeys the orders of this seat, immediately return to the mysterious battle formation, and join forces to resist the crisis!”

Hearing the shouts of the three Palace Lords, the hearts of more than 300 bodyguards calmed down and their emotions stabilized a lot.

Everyone followed the order and joined forces to form the Six-Nine Guixuan Battle Formation, and cast all their strength to condense a huge shield.

So, all the black light blades and fire pillars flying in all directions were blocked by the multicolored divine light shield.

Although the shield cannot last for a few rounds, it will be defeated by the Light Blade and Fire Pillar.

But the two Palace Lords also joined the battle, unleashing the majestic divine force and raising the formidable power of the shield by two levels.

The main hall Lord and the Three Palace Lords took out the scepter and magic knife with their own hands, cutting out the terrifying divine force light blade and defeating the Heavenly Fire pillar and black light.

I only heard the explosion of “pēng pēng pēng” one after another, and the skylight blade and pillar of fire shattered one after another, turning into billions of fragments, scattered in the chaotic sea.

Everyone stayed in place and persisted for hundreds of breaths, and the two Palace Lords resolved numerous light blades and fire pillars.

Although during this period, a few bad luck guards were hit by the light blade and the pillar of fire, and they were scattered ashes and dispersed smoke on the spot.

But the crisis has ended, and the casualties of a total of twelve guards are still within an acceptable range.

With the experience of this attack, the surviving bodyguards are much calmer and psychologically prepared.

Even if we move forward, everyone will be more cautious than before.

Of course, the real peace of mind for bodyguards is that several Palace Lords have put down their arrogance and will take action when they are in danger. x

And, with the power of the God Emperor Realm of several Palace Lords, the attacks and dangers of the Chaos Sea can be resolved!

Next, the team moved slowly, encountering wave after wave of attacks.

Every attack seems to trigger a certain array and power, provokes all kinds of light blades, fire pillars, wind and fire thunderbolt, etc.

The attack of hiding the sky and covering the earth can always overwhelm more than 300 people, trapping everyone in place, and can only resist with all their strength.

In addition, cracks and vortices will appear on the surface of the chaotic fog and the sea, as well as white space bombs and so on.

Various forces have formed thousands of attacks, which is dazzling and you can’t guard against it.

Every time the team advances 10,000-20,000 miles, there will be an attack.

Although, several Palace Lords have tried their best to cast the spell, and they can turn peril into safety every time.

But the number of guards is declining, and several people are killed every time they are attacked.

In this way, the team is gradually approaching the gate of Heavenly Dao amidst constant casualties.

After one hour, the team has advanced 150,000 miles.

At this time, everyone finally saw that there was a bright light on the dark sea ahead. div