Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4804

If there is no indestructible Divine Emperor chasing after him, Ji Tianxing will not pay attention to the more than 3,000 orc Divine Kings.

As long as he is willing, he can kill all the Divine Kings within an hour.

But the problem right now is that Lord Biluo arranged more than 3,000 orc Divine Kings in advance to lie in an ambush at the sea of ​​Chaos in order to intercept him.

Those orc Divine Kings don’t need to catch him, they only need to delay for a while.

When the immortal Divine Emperor arrives, he will naturally be entangled, and the orc Divine King can evacuate.

Because of this, Ji Tianxing suspected that Lord Biluo had reached a cooperation with the Indestructible Divine Emperor.

The development of the matter to this step has exceeded Ji Tianxing’s control.

Even if he changes his route temporarily, it is useless because the distance between the two parties is too close.

Moreover, after crossing the last mountain range, there are endless plains and sandy beaches ahead, as well as the blue sea.

There is no obstruction or cover, which can help him cover his breath.

Even watching more than 3,000 orc Divine Kings rushing over and attacking fiercely in an imposing manner, he can only brace oneself to meet him.


“Come on!”

“Stop him, stop him anyway!”

“The lord senior has an order, as long as we can stop Sword God, we can all get a great reward!”

More than 3,000 orc Divine Kings roared and screamed towards Ji Tianxing, desperately breaking out with all their strength, using various divine skills, and launched a siege on Ji Tianxing.

Thousands of divine technique lights and shadows converge in the sky, like a flood, pouring down to Ji Tianxing.

He was free from fear, and the golden light surged all over, condensing a streak of divine light shield.

At the same time, his left hand shot a large mountain fist, and his right hand swung the Zang Tian sword, cutting out the sword light in the sky.

In the next instant, the golden light fisting shadow fiercely blasted through the herd, and there was a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Immediately afterwards, the sky sword light also chopped up countless divine technique lights and shadows, and fell into the herd.

Another series of muffled sounds of “pēng pēng pēng” burst out, and countless stumps and broken arms broke out in the herd, and blood spattered all over the sky.

A mournful scream cut through the sky and echoed in the ears of everyone.

In just one face-to-face meeting, Ji Tianxing severely inflicted more than a hundred orcs on the Divine King and killed hundreds of orcs on the spot.

The divine technique attacks of the orc Divine Kings fell on him one after another, but they were blocked by his divine light shield and did not harm him.

“hong long!”

With a loud and dull noise, Ji Tianxing rushed into the herd fiercely like a Great Desolate Giant Beast, carrying golden flames soaring into the sky.

There is no way, the line of defense composed of more than 3,000 orc Divine Kings is too long, and he can’t waste time to go around.

The best way is to forcibly break through the line of defense formed by the orc Divine King, and escape this area as soon as possible.

Ji Tianxing’s imposing manner was full of imposing manner, and with a fierce collision, the Divine Kings of the orcs in the field suddenly split up and in pieces, screaming repeatedly.

The dozens of orc Divine King who blocked him up ahead were smashed to pieces on the spot, splashing out countless pieces of flesh and blood.

The orc Divine Kings who were closer, were all frightened and fled, retreating to both sides.

Seeing, the orc defense line in front of Ji Tianxing has become very weak, and he will be able to rush out of the encirclement immediately.

At this moment, thousands of leaders of the orc Divine King roared and roared one after another, leading the orc Divine Kings in spite of everything and pounced on Ji Tianxing.

They would rather sacrifice their lives than stop Ji Tianxing.

Even if he can’t stop him, he will have to delay for a while, so that he cannot escape smoothly.

“fuck off!”

Ji Tianxing was angry, and the sound was like Hong Zhong’s roar, and the Heavenly God flame burst out all over his body, like a scorching sun, fiercely rushing forward.

The dozens of orc Divine Kings on his left and right sides were touched by the Heavenly God flames, and they were burnt all over, bursting with black smoke.

Eight of them were burned to death on the spot, and the wind turned black and gray.

Only 20% of the orc Divine King are still alive, but they are also struggling on whilst at death’s door, dying.

However, no matter how fierce his rushing momentum, no matter how violent the force of the rush, he will not be able to kill that many orc Divine King in a short time.

There are too many orcs standing in front of him, far more than a thousand.

Ji Tianxing is trapped in a heavy siege, it is like falling into a quagmire, and the speed of action has also become slow.

The goal of Lord Biluo has been achieved, and the more than 3,000 orc Divine Kings really delayed the ten breaths.

Just as Ji Tianxing furiously slaughtered the orcs Divine King with his sword, the Immortal Divine Emperor rushed to the field.

“Sword God, where to escape!!”

Before rushing into the battlefield, the Immortal Divine Emperor did not forget to roar.

This roar is not only to improve the imposing manner, but also to declare to the orc Divine Kings that he and Sword God are enemies.

The so-called enemies of enemies are friends. Since the Divine Kings of the Orcs are also enemies of Sword God, there is no need to fight him.

This is indeed effective.

Divine Kings of the orcs who were surrounded by Ji Tianxing all around, and planned to sacrifice their lives to delay time, immediately dispersed.

They all turned their heads to look at the immortal Divine Emperor, wondering about the identity of each other, but they also had a glimmer of expectation.

Even though they don’t know each other, if the other party can defeat or capture Sword God, of course it would be great.


After the herd dispersed, the Immortal Divine Emperor locked the breath of Ji Tianxing and took out the magic knife and slashed it.

Three dazzling blade lights, all of which are as long as thousand zhang, dazzling, and exude the breath of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Many orc Divine Kings have all face changed, and they retreat quickly to free up the battlefield for Ji Tianxing and the Indestructible Divine Emperor to fight.

They all know that the fight between Divine Emperor experts is definitely not something they can participate in.

Divine Consciousness of Ji Tianxing always shrouded all around, monitoring the movement of the audience.

The arrival of the indestructible Divine Emperor and his full attack are all within his grasp.

He was prepared for a long time. He saw the three blade dao light dropping from the sky beheaded, so he abandoned the Divine Kings of the surrounding orcs and went all out to fight the indestructible Divine Emperor.

“The Sword Splits the Nine Heavens!”

Ji Tianxing roared, holding the Zang Tian sword in both hands, stab a thousand zhang greatsword with all his strength, pointing straight to the indestructible Divine Emperor.

I only heard a loud bang.

The golden light greatsword displayed by Ji Tianxing instantly defeated a sabre light, exploding the sky with debris.

Immediately afterwards, the golden light greatsword stabbed the 2nd blade light again, blasting it to pieces.

At this time, the formidable power of golden light greatsword has greatly weakened, and rays of light have also become very dim.

Then, the golden light greatsword collided with the 3rd blade light, and both collapsed at the same time, exploding tens of millions of divine light fragments.

The violent impact, engulfed in countless divine light fragments, shook all around, bursting out ripples.

The mountain range behind everyone was destroyed on the spot by the aftermath of the battle, and collapsed into ruins, raising smoke and dust.