Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4806

“Shua~ shua~ shua~!”

As several divine lights flashed by, the silhouettes of Prajna, Yunyao and Ji Ke appeared in the sky.

Surrounded by thousands of orc Divine Kings, the three female emperors did not panic.

Ji Tianxing’s goal is the immortal Divine Emperor, and he is trying his best to attack or defuse the immortal Divine Emperor’s offensive.

The goal of the Prajna Divine Emperor is the Lord Biluo. Even if her realm is lower than the opponent’s First Layer, she can evenly match the Lord Biluo with the two Divine Items.

In a short period of time, even if she falls short, she will not be defeated by Lord Biluo.

Yunyao and Ji Ke are slightly weaker. They ignore the Lord Biluo and the Indestructible Divine Emperor and try their best to kill the surrounding orc Divine Kings.

With their realm strength, if the more than 3,000 orc Divine Kings join forces to besie them both, then they are definitely not opponents and will be besieged soon.

But the target of the orc Divine Kings is Ji Tianxing, and only a small part of the manpower is allocated to deal with Yunyao and Ji Ke.

This gave the two of them a chance to break into the encirclement, burst into full strength, and used various divine ability Absolute Art.

“bang bang bang!”

Ji Ke waved the divine spear, swayed out the Divine flame hiding the sky and covering the earth, poured out like a flood in the herd, and burned many orcs Divine King to ashes.

Every orc Divine King who is contaminated by the Divine flame of Nirvana, don’t die also seriously injured.

Heartbreaking crying and painful screams burst out in the sky, echoing endlessly between Heaven and Earth.

“shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

Yunyao’s hands are as fast as lightning, waving a pair of Emperor Divine Swords, constantly cutting out the silver white crescent sword light, and falling into the herd like a goddess scattered flowers.

Sword light criss-crossed, forming a sword net in the sky, shuttled back and forth, strangling.

Those orc Divine Kings, how can they stop such a tricky, smart and sharp sword light?

Their protective bodies, divine light, were defeated one after another, their powerful defenses were pierced, and their bodies were quickly cut and pierced by the sword light, splashing blood in the sky.

There were screams again and again, with constant roars and roars, and the earth shook and the mountain quivered several thousand li.

The two sides only fought for a few rounds. Yunyao and Ji Ke angrily killed more than 300 orc Divine Kings, wounding more than 200.

The leaders of the orc Divine King saw that the strength of these two women was so powerful, and they really underestimated them before.

So, several commanders hurriedly issued orders to have half of the orc Divine Kings stare at Yunyao and Ji Ke, and they must be killed as soon as possible.

The other half of the orc Divine Kings still cast a spell to besiege Ji Tianxing and put pressure on him.

Ji Tianxing is under the greatest pressure. While resisting the indestructible Divine Emperor’s offensive, it also has to resolve the siege of many orc Divine Kings.

He mentally and physically exhausted, the divine force was extremely exhausted, and his face gradually turned pale.

Seeing his appearance like this, the Immortal Divine Emperor sneered secretly, quite proud.

“hmph! What if you are the chosen one? After all, you are too young, and you don’t have much strength, how can you stop the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses?

Now your strength has been exhausted, and your combat effectiveness will soon decline.

After up to two hours, you will run out of divine force and become weak.

At that time, several Palace Lords under this emperor’s command will be able to arrive, and they can capture you in one fell swoop! “

Indestructible Divine Emperor was secretly proud, and Lord Biluo also started selfish calculations in his heart.

It is naturally easy to deal with the battle with the Prajna Divine Emperor without much pressure.

If it wants to defeat the Prajna Divine Emperor and end the battle in a short time, it is basically impossible.

It never thought of doing that. It just wanted to delay for a while, observe the situation, and react accordingly.

In fact, it does not want Ji Tianxing to fail too quickly.

If Ji Tianxing is defeated soon, then it will face a choice.

Either the indestructible Divine Emperor will capture Ji Tianxing, or it will capture Ji Tianxing.

But no matter which of them catches Ji Tianxing, they will give tit for tat and continue to fight.

The Lord Biluo knows himself and knows that he is not the opponent of the immortal Divine Emperor. If he fights against him, there is absolutely no chance of winning.

Therefore, it wants to continue to delay time so that Sword God will consume more power of the immortal Divine Emperor.

When both of them are exhausted and weakened, it is not too late to decide the outcome.

Only then will it have a chance to capture the Sword God, defeat the indestructible Divine Emperor, and take the Sword God away.

With such thoughts in mind, Lord Biluo began to release the water deliberately, and was always watching the situation of Ji Tianxing.

The Prajna Divine Emperor vaguely felt that the opponent’s strength seemed to be declining, and the pressure on her was also weakening.

So, she attacked harder, trying to suppress Lord Biluo and create opportunities for Ji Tianxing to escape.

But Ji Tianxing has a keen perception and an active mind.

He is worried and anxious, and he has been thinking about how to get out of trouble.

After thinking of many ways, it didn’t work, and then he noticed Lord Biluo’s actions.

“What is this guy doing? It clearly has more than this strength, how come its strength has declined after the start of the war?”

Ji Tianxing frowned thinking, and then observed Lord Biluo for a while, suddenly a flash of light flashed in his mind.

“Oh… this guy is very cunning, he deliberately delayed time to adjust the situation.

It wants me and Divine Emperor to suffer from both sides, and it comes back to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits!

He he he ……In this case, it can be for me to use, as a breakthrough for me to get out of trouble! “

As the so-called every cloud has a silver lining, Ji Tianxing immediately thought of a way out.

So when he was fighting with the Indestructible Divine Emperor, his performance became more anxious, his strength was slowly declining, and his offensive formidable power was also weakening.

Because of his lifelike performance, his weakness is also a step by step.

This made Divine Emperor and Lord Biluo believe in him, and would never doubt that he was acting.

Seeing that Ji Tianxing’s face became paler and paler and his strength weakened, the immortal Divine Emperor was full of eagerness, and once again accelerated the pace of the attack.

He wants to strike while the iron is hot, expand the results, and strive to quickly defeat Ji Tianxing and capture the opponent.

Lord Ke Biluo saw this scene, but he stopped doing it.

“Damn it! Isn’t Sword God very capable?

Why did you fight for hundreds of tricks, but couldn’t beat the indestructible Divine Emperor, and ended up in such an embarrassing situation?

Alas… It seems that the so-called chosen person is not as strong as expected. “

Lord Biluo feels that Sword God is just the middle of the Divine Emperor, and it is normal that the Divine Emperor cannot be defeated.

However, the power of the Immortal Divine Emperor has not been consumed much.

It will never allow it. Divine Emperor and Sword God will now be the winner.

So, it gave orders to the orc Divine Kings under its command to slow down the attack.

It even ordered a part of the orc Divine King to retreat with the wounded and go to the distance to heal their injuries.

In the blink of an eye, there are only two thousand orc Divine Kings left, all at a moderate pace, against Ji Tianxing, Yunyao and Ji Ke.