The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1116

When Bei Xiaolu led Beggars’ Sect dísciple to Qinglun City, the Western Regions had already launched a fierce attack.

Although the disciplines are quite tired after the long journeys, they can only brace oneself and throw themselves into the battle. In the chaotic battle, is there time and space for them to rest?

The fighting was fierce, and countless lives were lost outside the snow-covered city.

The snow became red, and Gao Yi’s city wall also had countless pits left by artillery strikes. The sound of killing shook the sky. It almost made people wonder whether it would cause an avalanche. Between swords and swords, countless sparkling fireworks burst out, dotted with monotonous snow white all around.

Zhenxi Mansion has strong horses and strong horses. Everyone is an elite division, but they are defeated in “quantity” and cannot suppress the Western Region Allied Forces. On the other hand, the Western Regions Alliance has been in war for a long time, and the quality of the army trained by war is not necessarily poor, and the number is suppressed. If it is not relying on the high city wall, I don’t know if Qinglun City can persist to Beggars’ The arrival of Sect.

Both sides are desperate, and the fighting is so terrible that people cannot bear to look straight.

In the air, the fierce battle between the two Grandmasters set off the battlefield even more intensely. Beiming Yuyu and Jialan entangled with each other, and the Spiritual Qi set off constantly stirred snow and blood.

This time, Beggars’ Sect gathered nearly 10,000 dísciples at the call of Bei Xiaolu, and this battle strength must not be underestimated. Once it was put on the battlefield, it quickly stabilized Zhenxi Mansion. The defeat of the garrison in Qinglun City, but at the same time Beggars’ Sect also paid a lot of money for this, and lost a lot of people.

And these losses are just the beginning.

Because the addition of Beggars’ Sect seemed to be unexpected by the Western Regions, the advantage soon fell to Hua Chao. Although Beggars’ Sect is not a professional army, it is far inferior to the army in terms of cooperation and execution, but everyone knows martial arts, and it is a generation with one enemy. More importantly, they are numerous.

The fighting failed to continue, and the Western Regions retreated soon.

This is probably a wise decision. They need to rectify for the time being to examine the addition of Beggars’ Sect and think about the subsequent siege strategy.

Well, it is indeed wise.

There is a pure interest relationship between the alliance of the Western Regions and the North, and naturally there are elements of competition. The North Kingdom made rapid progress, and successively took down several Northern Domain towns, while the Western Region Allied Forces failed to achieve any success. Their ability to break through the Spirit Moon Valley was due to the fact that the North Kingdom used the trail to detour and attack the Spirit Moon Valley.

Once the Western Regions have too little merit, in the future negotiations for the division of spoils of war ─ ─ territories and population ─ they will definitely lack hands, and this is not to be seen in the Western Regions, so they should rush to hope for success.

In this way, the coach of the Western Regions was able to stabilize his eagerness to win after Beggars’ Sect went into battle and chose to retreat, which also proved his calm and rationality.

This kind of person is often difficult to get around.

However, the coach of Zhenxi Mansion ─ ─ and also the current leader of Qinglun City ─ ─ Jiang Runzhi has no comment, as if everything is as it should be by rights.

“Mingjin, retreat and return to the city!”

Riding on the horse, Jiang Runzhi, who is charging at the forefront, just watched the orderly retreat of the Western Regions, without any idea of ​​trying to take advantage of the victory. , And when the lieutenant asked him if he wanted to chase, he only replied: “do not chase after cornered enemy, be careful to ambush.”

Before Beggars’ Sect suddenly joined the battle, after the Scales of Victory was dumped to the Chinese dynasty, the retreat of the Western Regions could be said to be a bit of helplessness. At this time, he took advantage of the victory and pursued it through Beggars’ Sect’s power to further expand the results is the best choice.

As for, there is indeed an opportunity for the existence of Fujun.

But as long as you proceed carefully and don’t pursue too deep, it should be avoided, and before encountering the ambush, the pursuit should be able to achieve a lot of results in one fell swoop.

Although the lieutenant did not understand why the coach did not order the pursuit, but the military order was like a mountain, he had no choice but to implement it, sending out three star smoke in a row and recalling all the troops.

A fish in Beiming also saw the three star smoke blooming in the sky.

“Retire?” She was puzzled, but she didn’t have a stand to say anything.

“It seems that the carnival is over here too!”

A head of blonde hair gleams in the air, as dazzling as a Sun Wheel at night.

