The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1112

“Little Ancestor Master…what is going on?” Gong Tianqing asked as it should be by rights.

And Qi Qiqi just shook her head.

“Maybe Shui younger sister knows…” She guessed, but she quickly shook her head and told Gong Tianqing to say, “Xiaoqing, I have to go and see the situation. You can stand it up here. Is it?”


Gong Tianqing was a little embarrassed, but seeing that something was wrong with Sue Kirin, nodded still agreed.

“Master elder sister, don’t worry, the little Ancestor Master has attracted a lot of attention for us, and has dispelled the threat ahead──”

Gong Tianqing hasn’t finished talking yet, ahead Lightning broke out again. Looking over there, the master and disciple only saw the violent lightning blasting everywhere. The soldiers of the North dodged and evaded in embarrassment, but still fell a large part.

“Then I will leave it to you.”

Qi Qiqi feels something is wrong, and this feeling is getting stronger and stronger. She left this sentence and flew from the horse, moved towards Sue Kirin.

In the clearing, Sue Kirin only felt that his head was terrifying.

She can only distract some of her attention by using the Spiritual Qi to attack the soldiers in the Northland, but Cang Lin hasn’t moved for a long time, seeming to be on the sidelines watching her. She couldn’t recognize Cang Rin.

Everything in front of me looks a little distorted, and Sue Kirin can’t even tell whether the person he killed is an enemy or a friend. Everything can’t be easily achieved, and the intense nausea makes her want to vomit many times.

A strong feeling of losing herself is eroding her consciousness, soul and even memory.

The hand is just swinging the sword blindly, and the touch of holding the sword is the only way she can confirm her existence. I don’t know how many soldiers from the North Kingdom died under her sword, and the sword energy shot by the violent slash raged and ravaged the entire battlefield.

Like a walking corpse that can only destroy.


Suddenly, there was a shout, which went directly into Sue Kirin’s mind.


Sue Kirin looked back, but saw the red shadow falling not far from him, looking at her with anxiety. Sue Kirin was dumbfounded, met her gaze, but could not speak.

“Kirin, what’s the matter with you?” she asked.



Qiqi Qi suddenly showed a surprised expression. Sue Kirin didn’t understand what the other party meant, but she saw it carefully. I don’t know when the hand holding the sword has been raised, and it is shining with fierce sword light.

As long as this sword is cut down, it will definitely set off a violent sword energy.

However, this sword is aimed at Qi Qiqi.

What am I doing? Sue Kirin was taken aback, and quickly pressed his raised left hand, so he became more conscious.

“Kill her…Kill these deceiving gods…”

“Kirin, what are you talking about?” Qi Qiqi was shocked again hearing this.

Sue Kirin said “Huh?” Only then did he notice that what he said just now appeared in his mouth. The strength of the hand holding the sword is getting stronger and stronger, and the left hand is almost uncontrollable.

“Little Qi, you go quickly, I can’t control my Kirin arm!”


Qiqiqi blinked her eyes , I don’t understand what happened to Sue Kirin.

At this time, the soldiers of the Northland besieged again, Sue Kirin decided not to suppress his right hand, but to change it to other places.

A sword light streak across, sword energy is surging.

The soldiers of the Northland wailed again, and fell a large area, and the blood flowed into a river in an instant. Qi Qiqi raised her sleeves to withstand the aftermath of the shock, looking at the place in front of her that was like purgatory, she couldn’t settle for a while.

“Cang, what’s wrong with you?”

Sue Kirin quickly asked, she finally realized that it was not herself, but the part of Cang who was in the chaos. She seemed unable to stabilize her consciousness in the fusion and fell into a certain kind of chaos.

She seemed to think of the hatred of the past, blinded by it.

Sue Kirin realized that the outline of everything he saw was so blurred and distorted because Cang’s consciousness had overlaid the images of her past enemies.

And now covering Qi Qiqi is a young man Sue Kirin has never seen before.

The young man is holding a gun. It is estimated that it should be a certain Bharata god with a gun. Sue Kirin tried her best to get rid of this illusion, but her current body is not in charge of her alone, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t erase this illusion.

Can’t go on like this, Sue Kirin has plans to disintegrate.

Cang Rin temporarily suspended the North Kingdom soldiers’ attack on her, and she herself stood motionless.

