The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1110

“Qin Shiyu, where’s your Haoning King? Can’t he get out…”

Seeing that the team’s damage is getting more and more serious, and the enemy’s arrows are not attacked by Danger Land. Come, Sue Kirin becomes more anxious. Fortunately, she was protected by a sturdy organ robe and was not hurt by the arrow. The arrow hit her robe, unable to put the robe through.

But not everyone has an official gown.

Qiqiqi and Xia Xue are also somewhat exhausted, with a few more scars on their bodies, surrounded by perils, and the silver screen at the end of the palace is an arrow in the shoulder, under the cover of the Heavenly Jade Palace dísciple Back down.

In the middle of the team, Qin Shiyu, who was closely protected by Liangui and Li Wanting, said nothing.

She also drew out her sword long ago. The sword was still stained with blood. It was obvious that she had killed a lot of enemy troops, and her dress was damaged in many places. Under the intensive attack of arrows, Shan Ji Liangui and Li Wanting were unable to protect her well.

“Desperate to death!”

Sue Kirin felt that this would never be feasible in the long run and could no longer be forced to defend. She must move forward, turn defensive to offensive, and make way for the team. She injected Spiritual Qi to activate the mechanism in the robe, and a short spear popped out of the skirt. Sue Kirin held the long spear in one hand and was about to rush out, but was swallowed by the sudden flame.

It is an explosion.

The girl was hit by shelling, and the explosion once swallowed her silhouette. But in the next moment, she flew out of the dust by self-destruct, and violent energy was drawn between the rotation of the long spear in her hand, blowing away the northern soldiers in front of her.

Then, there was another explosion.

Sue Kirin was shot again, but relied on the strong organ robe to resist. She continued to rush forward, and fell into the archers group of Northland like a shelling. She only relied on a long spear to tore through the crowd in the North.

The soldiers of the North country quickly surrounded her, Sue Kirin ignored the weapons in their hands, and the sturdy organ robes almost blocked their attack.

“Seventh of the Thunder and Flame Dragon!”

Sue Kirin only read the name of the move, and the lines on the robe responded, and suddenly an array of eight groups formed beside her. The mad dragon rushed out from it, rolled towards all directions, and burned everything it touched into coke.

A northern general was allowed to board by Sue Kirin. She rushed out of the ground, rolled up the whirlwind, and shot straight out, easily piercing the uncle’s throat. Several soldiers from the North rushed to their feet and were killed by a stab long spear. Sue Kirin changed direction again, but only after he poured his strength into his feet and was hit by artillery.


Hiding behind the organ robes, Sue Kirin gritted his teeth bitterly.

She jumped up on the ground, searched the battlefield quickly, and finally found the soldiers of the North who were constantly striking at her with hand cannons.

“If you want to be bothered, go to the King of Yama, great aunt is not in the mood to pester you!”

Sue Kirin right hand took out a mechanical crossbow from under the organ robe, and set it in Spiritual Qi Driven, the hand-held crossbow continued to fire, and the arrows with the articulations pulled out an irregular forward path, accurately hitting the northern soldiers holding the hand cannon.

In an instant, many people fell in Northland.

Sue Kirin retracts the crossbow, and the mechanism structure built into the robe will automatically fill the crossbow with the crossbow.

“Fuck me!”

Many soldiers from the North gathered at their feet, and they kept shooting at Sue Kirin floating in the sky with their bows. Sue Kirin roared, face looks sinister, and dozens of magic charms were shot out of the organ robe.

Those magical charms fell on the ground, exploding violent lightning, entangled a large number of soldiers from the North, and burned them into coke through the resistance effect. Sue Kirin ignores his Spiritual Qi within the body and drops rapidly, constantly spell strikes all around.

“Keep up!”

Gong Tianqing watched Sue Kirin making a fuss not far ahead, and cleared the soldiers in front of the Northland, and immediately understood Sue Kirin’s intention to order The team kept up with all their strength.

The speed of the team that had slowed down has increased again, and it is almost half way deep into the North Country camp.

“Hold on for a while…Stick on for a while…”

Gong Tianqing murmured, the two swords in his hand stopped, and the left and the right cut took the lives of the northern soldiers. Just hold on for a while, and the reinforcements of His Royal Highness King Ning will arrive. The girl was thinking about it, thinking about it, her sleeves flew up, hunting.


She tossed her body into the air, her vision revolving around the world.

Gong Tianqing was swept away by the wind.

The violent wind.

The girl realized her ears were buzzing and there was a sharp pain. The dust on the ground suddenly rushed into the sky and scattered, covering the front of the team, and the shattered ground ejected numerous fragments, injuring people and horses.

