Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4803

It’s a pity that it still hasn’t exceeded the four hundred thousand li and failed to escape the scope of Divine Consciousness of the Indestructible Divine Emperor.

The Indestructible Divine Emperor immediately noticed this situation, suddenly frowned, and cold light flashed in his eyes, “Damn bastard, this move again!”

In the past few months of chasing, he has long experienced Ji Tianxing’s strength and methods, and has also seen so close, yet worlds apart formidable power many times.

It was an experience that made him very angry and didn’t want to recall.

When he thought of the next long-distance attack with Sword God, the distance between the two sides was repeatedly shortened and widened, and within a few days he couldn’t fight head-on, he felt helpless.

This is the end of the matter. What if I don’t?

The Biluo Lord, who is behind the indestructible Divine Emperor, is three ten thousand li away.

Its Divine Consciousness also detected that Sword God disappeared in a flash and then appeared out of the three hundred thousand li.

The other party used such a space to move Divine Ability, which surprised it, and at the same time, he was pondering the next plan.

It decided not to sneak attack and harass the Divine Emperor, so as not to make Sword God get away from it and really escape.

On the contrary, it hopes that the Indestructible Divine Emperor will catch up with the Sword God as soon as possible. Only when the two can fight and fight, it can take the opportunity.


As expected by the Indestructible Divine Emperor, both sides have been chasing and rushing for the next two days.

Ji Tianxing is always in front of the immortal Divine Emperor, and the distance between the two sides has been hovering between hundred thousand li and three hundred thousand li.

Whenever the indestructible Divine Emperor is about to catch up with Ji Tianxing, he will always use the ‘so close, yet worlds apart’ stunt to keep away.

But this divine ability has limitations, and it is impossible to perform continuously without interruption, at least a quarter of an hour apart.

Therefore, Ji Tianxing has never been able to get rid of the indestructible Divine Emperor.

As long as the distance between the two parties does not exceed four hundred thousand li, even if he changes the course of advancement, it will not work.

As for Lord Biluo, it is a bit miserable.

It really hasn’t had any sneak attack on the indestructible Divine Emperor. The main reason is that it has been thrown farther and farther, and gradually can’t keep up.

Even if it does its best to use various methods of divine ability, it can’t catch up with the immortal Divine Emperor, let alone Sword God.

Two days later, it was thrown away millions li long ago, and it was completely gone.

If it changes, it will definitely give up the hunt as soon as possible and turn around to return to its nest.

But it is different now. It is gambling with the Indestructible Divine Emperor and sincerely wants to destroy the good things of the Indestructible Divine Emperor.

The most important thing is that Sword God, who harbors the mystery of Eternal Undying, is not far ahead.