The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1111

Cang Rin felt the sensation of flesh and blood coming off the tip of the gun. He judged that Sue Kirin had been hit and quickly backed away, so he stood up front, shaking the barrel of the gun and lit out numerous spears.

Every gun penetrates to disperse the dust mass.

In a short while, the spear power smashed all the dust away, while Sue Kirin was forced to retreat again and again. His body was scratched by the tip of the gun in many places, making him extremely embarrassed.

Sue Kirin obviously has the intention to retreat and regroup.

Cang Rin didn’t let her mean, the long spear in his hand turned to single-handed, and then he picked up another long spear beside his feet and held it tightly with his free hand, and shot the bow from left to right.

Sue Kirin’s cold glow doubled instantly.

Sue Kirin swung a sword more and more hurriedly, but the short spear failed to hold and fell to the ground in a collision with a long spear. It was already exhausting, but now there is only one sword left, and Sue Kirin is so crushed that there is no room to breathe.

The organ robe can’t save her how many times.

If it hadn’t been for the organ robe to help her block multiple fatal attacks, she might have been seriously injured and killed. However, the organ robe cannot bring her to victory. If it is the heyday, with the existence of the organ robe, Sue Kirin is sure to defeat Cang Rin, but the problem is that when Cang Rin just arrived, she was within the body and the remaining Spiritual Spiritual There is not much Qi left.

And now it is about to bottom out.

What should I do? What can I do? Sue Kirin couldn’t get out, and because of wear and tear, he almost couldn’t see the long spear from the opponent.

She turned her mind sharply to think about countermeasures.

The only disadvantage is that her Spiritual Qi is insufficient, and the speed of absorption and transformation from between Heaven and Earth cannot keep up with the loss.

There is a way to quickly replenish Spiritual Qi, and only Grandmaster is feasible.

──That is the Spiritual Qi plunder that transforms half full into full state.

In the process of transformation, Sue Kirin can absorb Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth on a large scale to supplement the loss of within the body.

But the problem is that Sue Kirin is already full.

Because of the characteristics of the body ─ ─ the relationship between tolerance, her Spiritual Qi possession within the body cannot be maintained at a low level like other Grandmasters. When not fighting, she can only maintain a fully loaded state.

So, she is not half full.

Already full, how full again? This is an unsolvable problem, but Sue Kirin within the body hosts “Cang”. With a deeper integration with “Cang”, Sue Kirin can enter a state of “fullness”, and while replenishing Spiritual Qi, it can also gain more power.

But one thing that cannot be ignored is that once the spirituality of two people merges, there may be no way to separate. For example, after mixing two colors of dyes together, it will be difficult to separate the two colors again, as difficult as heavenly ascension.

In view of this, Sue Kirin could not easily make up his mind when encountering a deadlock before.

However, now that her team is getting more and more damage, and all the people she cherish are in a hard fight, she has to make up her mind.

Sue Kirin secretly sighed then said, because there were a few more wounds on his body for a while.

‘Kirin, do you really plan to do it like this? ‘

Closely connected with Sue Kirin, but independently aware of Sue Kirin’s thoughts, he asked bitterly. For some reason, Sue Kirin can imagine her frowned appearance.

“Are you willing?”

Sue Kirin didn’t answer the question, but the meaning was already obvious.

Once the two are fused and cannot be separated again, it is definitely not that Cang became Sue Kirin, or Sue Kirin became Cang, but the two became one and became one whole person, neither Sue Kirin, it’s no longer Cang.

Well, it will become no one.

Well, it will become a new existence.

As it should be by rights, this kind of fusion still has a separate probability, but no one knows whether it can be separated without trying, everything is undetermined.

‘You are dead, and your concubine can’t stay out of it. ‘Cang sighed,’ If you become one with you and become a brand-new existence, maybe it’s not bad… you have the qualities that your concubine envy. ‘

“Okay, let’s do it!”

Sue Kirin chuckled.

Once she made up her mind, she no longer hesitated. A lot of lightning broke out on her body, and the violent lightning forced Cang Rin back.

Lightning didn’t last long, it was fleeting.

Cang Rin saw that the thunder and lightning stopped and wanted to attack again, but saw Sue Kirin’s eyes stained with a deep blue color, and countless blue lines stretched out behind him. It is full of a lot of space.

I was hesitating whether the other party was fooling around with Profound Void, Cang Lin felt the Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth commotion.