Sue Kirin is not recognizing one’s family now, and his status is unknown, but it doesn’t mean that he has the opportunity to take advantage of it. Cang Rin believes that the opponent is in a state where anyone who approaches will attack.

“You can just surround yourself, others will stop the Hua Dynasty army in the past.”

Cang Lin ordered to go down and decided to ignore Sue Kirin for the time being, and she still wanted to see , See if Sue Kirin will kill his companions when the Hua Dynasty army rushes over.

Although it is difficult, the army has slowly rushed not far away with unexpected resilience, and is about to enter Sue Kirin’s attack range.

However, Canglin did not wait.

She doesn’t plan to count on Sue Kirin’s loss of control. She must take care of Qin Shiyu with her own hands to be at ease. She originally planned to deal with Sue Kirin before dealing with Qin Shiyu, but now it’s no harm to reverse the order a bit.

The wishful thinking was done, but it was too late.

The sky thunder suddenly fell.

Dozens of projectiles spewed out from the top of the mountain and crashed into many places in the camp. A large amount of dust aroused, flames and dust burst into the sky and scattered, accompanied by a burst of loud rumblings and attacking people.

“On the mountain…”

Cang Rin’s gaze moved to the source of the cannon. As a result, dozens of cannonballs rose into the sky. They all originated from a small platform on the mountainside, it is hard to imagine that dozens of artillery were stuffed there.


Cang Rin suddenly wanted to go here.

She once heard that the Hua Dynasty had artillery that could fire in a row, and she was wondering if it was this artillery that was attacking her camp now. But how did those artillery get transported? The mountain is quite steep, and the side facing Bei’an City is almost a cliff.

Cang Rin doesn’t know how many troops Allor has deployed to guard these high points, but it must be not undefended, but in this way, Bei’an City can still set up an unknown number of artillery on it.

How did it ship? She was puzzled.

The shells on the mountain continued to fall, shocking the camp in the north. The soldiers of the Northland ran away in embarrassment, and many people were buried in the artillery fire.

Many losses have also occurred in the camp and horses.

The earth is burning.

Being hit by such a huge firepower, the soldiers of the North Kingdom were suddenly caught in a frenzied commotion. A cannonball fell beside Canglin, and the shock of the explosion made her sway from left to right, but failed to blow her down.


Cang Rin narrowed his eyes and knew that Bei’an City had sent troops.

On the other side, Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi were also affected by the shelling. I don’t know if it was because the shelling sound was too shocking, and Sue Kirin’s chaotic half of his thoughts calmed down in vain, as if he was slapped.

Sue Kirin calmed down, looking towards Qi Qiqi no longer twisted and twisted as if seen from the bottom of the water, creating an illusion like floating light.

Two shells fell near her and Qi Qiqi, and dozens of soldiers from the North were broken into pieces. Sue Kirin raised his sleeves to cover the shock from there.

“Cang, are you okay?”

“Sorry, my concubine just now seemed…”

It originated from two consciousnesses, but from the same Opening his mouth, Sue Kirin said to himself. At this moment, Qi Qiqi also seemed to notice that Sue Kirin was back to normal, jumped over in the turbulent flow, and fell beside Sue Kirin.

“Kirin, what are you…”

Qi Qiqi has never seen Sue Kirin look like this, and what she cares most about is that the other party is not only the same height as herself , And the breasts have become bigger than her. She knew that the occasion was wrong, but her eyes fell uncontrollably on Sue Kirin’s chest, feeling a strong sense of loss and shock.

“The concubine will explain later.” Sue Kirin’s tone was filled with emotions, “Is this the coward of King Ning who finally sent troops?”

“I will not I know.”

Qiqi Qi and Sue Kirin stood side by side, their eyes turned to the far side of the mountain.

“Where did the artillery come from…This is the Lianzhu machine gun. This thing shouldn’t fall into the hands of Northland…”

“It’s good to be King Ning.”

Sue Kirin relaxed.

Our army finally rushed here, Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi looked at each other and returned to the team separately. A soldier lifted up the horse Qi Qiqi was riding just now. This horse can survive such a difficult situation, and it is not easy to wait for the owner’s return.

Sue Kirin sat on Qi Qiqi’s horse and hugged her waist.

