Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4619


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In the boundless darkness, a bright light suddenly appeared in the distance, which is undoubtedly exciting. m.xlnwow.com

Even more how, everyone knows what that light represents.

That is the gate of Heavenly Dao!

The only light source of Evernight Sea Territory, the birthplace of the Chaos Sea and Origin Star, the only path to eternal life!

At this moment, everyone was shocked, and strong belief and hope emerged in their hearts.

Even if the road to the Gate of Heavenly Dao is fierce and there are more casualties, we must dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety and go forward!

Especially the bodyguards of God King Realm, on all the continents of Origin Star, they are experts not to be underestimated.

But in the Evernight Sea Territory, they became weak cannon fodder, and they would die at any time.

There is only a single thought in everyone’s mind.

That is… Even if you are dying today in the Eternal Night Sea Territory, you have to take a look at the Gate of Heavenly Dao yourself before you die.

If you can’t see the gate of Heavenly Dao with your own eyes, even if you die, you will have endless regrets.

Time passed silently, and the team continued to move forward.

The speed of the people is very slow, all the way through various dangers, encountering thousands of attacks, little by little moving forward.

hundred thousand li 、九ten thousand li 、80,000 li 、七ten thousand li ……

The team is getting closer and closer to the bright light, and the closer to the light source, the surrounding sea and sky become darker and gloomy, which makes people palpitating.

The black sea beneath everyone’s feet has become a pitch-black abyss that people want to eat, and they will swallow the guards of a certain God King Realm at any time.

The chaotic fog above everyone’s head has also rolled up a huge vortex, releasing a terrifying force, drawing everyone into it and tearing it into pieces.

Between the fog and the sea, only ten thousand zhang high in the sky is filled with endless ice knives, frost swords, and wind and fire thunderbolt.

Any light blade, fire pillar and thunderbolt are comparable to the full strength attack of Peak Divine King.

In this area, only the experts of God Emperor Realm have a chance to survive.

Even if it is the High God King, once hit by those light blades, the light one will be hit hard, and the severe one will be killed instantly.

The most interesting thing is that as long as everyone stops moving, or retreats, the sky full of ice swords, frost swords and wind and fire thunderbolt will stop temporarily.

Anyone who is still fighting? Or take a step forward? All arrays, traps and attacks? Will continue to erupt again.

This also made everyone realize that all arrays, traps, and various attacks in this area are meant to prevent creatures from approaching the Gate of Heavenly Dao.

Various Sea Beasts appeared in other areas of the Chaos Sea, but not here.

This also shows that the 300,000 li around the Gate of Heavenly Dao is an absolute forbidden area.

Not only can the people of the deserted tribe not be close? The Sea Beast tribe cannot be close either. All creatures entering this area will be bombarded and killed.

Over time, has Ji Tianxing personally participated in the battle? He has never been injured and has always been in a safe position.

Seeing that there are fewer and fewer bodyguards around him, his understanding of Yongye Sea Territory is getting deeper and deeper.

Of course? He is still secretly observing the strength and methods of the four Palace Lords and Asura Divine Emperor? He has a clearer understanding of their battle strength?

At the very beginning, Asura Divine Emperor had to remain mysterious, watching the battle silently, and refused to take action.

But as the team went deeper into the Evernight Sea Territory, the situation became more and more dangerous, with more and more dead and injured guards.

Even the main hall master personally took action, and has been casting spells to resist and resolve various crises. Asura Divine Emperor can only take action.

Ji Tianxing has long understood the strength of the four Palace Lords.

In the case of fighting alone, the four Palace Lords and the five Palace Lords are obviously not his opponents.

The realm of the three Palace Lords is higher than him, but the real battle strength evenly matched.

As for the main hall, that is the upper realm of Divine Emperor, and Ji Tianxing is definitely not its opponent.

The strength of the Asura Divine Emperor is currently in the middle of the Divine Emperor. Four Dao Rhymes have been condensed, and the strength is much stronger than the Prajna Divine Emperor.

Ji Tianxing is confident that he can defeat the Asura Divine Emperor, but the premise is to fight alone.

Therefore, when the four Palace Lords are still present, he can only bear it.

He prayed silently, hoping that something unexpected would happen later, to separate the four Palace Lords and Asura Divine Emperor.

When the Asura Divine Emperor is placed alone, it is his chance to take revenge.


When the team advanced a few ten thousand li, and the last 30,000 li from the gate of Heavenly Dao, everyone had to stop advancing temporarily.

There is no way, the hard progress of the previous few hours has cost everyone too much divine force.

370 bodyguards suffered heavy casualties, and less than half are still alive today, of which only 150 are still able to fight.

Such tragic casualties have made all bodyguards determined to die, and no longer have the hope of going back alive.

They have only one obsession, that is, before they die, they can see the Gate of Heavenly Dao with their own eyes and witness the birth of miracles.

With the order of the main hall, all those who were fighting and fighting stopped moving uniformly.

So, the picture between Heaven and Earth stopped instantly.

Everyone is stagnant in the sky, and the endless ice blades, frost swords and wind and fire thunderbolt are also instantly still.

The space seems to be frozen, and the picture looks very strange.

Although everyone came here, they were able to see the Heavenly Dao door clearly ahead.

In the depths of the boundless darkness, there is a towering gate as high as ten thousand zhang and blazing white.

The gate stands above the dark sea, under the thick chaotic fog, suspended in the sky, completely motionless.

The shape of the door is very old. The white door frame and the golden door are blooming with a dark golden halo, which looks gorgeous and sacred.

Before seeing the Gate of Heavenly Dao, everyone had imagined and speculated about what the Gate of Heavenly Dao was like?

Now everyone finally saw the gate of Heavenly Dao.

Even if they just look at it from a distance, many guards are relieved and satisfied.

Of course, everyone still feels a little disappointed.

It seems… That Heavenly Dao gate is not as sacred and magnificent as legendary?

It stands to reason that that is the origin of World’s All Living Things, the gate of eternal life, how can it be extremely magnificent, sacred and majestic, with the majestic domineering that encompasses the world and suppresses the world.

Why the Heavenly Dao gate of ten thousand zhang high does not seem to be very dazzling, nor is it sacred and mighty enough?

Not only ordinary bodyguards have this question, Ji Tianxing’s heart also whispers.

He even doubted that the gate of Heavenly Dao is fake, right?

At this time, the main hall master issued an order to let everyone stay where they were and take Divine Pill to restore the divine force.

You only have one day to recover your strength.

One day later, regardless of whether everyone is moving or not, between Heaven and Earth remains motionless and the thunderbolt and light blade will continue to kill.

This is also the last opportunity for everyone to have a rest at the gate of Heavenly Dao.