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Tales of Herding Gods The latest chapter, 857th chapter There is a female Yan Ruyu in the flower, floating astronomy

牧神记最新章节, 第八百七十五章 花中有女颜如玉,飘天文学


The darkness of the Tianhe River is falling down, the speed is getting faster and faster, and the two big flowers are slowly sinking. The horror gravitational force from the Great Plains is getting stronger and stronger!


Darkness Tianhe and the gravity of gravity make Qin Mu and Dragon Qilin’s body suddenly become extremely heavy, unable to maintain balance, and could not help but fall into the abyss.


“Dragon Birds!”


Qin Mu’s shoulders, suddenly screaming, her Primordial Spirit emerged behind her, turned into an end-to-end dragon, half Vermilion Bird, half Azure Dragon, with Vermilion Bird’s body and tail feathers, but from the tail feathers Extend the tail of Azure Dragon.


The dragon bird spread its wings, made a flying shape, screamed up and screamed in the mouth, and screamed out the sacred flame.


Her dragon’s tail is incredible, almost connected to her head, forming a ring that puts everyone in the ring.


The Vermilion Bird smoldering in her mouth ignited her Azure Dragon tail, and soon the flame spread throughout the body, forming a flame ring that blocked the terrorist power of the market.


The dragon bird has a title, the mouth is at the end, the body is in a ring, and the center is an independent world, forming a safe little heaven.


Qin Mu was the first time he saw a smoker showing his secret skill. It was so powerful that it blocked the return of the darkness and the return of gravity.


This hoe caught the gods in the Yuan Dynasty and beat the teeth. However, Qin Mu basically did not see her taking action. On weekdays, this girl still likes to serve people. In addition to feeding, she also likes to help Qin Mu organize clothes. Smooth the folds.


Now, the strength of the smoke broke out, Qin Mu knows how powerful and horrible, even the first ancestor Human Sovereign is even stronger, but also fierce!


You know, the ancestor Human Sovereign is already the existence of Jade City Realm!


“I don’t know the strength of the smoker’s sister, how is the Heavenly King Buddha than the emperor?”


Qin Mu immediately speeded up and ran to the two big flowers.


He is even more curious about the identity of the smoker of the Southern Emperor Vermilion Bird to the Moon God, and he said: “There are both Vermilion Bird blood and Azure Dragon blood, then the smoke sister and the South Emperor Vermilion Bird, the East Emperor Azure Dragon What is the relationship?”


He blinked, this girl who likes to serve people, shouldn’t it be the daughter of Nandi Vermilion Bird and Dongdi Azure Dragon?


As the daughter of the two emperors, why are you a princess, how can you develop a weird problem that likes to serve people?


Finally, they rushed in from the gap of the petals before the two big flowers were completely closed!


At the rear, the petals are completely closed, cutting off the fearful gravity and the darkness of the Tianhe River. However, the gravitation and pressure disappeared, and the smoker could hardly control the figure for a while, and suddenly squatted on the ground.


The small heavens surrounded by her Primordial Spirit were suddenly shattered, and Qin Mu and Dragon Qilin were also smashed down, rolled over, hit a large flower, and flew out and slammed into another flower. And was bounced back.


The flower is very soft, although Qin Mu and others are very embarrassed, but they are not injured, just being bounced off, some dizzy, no big problem.


Qin Mu stood up and pulled the smoke up. Dragon Qilin also climbed up. He felt that his feet were soft and he stepped on the ground. I saw that the ground here was soft and it was amazing.


Qin Mu looked around, compared to the outside world, here is surprisingly calm, surprisingly vast, two flowers form two connected worlds.


These two worlds are not small at all, comparable to the heavens outside, but there are no sun, moon and stars in the sky.


And the weird thing is that there is a darkness in the market, but there are rays of light here, one side is the pink world, and the other side is the dark black world. They fall into the red world, the texture of the petals interweave in the sky, the texture is very strange, and the textures are constantly flashing red.


