The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1114

After Qin Shiyu’s suggestion, she held Sue Kirin’s outstretched hand.

“Fortunately, fortunately meeting.”

Sue Kirin shook his hand a few times, driving Princess Ning’s hand. This was a new experience for Princess Ning, and the smile on her face became more and more obvious.

“I have heard a lot of rumors about Xue Senior. Today is rarely seen, and Junior is also lucky.”

Princess Ning narrowed her eyes with satisfaction, but Qin Shiyu on the side There was a meaningful expression.

“Aunt Wang, besides Sue Kirin, there is someone you will be more surprised if you meet.”

“en?” The curiosity appeared on the face of Princess Ning who had just withdrawn her hand. “Yu’er, what are you fooling about with Profound Void? Today, you Aunt Wang, I can see Xue Senior, Qi Palace Master, Patriarch Xia, and the eldest daughter of the Gong Family. It’s already very surprising, and who is more important than them What about?”

“A person you did not expect.” Qin Shiyu’s smile was very intriguing.

“You are fooling around with Profound Void again, want to fool with Aunt Wang, aren’t you?”

Princess Ning had doubts in her eyes, and she asked with a smile, “I’m right. ?”a feeling of. Qin Shiyu smiled without saying a word, without any response.

“I really lost to you…”

Princess Ning raised her eyebrows and laughed bitterly, “Who wants to introduce Aunt Wang to know?”


“It’s not someone else, it’s Sue Kirin’s discipline.” Qin Shiyu answered almost quickly.

“Senior’s discipline?”


The voices of Princess Ning and Sue Kirin almost overlap, and they are also surprised expression. They seemed to look at each other because of the same question, but they didn’t know what kind of calculation Qin Shiyu was making.

On the other hand, Qi Qiqi, Xia Xue and Gong Tianqing all seemed to feel it, their eyes were full of looking thoughtful.

Qin Shiyu didn’t explain, his gaze penetrated the crowd, and looked towards that person who should have walked through the cracks, but for some reason he hid among the crowd, only revealing a small silhouette of Shui Yun’er.

That distance should be inaudible to the dialogue here, but Shui Yun’er turned around and still met Qin Shiyu’s line of sight. It may be that Qin Shiyu’s gaze was wiped out. This also proves that Shui Yun’er himself has a certain kind of attention and caution about this.

Princess Ning stayed for a while and followed her. She squinted her eyes, and the powerful vision bestowed by the heavens accurately captured Shui Yun’er’s location and her silhouette.

Short silence.


“Emperor’s wife?!” She exclaimed, her voice out of tune because of surprise.

Princess Ning stretched out her hand to cover her mouth, her eyes widened in disbelief.

And Sue Kirin and the others were also stunned because of her cry out in surprise, and they also looked in disbelief, because the title called by the cry out in surprise was really shocking.

The emperor’s wife? Who is she calling? Sue Kirin was puzzled, looked towards Shui Yun’er and tried to find an answer. Shui Yuner must have heard Princess Ning cry out in surprise just now.

She hesitated for a while, after all, she walked slowly in the eyes of people’s surprise.

What is certain is that she must walk extremely hard and struggling, each step is very heavy and slow, without the softness of the past.

Shui Yun’er’s face is indescribable and indescribable.

“The girl Shui Yuner pays her respects to Princess Ning.”

But no matter how long the road is, it will be over, let alone the distance between Shui Yun’er and Princess Ning. Before Shui Yun’er walked to Princess Ning, it was an upright gift.

Princess Ning did not speak, her open eyes fell on Shui Yun’er’s face.

Although it was only a moment, Sue Kirin did see Shui Yun’er cast a hateful look towards Qin Shiyu, and the deep hatred in his eyes was something she had never seen before.

“Qin Shiyu, what do you mean?” Sue Kirin seemed to hear Shui Yun’er ask in such a cold voice.

“I’m sorry, I lost self-control.”

As a result, Princess Ning shook her head and looked around everyone again with a wry smile.

“Ms. Water is so much like an old friend of mine, that I just misidentified it, that’s why I have this excitement… But the old friend is already dead, and it must be only human It’s similar, and the girl is much younger than my old friend.”

Explaining, Princess Ning silently cast a reproachful look at Qin Shiyu, and this small move Still caught by Sue Kirin. It must be not only her, but Qi Qiqi and Xia Xue who are present are both in the heavenly realm. How can they not be able to detect this small movement? Maybe even Gong Tianqing was aware of it.

So, they will remain silent.

