Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4723

In the past few months, the White Dragon drove the battleship and drove in the Taiyu Temple. Ji Tianxing was at ease.

But after arriving at the border area, before leaving the Temple of Taiyu, he still has to sit down in person.

After all, he is not sure whether the masters of Taiyu Temple came to chase him.

Within the sphere of influence of the Taiyu Temple, he needs to ride a divine ship on his way.

And the hall masters can use the great array transmitted by each branch to cross his two-month journey in one day.

Previously, he possessed easy to startle wind, followed Qianzhan for a long time, and had a good understanding of Taiyu Temple.

Various branches have built great transmission arrays, but the number of activations is very small, and each time it consumes astronomical cultivation resources.

Ji Tianxing is unable to determine how determined Taiyu Temple is.

The main hall master in anger is reluctant to spend a dozen branches and three years of tribute to activate those great arrays.


Divine light flashed, Ji Tianxing appeared in the cab of Tushen battleship.

The White Dragon is controlling the battleship’s Array, cautiously concealing its whereabouts and breath, and watching all around vigilantly.

He has been following the Master for so many years, and he has long understood the nature of the Master and knows what to do when.

Seeing the Master appeared, he hurriedly bowed and saluted, “disciple, see Master!”

Ji Tianxing slightly nodded responded and asked: “Have you been to Dongchen Hall?”

White Dragon nodded, replied: “Reporting to Master, I entered Dongchen Hall last night, and I am currently rushing to the middle of Dongchen Hall. I can cross Dongchen Hall in about four days.”

Ji Tianxing calmly analyzed and said: “Dongchentang is located in the far east of the Taiyu Temple’s sphere of influence, and you can leave the Taiyu Temple and enter the unknown by crossing Dongchentang.

I don’t know how many hall masters of Taiyu Temple can guess my path to the east?

With the Lord’s wisdom in the main hall, combined with the secrets Dao Xingyun told him, he should be able to guess that I am going to the east. The next goal is not to extinguish the soul hall, right? “

At this point, he put his arms around his chest|front, rubbed his chin with his right hand, and continued to speculate: “If a few palace masters are chasing me on the godship, they will definitely not catch up.


It depends on whether the main hall master has the courage, let several halls take the initiative to use the great array of each branch to rush to Dongchen Hall to intercept me…”

Listening to the analysis of the Master, White Dragon was also full of worries, and tried to ask: “Master, this kind of probability is not great, right?

Although Dongchentang is the only place we must pass to the east, the area of ​​Dongchentang is too vast.

We only have one divine ship, which still hides its whereabouts and breath.

Even if they want to intercept, it might be difficult to find us, right? “

Ji Tianxing slightly nodded, saying: “This is the case, but we cannot underestimate the determination of the main hall master and the power of the entire Taiyu Temple.

Tushen battleship immediately adjusted its direction and moved towards the southeast and flew away.

In this way, it should be possible to avoid the dangerous area centered on the Dongchentang headquarters and try to avoid danger.

But this matter did not end there.

Heavenly Dao’s revelation and crisis warning still linger in Ji Tianxing’s mind.

His face was as calm as water, and he silently analyzed: “The Lord of the Fourth Hall, the Lord of the Five Halls, and the Lord of the Sixth Hall… Although I haven’t fought against them, I used to follow them when I was in Taiyu Secret Realm. Them.

It stands to reason that with their strength and means, it is unlikely to kill me.

The Lord of the Three Halls is also the Divine Emperor Central Realm. There are two Dao Rhyme more than me. At most, he can only defeat me, and it is impossible to kill me. “

Analyzing this step, his eyes suddenly lit up, and the expression in his eyes became fierce.

“Is the second hall master!

He is the Divine Emperor Shangjing, and it is said that he has condensed seven Dao Rhyme.

Only him can threaten my life!

The main hall Lord is really ruthless. In order to intercept me, he sent five hall masters? “

Ji Tianxing It is almost certain that the six hall masters of Taiyu Temple dispatched five, and only in this way can he be killed.

“Hehe…I don’t know that the main hall master has spent so much time and effort, is it to avenge Dao Xingyun, or for to restore the face of Taiyu Temple?

Is Tao Nebula really so important in the main hall’s eyes? “

While these thoughts flashed in his mind, his fear of the Taiyu Temple and the main hall became deeper.