The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1113


Cang Rin only dropped the word, and then the word was covered up by the bombs falling in the vicinity. Allor’s ears buzzed, and he didn’t understand what Canglin said.

“Imperial Teacher, what did you say?” he asked.

“We lost this battle. Let’s abandon the camp and retreat ten miles.”

After speaking, Cang Lin turned around and left.

The remaining Allo looked at Canglin’s back, blankly opened a pair of eyes, ruminating the other party’s words:

“We… lost “He couldn’t believe it.

However, everywhere are Northland soldiers panicking their own affairs.

Under the artillery strikes, it was difficult for them to organize, and the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry joined the battlefield and swept the camp in the northern country in an unstoppable posture.

How to fight back?

The most deadly thing is that a large number of commanders were killed with precision at the beginning, and Alo’s order was very inefficient to convey, and this was why the Hua Dynasty had an opportunity to take advantage of.

He originally thought that the Princess was risking his life, Final Struggle, but he didn’t expect that the opponent was fighting big, not only the tactical results he expected.

What she is seeking is a strategic victory.

The Northland camp was hit hard and had to be scattered later. After this battle, the morale of the Northland will definitely be frustrated, and the morale of the Chinese dynasty will be greatly boosted instead.

“…Dingguo Ji Qin Shiyu.”

Alo muttered the name.

His life has been more victories than defeats, and this is his most humiliating defeat. Well, the most humiliating one.


Qin Shiyu was the first to discover that the Northern Kingdom had turned from the defense to the retreat and abandoned the camp and fled.

Along with several star smoke blooming in the sky, the soldiers of the North country stopped the charge blankly, no longer oppressed, and even the arrows stopped falling, as if they were stuck in some kind of stagnation for an instant Among.

The people of the Hua Dynasty were surprised to find that their swords could no longer reach the soldiers of the North, because they were turning around and running towards the place, leaving the battle, the place where they were was suddenly empty.

“This is…”

Gong Tianqing panted abruptly, watching the soldiers of the northern country fade like a tide, only to feel a dry mouth. Her hands were numb, and she almost couldn’t hold the banner in her hand.

She is definitely not the only one who has the same question.

These people all had this question, and subconsciously cast their sights on Qin Shiyu, and Emperor Ji, who was wearing a plain skirt and covered in blood and mud, was also panting.

“We won the bet.”

Qin Shiyu took a deep breath to stabilize his breath before answering. People get the answer, but they still face each other. It seems that there is some difficulty in understanding the meaning behind this sentence.

“They retreated?”

Qi Qiqi came to Qin Shiyu’s horse and raised this question.

Qin Shiyu’s speech was a long talk:

“There were artillery on the mountain that continued to attack, and cavalry rushed in. In the absence of a commander, the order was passed. Now that efficiency is extremely lacking, it’s not a wise choice to fight to death. Cang Rin certainly wouldn’t want to sacrifice all of this army that seals the pass. There are tens of thousands of infantry and cavalry in Bei’an. The army of the North Kingdom suffered unbearable damage here, and she could no longer seal Bei’an City. She could give in to me, but not to Bei’an City.”

Sue Kirin had a headache and sat down. Fell to the ground. She just left the horse to meet the enemy, so not at all stayed behind Qi Qiqi.

“Don’t that many nonsense, are they retiring?”


Qin Shiyu replied briefly, There was uncontrollable excitement and joy in his tone.

As soon as he got the answer, Sue Kirin immediately fell back and fell on the ground, panting. Once she relaxes, she no longer feels physical pain, and at this moment, the only thing that fills her within the body is fatigue. Heavy fatigue.

Others heard the North Kingdom retreating, and they all showed a smile of avoided a catastrophe on their faces. They raised their arms and cheered, sending off the northern soldiers in embarrassment.

They did not expect to be successful.

In line with the trust in Qin Shiyu, they followed the charge, but in fact they were not at ease, because this was originally a charge of nine deaths and still alive, and did not expect Qin Shiyu. I won the bet – no, I didn’t expect that I could hold on to it.

“very good…”

Looking at her cheering subordinates, Gong Tianqing’s mood relaxes, her body is unstable. For her, the battle was too intense this time, and she was a little overstretched.

“Gong younger sister, be careful.”

Shui Yun’er was still sharp-eyed and drove over to support her.

“It’s terrible.”

Xia Xue also sat down limply, rubbing her numb hand, already ignoring the love sword falling on the ground beside her hand. Did not reach out to pick it up.

The shelling from the mountainside has stopped.