Sue Kirin and them already knew about Sue Yun’er having a certain secret, but because Sue Kirin has not explored it, other people also kept their eyes open. Closed attitude.

But this situation seems to be reaching its limit.

Because, more than once, there has been evidence that Shui Yun’er has an amazing identity.

“I said Aunt Wang a while ago, you would be surprised.”

Qin Shiyu said with a smile, without noticing Shui Yun’er looking towards her from a secret angle Inside, with a bad breath.

“Xiaoyun, calm down.” Sue Kirin grabbed Shui Yuner’s sleeve and shook her head.

Shui Yuner looked back in surprise, suppressed the disgust in his eyes, and smiled bitterly. There was also gratitude and gratitude on her face, knowing that Sue Kirin’s action carried the meaning of “No matter who you are”.

It does not matter.

Sue Kirin never cared about a person’s identity, otherwise she would have asked Princess Ning for peace.

But she doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean other people don’t care.

Neither Qi Qiqi nor Xia Xue, or even Gong Tianqing, did not take away the doubts and desire to inquire revealed in his eyes.

Well, I can’t help it anymore.

Sue Kirin noticed it and sighed secretly. All she can do is delay the time as much as possible to give Shui Yun’er more time to prepare. Unless Shui Yun’er wants to cut off her relationship with everyone, her identity will one day be based on the truth.

Because Sue Kirin knows what matters. It was not the first time she felt it.

“Well, although the soldiers of the North Kingdom are already retreating, this is not a place to stay for long.”

The atmosphere is getting more and more embarrassing and stiff, but Princess Ning suddenly patted her hand and greeted Everyone said. After speaking, without waiting for people’s response, she told Qin Shiyu:

“Yu’er, let you all get on your horse and follow me back to the city.”

“The aftermath Things?” Qin Shiyu had some intentions to ask knowingly.

“I will explain it myself.” Princess Ning replied earnestly, and said: “Your six uncles must have been arranging various things, and it was difficult to attack here. He must send someone Keep it.”

“Don’t mention Uncle Six, he knows I’m here, and he hasn’t queued up for help. He just hates Yu’er, he just wants to watch me die.”


It really didn’t expect.

The name shakes the whole world Ding Guoji will actually pouting her mouth, revealing the girl’s coquettish state and coquettishly.

“It’s not your Sixth Uncle, I’ll go and teach him when I turn around.”

Princess Ning did not say off her Husband either, she immediately lightly waved her pink fist for her. Qin Shiyu was embarrassed. Qin Shiyu still seemed unsatisfied, curl one’s lip, and yawned again.

“I don’t know where the lesson was.” Her words were quite fascinating.

Princess Ning was hearing this red cheeks, and she gave an unpleasant spit.

“What nonsense!” After speaking, he said to Qin Shiyu’s head.

Yinping can only stare at her side. Instead of others teaching Qin Shiyu like this, she has already rushed forward, but now she is used to it. This also proves that Qin Shiyu and Princess Ning relationship.

Sue Kirin sighed that one thing cures one thing, and then cast a caring glance at Shui Yuner. Princess Duodning’s rescue just now–even though she didn’t know if she proposed a new topic out of the desire to relieve Shui Yuner–Shui Yuner no longer bears the suspicious sight of Qi Qiqi and the others at this moment.

“Little Master, I will explain to you clearly.”

That sentence again.

Nevertheless, Sue Kirin still chooses to believe that she does not believe that Shui Yun’er will deceive herself.

──She doesn’t believe it.


Princess Ning arranged a degree.

She dispatched half of the evil spirit heavy riders here to clean up the battlefield and establish a temporary stronghold. Before King Ning sent someone to replace it, someone had to defend here to prevent the North from killing a sudden thrust.

The remaining half of the Xie Xie Zhongqi followed Princess Ning to accompany Qin Shiyu and the others back to Bei’an City.

After fierce fighting, the old department of Zhenbei Prefecture suffered heavy losses. After Gong Lanping simply counted, it was found that there were only more than 400 people left, almost half lost, and Gong Tianqing shed even more for this. Tears.

These people came to help themselves out of morality, but they failed to save their lives.

With this kind of thought, Gong Tianqing cried and cried, and finally fell asleep in Qi Qiqi, who comforted her, and was riding a horse with Qi Qiqi at the moment.

“It’s really hard work for her…”

Princess Ning, who drove her horse forward slowly, saw Gong Tianqing sleeping in Qi Qiqi’s arms with a tired face, but still in her hands Holding on to the banner, he couldn’t help but said with sympathy and admiration.

