The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1117

“Is it possible that Sir Lin also wanted to inquire about this mansion, why didn’t he just order the chase?”

Jiang Runzhi raised his cheek with one hand and asked impatiently.

Lin Xu was shocked hearing this, and stared slightly. Upon seeing this, Jiang Runzhi knew that he had not guessed wrong. He has been mentally prepared for a long time, and others will definitely question his decision, because just now, the generally speaking should be a pursuit.

Well, it’s just an excuse to be afraid of ambush.

The reason behind it is extremely complicated, and it can’t be taken on the stage. Of course, Jiang Runzhi will not confess with Lin Xu.

“I already said, do not chase after cornered enemy. The terrain outside Qinglun City is dangerous and many places can be ambushed. If you chase sloppily, if you are ambushed, wouldn’t it be worth the loss? And, at this time The temperature has just warmed up, and it is time for avalanches…”

Jiang Runzhi casually used various probabilities as reasons, trying to fool Lin Xu. However, Lin Xu was unexpectedly shrewd, revealing a faint suspicion, and tentatively asked with his chin lowered:

“Should the general have a reason?”

Jiang Runzhi picked up Eyebrow, the long single tone said:

“Oh-? Sir Lin, what does this mean?”

“Although I have known the general for a long time, I am not familiar with it, but the general is famous Outside, even if you have been under the remote Kunlun Mountains, Bucai Xia is very much heard, and during this period of time, seeing the generals have a degree of control, should not even have the confidence to pursue them.”

Lin Xu firmly believes that pursuit is a reasonable decision. As long as the commander has a certain degree of confidence, he should not be afraid of ambushes or accidents. It is precisely Jiang Runzhi who has this ability. The pursuit just now was the best way to directly expand the results and increase morale. Lin Xu really didn’t understand why Jiang Runzhi would give up the pursuit and Mingjin retreated.

It’s really troublesome, Jiang Runzhi thought, cold light flashed past his eyes.

If Lin Xu keeps pursuing it, this is a big trouble. Although Jiang Runzhi has taken over the military power of Qinglun City, but Lin Xu has been operating for so long, it is hard to say whether he can shake the Qinglun City garrison.

So, he had to carefully appease Lin Xu in front of him.

Of course, if you get rid of Lin Xu, the matter will be easier, but the other party is also an official to a City Lord official, and the removal may also cause a lot of trouble. Jiang Runzhi didn’t want to make such a bad move unless it was endless.

“Sir Lin, Secret Sect Saintess is here, she can easily cause an avalanche.”

Jiang Runzhi came up with another reason.

“But we also have the North Ming Zun seat!” Lin Xu also immediately retorted.

Why is this person so ignorant? Jiang Runzhi twisted his eyebrows, knocked his fingers impatiently, and made a bang.

“Sir Lin, civilian intervention in military affairs is a taboo, don’t you understand this kind of thing?”

Jiang Runzhi is not going to turn around directly, but he has already taken the unhappiness in his heart. Come to the table. Lin Xu hesitated to speak but stopped, unable to refute the other party’s accusation, because it was indeed a taboo.

It’s just that Lin Xu is really unhappy in his heart.

In the last few battles, he is in charge of backup, but it does not mean that he is not aware of the tragic frontline. The Qinglun City side will be on the defensive, being pressed and beaten and unable to counterattack, he is really anxious for a big victory to boost his morale.

Lin Xu sighed, Jiang Runzhi had put away his amiable expression, and then moved out the rhetoric that he could not refute. I am afraid that his resentment can only be dull.

“I said too much.”

Lin Xu didn’t want to make the relationship froze, so he apologized and had the meaning of retreating.

And just at this moment──

“Guardian, get out of my mother!”

There was a loud shout of anger outside.

Jiang Runzhi and Lin Xu turned their heads and looked towards the outside at the same time, but the screen blocked their sight, so they could not see the situation outside.

“Girl, please wait!”

One of the two guards who guarded the gate seemed to go up to persuade the angry woman.


“Go away.”

Two muffled noises and the muffled sound of heavy objects hitting the wall can be heard.

Jiang Runzhi noticed that there was a fight outside, and immediately turned over and stood up, picking up the sword beside him. Lin Xu retreated to Jiang Runzhi’s side, and the two looked at each other with a warning expression.

Will it be an assassin?

Should not be, but who would break into the government so tough? The two of them had this question in their eyes, and Lin Xu yelled:

“Come on, someone broke into the government!”

He called for support.

In the next moment, the petite girl rushed in. The silhouette of the visitor was short and unexpected.

When the other party stopped in front of the two, a pair of apricot eyes stared roundly. When they stared at them left and right, they could see the person’s face clearly.