Feeling the plumpness behind her, Qi Qiqi showed a hateful expression, but it didn’t last long before she heard Guan Qi, who was riding a horse running by, holding the blood-stained horizontal knife in her hand. The shoulder shouted:

“King Ning has finally sent troops! Hold on to your brothers and charge forward!”

A soldier general sent the flag to the palace where the charge was in front. In Tianqing’s hand, the girl covered in blood from the northern soldiers and wounded everywhere, raised the army flag and shook it.

The morale of the old department of Zhenbeifu was greatly boosted, and they rushed forward desperately, full of strength between the hands of the knife and the fall, and the northern side was unable to organize effectively in a short time under the strikes of those continuous machine guns. The counterattack has been defeated steadily.

Suddenly, at the far end of the front, there was a spark with a tail of smoke rushing into the night, exploding brilliant flowers in the densely covered sky. It’s Star Smoke.

There seems to be something happening there too, and there is the sound of fighting.

“It’s an evil heavy rider.”

Qin Shiyu, who rode to the side of Sue Kirin, had an uncontrollable smile on his face.

It may be because King Ning finally sent troops, she can breathe a sigh of relief, she actually had some free time to turn her gaze, looked towards Sue Kirin, looking up and down at the tall girl.

“Didn’t expect your body is quite explosive, you used to be less than the height of your nose!” she joked.

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Sue Kirin glared at her fiercely, and then his body showed a blue light, shrinking at the speed visible to naked eye. When the light dissipated, she returned to her previous appearance.

Suddenly, she spit a mouthful of blood.

Obviously, this kind of “fullness” caused a lot of burden on the body. Sue Kirin almost didn’t stabilize his body and fell off the horse. It was Qi Qiqi who supported her in time, otherwise she would be racing at high speed. The horse fell up and down, breaking bones.

The North Kingdom is a bit completely unprepared for the dispatch of troops to Bei’an City.

The Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry easily broke through the fortifications outside the camp from the other end, burst in, and charged at the northern soldiers who could not immediately react to organize the defense. Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry, the soldier with only 5,000 men, was the elite of King Ning, all wearing heavy armor.

Although the maneuverability is slightly worse than that of the light cavalry, once charged, it is as strong as a war chariot and has extremely destructive power. Well, the crude fortifications of the Northland were difficult to resist their charge, especially when the soldiers of the Northland were all focused on dealing with that thousand-man cavalry.

The camp in Northland was quickly penetrated.

There is no one to stop the evil spirit heavy cavalry, almost ignore all arrow attacks between charges, even if the knife is cut on the body, it will be resisted by Battle Armor. The only way to deal with such heavy cavalry is to aim at the gap between the Battle Armor, or slam their helmets to stun the rider inside. Of course, waiting for their durability to run out, or attacking the horse under their seat is also a good way.

But at the moment when they were hit by gunfire one after another, the soldiers of the North could not do this kind of thing.

Moreover, to a certain extent, they can be regarded as enemies, even if one party may only have hundreds of people, and the other party is an evil heavy rider, it still puts them under pressure.

Beijing tried to organize several times, but was disrupted and interrupted by the ruthless shells.

Cang Linshen knew that the situation was over, so he could only watch the Hua Dynasty army with only a few hundred people rushing past him and continuing to charge. Presumably it won’t be long before they will have to rendezvous with Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry.

“Master Canglin!”

Watching the Hua Dynasty army, Alo, the coach of this camp, finally found Canglin. Cang Lin just turned his head and looked at him without speaking. A Luo felt a little uneasy, and he was also shocked that King Ning was able to set up a formidable power cannon on the mountainside. He sent someone to guard the top of the mountain and inspect it, but he didn’t expect that the other party still found a gap.

Even if the opponent had set up these artillery fires and launched a counterattack, Allor was sure to block the charging cavalry, but at the moment of the first attack, they were basically unable to launch an effective formation confrontation. Heavy ride and charge.

Wang Ning will really find time for this coward! He hates it deeply.

“Master Canglin, the evil heavy rider of Bei’an City rushed in! The brothers didn’t hold onto it… I ask Master Canglin to forgive me. It’s my carelessness.”


Cang Rin asked in a soft voice, with some obvious anger. The look in her eyes looking towards Aluo seemed calm, but there was a scorching anger in the depths.

Alo held his breath, with a strong feeling that he would be killed on the spot.

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