Gong Tianqing stood up subconsciously, only to see white smoke.

There is a sound of flame burning.

Several people from the old town of Beifu screamed screamingly. They were covered with fire and rolled on the ground trying to put out the fire.

Gong Tianqing was a little sluggish, touched her right ear with tinnitus, and felt a warm and moist touch. She moved her hand to look in front of her eyes and found that it was all blood.


Her right cheek was filled with pain like being hit by a blunt object.

After she saw a deep hole not far away, she realized the fact that she was almost hit by a shell just now. If the artillery shot down a little crookedly and hit her directly, she would have been blasted to pieces a long time ago, and she would definitely not have suffered some superficial wounds.

However, the ear pain is terrifying, it may be a shock.

Gong Tianqing has no time to investigate more, because several soldiers from the North have rushed over and raised sharp knives at her. She dodges the slash and slapped a soldier from the North with one palm. Then, she leaped to the side, picked up one of the swords she had dropped, and fended off the second cut.

She took off the opponent’s sword diagonally, and quickly retracted the sword and pointed it on the opponent’s throat.

“Gong Tianqing!”

In his team still charging forward, Qin Shiyu rode forward, leaning heavily to the side, reaching out to Gong Tianqing Gave a helping hand. After Gong Tianqing dealt with the two soldiers of the North Kingdom, she held that hand and her whole body floated.

She exquisitely borrowed her strength and turned on her horse, and before she turned around, she cut out with a sword, demanding three soldiers from the North to cry. The two returned to the team again and continued to charge forward.

Sue Kirin in front also noticed the sound of the cannon.

She found out where the artillery was located, and the long spear in her hand was entangled by lightning, and she was suddenly thrown out. The thunder gun accurately hit the artillery, penetrated it, and exploded a large number of lightning arcs to clear that area-the area with a radius of ten meters.

Then, in the airspace where she was, dozens of gray dust clusters were continuously exploded.


Sue Kirin was finally blown out by the blast, almost failing to stabilize and fall into the enemy line. As soon as she stabilized her figure, hundreds of Feiyan greeted her and sent the northern soldiers with small artillery to Yellow Springs.

Her arm burned up for a while, but the flame soon went out.

She was forced to disperse with Spiritual Qi.

Sue Kirin is a little out of breath, she took a deep breath to stabilize her breath, and intends to continue working on clearing the way forward.

However, the cold glow star point suddenly bursting from below did not make her wish.


Sue Kirin caught the familiar breath, and the mechanism in the robe delivered Li Qiankun to her hand. She slashed back with the sword, and the gun and the sword clashed.


The visible impact of a circle of naked eye vigorously shook the four directions, and Sue Kirin blocked Cang Rin’s sharp blow from below.

“…” Cang Lin was still speechless, but she could see anger in her eyes.

She didn’t expect Qin Shiyu to attack her camp.

Well, Cang Lin’s anger is not directed at others, but at the careless self. When she noticed the situation and returned quickly, she had already lost a lot of damage. She was careless and underestimated Qin Shiyu’s boldness.

But it should not be too late.

As long as she restrains Sue Kirin here and loses her way for the girl, Hua Chao will only get into real trouble and be surrounded to death here. This time must kick away the two stumbling blocks of Qin Shiyu and Sue Kirin.

Cang Rin launched a fierce attack on Sue Kirin.

This time! Sue Kirin was forced to respond, and the sword in his hand was reaching its limit. Cang Rin’s pair of double guns attacked fiercely, and several times successfully penetrated her one-handed defense, poking into the organ robes.

The machine robe was strong enough, the tip of the gun failed to penetrate the robe, but the strength of the gun penetrated and penetrated into Sue Kirin’s within the body. Every time he was attacked, the breath of Sue Kirin within the body was unstable.

The Spiritual Qi in her spirit is running out.

If you don’t do it quickly, she will definitely be the one who is dragged here by Canglin. Fortunately, there was an anti-restriction presence on the organ robes, and she was more or less resistant to Cang Rin’s realm, otherwise she would have fallen into a disadvantage.

Lost the firepower of Sue Kirin to open the way, the team instantly fell into trouble.

There were more and more arrows splattered on the team, and the soldiers from the North country swarmed up again, rushing forward desperately. In an instant, the pressure on the team became greater and greater, and more and more casualties occurred.

“Stay steady!”

Gong Tianqing shouted repeatedly, riding the horse Qin Shiyu gave her to help. Seeing the situation getting worse and worse, her heart seemed to be burned by flames, and she was impatient.

“His Royal Highness, this is no way to go on like this.”