The smile on Jialan’s face is sweet, as if the person who had fish with Beiming just now was not fighting with each other but playing.

She, who is already full at this moment, has an innocent smile on her face. Against the backdrop of that plump and mature figure, she looks exceptionally contrasting. It must be in the eyes of any man. Doubtful charm.

However, this fell in the eyes of Beiming Youyu, she only felt extremely disgusted.

“…Lingyue Valley’s hatred, I will not let you go.” She said coldly.

Even if she is not on the scene, she has considerable trust in the strength of the Sect she created. She does not think that Lingyue Valley will fall so easily.

──Unless Grandmaster is present.

As for the qualified candidate, Beiming Youyu could not think of another one. Well, Jia Lan is the only one.

“If I say that I actually just watch the fires burning across the river, do you believe the smelly fox?” Jia Lan snickered and snickered.

Beiming Youyu revealed disgust in his eyes, and his left hand clenched unconsciously. She exhaled heavily, which successfully suppressed the feeling of wanting to rush up to beat the other party.

As a result, Jialan smiled more brilliantly, without realizing that the Western Region coalition forces underneath had almost retreated.

“Smelly fox, have you been stable for too long, thinking you are invincible in the whole world? Our Western Regions are indeed invincible in the whole world, but Secret Sect is not very weak, right? You don’t know. How did those ascetics practice? Don’t know how they are fanatical? Don’t tell me, they rushed into the Lingyue Valley, look at those martial demons as if there is some deep hatred, see one rush one, see another Hand tear one… That scene is really interesting, such an interesting scene, why would I bother? And, don’t forget, I may be your enemy, but you are never the only enemy, but you are happily It’s also very interesting to help your enemy.”

Beijing Youyu became more and more angry when she heard it, but at the moment when she was about to explode, she was stunned when she heard Jialan’s last words. . She feels that Jialan has hidden meaning and understands what Jialan means, but she thinks it is just a provocation that’s all.

“I’m not like you, I can become a Saintess, with an indestructible place.”


Jialan hearing this, His expression suddenly clouded over. She gritted her teeth and said, “It’s annoying to look at you. You only know your own affairs, but you don’t know other people’s affairs. Do you think the word’Saintess’ means anything?”

No one can always do what he wants when he is born in the world.

If you want to get something, you have to pay and lose. Human life is always composed of two parts, getting love and losing love, and Jialan naturally does the same.

“…” Beiming has fish speechless.

However, Jia Lan returned to her smile, smiled gracefully, and raised her robe lightly to make a salute.

“I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake. But, stinky fox, you have to do it yourself, I don’t want you to die elsewhere.”

After that, Jialan slowly goes back Float away.


Bei Ming Youyu looked at her, but did not pursue her. She promised to help guard Qinglun City and couldn’t pursue Jialan for her own sake. Well, if there is no such agreement, she must have caught up.

“We are all birds in cages…”

There are fish sighed in Beiming, and sadness is revealed in the soft purple eyes.

Next, she also returned to the direction of Qinglun City.


The screams of the wounded were everywhere in the square.

The Western Regions have attacked Qinglun City several times. Under the command of Jiang Runzhi, and with Beiming and Yuyu sitting in town, Qinglun City repelled the enemy several times, and the allied forces in the Western Regions had returned without success several times.

However, Qinglun City’s military strength is somewhat insufficient—at least facing the aggressive army in the Western Regions. After several battles, a lot of troops have been lost, and the Western Regions are probably targeting this. Chances are, Jialan, who had launched a fierce attack earlier than the previous few times, and who had never appeared, also entered the battle, restraining Beiming Youyu’s actions.

Without the support of Beiming Youyu, Qinglun City quickly fell into a disadvantage. It was not until Beggars’ Sect joined that the battle was finally turned around. It can be seen how tragic the battle was.

Now the wounded soldiers are all over the square.

“Doctor, go over there! My brother is injured!”

“Come and help someone, the blood is about to stop!”

“Go and bring some medicine, hurry!

The doctor and the backup troops ran in the square to provide emergency treatment for the wounded. If some sword injuries are not handled properly, the wounds will easily fester and cause Death and loss of personnel. This kind of damage management is also a compulsory course for generals, and Zhenxi Mansion is first-class in this regard.

In addition to the rescue of the wounded, it is necessary to dig pits and pile the corpses to prevent the plague Happened.