In the slightly quiet space, compared to the sound of the North Kingdom retreating away, there was a heavy and neat horseshoe coming from the direction of Bei’an City.

Sue Kirin turned his head hard to look over, for a moment he thought he saw Death God’s soldiers. It was a torrent of black, heavy armor of thousands of cavalry, dimmed in the night, if you don’t look carefully, I’m afraid you can’t recognize the silhouette of those dark shadows.

These cavalrymen all wear masks on their faces, which look like Zhen Guowei, but the styles of the masks are different. The masks on this cavalry face are more fierce than Zhen Guowei.

“I don’t know if I thought they were the villains…”

Sue Kirin spit out, slowly moving his gaze to the forefront of the cavalry.

“Huh?” She made an unexpected voice.

The leader was not completely covered in Battle Armor, but he was still wearing a mask, a black red shirt, and a slender body, completely unlike what Sue Kirin had imagined.

It’s too slender, there is no tough line that a man should have.

However, a pair of long and short blood-stained guns in the opponent’s hands are telling that even if he is in this shape, he will not lose to others.

“This is King Ning? Why do you look at such a mother?”

Mumbling, Sue Kirin’s eyes are about to protrude, slowly holding up in a surprised mood The body. As a result, she noticed the skirt that suddenly appeared under her eyes.

That’s a skirt with multiple breaks.

Sue Kirin slowly raised his eyes to see who it was, and finally turned to Qin Shiyu’s eyes with a little admiration.

“What nonsense? Do you think it is some kind of bloody novel?”

Qin Shiyu kicked Sue Kirin badly, who immediately frowned and jumped He got up and gave the other party a kick gently.

“What are you doing? Looking for a fight?”

Sue Kirin has worked so hard. Qin Shiyu’s kick just made her a little bit irritating and made her angry. They are all detonated. Qin Shiyu’s strategy was all desperate, and she didn’t know how many times she thought she was going to be unable to hold on, but now she was really a little frustrated.

“My palace owes you a favor, what are you yelling at?”

Qin Shiyu rolled his eyes and looked angry and funny. Sue Kirin let out a kick and calmed down a lot, and fell to the ground with his chest.

She raised an eyebrow.

“So? He is not your Six Imperial Uncle, who is it?”

“She is the Sixth Emperor Aunt of the Palace.” Qin Shiyu replied with a faint smile.

“Auntie Emperor?”

Sue Kirin didn’t know if it was because the sound of horses’ hoofs was getting closer, she seemed to have not heard Qin Shiyu clearly. What is it talking about?

However, she doesn’t need to ask anymore.

Because the cavalry was already slowing down, it stopped in front of Sue Kirin in a short while. The front hoofs of the horses landed. Maybe it’s because of the weight of the body and the amount of dust raised.


The leader got off the horse neatly and hung a pair of long and short spears in his hands beside the horse.

Then, remove the mask.

The person has a bright face and candidly reveal it. A pair of phoenix eyes with slightly raised eyebrows outlines heroic outlines and lines. The tall nose is like a sharp edge at first glance. Although it seems to be a little older, Feng Yun still has not left her away, still on her face.

This is a heroic woman.

However, her face has the gentleness of a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, and the temperament wrapped around her has several points of noble and elegant, it is difficult to accurately describe her feeling.

The woman dropped the mask in her hand and hugged Qin Shiyu’s body tightly into her arms.

“Yu’er, it would be better if you are fine.”

“Aunt Six Emperors, wait… I’m out of breath.”

The woman used a lot of strength, and Qin Shiyu’s slender waist was hugged so that it bends greatly, making people worry about whether her lumbar spine will be broken.

Qin Shiyu was obviously also very uncomfortable, and quickly patted the opponent holding his arm in protest. Probably because of some difficulty in breathing, her face was puffy and terrifying, and even revealed a little bruise.

“Ah, the emperor didn’t notice it for a while.”

After Qin Shiyu’s reminder, the woman noticed that she was trying too hard, and she immediately let go of Qin Shiyu, revealing An awkward expression.

“No, no…The emperor cares about my nephew, and my nephew is also happy.” Qin Shiyu replied helplessly.

The woman seemed to be lacking some thoughts. Without seeing the embarrassment on Qin Shiyu’s face, she believed her nonsense and laughed happily.

The interaction between the two can be seen by Sue Kirin with keen interest pleasure.

After all, it is rare to see Qin Shiyu slumped, refreshed inexplicably, and can’t help letting out a small laugh. It took her so hard that she didn’t really laugh out loud.

“Kirin, that is the princess of King Ning…Will you pay attention to your manners?”

