Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 221

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After a series of thunderstorms, Qin Shaofeng finally reached the 1st floor of the Battling Heaven and Earth Dafa, Grade 1 Realm, Saint Physique was finally the Foundation Establishment succeeded, watching the inside of the body of the golden blood, Qin Confidence in Shaofeng’s heart has increased greatly. He believes that one day he can surpass Unfettered Demon Venerable, and that Unfettered Demon Venerable’s hatred can also be reported.

“Shaofeng big brother, what’s wrong with you? Why were you thundered for no reason? Did you do anything that was harmful?” Small Fox looked at Qin Shaofeng and flew to Qin after he was no longer thundered. In front of Shaofeng, he said to Qin Shaofeng, of course, Small Fox looked at Qin Shaofeng ’s foot that had become a small mountain peak, and he was also very shocked in his heart. He could do this with a single foot, Small Fox was still the first See it once.

Qin Shaofeng listened to the words of Small Fox, helplessly shook the head, reached out and rubbed the head of Small Fox, but said nothing, and looking at Small Fox, Qin Shaofeng naturally remembered Mo Lengxue and the others who lost the Corporal Body , Looking for the water of five-colored soil and Five Elements, this is also a problem that puzzles Qin Shaofeng, because Qin Shaofeng simply does not know where these divine objects are.

Tianyan 8 hexagrams are constantly calculated, and they have not been able to find the whereabouts of the two divine objects of five-colored soil and Five Elements water. You must know that this tianyan 2 hexagram is the highest technological product of the blue mother star ’s last civilization. It stores everything about the last civilization, plus the huge memory of Qin Shaofeng inheritance from Unfettered Demon Venerable, but still no clues can be found.

However, Qin Shaofeng believes that there will be a day when these divine objects will be found sooner or later. Now that Mo Lengxue and they have lost their Corporeal Body, Qin Shaofeng has passed on the Supreme Soul Refining Technique recorded in their Celestial Strategy, making their Divine Soul constantly Powerful, in this way, after they restore Corporal Body, they can directly have strong strength.

Of course, the cultivation of the soul-cultivating secret in the magical strategy to the highest Realm that day can also be condense Divine Soul. Although it is not a real Corporate Body, it is not much different from the real Corporate Body, but Qin Shaofeng still I hope to restore the Corporeal Body of Mo Lengxue and the others, otherwise, when Qin Shaofeng “cultivation deviation”, it will feel strange.

After staying here for a few days at Puppet Sect, Qin Shaofeng came to the bloodstaining slope. Because the last war, the princes of the blood pool empire were all beheaded, so this time the blood pool empire is brewing a war, this Point ten 9 Lord Yeah, they all expected it, knowing that this time the Blood Pool Empire must have been a bad comer, so they were all prepared carefully.

Whether it is the Blood Pool Empire or the Xingluo Empire, ordinary soldiers are extremely large. Last time, the two sides lost the army of several millions, but soon the two sides assembled the army of several millions, which is very small for both parties. Thing, but this time the blood pool empire has sent experts beyond the Great Principle True Immortal.

In the past wars, whether it is the Blood Pool Empire or the Star Empire, the most powerful expert is only Grade 1 Great Principle True Immortal Realm, because it surpasses the Great Principle True Immortal Realm, even the 36-grade Great Principle Golden Immortal realm. Expert, the damage caused is extremely huge, simply beyond the significance of the war between the soldiers on both sides.

Ten nine starry sky is naturally very happy to see Qin Shaofeng come back, there is a Puppet Sect expert such as Qin Shaofeng, to deal with those ordinary soldiers do not need ten nine grandfather to worry, but even so, ten nine starry sky still feel a little uneasy , Always feel that something bad will happen.

Looking at the sadness of Wang Ye ’s starry sky, Qin Shaofeng also calculated it using Tianyan 9 hexagrams. This Tianyan 8 hexagrams is not only a solution to all kinds of things, but also allows to estimate what may happen in the future, only But this ability is to grow with Qin Shaofeng’s strength.

Qin Shaofeng used Tianyan 8 hexagrams to make some calculations, and found that there are indeed some dangers, but they can still be used for evil, so he did n’t say anything, and although the 9th prince was a little uneasy, but this war still needs Continue, so he actively prepared for tomorrow’s war.

The war drums shook the sky, the flags fluttered, and another battle between the Blood Pool Empire and the Star Empire began. This time the commander of the Blood Pool Empire is still the 3 princes, and he has already passed the two sides who do not know how many times. Naturally, there is nothing. To put it bluntly, it was a direct drum attack, and the battle started.

Qin Shaofeng used Dao Heart Nurturing Demon in the army of Xing Luo Empire, Demon Seed spread quickly, and soon he controlled the army of Xing Luo Empire, and passed Demon Seed to the Blood Pool Empire in the war The army was quickly controlled by Qin Shaofeng, and then attacked towards the blood pool empire.

