Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 221

Chapter 221 is formed into a alliance (VIP)

Chapter 221 is formed into an alliance

Li Family ancestors have always thought of killing Qin Shaofeng, revenge for Li Zhanfeng, the genius descendant of Li Family, but he has never put Qin Shaofeng in his eyes, thinking that Qin Shaofeng is only 20 products. Great Principle True Immortal realm’s youngster can be strong, so when I shot, I didn’t use all my strength, thinking that I could kill Qin Shaofeng with one hand.

Only because of the existence of Seven Emotions and Six Desires Demon Head, Qin Shaofeng naturally feels the inner thoughts of Li Family’s ancestors, so he does not deliberately exert his full strength and combines the power of the whole body with the law of strength. Then, a punch hit out, so it will have such a sensational effect.

The Minister of Culture and Civilization of the Star Emperor and the Crown Prince of the Starry Empire and the Crown Prince were all attracted by Qi Shaofeng’s this fist. They did not expect Qin Shaofeng to have such strength, which made the great hall The civil and military ministers inside looked at Qin Shaofeng and were both frightened and angry.

Xinglun is the emperor who has been doing it for thousands of years. After seeing such a situation, he still can still remain calm. He said to Qin Shaofeng, “What is this about the national division? Is it true that you really want to be with the stars? Is the Luo Empire right? If this is the case, even if you are the national teacher of the ancestors of the Stars, you can’t tolerate you.”

After listening to Xinglun, Qin Shaofeng slowly turned around and looked at the star emperor Xing Lun. His face showed a smile, and then he said to the star, “There is a misunderstanding. I mean, but don’t you think that this Xingluo Empire is too small? The area of ​​hundreds of states, even the people’s blood pool empire 10% is not enough.”

After Qin Shaofeng’s words were spoken, the Wenchen military generals who were present were all angry at the moment, and they all yelled at Qin Shaofeng. The territory of the Xingluo Empire has always been a taboo in the military sect of the Xingluo Empire. No one dares to mention it.

Because it has been tens of thousands of years since the establishment of the Xingluo Empire, but the territory of the Xingluo Empire has always been like this, even under the constant attack of the Blood Pool Empire, it has to be said that it is The incompetence of the royal family of the Xingluo Empire and the numerous military comrades, if there is a singularity of the singer, then even the entire singular empire will be destroyed.

Therefore, Qin Shaofeng’s words are said, and the Wenchen generals present at the scene are red and excited, and Qin Shaofeng is excitedly excited. Even the Emperor Xinglun of the Xingluo Empire is the same, his face is ugly, watching Qin Shaofeng said with a low voice. “What does this mean for the National Teacher?”

“There is nothing else, just want to tell your Majesty, if you feel that this Xingluo Empire is too small, I have a way to expand the territory of your Xingluo Empire!” Qin Shaofeng said slowly after listening to the words of Xinglun. The confident expression on the face made the people present who thought they were wrong.

Xingluo Emperor Xinglun also did not believe Qin Shaofeng’s words. After listening to Qin Shaofeng’s words, he squinted at Qin Shaofeng. “What? Can you expand the territory of my Xingluo Empire? National teacher, you are joking.” It’s a bit big, what if you can’t do it?”

Qin Shaofeng listened to the words of the Emperor Xinglun of the Xingluo Empire, smiled confidently, and then said to Xinglun, “As long as you can promise me, then I can guarantee that the territory of the Xingluo Empire will expand indefinitely. As long as you have the ability to govern that many of the big states, how many big states you will have.”

After listening to Qin Shaofeng, the resurgence of Xingluo Emperor Xinglun was a bit heavy. If Qin Shaofeng said it was true, then the Xingluo Empire must be able to reach an unprecedented height in his hands. An emperor is undoubtedly an important criterion for judging him.

Those Wenchen generals who listened to Qin Shaofeng’s words also widened their eyes and waited for what the conditions described by Qin Shaofeng were. If, as Qin Shaofeng said, the territory of the Xingluo Empire could be expanded infinitely. Then in the future they will be named in the history books of the Star Empire.

“So what is your condition for the National Teacher?” asked the Star Emperor Xing Lun to Qin Shaofeng. Although his heart was extremely yearning for what Qin Shaofeng said, the conditions proposed by Qin Shaofeng were really unacceptable to him. Then, Xinglun will not agree.

Qin Shaofeng listened to the words of Xinglun, and directly said to the Xinglun Emperor Xinglun, “It is very simple, handing over the army of the Xingluo Empire to the Qin Family Old Ancestor. As long as the Xingluo Empire arrived at my Qin Family Old Ancestor In the hands of the world, then you can be invincible in the world.

“What? This is absolutely impossible! I can’t think of the National Teacher. You turned out to be a wolf ambition. You have to rob me of the Star Empire. If you do this, you can’t let you go. Come, give me this thief!” Star Empire Emperor Star When he heard Qin Shaofeng’s words, he immediately said that he was so angry that he did not expect Qin Shaofeng to raise such conditions.