Spiritual Qi twisted into a frenzied current, constantly rushing towards Sue Kirin, the concentration even shining blue brilliance. In just a blink of an eye, the turbulence of Spiritual Qi rolled into a vortex, forming a storm visible to naked eye, rushing towards Sue Kirin’s back.

“Full?” Cang Lin was stunned.

She didn’t know that Sue Kirin was in a full state.

The nearby Spiritual Qi was almost absorbed and plundered, and Sue Kirin’s body showed a faint radiance. First, the hair slowly grew longer, then the body became plump, and the limbs slowly elongated like a growing plant.

The petite girl became tall and tall.

Sue Kirin’s imposing manner is rising steadily, and the feeling that has become a little weak is wiped out. Cang Rin feels bad, regretting the shock just now, and immediately kicked out, left and right. The long spear suddenly pierced Sue Kirin.

She has to prevent Sue Kirin from becoming full.

Sue Kirin did not hide.

The tip of the gun stopped in front of her.


The tips of the two long spears that Cang Rin stabbed were entangled by the violent lightning, and they were unable to reach the final distance between the shaking. After that, I touched Sue Kirin’s still radiant body.

She added gravity.

But at the same time, Cang Rin was startled to feel the lightning entangled the long spear in her hand.

I saw that the long spear showed hot red light, and Cang Rin immediately abandoned the gun, and the two long spears melted into molten iron and fell on the ground, emitting thick white smoke.

“My concubine feels that you have been entangled for too long.”

There is a voice full of Spiritual Qi, with a touch of elegance and awe-inspiring in addition to the ethereal.

Cang Rin raised his head in amazement, and faced a pair of blue eyes. Under her eyes, a snow-white palm printed over, and Cang Lin also slapped a palm to respond.

The palm and the palm hit each other, and there was a burst of lightning.


Cang Rin’s palm was injured by lightning, and he withdrew from the pain and retreated.

Return and then return.

Cang Rin leaped back and opened a distance.

When she touched the ground, she cast her eyes on where Sue Kirin was. It was not a petite girl standing there, but a tall girl.

What is surprising is that the clothes on the other party have also become longer.

That is naturally the surgical effect of the instrument.


“…full?” Cang Lin murmured.

She shook her head again and narrowed her eyes.

“No…Who are you?”

The breath is different.

The breath of the girl in front of her is no longer the same as that of Sue Kirin, but it is not completely different, but is mixed with the breath of someone else. Even if it is “fullness”, it is impossible to have this kind of aura change, Cang Rin is not sure whether the girl in front of him is “fullness” by Sue Kirin.

“Who are you?” Cang Lin asked again.

“Who is the concubine-does it matter?”

There is an answer this time.

There was an unusual short pause in the middle of this sentence, and the girl in front of her suddenly disappeared in that moment of pause. Cang Rin only felt black in front of him, but when he fixed his eyes, he saw that the other party had already come to him.

“So fast…”

Cang Rin murmured in exclamation, as if it came out of his mouth.

She instinctively crossed the scimitars to block the sharp cut and wrapped the lightning sword.

──A blue line was drawn in the air.

The lightning sword light flashed past, reaching the extreme, almost impossible to capture, almost the moment when the sword and the knife hit, and the arm felt the force of the attack, Cang Rin realized that sword The presence.

It was pure luck to be able to block it.

She is proficient in the use of various weapons, such as arm fingers. At some point, the weapon will make the best decision before her, and the same is true for her cross-cutting knives just now.

The scimitar didn’t last long, and it broke with the touch.

In an instant, a large number of blade fragments flickered and exploded. Cang Rin used the weapon to win the time, pulled away, and at the same time picked up a horizontal knife by his foot to block the 2nd Sword that was slashing down.

Lightning exploded, and the blade of the horizontal blade shattered like snowflakes.

Cang Rin leaned back and avoided the third sword from the horizontal cut. He turned around and kicked out but was easily grasped by the girl’s left hand. She picked up the long spear that fell on the ground and pushed it up, but Sue Kirin only slightly tilted her head to avoid this spear, and stab it with a sword on her backhand.

During the long spear, Cang Rin bounced the barrel of the gun in time and slammed into the pierced long sword. As a result, the long sword’s route shifted, brushing Cang Rin’s face. At the same time, Cang Lin also kicked her uncaught foot out, hitting the opponent’s wrist, and the leg she was grabbed was free.

Cang Rin pulled away again.

