Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 495

In the next period of time, Nie Li and Duan Jian and the others began to search in Small Exquisite World.

Small Exquisite World is a very magical field. It has been banned by Supreme. If Nie Li had not taken special measures, with their current cultivation level, it would have been impossible to return to Small Exquisite World.

There must be many treasures hidden in Small Exquisite World.

Although I cant find Desert Palace, I might be able to retrieve the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book.

Until now, Nie Li failed to find the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book. This is also the source of anxiety in his heart.

Space-Time Demon Spirit Book is undoubtedly extremely powerful. The Space-Time Demon Spirit Book played a significant role in the reason why he was able to fight the Sage Emperor in his previous life.

Space-Time Demon Spirit Book can greatly help Nie Li’s growth.

Its just that until now, Nie Li has not found the Desert Palace, let alone Space-Time Demon Spirit Book.

Nie Li kept searching in Small Exquisite World with her mind, trying to retrieve the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, but so far she has found nothing.

Nie Li suddenly remembered that there is someone who knows Small Exquisite World better than him! That is Goddess Yu Yan.

Nie Li’s thoughts moved slightly, contacting Goddess Yu Yan in the Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart. Goddess Yu Yan is still floating in the void of the Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart and is cultivating. She is like a butterfly wrapped in a silkworm cocoon, all over the body shrouded in colorful rays of light, with her eyes closed.

I don’t know how long she has maintained this state. Nie Li can feel that Goddess Yu Yan’s law power has become stronger and stronger.

It can be said that with the recovery speed of Goddess Yu Yan divine force, I am afraid that even if you encounter an opponent of Martial Ancestor Rank, you will have the power to fight.

After all, it is the existence of God Level. Even if it is damaged, it only recovers a small part, which is not comparable to ordinary Expert.

It seems that Nie Li was sensed, Goddess Yu Yan slowly opened his eyes.

“Elder Sister Yu Yan, I have something to ask for.” Nie Li said.

“You speak.” Goddess Yu Yan said calmly.

“I would like to ask you to help me search for Small Exquisite World, and find here if there is anything that is helpful to us!” Nie Li said.

“I use Divine Will to search.” Goddess Yu Yan nodded, she whizzed out from the Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart and stood in the palm of Ye Chen.

Goddess Yu Yan quickly formed the seal with both hands, and a powerful Divine Will moved towards all directions spread out.

“I will pass on to you the information I got from Divine Will.” Goddess Yu Yan said.

In Nie Li’s mind, countless messages suddenly appeared, and he couldn’t help but be shocked and said: “Didn’t expect Small Exquisite World, there are so many God Level treasures!”< /p>

“That’s nature.” Goddess Yu Yan said, “Before the Small Exquisite World was sealed, here was the land of the gods.”

“The land of the gods?” Nie Li Slightly stunned.

“This is where the Spiritual Gods fight.” Goddess Yu Yan said.

Nie Li concentrated his eyebrows in deep thought, nodded said: “so that’s how it is. It’s only for so many years, why no one came to get these treasures?”

“You don’t understand, divine item If you are alive, you will choose the owner yourself. If it is not in accordance with the divine force law, even if you find them, they may not belong to you.” Goddess Yu Yan said.

“I understand a little bit.” Nie Li nodded, he looked towards Lu Piao, Du Ze and the others, and said, “I will tell you the location of the treasure. Every one of you will try one’s Luck!”

Lu Piao couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Can we really find a divine item?”

“Yes, Small Exquisite World, definitely the most divine item Place. Its just that if you want to get the recognition of the divine item, you have to put your posture right!” Nie Li said.

“Position, I don’t understand?” Du Ze couldn’t help but wonder.

“I think that the most recognized divine item should be the unrelenting pure heart and understanding of Heavenly Law. Try to resonate with divine item.” Nie Li said.

“A pure heart that never advances?” Goddess Yu Yan lowered his head and thought.

“I will tell you the place!” Nie Li slightly smiled, passing the a path of idea message to everyone, “Go! Ten days later, we will meet again.”

“Then I’ll go first!” Lu Piao said excitedly. He was a little impatient looking for a divine item, and with a swish, it turned into a flowing light.

Du Ze and the others also left one after another, looking for divine items.

“What you said surprised me.” Goddess Yu Yan said, “Maybe they can really get the recognition of the divine item.”

Everyone else After leaving, only Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er are left.

Nie Li glanced at the two of them, and slightly smiled and said, “The people in Glory City will be transferred soon. Let’s try one’s luck too.”

” en. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er nodded.

whiz whiz whiz, four silhouettes fly away.

After a while, they appeared above a piece of ocean, with a small island below. It seems that there is nothing special about the island, but the surrounding of the small island is shrouded in a huge knot within the realm. After Nie Li approached, he felt a majestic rebounding force, like a tide.

“Is that divine item in the island below?” Ye Ziyun asked curiously.

“I don’t know what is hidden on this island.” Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help but be a little curious.

“Elder Sister Yu Yan, the divine item you sensed is in the island below, but the Formation is a bit powerful, it should be God Level.” Nie Li said, ” With our current strength, Im afraid its totally impossible to break through.”

Goddess Yu Yan closes the eyes and felt it for a while and said: “It is indeed God Level Formation.”

“No wonder Even the powerhouse of Martial Ancestor Rank couldn’t take things away!” Nie Li said with a wry smile.

“I feel that the divine item below is extremely powerful.” Goddess Yu Yan felt it, and said with emotion.

“I dont know what it is.” Nie Li thought for a while and said, he slowly flew to the edge of the Formation, extend the hand felt it, “This Formation, I dont know if its used What kind of law is formed.”

“Let me try and see if I can break the Formation!” Goddess Yu Yan said, she kept sealing, only for a moment, murky heavens dark earth, Immediately afterwards, a horrible flame energy assaults the senses, a huge flame meteor dropping from the sky, moved towards Formation smashed down.

A loud explosion sound, the flame meteor bursts out around Formation, and the fire star is flying everywhere, just like a Fire Dragon.

“A very powerful flame meteor.” Nie Li couldn’t help feeling, didn’t expect Goddess Yu Yan to secluded cultivation in the Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart for so long, the strength has actually been so powerful.

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