Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4726

When the two stars appeared, Ji Tianxing already realized that it was not good.

But the distance between the two divine ships is too close, only about three ten thousand li.

The diameters of the two ‘stars’ are close to ten thousand li, and they approach the Battleship of the God of Slaughter as soon as they appear, and they will not give the God of Slaughter a chance to escape.

At a critical juncture, Ji Tianxing couldn’t even control the battleship’s magical artillery, so he could only release the majestic and mighty divine force, forming a huge shield of light, blocking the back of the battleship.


Almost at the same time that the defensive mask appeared, two huge stars fiercely blasted the dark golden mask, and there was a deafening noise.

Suddenly, the huge golden light mask collapsed, exploding out golden light fragments all over the sky, and falling on the ground like a pouring rain.

The violent energy is raging, and the speed and formidable power of the two stars have been reduced, but still fiercely hit the battleship of the god of tutor.

“bang! bang!”

A dull loud noise burst out, and a hundred thousand li was heard between Heaven and Earth.

The divine force shock wave capable of destroying everything, wrapped in countless starlight fragments, spreads towards all directions.

With the Tushen battleship as the center, the mountains, rivers and the earth in a radius of five ten thousand li were destroyed and turned into a pit and ruins.

With such a terrifying formidable power, how can the Tushen battleship be intact?

Not only was the shield of the battleship shattered, but the surface of the battleship was also blasted out of two pits and cracked.

The violent and unparalleled impact shook the battleship out of more than 10,000 miles and rolled dozens of times in the sky.

In the end, Tushen battleship finally resolved the impact, and barely stopped in the sky, without a head hitting the Mountain peak below.

But the two Palace Lord’s ships chased up again, shortening the distance between them to more than 10,000 miles.

In the battleship of the God of Slaughter who has just received a heavy blow, Array’s power is a bit disordered, it is difficult to maintain invisibility, and it is difficult to hide its breath.

Therefore, the silhouette of Tushen battleship flickers in the sky, and the breath is also flickering.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the magical artillery in the second Palace Lord’s ship, which was already ready to launch, immediately locked onto the Battleship of God Slaughter and fired without the slightest hesitation.


More than three hundred magic cannons were activated at the same time, releasing a dazzling beam of divine force, and rushing towards the battleship of the gods.

At this moment, between Heaven and Earth is blazing white, and the divine light is so gorgeous that people can’t open their eyes.

The breath of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, filled with several ten thousand li Heaven and Earth, also locked the battleship of the god of slaughter.

Although White Dragon has manipulated the Battleship of the God of Slaughter for many years, it has a high degree of control over the God of Slaughter.

But most of them are on the road, rarely driving battleships to fight and fight with enemy ships, and lack the corresponding experience.

He finally stabilized the tumbling battleship of the God of Slaughter, and now he is struck by the second Palace Lord’s ship. There is no time to respond and there is no time to escape.

Seeing that the more than three hundred dao divine force beams of light will immediately hit the battleship of the gods.

The Tushen battleship was already seriously injured. If it were hit again, it would definitely be hit hard.

At the critical juncture, Ji Tianxing decisively put away the Tushen battleship.


As a white light flashed by, the Tushen battleship disappeared from in the sky, leaving only Ji Tianxing in the same place.

If there is enough time, he can fully perform his stunt of ‘so close, yet worlds apart’, teleporting hundreds of thousands of li to escape.

But the distance between the two sides is too close. It is already the limit for him to put away the battleship before more than 300 beams of light hit the battleship.

Next, all he can do is to activate the majestic divine force and condense a divine force shield.


At the same time, a beam of light swallowed up his silhouette, bursting out a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Although his condensed divine force shield was very strong, he could not withstand the violent bombardment of more than 300 beams of light and was blasted to pieces on the spot.

The horrible impact blasted him out, like a cannonball, smashing into the ruins beyond ten thousand li.

The ruins of a few ten thousand li in radius were swept away by a violent shock wave again, and the ground was scraped to the thickness of hundred zhang.

In the smoke and dust, Ji Tianxing flew upside down ten thousand li away, and finally stopped in the sky.

But his complexion pale, his hair is a little messy, and his divine force breath is also slightly chaotic and floating.

Even if he was not severely injured, it was very uncomfortable for him to suffer such a record.

At this time, the two Palace Lords were standing in the cockpit of the ship, and Divine Consciousness locked Ji Tianxing in the smoke.

Looking at the eight-foot-tall human race youth with black hair and white robe, he narrowed his eyes, and a sharp cold light flashed under his eyes.

“So this is your true face?”

The Two Palace Lords have long known that it was a Divine Emperor from God World who was possessed by a submerged warrior, and designed to kill Dao Nebula.

But before that, he had never seen “Easy Shock Wind” before, and this is the first time he has seen the true face of the murderer.

He kept in mind the appearance of Ji Tianxing and the soul energy of Ji Tianxing.

From now on, no matter who Ji Tianxing body possesses or what it looks like, he can recognize it from Ji Tianxing’s soul energy.

“He is already injured, so you must not let him escape, kill him as soon as possible!”

The two Palace Lords stared at Ji Tianxing with cold eyes, and gave orders to the soldiers who manipulated the battleship.

So, his battleship speeds up to Ji Tianxing again, and more than 300 divine artillery lights up the divine light again, accumulating terrifying power, ready to bomb Ji Tianxing.

And this time, Ji Tianxing finally had enough preparation time and immediately used the stunt of ‘so close, yet worlds apart’.


The familiar scene reappeared.

Seeing white light flashed, Ji Tianxing disappeared from the same place.

In the next instant, he crossed the twelve ten thousand li spaces out of thin air and appeared in the sky far away in front of him.

Almost at the same time, more than 300 divine cannons on the Second Palace Lord’s ship exploded more than 300 dazzling divine force beams, fiercely blasting towards the position where Ji Tianxing was just now.

But the result is obvious. The beam of light from Heavenly God blasted past, but all fell into the empty space, fiercely strikes on the ground.

The earth, which was already in ruins, was blasted out of a huge pit, splashing dust in the sky.

In the cab of the battleship, the second Palace Lord looked at the smoke and dust, but the Divine Consciousness extended beyond more than a hundred thousand li, still locked in Ji Tianxing.

His lips opened slightly, and he almost exclaimed, and his face was filled with shock and disbelief.

“He escaped? Instantly moved more than a hundred thousand li? He actually mastered such a powerful Divine Ability?”

These thoughts flashed through the minds of the two Palace Lords, and waves of waves appeared in their hearts, and it was difficult to calm down.

Of course, apart from shock and surprise, the Second Palace Lord has no other emotions, let alone frustration and decadence.

After all, as an expert in the upper realm of Divine Emperor, he also has a similar Divine Ability.

Although he cannot teleport for a long time and with high frequency like Ji Tianxing did more than a hundred thousand li

But he can also perform the space shifting method two or three times in a short period of time, and the distance of each shift exceeds hundreds thousand li.