Wearing a costume made up of countless pieces of cloth, the iconic wine bottle gourd is hung around the waist, the shoulder-length hair is curled up, the arms are covered with hand guards, and the feet are A pair of simple straw sandals.

It is a typical Beggars’ Sect dress.

The only person who meets the conditions in Beggars’ Sect and can put on the “Falling Tiger and Falling Dragon Coat” is Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader Bei Xiaolu.

Jiang Runzhi and Lin Xu can’t recognize Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader himself, but the coats on her body with dark patterns of mad dragons and tigers cannot be unidentified. After all, it is World’s First. A token to help Sect Leader.

“Which one of you is the coach?”

Bei Xiaolu pinched his waist and asked in a harsh voice. She is not kind to her! Both are aware of this.

“This mansion is the Great General of Zhenxi——Jiang Runzhi.”

Jiang Runzhi can’t lose the imposing manner, and step forward to admit that he is the coach. As a result, Bei Xiaolu glared at him and said impatiently:

“My old lady didn’t ask who you are. I asked who is the coach. Is there a certain relationship between who you are and whether you are the coach?”

Jiang Runzhi was blocked and speechless.

The Lin Xu on the side wanted to laugh a little for some reason, but he did not dare to laugh out loud.

“This mansion is the head coach.”

“If you are the head coach, just say it, mother-in-law, like a childless child, but also introduce yourself, for fear of others I don’t know my fame? Bah!”

Beijing Xiaolu behaved quite disdainfully. She was also dignified a Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader. She had that kind of temperament. How could she see a Great General in the west of town? In the eyes? Rao is Qin Yu in front of her, she must dare to spit and point to the opponent’s nose to curse.

Fuhu and Longbei Xiaolu.

fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth Bei Xiaolu.

Jiang Runzhi frowned with anger, but he couldn’t attack. He knows what kind of person Bei Xiaolu is, and the one who might be embarrassed will definitely be himself, because the other party is unreasonable.

If she is reasonable, she won’t rush in directly.

At this moment, all the guards who were alarmed by the movement rushed in, quickly surrounded Bei Xiaolu and pulled out their weapons, ready to capture the girl in front of them at any time. Although they were surprised that the troublemaker turned out to be a girl who looked only thirteen or four years old, they were even more shocked when they recognized the girl’s coat.

For a while, they didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, really cheers! Don’t give me a cup of tea, just treat my mother as a thief?”

Seeing that Jiang Runzhi’s complexion is not so good, Lin Xu took the initiative He stepped forward and said roundly:

“Sect Leader, don’t be anxious. We didn’t know you were here just now, so we were anxious and called someone over.”

Xiaolu raised his eyebrows, half believing, so Lin Xu waved his hand to signal the guards to retreat. Seeing this, Bei Xiaolu’s face became better.

“I don’t know what Sect Leader is doing here?” Lin Xu asked with a polite smile.

He first cast an apologetic look at Jiang Runzhi, hoping that the other party would not blame him for the presumptuous behavior, and at the same time made a gesture of please to Bei Xiaolu, wanting to invite the other party to take a seat to further ease the atmosphere.

Beijing Xiaolu glanced at him without appreciating.

“No, my old lady knows she’s an unexpected visitor.” She snorted her nose and stared at Jiang Runzhi tightly, “Why don’t you chase? The old lady came with dísciple, not for you to coward! “

This is the problem again! Jiang Runzhi rubbed his forehead and sat back down in boredom.

“Bei Sect Leader, this prefecture has its own considerations…Beggars’ Sect is able to come to help, this prefecture is grateful, but Sect Leader, you are not good at tactical military formations, right? “

“So what?”

“Don’t Sect Leader think it’s ridiculous? A person who doesn’t know how to do it will ask the insider why he did this.”

Jiang Runzhi’s answer is a bit rude, obviously quite unhappy. He didn’t want to have a stalemate with Bei Xiaolu, but he was questioned again and again, and he was also bored.

How could Bei Xiaolu be afraid of Jiang Runzhi’s unhappiness? After all, her irritable character is there.

“I don’t understand, but I’m not stupid! Just now, it’s obvious that you can chase, even if you give the other party some pressure, you can just take the opportunity to poke some oil! We just watched the Western Regions retreat slowly ?”

“The Western Regions are wordy?”

Jiang Runzhi is instinctively curious about these four words.

“Those Secret Sect monks are full of gods and Buddhas, aren’t they wordy?” Bei Xiaolu explained.

This title is somewhat appropriate, Jiang Runzhi almost didn’t hold back a laugh. Lin Xu is the same. When Bei Xiaolu noticed it, frowned frowned and threw out:

“Why? Can’t it?”

