The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1118

“What do you mean?” Bei Xiaolu jumped with anger, “You mean we’re here for nothing, simply is redundant?”

“If it’s not redundant, just look at Bei Sect Leader’s Attitude, this Jiang, a soldier who refuses to obey orders and question everything, dare not use it even as a military god.”

Jiang Runzhi’s attitude is tough, but Bei Xiaolu is in a dilemma.

However, Bei Xiaolu is also stubborn, how can he deceive good and fear evil!

“Okay, in that case, it seems that our Beggars’ Sect will not come back, we will come and go there later, and don’t bother you to send it!”

She also gave it up.

Seeing that the situation was out of control, Lin Xu thought to himself how these two people were so energetic, and at the same time they hurriedly thought about countermeasures, but there was no good idea in a moment.

While Lin Xu was thinking about countermeasures, he did not know what Jiang Runzhi said, and the situation suddenly changed.

Bei Xiaolu suddenly pushed away the guards who surrounded her, rushed to Jiang Runzhi, and picked up his collar, unexpectedly lifted him up.

“You say it again?” Bei Xiaolu roared loudly.

Jiang Runzhi seemed to be taken aback by this, without any reaction. And Lin Xu didn’t hear what Jiang Runzhi said just now to stimulate Bei Xiaolu, and couldn’t say anything specifically for a moment.

“Bei Xiaolu, are you attacking the Imperial Court Commander?”

Even though his feet were already off the ground, Jiang Runzhi had no intention of giving in, but Lin Xu saw it , Saw that the opponent’s forehead did indeed shed cold sweat.

Beijing Xiaolu killed many officials, which is well known.

It is precisely because she has petitioned the people many times, and the officials killed have criminal facts and related evidence, so the Imperial Court will allow her to exist.

Therefore, no one can guarantee that Bei Xiaolu will impulsively hurt Jiang Runzhi here, because the word Imperial Court commander is never a body protection symbol in her eyes.

“Sect Leader, please wait!”

Lin Xu didn’t care about the countermeasures, and walked forward to separate the two, but Bei Xiaolu didn’t see anything. Movement, he was easily shaken away with Spiritual Qi.

“It’s none of your business, you don’t care!” Bei Xiaolu shouted fiercely.

What on earth did Jiang Runzhi say, angering Bei Sect Leader like this, don’t you know how to give in? Lin Xu frowned, there was really no way left. Even if he ordered the guards to step forward, they would not be an opponent of Bei Xiaolu.

There is no countermeasure, but the savior is here uninvited──

“Bei Xiaolu, what’s the use for you to be wild here?”

His question was mixed in the evening breeze.

Lin Xu hasn’t turned his head to see who is coming, but he has already seen Bei Xiaolu froze as if he had been tapped, and his body was still trembling unnaturally.

She turned her head after a meal, her face was already filled with cold sweat, as if she had seen a natural enemy.

At this time, Lin Xu also turned his head in doubt, but saw that the white pretty shadow was walking slowly at a light pace. No matter when I saw it, how many times I saw it, I had to be worshipped by this posture. Lin Xu secretly sighed the name of Hua Chao’s number one beauty.

Desolate and ethereal, lack of fireworks.

But from the seemingly peaceful purple eyes, a faint light and shadow can be seen, which means that her heart is not as smooth as her appearance.

“There are fish in the North Ming…you… why are you here?”

After swallowing hard, Bei Xiaolu asked in a vague way. Lin Xu glanced left and right, suddenly understood, and palmed with punches.

“Oh, so that’s how it is, Bei Sect Leader is afraid of the North Pluto seat!”

He accidentally said his thoughts, although he immediately covered his mouth, But Bei Xiaolu still stared fiercely. But I don’t know why, maybe because there are fishes in Beiming, her fiercely looks a bit like a small animal.

“You are carrying General Jiang, do you want to chopped him up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades?”

Beijing Youyu asked lightly, Bei Xiaolu listened to it again He turned his neck stiffly and looked over.

“This…isn’t it?”

Beijing Youyu sneered and asked her amusedly:

“Since you don’t want to take him chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, why are you holding him up?”


Bei Xiaolu hesitated for a moment, but let Jiang Runzhi go When he came down, he also helped him arrange his clothes without any apology.

Jiang Runzhi looked at everything silently, without saying a word, just signaled to Beiming Youyu nodded, grateful for her help. Beiming Youyu also nodded in response, without saying much, his eyes fell on Bei Xiaolu again.