On the other hand, there are also parts of the city that were damaged by missed guns or trebuchets throwing stones. This aspect must also be dealt with. The fortifications near the city wall must also be repaired and maintained. Artillery and other weapons.

For a while, even if the war was over, the city was still very busy.

After all arrangements were made, Jiang Runzhi returned to the government. Officials in the government were also there. Running back and forth, dealing with a lot of paperwork, Jiang Runzhi didn’t care about them, and casually found a side hall to rest.

He lay down on the collapsed deep in the hall, took off his helmet, and placed it on The little boy next to the collapsed head rested on the collapsed guardrail. He rubbed his forehead slightly tired, and the continuous battles made him a little overwhelmed.

──Even if he knew this one In the war, the Western Regions Alliance is not one-sided, but there is no shortage of people who really want to enter the Chinese dynasty. He can’t take it lightly to let these people with wolves and ambitions succeed.

It would be fine if it is there. , He thought to himself.

Jiang Zezhi was sent to the Martial Demon Realm to support him earlier, so he should have arrived at the time. The front of the Martial Demon Realm seems to be more tight, and that Bian must not be lost, so Jiang Runzhi had no choice but to let his son bring five thousand elite soldiers to support.

“General, Master Lin Xu is here. “

I planned to take a nap, but it was counterproductive. A guard walked in around the screen. One-knee kneels told legends in the hall.

“Lin Xu? “

Jiang Runzhi propped up his body and rubbed the temple again.

Although this Sir Lin had no achievements, he did things by himself, which made people feel relieved. Yu, it is sometimes annoying.

“What is he doing? “Jiang Runzhi frowned and asked.

“The subordinates don’t know. “

The guard shook his head,” Sir Lin did not say. “

“Did you not tell him that I was resting?” “

Jiang Runzhi was so annoyed that he waved his hand. He had already explained to the guards who were guarding the gate. He was resting and he was not seeing anyone, but the guard did not stop people back. It made him feel dissatisfied.

“The subordinates have told Sir Lin that the general is taking a rest and not seeing anyone, but Sir Lin has a tough attitude and looks quite unhappy. Sir Lin asked again that his subordinates had no choice but to come in and pass you on. “

The guard explained with difficulty.

“This guy Lin Xu…”

Jiang Runzhi’s forehead jumped straight, and he was also unhappy.


Lin Xu is really difficult! He thought to himself, but Jiang Runzhi would not embarrass a small guard, after all, he is also caught in the middle.

“Let him come in. . “

Considering that if he doesn’t see the other party, he might just break in with his stubborn temper, and make the atmosphere froze, so Jiang Runzhi can only give way first in order to save more trouble. Now.

The guards took their orders and disappeared quickly behind the screen.

Instead, Qinglun City Lord Guan Linxu walked over quickly and watched his rush Step, I know that he is not in a relaxed mood.

Jiang Runzhi frowned and thought about what the other party was looking for, while sitting upright.

“I have seen the Great General in Zhenxi. “Lin Xu stood before the collapse and bowed his hands to Jiang Runzhi.

Although he is an official of the Lord of the entire City, he still has to pay the official salute before the name of the Great General in the west of the town.

“Well, Sir Lin has worked hard. “Jiang Runzhi raised his spirits and responded lukewarmly, “Sir Lin needs to deal with all kinds of affairs. Why not take a break for Sir Lin? The body is the capital…”

Jiang Runzhi believes in the principle of performing his duties. As long as he entrusts the matter to his subordinates, he can only control the overall situation, so he will be here. Come and rest at the planting time. He hates that he loses the chain at critical times.

“I’m not as good as General Jiang, so I can only do everything myself. Lin Xu responded with a wry smile.

“It’s okay, it’s a good thing to do it yourself, there is no comparison. “

Jiang Runzhi’s remarks are from his sincerity. He doesn’t mean to look down on anyone who does everything by himself, even though he thinks that is inefficient and stupid.

“Thanks grown ups. “

The bitterness on Lin Xu’s face is even worse, and he cupped the hands to Jiang Runzhi.

“Okay, that’s all for the kind words. “Jiang Runzhi turned to the topic and asked Lin Xu what he wanted, “Sir Lin worked tirelessly. He came to the house in person. He should have important matters, right? “

“There is nothing important, but the subordinates are puzzled, and I want to ask the army to answer them. “

Lin Xu’s attitude is very upright, and there is no sense of doubt between the words. But Jiang Run instantly understood what he wanted to ask, and it was a while.

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