“What Sect Leader said is not unreasonable, but we also suffered heavy losses. Sect Leader must have heard about the situation on the previous day. If this situation catches up, it may be able to expand the results, but at the same time, some injured colleagues may not be able to get timely treatment. Even more how, The situation ahead has not been ascertained, do you know if there is an ambush? And once we chase, the Western Regions will send someone to the queen, and then it will be a tough fight. Beggars’ Sect came in time to break our siege and buy us time We should take this time to take a break as soon as possible.”

Jiang Runzhi explained so much for the first time, and the rhetoric used is similar to what he said to Lin Xu just now, but the key points.

“You all have a reason, but I only know that even if you shoot one more round with a bow and arrow, you can weaken the opponent’s strength! There is only one enemy, so the simple truth is even a fool like an old lady Understand, you, as the Great General of Zhenxi, can’t even give this order!”

Bei Xiaolu was a little excited.

Also, she was born in the market, and she has a deep attachment to the people and the lower class. Seeing the corpses everywhere across the field, she was heartbroken. This made her emotional at this moment so excited.

Even more how, in the battle just now, Beggars’ Sect was not without loss. In the battle just now, they already had nearly a thousand casualties. You must know that they were involved in the battle midway, and most of the day had passed until the end of the battle.

Now the outside has been shrouded in darkness.

“Useless work.” Jiang Runzhi said to Bei Xiaolu snort disdainfully, “Will the war situation be reversed because of this small loss?”

“Maybe not , But maybe one less person will die in future wars!”

Beijing Xiaolu stepped forward halfway and shouted angrily. Looking at her expression, as if they would do anything at any time, all the guards surrounding her became nervous. They knew that if Bei Xiaolu attacked here, no one could stop him.

They looked towards Lin Xu for help, but Lin Xu remained silent.

The Qinglun City Lord officer also had the same idea as Bei Xiaolu, so he came to ask Jiang Runzhi why he did not pursue him. He also knew that chasing might have more advantages than disadvantages, but he just couldn’t bear corpses everywhere across the field.

“Sect Leader, this is not a place for you to express your sorrow and compassion!”

Jiang Runzhi shot down the coffee table next to him, and he was also quite excited.

These people questioned themselves over and over again. Has Jiang Runzhi ever felt this kind of anger? In Zhenxi Mansion, it was always his words, and no one refused to accept him.

“Do you think war can accommodate your little pity?” he roared.

“I don’t understand it, but I don’t think it’s wrong.”

I know that Jiang Runzhi is right, Bei Xiaolu’s imposing manner has weakened a bit, but she still stands firm. . Jiang Runzhi was too lazy to talk to Bei Xiaolu, and suddenly looked away.

“hmph, the opinion of women and children!” Paused, he said again, “If Sect Leader has nothing else to do, please go back and rest as soon as possible. Sect Leader, no matter what, this mansion is also a military commander. , And even the commander of the Imperial Court, and Sect Leader, although he has a great reputation, is only a civilian that’s all. He arbitrarily interferes in the war decision, but it is not a minor crime, and it is unreasonable.”

Jiang Runzhi started. To put the tea cup on the coffee table naturally means serving tea and seeing guests off.

Bei Xiaolu still seems to have no intention of giving up, but when the other party talks about this, if he continues to care about it, it will definitely become stale and even cause conflict.

In view of this, Lin Xu could no longer remain silent.

“General Jiang, Bei Sect Leader,” he stepped forward and intervened between the two, blocking Bei Xiaolu’s gaze towards Jiang Runzhi, “Both of them contribute to Qinglun City, both wanting To protect the people in our city and the safety of the Chinese dynasty, we all have great righteousness. How can we have infighting because of disagreement and give people an opportunity to take advantage of it?”

Lin Xu’s words can be described as not one drop of Water can leak out, neither Jiang Runzhi nor Bei Xiaolu should be able to find any rebuttals, but Bei Xiaolu didn’t make sense, and his eyes fell on Lin Xu.

“You shut up, my old lady didn’t talk to you!”

Jiang Runzhi, who had already been on this matter, heard that Bei Xiaolu still had no plans to calm down, and said coldly:


“If Sect Leader has to question the decision of this mansion in everything, although this mansion is in urgent need of military support, Beggars’ Sect dísciple ──huh, this mansion can’t afford it.”


If Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader refuses to obey the orders and question everything, these people may not have any positive effect if they stay here, so it is not surprising that Jiang Runzhi said this.

Moreover, Jiang Runzhi can’t help Bei Xiaolu at all, let alone serve the dísciple of Beggars’ Sect?

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