But at this time, in the blood pool empire army, a person wearing ordinary soldier armor, hidden among ordinary soldiers, suddenly shot, and saw a soaring imposing manner burst out of this person. , And then the person rose to the sky, and when he raised his hand, he patted Qin Shaofeng.

“Youngster, is you the prince who cut my blood pool empire? It’s really bold, pay with your life.” This person’s voice is old, obviously an old man, and he stretched his hand towards Qin Shaofeng, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi Suddenly condense a big hand and patted Qin Shaofeng.

This is a 36-grade Great Principle Golden Immortal. Qin Shaofeng was judged immediately, because this person’s power has completely surpassed a Grade 1 Great Principle True Immortal should have. The energy contained in the huge palms from Heaven and Earth Origin Qi condense impacted below, and countless soldiers simply could not bear such power, and each and everyone burst out of their bodies.

If Qin Shaofeng has not reached Battling Heaven and Earth 1st floor, Grade 1 Realm, he ca n’t resist the power of this giant palm. He is also going to be killed under this palm, but now his Saint Physique has succeeded in Foundation Establishment Although this palm is heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, it does not pose any threat to Qin Shaofeng.

The palm was slowly pushed towards the giant palm. This palm Qin Shaofeng just used the strength of the Corporal Body, and the power contained in this palm was only 1% of the strength of Qin Shaofeng Corporeal Body, but Qin Shaofeng this A palm was launched, and a huge golden palm print was shot, strikes directly on the giant palm, and then the giant palm burst with a bang.

A huge amount of energy burst out, annihilating the ordinary soldiers below a large area, and under such a terrorist attack. Ordinary soldiers on both sides receded towards the rear. Although they were loyal to their empire, they did not want to be annihilated by unfathomable mystery.

“Blood pool empire, you too have no shame too? Actually sent the Great Principle Golden Immortal to come, you are not afraid of the world to laugh at!” Ten 9 Wang Ye looked at the Great Principle Golden Immortal of the blood pool empire, facing Opposite the blood pool empire 3 Wang Ye said, at this time, 9 36 Wang Ye Xingkong only knew why he was uneasy. Such a 1-piece Great Principle Golden Immortal is enough to wipe out all of them.

In fact, the battle between the Blood Pool Empire and the Xingluo Empire is just to do that’s all. If the Blood Pool Empire really wants to destroy the Xingluo Empire, then it will not only send the highest and only Grade 1 Great Principle True Immortal realm’s expert, but sent the Great Principle Golden Immortal realm’s expert to directly destroy the Xing Luo Empire, of course, the premise is that the blood pool empire has this strength.

The Blood Pool Empire is indeed a little stronger than the Xingluo Empire, but that is only in the number of experts of the Great Principle Golden Immortal realm, but why did the Blood Pool Empire not directly destroy the Xingluo Empire? That is because the highest strength of the Two Great Empires is the Old Ancestor of the Grade 1 Great Principle Golden Immortal realm, and their strength is comparable, and no one can help anyone.

Once either party reaches the Nine Empyrean Profound Immortal Realm, then the other party will definitely be destroyed immediately, and before that, the war between the two sides is done, so it will not send an expert beyond the Great Principle True Immortal realm, however This time the blood pool empire actually broke the rules, and a 36-level expert of the Great Principle Golden Immortal realm appeared in the war.

Opposite the blood pool empire 3 The prince smiled coldly after listening to the tenth prince’s words, and then said to the tenth prince. The expert? You specified it? Why has this king never heard of it? “

After listening to the words of Lord Shameless on the opposite side, 3 9 The starry sky of the King is also speechless for a while. This matter really has not been prescribed by anyone, but the tacit agreement between the two parties that’s all, but now the words of the Lord of the Blood Pool Empire 3, let the 9 1 There is no excuse for Wang Ye, because there is really no such rule between Two Great Empires.

And at this time, the 36-piece Great Principle Golden Immortal hidden in the blood pool empire army, directly tore off the armor on his body, revealing his original face, but a thin-faced old man, small eyes, small There is a pinch of goatee on the nose and chin, a big red robe, squinting small eyes, showing a fierce light from time to time, looking at Qin Shaofeng, and then facing Qin Shaofeng, “You youngster have some skills, no wonder I can An avatar of the blood prince empire, but today is your death. You should feel lucky to die in my hands. “

Qin Shaofeng listened to this old man’s words, but there was no expression of shock. From the beginning of cultivation blood refinement Dafa, Qin Shaofeng was already understood. Qin Shaoyang was not dead. Tianyan 8 hexagrams calculated the mystery of this blood refinement Dafa Knowing that Blood Refining True Body can only be killed by thorough refining. Like Qin Shaofeng’s last time, it is impossible to kill Qin Shaofeng.

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