The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1115

“Water younger sister?” Qi Qiqi was surprised.

“Yes, do you know how much about her?”

The sight of Princess Ning was once towards Shui Yuner, who was two horses behind, and her voice was lowered. Up. Obviously, she didn’t want Shui Yun’er to know that she was spying on her.

“Wang Concubine aunt, you… don’t you know her identity?”

When Qi Qiqi asked inconclusively, Princess Ning was stunned. The two big eyes staring at small eyes realized that one problem was that neither of them was sure of the answer.

“Yu’er is kidding, I think it’s just that people are similar, but if people are really similar, Yuer probably won’t mention it…”

Princess Ning sighed, After speaking, she covered her mouth as if she felt she had said something wrong.

“Palace Master Qi, please assume that I didn’t say it just now.” Her reminder is really a concern.

Qiqiqi struggled for a while and decided to explore.

“Wang Imperial Empress, if you know something, can you please tell me?”

Princess Ning was stunned for a moment, and then turned to stare. Looking at Qi Qiqi, after a sigh, she said helplessly:

“Palace Master Qi, you are indeed qualified to know certain things, but I am not sure about this. Even if it is certain, it may not be able to rely on you. Tell me the truth. If her identity is really as I expected, the matter is too important, even if Palace Master Qi knows it, it won’t help, maybe she will be involved in a bigger vortex.”

“Then you won’t get involved if you don’t know?” Qi Qiqi asked sharply.

“There will be fewer opportunities.” Princess Ning’s answer was not convincing.

It’s just that she then admitted frankly:

“Palace Master Qi, I am not protecting you, I am protecting her, do you know what I mean? Although I am very sorry, But if she is really someone I know, I must protect her.”

Princess Ning was so blunt that Qi Qiqi had no room to speak.

She can only be silent, hiding all her doubts and complaints in her stomach. To know the identity of Shui Yun’er, she probably only said it personally. Otherwise, other insiders have no plans to speak frankly, and Qi Qiqi may not know her identity for the rest of her life.

Her true identity.

“Who is the younger sister of Shui?” Muttering, Qi Qiqi couldn’t help casting a complicated look at Shui Yun’er.

Shui Yun’er seemed to notice this time, and a pair of clear eyes looked over.

At the moment when her eyes met, Qi Qiqi seemed to see the apology in the other’s eyes, but because she quickly turned her eyes off, she was not sure if she was wrong.

Next, Princess Ning deliberately avoided all the topics about Shui Yun’er, and did not give Qi Qiqi any opportunity to inquire. Knowing the hopelessness, Qi Qiqi also wittyly stopped reminding her, and chatted with Princess Ning about some interesting anecdotes in the arena.

After all, Princess Ning was born in Wu Family, and she is still the daughter of the former Sect Master of the Kongcheng Sect, so she still pays special attention to matters of martial arts, but she is the princess, she can know limited things, and many rumors do not Knowing that it is true and false, now that you can find out if you meet Qi Qiqi, she also opened the chatterbox.

And Qi Qiqi answered one after another, there is nothing to hide.

However, when the other party asked about a rumor, Qi Qiqi finally encountered a problem.

“I heard that the Ancestor Master of Taoist One Sect is interesting to Your sect Little Ancestor Master. Is this true?”

There is a raging gossip fire in Princess Ning’s eyes, I’m afraid Even a dignified princess does not lose the nature of a woman and is always particularly interested in this aspect. Perhaps the love in martial arts is often extraordinarily vigorous and unforgettable. Many women have a certain unspeakable desire for this.


Qi Qiqi looked at Sue Kirin, Sue Kirin seemed to be asleep, nodding her head to go fishing, her nose was blowing a small bubble, apparently impossible to relieve her.

“I think it should be true…” Qi Qiqi didn’t dare to assert.

Actually, it is nothing new for Zi Xuanzi to like Sue Kirin. Xianyizhuang’s publication that specializes in martial arts gossip has long publicized the matter and added a lot of salt and vinegar.