“Who are you?” Her voice was a little unbelievable.

Sue Kirin, who is suspected of being full, is much stronger, terrifying. Just now, after Three Swords, he has suppressed himself almost impossible to fight back. Cang Lin has never experienced such pressure.

──The simply is not a Grandmaster.

Without a Grandmaster, it can be several points strong, Cang Lin couldn’t help but think so secretly.


Sue Kirin just gasped, and Spiritual Qi overflowed with every breath, emitting countless blue debris. Among them, there is a little bit of blood–a very faint blood stain.

She is under the physical pressure of hard to describe.

Borrowing “Cang” to fill it up. To put it plainly, it is with the power of “God”. It is the body of the Grandmaster. It is necessary to bear the “God” ─ or the power of flying immortals. An immeasurable burden, Sue Kirin didn’t expect the burden to be so big, she just felt that her whole body was in pain, all in pain, and it was so painful that she wanted to cry.

The kind of pain is like the bones and internal organs of the whole body are squeezed tightly, and they will suddenly shatter at any time.

“How long can I last? Five minutes…?”

Sue Kirin said to herself, her confusion was terrifying, and she didn’t know who she was anymore. She knew a lot of things she didn’t know, but some of her things seemed to be far away.

Well, it feels like a part of someone has gone, and the gap has been plugged in by someone else’s part.

The head pain is terrifying.

Sue Kirin covered his forehead, a pair of eyes were filled with blue colors, and he was panting, and his sword hands were shaking.

The opposite Cang Lin frowned when he saw him.

Sue Kirin’s situation is strange, but she can’t tell what state the other person is in. Is it cultivation deviation? She can only think of this probability, but is not sure.

The nearby Northland soldiers didn’t think too much.

When they saw Sue Kirin’s situation was wrong, as if they were suffering some kind of pain, they thought they had a chance to take advantage of it, and they raised their weapons to besiege the past.

“Stop it!”

Cang Rin didn’t know why he would stop the charge this time, obviously this could test out this Chu for himself.

It’s just that her words were uttered, and she was blown away.


Cang Rin was bounced off by the violent sword energy, and the violent sword light penetrated her entire field of vision, and swept over her boldly. The soldiers at the front were scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in the sword light, and Cang Rin had to kick the ground up.

Sue Kirin’s location is full of things that are hard to tell whether they are corpses or fragments.

A large area was empty near her, more than three feet in diameter. The area had just been filled with thousands of soldiers from the North who were charging ahead, but now they were all disappeared.

──All are dead.

──die without a whole corpse.

“monster…” Cang Rin felt cold in his heart, and there was a trace of fear between his whispers.

In the middle of the open space, the girl still did not act. The sword in her hand was still shaking, and blue fragments like snowflakes fell on it.

The a sword light just now seemed to cut a sword so easily.

On the other side, Qi Qiqi also noticed the situation here.

She had long noticed that there was something wrong with the breath here. Sue Kirin’s breath changed in an instant, but because there were soldiers from the Northland everywhere, she couldn’t see the situation here.

It is different now.

Because the Northland soldiers who originally surrounded Sue Kirin have disappeared, so her eyes can be projected directly onto Sue Kirin, who has turned into a girl.

She didn’t even recognize the person she knew best for a moment.

“Kirin…?” She whispered blankly.

Because, astonished, a few soldiers from the North took the opportunity to rush over, Qi Qiqi hurriedly retracted the sword, but was hit by an arrow in the shoulder. She couldn’t catch her breath for a while, and was approached by a northern soldier.

Then, the sword light flashed.

“Master elder sister, why are you in a daze?”

Gong Tianqing, who rode a horse, took the life of the northern soldier with a sword, and was crying out with concern At the same time, Qi Qiqi stretched out her hand. Qi Qiqi subconsciously held her discipline’s hand and was pulled on her horse.

“Qing’er, Kirin’s situation is a bit weird.”

Qiqiqi said in a loud voice, she drew out her arrow and threw it aside, her face distorted from the pain.

“Little Ancestor Master?”

Gong Tianqing’s eyes trembled and turned to Sue Kirin’s direction to look, only to realize the strange situation.

“Who is that?” she asked in shock.

“It’s Kirin.”

Qi Qiqi replied not quite surely, in return for Gong Tianqing’s shocked gaze. The two of them did not forget to wave their swords and kill the enemy soldiers who rushed from the side. They were silent for a while.

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