“If there is nothing wrong, come with me, I want to ask you for help.”

After that, she turned around and left without waiting for any response from Bei Xiaolu.

Bei Xiaolu looked at her back, then at Jiang Runzhi, and then threw a threatening sentence:

“Surname Jiang, the old lady took this down! Be careful when you walk the night road to my old lady, be careful, dripping from the sky and dripping from the sky—”

“Not going yet, do you want to rub others’ food?”

Before finishing speaking, Beiming had a fish and stood still, turned sideways and urged Bei Xiaolu. Bei Xiaolu hearing this shook his whole body again, and chased him by a trot like a chicken with his head down.

She followed Beiming Youyu around the screen and left the side hall.

As soon as the two left, Lin Xu and the guards sighed in relief. Although the situation was almost out of control, fortunately, Beiming had fish in time, which finally prevented the situation from getting worse.

However, it can be expected that there will be many situations in the future.

“It’s really a headache…”

Lin Xu whispered, his eyes peeping at Jiang Runzhi’s expression.

The head coach of the Zhenxi Mansion did not look good, and he was slightly angry in the silence. Also, he dignified the first-class military attache, how has he ever been so insulted-he was mentioned in full view, and his feet were still off the ground.

There are so many disasters and hardships… Lin Xu thought and said goodbye to Jiang Runzhi.

Jiang Runzhi naturally didn’t keep his reason. He waved his hand and motioned for permission. Lin Xu didn’t wait for him to say anything, he gestured to the guards with his eyes, and quickly retreated.

As soon as the hall door was closed, there was a series of crisp explosions.

It must be because Jiang Runzhi took the innocent tea sets to vent. It seems that he also used a lot of patience just now to hold back the situation and not fall out.

Lin Xu sighed, thinking it would be better to go back and discuss with his wife about how to mediate in the middle.


Walking out of the side hall, Beiming Youyu walked in front of her, and walked to the room that Lin Xu arranged for her in the official mansion.

Beijing Xiaolu followed Beiming Youyu like a puppy. She couldn’t get the courage to speak several times, and walked her way silently, as if Beiming Yuyu did not speak for a day. She followed until the end of time one day.

Yes, she has never forgotten the tragic experience of Beiming Youyu who had taught her. So far, the psychological shadow has not diminished in the slightest. Whenever she sees Beiming Yuyu, she is like seeing The cat is the same as the mouse. She told herself to be more courageous, but she just couldn’t afford courage, and she was also very desperate and helpless!

So, Bei Xiaolu followed Beiming Youyu to the other party’s room.

“Come in.”

Beiming Youyu pushed open the door, leaving this sentence, and walked in without stopping. Bei Xiaolu hesitated for a while, and finally took a deep breath and followed in.

This room should be one of the guest rooms in the government.

However, it should be regarded as one of the more advanced guest rooms in the government. The decoration does not lose the atmosphere, but it is not luxurious, decorated with small ornaments of the minority ethnic groups in the Kunlun Mountains. In front of the window are garden bonsais of unknown species, adding a touch of Jiangnan charm to this exotic room.

When Beiming Youyu touched it from his arms, he found a magic talisman. She injected Spiritual Qi into the magic talisman, one end of the talisman ignited instantly, and she ignited the lamp in the room with the flame of the magic talisman.

In an instant, the room brightened up.

The tea is still warm, it should have been changed regularly by the maid of the government, Lin Xu still attaches great importance to the existence of fish in Beiming, and gives a certain amount of respect and courtesy.

Beiming Youyu raised the teapot, set up two tea cups, poured a cup for herself and Bei Xiaolu separately, and said coldly at the same time:

“Sue Kirin invented a charm It’s still very convenient… I saw her stupid hu hu before, didn’t expect she can make so many things. She asked me a while ago if I want something new made by her… What is it called? Well, it looks like a toilet…I heard that it is convenient and hygienic to use, but I am very excited, but the supporting project is a bit bigger, and I said to think about it, but I turned around and found that Lingyue Valley was gone.”

Speaking of the end, she stayed a bit, until the tea overflowed the tea cup and wet her own sleeves, she realized. Bei Xiaolu looked at the faint sadness on her face and sighed secretly:

“The matter of Lingyue Valley, my old lady is also very regretful…”

“Regret?” Beiming Youyu shook the head and made a please gesture, “I was lucky.”


Beijing Xiaolu who sat down obediently made a suspicious tone .

Beijing Youyu also sat down, holding a tea cup, taking a sip of tea with regret on his face.