The reason Qi Qiqi is reluctant to argue is based on an unfounded possessive desire. She didn’t want Sue Kirin to respond to Zi Xuanzi’s thoughts, and she didn’t want her to marry, even if she knew that was normal, that was the best.

She didn’t know the reason, but she didn’t want to, as if the other party would no longer belong to herself when they got married, and would leave herself, and it is not uncommon in this Hua Dynasty.

Marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog. This sentence applies to the Hua Dynasty. Of course, in the Wu Family, women have more autonomy, but the husband and wife are always impossible to separate? And Zi Xuanzi is also impossible to live in Heavenly Jade Palace.

“It seems that the reason is not without reason, but I see Xue Senior’s appearance, it seems that she has no plan to do it.”

Princess Ning’s both hands crossed near chest, lit The head talks to himself.


How do you see this? Qi Qiqi was dumbfounded.

“Women’s intuition?” Princess Ning saw through Qi Qiqi’s question and answered after thinking for a moment, but using question sentences. Qi Qiqi didn’t know whether she should believe it or not, but the other party said:

“But Xue Senior looks at your eyes, it’s a bit strange.”

“Strange?” Qi Qiqi’s heart jumped sharply.

“Well…it seems to care about your appearance.”

Princess Ning thought about the words for a while and replied.

“Some are like love, and some are not. It’s weird anyway.” She finally gave up the explanation and spread her hands.

However, this is enough for Qi Qiqi to fall into a certain complex emotion.

Some surprises, some knowing to be unworthy, and some shame, anyway, her face can hardly accurately describe this feeling, she just feels agitated.

“so that’s how it is.”

Unexpectedly, Princess Ning thought as if she understood something, and the corners of her mouth were raised.

“Wang Imperial Empress?” Qi Qiqi was shocked again.

“It will be difficult.”

Princess Ning just said so sympathetically, and then rode her horse forward. Qi Qiqi stayed right away, her mind was blank. what does that mean? She wanted to ask, but found that Princess Ning was already a lot ahead.

In the distance, in front of the city gate of Bei’an City, a group of people stood.

That seems to be the team that came to meet.

Princess Ning, who was one step ahead, rode her horse fast and sprinted all the way, and arrived in front of the city gate in a short while. She rolled over and got off the horse, then rushed into the arms of a man wearing Battle Armor in full eyes.

Qi Qiqi looked stunned, and Xia Xue on the side blew her whistle.

Compared to them, both Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry and Qin Shiyu are not surprised at this.

“Aunt Wang and Uncle Wang have always been like this, and Qi elder sister does not have to make a fuss.”

“Of course you are used to seeing it!”

Facing Qin Shiyu’s explanation, Qi Qiqi didn’t hold back a complaint, but the other party dropped a sentence: “It’s great for you.” Then she also accelerated.

“What’s the matter!”

Looking at her away from her back, Qi Qiqi scratched her hair irritably.

Whether it is Princess Ning or Qin Shiyu, they all said such unremarkable words, but Qi Qiqi still understands why they are referring to the most annoying.

“Hey, if others don’t know, they think they are a family.”

Xia Xue’s teasing voice came in my ears.

Qi Qiqi looked up and saw Qin Shiyu also plunged into the man’s arms. The seemingly serious man, with a princess on the left and Qin Shiyu on the right, can be said to hug from left to right, but his original serious face is full of gentleness.

“I really envy…”

Qiqi Qi muttered startledly.

From the angle she couldn’t see, Sue Kirin, who was sleeping in hu hu, opened an eye, glanced at her, and then closed it again.

In front of the majestic city gate of Bei’an City, the three people who should be the most decent are hugged together, and they seem extraordinarily warm, like a faint star in the night.

Dawn has come.

The first ray of light of the early sun oozes from the other side of the sky, softly coming through and hitting the three people just now, reflecting a dazzling but not glaring warm light.

“Yes, it’s enviable…”

Unexpected response.

Qi Qiqi turned her head and saw Shui Yun’er’s profile face.

Shui Yun’er’s side hair was cut into pieces with the radiance of dawn, shattered like a curtain on her face, making her look somewhat mysterious. Qi Qiqi looked at her, speechless for a long time.

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