“Yes, Qing’er is obviously still young…”

Qiqi Qi said with some heartache.

After talking with Princess Ning for a while, she finally realized that Qin Shiyu was right, so there was no unnecessary etiquette between her and Princess Ning.

“I have heard about the Gong Family. As the eldest daughter of the Gong Family, Gong Tianqing has not been loved by the father. She has experienced many things…and fortunately that you are here, otherwise This child may not be today. Well, Gong Family has a daughter who has grown up. According to me, it is better to say that Qi Family has a daughter who has grown up.”

“You can’t be a little girl.”

Qiqiqi responded in a panic, her eyes widening.

“Gong Tianqing was the one you taught the university. She has the first merit you should remember today. Am I going to praise the old stubborn and his stupid son?”

Princess Ning The old stubbornness in his mouth should be Gong Jing.

“How about the loss of Heavenly Jade Palace?”

Probably realizing that Qi Qiqi would still refuse to take credit, Princess Ning changed the subject rashly. Qi Qiqi and Xia Xue exchanged glances, and said sadly:

“A lot of dísciples have died, I am afraid there are more than 20 people.”

“It’s hard for you. “

Princess Ning sighed, then hugged indignantly and said:

“Imperial Court treats you like dogs, I can’t know this more clearly. Qin Yu hates that lunatic too. I hate it so hard that Husband dare not take me back to Beijing every time, saying that he is afraid that Qin Yu will wear a hat to me. Hmph, he relies on his own right, I said that if he is a man, he will go to the ring to challenge me. Let’s see who can beat who.”

The more she talked, the more angry she became, and Princess Ning finally even sighed with disdain. There was no royal demeanor. This made Qi Qiqi envy for a while, and she wanted to be herself, but on some occasions she was the palace owner and she had to pay attention to some places.

The body needs to be in its place.

She thinks this way, even though Sue Kirin thinks it’s wrong, she thinks Qi Qiqi is the lord of the palace, so why she can live a little more casually, because she is powerful and powerful, who dares to fight Whose ass.

“You are too tired to live too…”

Princess Ning seemed to see Qi Qiqi’s difficulties, and she sighed again. Qi Qiqi didn’t know how to respond, she could only respond with a faint smile. Some bitter smile.

“After all, the Ancestor Master at home is of that temperament.”

Princess Ning turned to the sleepy Sue Kirin sitting on the horse. The funny thing is, even if she is dozing off, she is still as stable as Mount Tai, and the horse under the stock is not off the track. There is quite an imposing manner of Laozi riding a bull.

“I’m used to it.” Qi Qiqi replied in a dull voice.

“There are some things you don’t need to get used to.”

Princess Ning laughed so against her, Qi Qiqi blinked, but the former didn’t say anything.

“I heard Yu’er say that most of the mechanical weapons in her hand were developed by the Heavenly Jade Palace… Today’s ability to defeat the Northern Army is also due to the existence of those cannons. speaking of which, I’m just here for a cutscene that’s all.”

“His Royal Highness is thoughtful.”

“She is not thoughtful, she just bet, dare, dare Doing things that others don’t dare, so the ability is often surprisingly successful. The sword moves with side stroke, but these are not the right way after all. I am afraid that one day she will be afraid of getting in.”

Qin Shiyu turned his eyes sideways, and Princess Ning’s tone was full of concern.

“The relationship between King Imperial Empress and His Highness Nine is very good.” Qi Qiqi commented.

“She lost her mother since she was a child, and father is like that. It looks pitiful.”

Princess Ning smiled bitterly, and the brief words contained Qin Shiyu’s sadness. Qi Qiqi nodded with a smile, expressing her understanding, and the two ended the topic. After all, Qin Shiyu was in the vicinity, and it was not a good thing for her to hear it.

“By the way, Palace Master Qi, can I ask you something?”

Princess Ning suddenly drove her horse closer, and asked in a low voice. Qi Qiqi was a little surprised, but she still asked:

“Wang Imperial Empress, please tell me, if the little girl knows, she will tell her frankly.”

Of course, this is just a polite remark. Qi Qiqi’s answer or not depends on what Princess Ning asked about. She doesn’t fully trust Princess Ning. Some people’s affairs can easily cause suspicion and conflict. Even if she refuses her order, she will not answer truthfully.

However, even with the psychological preparation, what Princess Ning was inquiring about still seemed abrupt. She asked:

“It’s about the discipline of Your sect Little Ancestor Master.”

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