“Lingyue Valley guards the narrow valley main road in the Kunlun Mountains. It should be the only main road from the Western Regions to Qinglun City that can be passed by many people.”

“Isn’t that the case?”

Bei Xiaolu was clever once, and noticed the other side’s words.

Beiming has fish shook the head, explaining:

“The spirit vein near the Lingyue Valley is complicated, and the spirit vein has surplus and decline between cycles and beginnings, and some spirits Once the vein is in decline, the original passage will be emptied and become a cave-like structure, and there is a passage like this near Lingyue Valley… This passage has been unknown until a few years ago… Northland I might have discovered this passage. I was there at the time, but I thought that although the other party was nearby, it might not have discovered the passage. Even if I intend to step up prevention in the future, several senior officials in my valley knew about it, but eventually it caused it. This disaster.”

Beijing Youyu narrowed his eyes, and there was a sparkle in the corner of his eyes, and his tone was full of self-blame and sadness.

“It was a catastrophe caused by my luck,” she said, asserting.

Bei Xiaolu was shocked, and didn’t expect that there was such an episode and accident in it. It was the first time that she saw a fish in Beiming like this, and she felt sad. She thought that Grandmaster also had a lot of powerless moments and felt sad.

She knew that she should comfort each other, but she didn’t know how to speak.

She is so stupid, she only knows that there is that sentence.

“Well… there are accidents in everything. When my old lady is betting on money, she always thinks that she will win the next one, but one after another, she always has a fluke, but she turns around and looks at the money bag. I was empty, and I was forced to write promissory notes and the like… My mother thinks this is normal-oh my god, my mother, I’m talking about farts?”

When I opened my mouth, I realized that I was saying unfathomable mystery, so Bei Xiaolu gave him two palms and pucked.

“Your fluke is at best losing all your money, but my fluke has killed those compatriots who absolutely trusted me – Bei Xiaolu, Lingyue Valley no longer exists.”


For some reason, just inexplicably angry, Bei Xiaolu got up excitedly, blurted out impulsively while patted the table.

“But you are not dead yet!” She rebuked.

The tea cup on the table fell because of the backlash just now, and the tea water flowed out, reflecting Beiming Youyu’s staring eyes. She probably never thought that Bei Xiaolu would blame herself so excitedly.

Tea drips along the edge of the table.

Bei Xiaolu himself was surprised by his behavior. She was too impulsive, but now that she had spoken, she might as well follow her inexplicable emotions:

“There are fish in the North Ming, you were once the only Great Grandmaster in the Hua Dynasty, Weiwu The body of the demon founded Lingyue Valley, and the various sects dare not say a word. Even the Imperial Court acquiesced to the existence of a martial demon Sect because of your defense of the country. How high-spirited and vigorous are you? There are many Grandmasters, and you are also one of the well-known figures. Who dares to say that it will win you? Lingyue Valley is indeed ruined. Then you were in such a difficult period, when various sects were so hostile to the martial monsters, You can still create Lingyue Valley. What difficulty is there if you build it now? Grandma, a bear, you just need to squeak, the old lady will not believe that Sue Kirin will not help you, the old lady will not believe that Zi Xuanzi can say no words! You have to reach out If you have your hand, someone will hold you back! Isn’t it?”

Beijing Xiaolu became more and more angry, and the mouth was foaming, and Beiming Youyu just stared at the pair and waved His eyes were staring at her, speechless.

“And what are you doing right now?” Bei Xiaolu already pointed at Beiming Youyu’s nose, “I feel sorry for myself here, catching my mother and spitting out bitterness? My mother doesn’t want to listen to your bitterness. Yeah! I just can’t see your weak look, you don’t deserve it! You don’t deserve this weak expression, my mother hasn’t cried yet! You are the Great Grandmaster of Hua Dynasty!”

Bei Ming Youyu is silent After a while, he said in a sad tone:

“…Even the Great Grandmaster can’t do everything.”

“Isn’t this as it should be by rights? “

Bei Xiaolu didn’t deny this, she said it was as it should be by rights. Beiming Youyu’s eyes, which had already dropped, were raised again in astonishment, surprise in their always calm eyes.

“You are not a god-no, even if you are a god, you can’t do anything wrong. Although you are strong or strong, Grandmaster still cannot surpass Heaven and Earth, so don’t be too arrogant! You can do a lot of things, but there must be some things that you can’t do, and just like that,’other people’ will exist.”

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