Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4802

For experts, honesty is often optional.

Compliance with the promise depends on the strength of the other party.

The immortal Divine Emperor had long thought about it, and temporarily agreed to Lord Biluo, pretending to cooperate with the other party, and defrauding the other party’s trust.

After they successfully caught Sword God, they kicked Lord Biluo away.

Lord Biluo acted alone, weak in power, no matter how angry he did not dare to oppose the extinguishing soul hall.

If Lord Biluo is really so confused, then the extinguishing soul hall will extinguish it.

Anyway, the few lords in this unknown land should be almost killed or injured.

When the time comes unextinguishing soul The hall has got the mystery of immortality, and then gathers a large army northward to conquer this unknown land and incorporate it into the territory.

In short, the Indestructible Divine Emperor did not take the Lord Biluo seriously, nor did he recognize the other party as his partner.

The wisdom and city of the Lord Biluo are far inferior to the immortal Divine Emperor.

But he is not a fool, so how can he believe in the words of the immortal Divine Emperor.

Seeing that the indestructible Divine Emperor promised so simply and neatly, it added, “Your Excellency, there is no proof in your mouth. You swear to God first, we can all cooperate.”

The orcs living in various unknown places do not have much knowledge of refining tools and formations. In the eyes of the wild beasts, they are uncivilized wild beasts and believe in God the most.

Once they encounter a major event or conclude an agreement, what they believe most is to swear.

“What?” The immortal Divine Emperor changed his complexion on the spot, with cold light flashing in his eyes, and coldly shouted: “This seat is the founder of the unextinguished soul hall. There is always one word worth nine sacred tripods. How can you lie to you?

What is the use of swearing to the top? too naive! “

Obviously, the Immortal Divine Emperor was quite resistant to the “God’s Oath”, but it was definitely not because he felt that the oath was naive, but…

He is also afraid that he will be punished by God after breaking his oath.

Lord Biluo saw the clue, he sneered and said: “Isn’t the main hall of the extinguishing soul hall? Then you should know more clearly that our orcs trust God’s oath most. Since you resist so much, you probably have no sincerity.

If this is the case, then our alliance and cooperation are out of the question. “

“hmph!” The immortal Divine Emperor said with a sneer contemptuously: “What about non-cooperation? Your strength is not enough to mention on equal terms with this temple.

The emperor advises you that it is best to leave this place as soon as possible and not to mix up this matter.

Otherwise, the emperor does not guarantee that he will not attack you, you know the consequences. “

Of course, Lord Biluo knows not to extinguish the power of the Soul Palace, but how can he not fight back when he is so humiliated and ridiculed?

“hahaha… The emperor had planned to leave before, so I won’t bother about it anymore.

But, if you say this, the main hall, the emperor is interested.

The emperor wants to intervene in this matter, so I want to see how you can defeat and arrest Sword God if you don’t extinguish the soul hall! “

The negotiation between the two parties collapsed, and it is difficult to reach cooperation.

The reason why Lord Biluo is so simple is that he is full of shame and anger, and fought back for dignity.

In the second place, the other party is the main hall master of the unextinguished soul hall. Now the five lords of the unknown land have been killed and four, leaving it alone and hard to support.

If it does not want to weaken the strength of the unextinguished soul hall, the power of the unextinguished soul hall will become stronger and stronger in the future, and sooner or later it will invade unknown places.

Therefore, it must be instigated and disturbed, so that the extinguishing soul hall will not be able to do so.

It is best to kill a few Palace Lords in the unextinguished soul hall, so as to ensure peace in the unknown, at least for thousands of years.


The indestructible Divine Emperor ignores the Lord Biluo and speeds up to catch up. Divine Consciousness locks in the battleship of the God of Slaughter.

In just a quarter of an hour, he surpassed Lord Biluo, and the distance with the battleship of Tushen was gradually shortening.

Although the Divine Emperor is confident enough, Lord Biluo would not dare to attack him at such a close distance.

However, he remained vigilant and vigilant when he passed Lord Biluo.

He was also worried that Lord Biluo would fly into a rage out of humiliation, and suddenly attack him by sneak attack, even if he could not cause too much damage to him, it would delay a certain amount of time.

Fortunately, Lord Biluo is relatively calm.

When the indestructible Divine Emperor is over, threw it away more than ten thousand miles away, and it has no intention to move.

The indestructible Divine Emperor sneered in his heart, thinking to himself that this beast was still acquainted and did not ask for trouble.

However, as soon as this idea flashed through his mind, he was beaten in the face by the speed of light.

“xiu! xiu xiu! “

Without any warning, Lord Biluo suddenly released dozens of divine light sharp blades, shooting like a rain of arrows, and blasting towards the immortal Divine Emperor.

The Indestructible Divine Emperor just let down his vigilance, feeling proud, he was attacked unexpectedly, and his face changed on the spot.

“Animal, you are courting death!”

The indestructible Divine Emperor roared in anger, and could only take out a war knife, swaying out the sky blade light, and resisting the attack of the Lord Biluo.

Although he has the strength of the Divine Emperor, he did not dare to ignore the sneak attack of the Blue Lord, so he could only use Ten Times Cultivation Power to resolve it.

“peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~!”

Dozens of colorful blade lights collided with the light blade of Heavenly God, and a series of loud noises burst out in the sky, with a radius of ten thousand li.

The violent shock wave blew a hurricane between Heaven and Earth, destroying more than a dozen Mountain peaks.

There is no suspense in the ending.

The attack of the Lord Biluo was easily resolved by the Indestructible Divine Emperor, and no results were achieved.

But the goal of Lord Biluo has also been achieved. The Immortal Divine Emperor was delayed by two breaths time, and the distance between him and the battleship of the god of slaughter increased by a few ten thousand li.

It took the Indestructible Divine Emperor two quarters of an hour to bring this point closer.

As a result, Lord Biluo attacked him casually and his efforts were wasted.

This made the Indestructible Divine Emperor very annoyed, and almost burst his lungs with anger, wishing to smash Lord Biluo’s body into thousands of pieces to dispel the hatred in his heart.

It glared fiercely at Lord Biluo, with murderous intention rushing all over, and couldn’t help but want to take action several times.

But Lord Biluo is not afraid of anything, and even sneered with contempt and contempt at him, and sound transmission provoked him.

“Indestructible Divine Emperor, you must be very irritable and want to kill this emperor, right?

He he he … It’s a pity that you have spent that many hard work and sacrificed that many sacrifices, and finally caught up with Sword God, how can you give up?

As long as you dare to take action against the emperor, the emperor will delay time with you.

When the time comes, Sword God escaped, none of us want to catch him anymore. “

Regarding this point, Lord Biluo and the unextinguishing soul Imperial Capital know well, and both are afraid.

Lord Biluo knows that the opponent is the Divine Emperor’s upper realm, and he definitely cannot beat the opponent.

If the immortal Divine Emperor wants to kill it, it will try its best to escape and never hesitate or stay.

The Indestructible Divine Emperor also understands that although he is stronger than the opponent, but the opponent blindly escapes, it takes at least 5 minutes of time to kill the opponent.

By that time, Sword God had escaped a few million li long ago, and he couldn’t catch up if he wanted to chase him.

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