There are two palaces where the two worlds meet. They are also red and black, and the palaces should be connected.


Dragon Qilin looked around and carefully, “When the stars just fell, there was an undercurrent of the Tianhe River. If there were no stars falling in the future, wouldn’t we be trapped here?”


The smoke looked at him very seriously, and Dragon Qilin lowered his head and stopped talking.


He had already seen the smoke of the child just now, so he decided to move from the heart and keep absolute respect for the sister who always feeds himself.


The smoker was finishing clothes for Qin Mu and flattening his clothes.


Qin Mu has long been accustomed to stepping into the sky and gently stroking the wall of the flower world. The wall feel is soft, like a girl’s skin, even more delicate and unique than the girl’s skin.


“We are in the flower house of these two flowers. These two flowers are actually real flowers, not things like god soldiers.”


Qin Mu looked strange and surprised: “What flowers can withstand the horrible gravity and destructive power of the market?”


The texture on the wall of the flower actually flows gently, and then a girl’s face emerges, emerges from the wall of the flower, closes her eyes and gently licks his palm with his face, which seems to be very useful.


Qin Mu was shocked and hurriedly retracted his palm.




He has no doubt that if he is a cat, he will definitely blow up the whole body!


The face that emerges from the wall of the flower will actually be the face of the Empress Dowager!


In the ghost ship, he saw the body of the Empress Dowager. This face, he will never admit his mistake!


The face on the wall of the flower grew up again, catching up with his palm, and taking the initiative to squat in his palm, very embarrassing.


“Little brother!” The face of Empress Dowager made a pleasant laugh.


Qin Mu’s body is tight and motionless. The girl who grew out of the flower wall has a long neck and no body, like a beautiful snake.


“Little brother, no one has been here for a long time.”


The beautiful snake swirled around him, and many scales were formed on his neck. He crossed the neck of Qin Mu’s, and there was a scratch on the neck of Qin Mu. Blood was oozing out.


His body has long been smelted as powerful as the demon, but in the face of this beautiful snake’s scale, his body is like the fragility of tofu.


“The ancient gods in the market are not just the empress sisters!”


His heart shocked: “This is also the birth of other ancient gods!”


Qin Mu’s shoulders hurriedly flew up and landed on Dragon Qilin’s head, curiously looking at the beautiful snake that extended from the wall.


“The people’s orders from the sisters are guarded here, and they have been lonely for many thousand years.”


The neck behind the face of Empress Niangniang entangled Qin Mu’s body, cheeks touched Qin Mu’s cheeks, gentle squatting, eating and laughing: “The empress elder sister always let me look at the house, let me stay here, Everyone was suffocated, and after waiting for so long, I finally waited for a beautiful little brother.”


She put out her tongue, the tongue is not the girl’s small tongue, but the forked tongue, long and soft, and flexible, glaring at Qin Mu’s cheek, laughing: “Little brother is coming from the order of his sister. ?”


Qin Mu is quiet and said: “I did come to the emperor after the emperor.”


The face suddenly squatted on Qin Mu’s chest, listening to his heartbeat, giggling: “Your heart rate has not changed, the pressure of blood flow has not changed, if you lie, it must be a lie expert.”


Qin Mu smiled and said: “Sister, how dare I lie?”


The beautiful snake smiled and said: “The mouth is sweet. Password.”


Qin Mu sank in his heart, his eyes shook a little, and the beautiful snake’s face changed greatly. He slammed Qin Mu tightly, raised his head high and smiled. “You really are a liar expert! I almost fooled me.” Oh, I just wanted to eat you just now, and now I can finally open it!”


Her mouth was separated and getting bigger and bigger. At this moment, the sound of the smoke was coming, with endless joy: “Lovely… Big bug!”


The blue-finch fluttered and the body became extremely large, and the mouth of the beautiful snake was smothered and pulled outwards.


Qin Mu was half-dead, hurriedly turned into a shadow to get rid of the bondage, stuck to the ground, and quickly smashed away.