The silver screen, who returned to the team, gritted his teeth and wanted to push back again to share the pressure for the team.

“His Royal Highness, you quickly think of a way.” She left this sentence, and flew up and took it to the rear of the team, leaving Qin Shiyu alone in the shelter of Liangui and Li Wanting Among.

Qin Shiyu sighed and looked towards Bei’an City quickly.

She naturally knew that the situation was not good.

If Cang Rin did not rush back, there is still a chance, and now Cang Rin has returned, Sue Kirin was restrained by Cang Rin and lost his frontal firepower. At this moment, they are unable to move a single step, and the North Country is like a wolf and wants to swallow them all.

If this continues, there is only dead end.

“Six Imperial Uncle, you can only collect the body of your nephew if you don’t come again…” She gnashing teeth.


The two solitary lines in the line draw a large sharp turn and bend.

Then, a head-on collision.

The sword and the gun fought again, and then exploded again, fighting against each other and rubbing against each other, sparking a lot of sparks.

In Ming Yellow’s eyes, the pretty face with no expression was reflected in Ming’s eyes. Sue Kirin gritted his teeth, a blue halo burst out behind him, and an invisible force was added in an instant On her back, she used this strength to press the long sword in her hand to Cang Rin’s side.

“…” Cang Rin seemed to be a little overwhelmed by Sue Kirin’s strength, and crossed the long spear with the long sword and moved to her side. Even if it is slow, it is true.

She had to kick out a kick and kicked straight on Sue Kirin’s organ robe to stop the stalemate. However, while Sue Kirin flew back, a large number of charms flew out from under his robe.


The pattern of the magic rune flashed, and then exploded instantly.

Dozens of bursts of dust swallowed Cang Rin’s silhouette, but Sue Kirin was not satisfied with this, and took out a crossbow to shoot ten arrows at Cang Rin’s location.

Just listen to the continuous sound of Jin Ge’s fighting, and several sparks bloom.

Cang Rin’s silhouette came out from above the smoke ball, turning his body like a whirlwind, and threw away two long spears in his hands. Sue Kirin flew to the left, avoiding the first long spear, but was directly hit by the second long spear. The right swing of the machine robe was hit by the tip of the long spear gun, but it was not penetrated. The long spear glided across the robe pendulum, drew a string of sparks.

Sue Kirin stabilized his body, and the shadow was imminent.

Cang Rin pulled out the two scimitars hanging behind his waist and chopped them staggered. Sue Kirin raised his sword to block the left knife, and at the same time drew a short spear from his robe to block the rest One knife.

“Are you annoying!”

Only after cursing, Sue Kirin opened his mouth and exhaled flames like an ominous beast.

Cang Rin held his breath and withdrew, his body pulled up sharply, twisting around to Sue Kirin’s back and making another two swords. Sue Kirin leaned forward, let the two scimitars return without success, and kicked out the heel of his right foot. Cang Rin threw the right knife up in the air, then pressed it violently, pressing it on the kicking foot, pulling up his figure with strength, and took back the scimitar he had just thrown, and slashed down. .

Sue Kirin doesn’t care and doesn’t hide, using his organ robes to resist the attack.

This time, the sword finally left a shallow mark on the organ robe, but Cang Lin had no time to expand the battle result, and a long sword pierced out from the seam of the robe.

The sword brushed Cang Rin’s right shoulder, drawing a shallow blood mark.

Cang Rin didn’t even look at the injury, so he tilted his head back and avoided the short gun that Sue Kirin turned and stabbed. Then, she whirled around, between a pair of scimitars, slashing continuously on the organ robe, and then carved a shallow scar on it.

The force of the slash hit accidentally knocked Sue Kirin away.

In an instant, Sue Kirin hit the ground like a meteor, exploding dust into the sky. Cang Rin raised his eyebrows, realizing that Sue Kirin hadn’t raised his breath for a while and had to bear his own attack. This proves that Sue Kirin is about to an arrow at the end of its flight.

“Sue Kirin, it’s time…”

Cang Lin whispered and threw two scimitars in his hands. The scimitar is like a rebounding dart, pulling a beautiful curve, and twisting from the left and right sides to the dust ball, where Sue Kirin’s breath is.

Along with the sound of two swords fighting, two scimitars bounced out of the dust ball, one was inserted into the ground, and the other penetrated the breasts of two northern soldiers.

Cang Rin plummeted down sharply, piercing through the dust mass, and at the moment of landing, provoked the long spear at his feet. Holding the long spear in both hands, she stabs forward with a sharp scream.


A blood flower blooms, dotted with the muffled cry.

Have a hit feel.

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