The army of an empire, that is the power to guard the entire empire, if it is handed over to others, isn’t it equivalent to giving the whole empire to others? The Emperor Xinglun of the Xingluo Empire did not have the second place to do so. He would agree to such a condition that it was impossible to agree, and the condition of Qin Shaofeng was definitely a wolf ambition, so Xinglun was really angry.

Qin Shaofeng smiled after listening to the words of the Emperor Xinglun of the Xingluo Empire. He did not pay attention to the guards who came in to catch him. The people in the great palace of the palace were not as strong as him. They were quietly when Qin Shaofeng came in. Demon Seed has been planted silently, and as long as Qin Shaofeng is willing, they can master these people at any time.

“Let’s you don’t be impatient, listen to my speech, I believe that you have already seen the commanding ability of my Qin Family Old Ancestor, but with the huge thousand army, you can occupy the fifty states of the Star Empire. If you hand over the Starry Empire to the Old Ancestor of Qin Family, then I believe that Qin Family Old Ancestor can win the blood pool empire in a short time!” Qin Shaofeng said to the raging star.

When Xing Lun listened to Qin Shaofeng, it suddenly calmed down. As for Qin Shaofeng, he also had to admire Qin Huang, because Qinhuang only had the hunting thousand Qin army, but he was able to be a big state. It took only a year for the state to conquer and occupy the 50 states of the Xingluo Empire. What a record it is.

If Qin Huang really owns the army of the Xingluo Empire, then it is really possible to take the blood pool empire in a short time, but let the Qin Emperor lead the army of the Star Empire, then wait until the Qin Emperor will blood. After the pool empire was attacked, and then attacked the Xingluo Empire in turn, what ability does the Xingluo Empire have to resist? This is exactly what Xinglun is worried about.

However, in the face of what Qin Shaofeng said, Xinglun is also somewhat tempted to seduce and become the most vast emperor in the history of the Xingluo Empire. This will be a great glory. Once it is true, then he The reputation of Xinglun is simply beyond the ancestors of Xingluo.

So the Star Emperor Xing Lun asked Qin Shaofeng, “How do you guarantee that Qin Family Old Ancestor will take the territory of my Stars and Empires to belong to my Star Empire? How can you guarantee that Qin Family Old Ancestor can capture? After the blood pool empire, I will not attack the Star Empire with my Star Empire.”

Qin Shaofeng listened to the words of the Emperor of the Xingluo Empire and smiled and said to the Emperor of the Stars. “What are you worried about? Your strength of Qin Family Old Ancestor has not yet reached the realm of the Great Principle Golden Immortal. The star ancestor is still sitting in the Xingluo Empire, and even if he wants to destroy the blood pool empire, it is also necessary to take the star ancestor.”

“haha, good for you, a youngster cunning, I didn’t expect you to even count the old man. But this thing old man agreed, and since then the Starry Empire army will hand you Qin Family ancestors to command.” Just after Qin Shaofeng finished, the words of the star ancestors rang in the great hall.

The singers of Xinglun, Xingyi and the great hall heard the words of the ancestors of Xingluo, and Qin Shaofeng heard the words of the ancestors of Xingluo, but smiled nodded, but did not say anything. That’s right, it’s all in the calculations of Qin Shaofeng and Qin Huang.

Qin Huangxian was the big state with Qin Jun who successively captured each and every part of the Xingluo Empire. The royal family saw the Qin Emperor’s ability to lead this aspect, and then it was time for Qin Shaofeng and the Xingluo Empire to talk about conditions. Today’s Qin army is really too little, only the district’s hundred thousand, even if the combat power is so strong, it is not acceptable, the capture of 50 big states is already the limit.

However, the purpose of Qinhuang is not the 50 major states in this district, but the entire Immortal World. Therefore, Qinhuang naturally promised to divide the territory that was hit down to the Xingluo Empire, as long as it is the Star Emperor Emperor Xinglun. Ability, then no matter how much territory he wants, that is no problem.

Because even if all the Qin army’s territory is handed over to the Xingluo Imperial Royal Family to take care of, then there is no problem, Qin Shaofeng’s Demon Seed’s formidable power will continue to grow as his strength grows. At that time, it is directly able to control the entire Star Empire, even if it gives them more territory, then what can it do?

Now, when the old ancestors heard Qin Shaofeng’s words and agreed to the conditions of Qin Shaofeng, it is equivalent to the alliance between the Xingluo Empire and the New Qin Empire. Under the condition of the Starry Empire, the Qin Emperor led the Xingluo Empire. The territory will be handed over to the Xingluo Empire, but who is the ultimate cheaper in this alliance? Only Qin Shaofeng knows the best.

With the alliance between the two empires, the battle against the blood pool empire begins!

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