The beautiful snake was covered in a blue-eyed finch and screamed: “Little bird, I am not a bug!”


The smoker bit her neck and kept retreating. After taking a step, she retreated more than ten miles. Only the beautiful snake was pulled longer and longer, and more body was drawn from the wall.


Qin Mu was just freed from the shadow state, and saw the blue tits smashing from his head, and the beautiful snake was pulled straight.


“Smoke sister, that is not a bug, it is an ancient god!”


Qin Mu hurriedly sighed: “It is the ancient god in the market!”


“It’s a bug!”


The blue tits reveal the true body, and the dragon tail is formed. It turns into a complete body shape of the dragon bird. The bird’s claw is also turned into a thick dragon claw, and it is struggling to tear it backwards. It is intended to completely drag this “big bug” out of the flower wall. Eat it, cried: “It’s a big bug! This flower has a long bug!”


Qin Mu and Dragon Qilin are so savage that I saw that the beauty snake has been pulled out for hundreds of miles and still not completely pulled out.


“That is also the ancient god bug!” Qin Mu was in a hurry.


Suddenly, in the middle of the flower world, the soft flower swaying and twisting, the top of the flower buds emerged from the face of a queen, and said: “Pain -“


“Little bird, you hurt me!”


The roots of a root that are not as high as a snake are like snakes twisting their bodies, shuttle and come, lightning to the dragons!


The smoker suddenly got excited: “This bug has grown a lot! And it is bigger than I thought, I can eat for a long time!”


She fluttered her wings, flickering and flickering, avoiding the attack of those stamens, and sometimes the wings fell, the flowers were cut to blood, and sometimes the mouth spewed Vermilion Bird, and the flowers were burnt and pitifully, sometimes It also ignited the thunder and blew it.


Qin Mu took Dragon Qilin to the intersection of the two worlds and went straight to the two red and black palaces, avoiding the divine spell of the two giants.


However, in the sky, the smoker and the multi-headed snake are getting more and more fierce, and the power of the divine ability is getting stronger and stronger, forcing him to avoid.


“Can smokers have something to do?”


He looked back in a hurry, but saw that the dragon’s ability to display the dragon’s performance was beyond the scope of the fire of Nandi and Dongdi, and her divine ability became strange.


Every time her body moves, there will be a series of mirrors, a total of thirteen mirrors, the mirror has the strength of her body, and attacked those beautiful snakes, without falling into the wind!


Mirror 13 stacks.


“Did the moon gods pass on their own skills to her?”


Qin Mu stunned, and suddenly I was expecting it. If I could learn the secret skill of Yuetian Zun from the smoke, it would be a blessing!


The battle between the smoker and the ancient god of the ruins was getting more and more fierce, forcing him to keep going away with Dragon Qilin and avoiding their divine ability.


Finally, they came to the two world interchanges.


Qin Mu walked to the red palace, and Dragon Qilin probed into the hall and said, “Will there be enemies inside?”


“The crow mouth!”


Qin Mu was furious and kicked him into the palace. Dragon Qilin made a scream and called for a long while, and the voice was still very bright.


Qin Mu put his heart down and walked into the palace, laughing: “Dragon fat, don’t call, no enemy…”


He suddenly stopped, and saw that Dragon Qilin was kicked by him into a crystal cymbal. Four claws were buckled at the corners of the coffin, and he was afraid to move there.


The most feared thing for Dragon Qilin was the psychic thing. Qin Mu kicked him to the coffin and scared him. He kept staring at the body in the crystal coffin.


Qin Mu shook his head and went forward. He said, “With me for so long, you haven’t done it yet? I…”


He saw the face in the crystal skull, opened his mouth, widened his eyes, and couldn’t say it anymore.


Lying in the crystal cymbal is another empress empress, just a little different from the emperor’s empress on the ghost ship. The emperor’s empress in the middle of the emperor is a little black, and the empress of the ghost ship is a little red!

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