Qiqi, who has put on a dignified expression and is ready to meet the Sixth Princess, heard Sue Kirin In the blink of an eye, she stared at the girl who was still sitting on the ground.

“I care about her as the king of heaven, my great aunt is so tired that she sticks her tongue out, what kind of manners should you pay attention to?”

Sue Kirin rolled his eyes and turned his face very depressed.

Qiqiqi sighed, wondering if she should say a few more words. Seeing her with injuries everywhere, Qi Qiqi couldn’t bear to ask too much.


“As Xue Senior said, you don’t have to be so cautious.”

I don’t know when, Princess Ning is already here. Qin Shiyu came over with the company, and clearly heard Sue Kirin’s complaint just now.

“Ah, Caomin Qi Qiqi has seen it──”

Qiqiqi was taken aback and bent over to salute. Somehow, Princess Ning was also taken aback, and quickly reached out to help.

“Hey, don’t say goodbye, don’t say goodbye, you are the lord of Heavenly Jade Palace, and this trip has been so rewarding and painstaking. I feel ashamed!”

Frightened and flustered, Sue Kirin finally couldn’t help laughing. She fell to the ground with a smile, and quickly reached out and patted the ground, laughing hard.

“Yo yo yo, what are you doing? If you don’t know, I thought you were two siblings!”

Qi Qiqi is surprised at Princess Ning’s words and deeds, and see Sue Kirin He laughed in disregard of manners, and rolled around laughing on the ground. For a while, he felt embarrassed and blushed with anger.


At this moment, Gong Tianqing hurriedly walked over to Yuanchang. She first bowed slightly to Princess Ning, and then stopped between Qi Qiqi and Sue Kirin, and said weakly: “Master elder sister, little Ancestor Master Pure Heart, I think Princess Ning will also I won’t be blaming too much.”


Qiqiqi was speechless for a while.

Xia Xue came over, and it was not too cold or too hot.

“It’s strange that she bowed her head respectfully and paid respect. She is like this. You should rest assured. Yes.”

After speaking, she looked towards Princess Ning and saluted her, her actions were very standard and correct.

“Xia elder sister, you…”

Xia Xue should have also noticed Sue Kirin’s strange situation just now, so that’s why she said this. Qi Qiqi sighed and had to apologize to Princess Ning and said:

“Ai, I also hope that King Ning Imperial Empress understands that the Ancestor Master of this school has always been so reckless.”

” Palace Master Qi is out of sight.”

The face of Princess Ning is as usual, with a faint elegant smile, without any care, she looks quite generous. She raised Qi Qiqi again and said sincerely:

“Xue Senior’s deeds, I have heard of it. I know that Xue Senior is straightforward and casual, with a Pure Heart… Senior’s status and reputation, I can’t claim to be a superior…Moreover, I have studied under Wu Family, and I have to say “Your sect, Little Ancestor Master, Senior.”

“This way…”

Qi Qiqi spied on the other’s expression a little bit, and didn’t really see any bad emotions from there, so she relaxed a little bit.

Maybe out of the desire to further relieve Qi Qiqi’s tension, Qin Shiyu spoke again with a joking tone:

“Qi elder sister, the sixth emperor of the palace was born For Wu Family, I have always refused to obey civilization, and I don’t talk about these etiquettes, just just mean it.”

“Well, your Yuer, what do you mean by disobedience, are you itchy again?”

Princess Ning really stared at Feng’s eyes, and she was about to slap Qin Shiyu’s ass. Qin Shiyu pretended to be afraid and hurriedly jumped aside.

In an instant, Sue Kirin understood what Qin Shiyu meant.

──”It is not father but better than father.”

From her interaction with Qin Shiyu, it is not difficult for Sue Kirin to guess the closeness of the relationship between the two. Since the relationship with the princess is so good, the relationship between Qin Shiyu and King Ning is definitely not bad.

Sighed, Sue Kirin stood up and pointed to his ass, picked up the Li Qiankun that had fallen on the ground, and walked towards Princess Ning.

“Hello, I’m Sue Kirin.” She smiled and stretched out her right hand, “I hate most of the Imperial Family, but I don’t hate it for you.”

Princess Ning stayed for a while, did not expect Sue Kirin to greet herself in this way.

“That’s Junior’s honor.”

Princess Ning responded, calling herself Junior, but respecting Sue Kirin.

However, she didn’t know what to do with Sue Kirin’s extended hand. She didn’t seem to know what the handshake was like – at least, she didn’t know until Qin Shiyu told her.

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