The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1119

She probably has a limit to her ability alone, so people need to unite and help each other.

“Bei Xiaolu ah Bei Xiaolu, you sometimes say something, but I don’t look at it once.”

Beijing Youyu put on a faint smile , Die will not expect that one day, I will be comforted by Bei Xiaolu – even more ironically, I faintly feel that the other party is reasonable.

“What do you mean—Uh, thank you for your appreciation.”

Bei Xiaolu was subconsciously annoyed, but when she realized that the person who was sarcastic was Beiming Yuyu, it looked like The punctured balloon shrank like a leak.

Bei Ming Youyu shook his head and laughed.

She thinks she is always alone, but in fact she has never been alone.

Yes, never.

Whether Qi Return to Origin or Ye Crow, whether it is happiness or pain, there is always someone by her side. Of course, she also had a time when she was truly alone, but she was not really nowhere to go, let alone after Lingyue Valley was established.

She has a home.

Although this family is facing destruction, as long as she is willing to reach out and ask for help, her friend will definitely shake her hand back and give her strength.

Yes, it’s like the little road in front of you──

“Little road, I want to ask you one thing, not as a Senior, nor as Lingyue As the Lord Gu Gu, I want to ask you one thing as a friend.”


Bei Xiaolu’s hair fluffed up in an instant, as if he could say ” pu”. She seemed to have never thought that Beiming Youyu would call herself her friend, and it is true that since she was taught by Beiming Youyu that time, she had been afraid of each other, so how could she have the idea of ​​becoming friends with him.

“Yes, my friend.” Beiming has fish nodded.

She is not really cold and arrogant, but the experience of being rejected for a long time made her not dare to happily happily to others that’s all, so she has always acted against others beyond a thousand li.

After confirming that he had not misheard, Bei Xiaolu suddenly became proud, and even his chest straightened unconsciously.

“Yeah, friends…Yes, yes, we are friends, hey!” Bei Xiaolu wiped his nose, “Since it’s a friend… well… I can’t listen to you. Request.”

She patted her breasts, “If my old lady can do it, my old lady is absolutely obligatory.”

There are fish in Beiming serving tea. The expression is complicated, but quickly Put it down again.

“In this matter, I hope you will be cautious and prudent, think twice and consider thoroughly, before deciding whether to agree or not, I have a bad feeling.”

“So solemn?” Bei Xiaolu frowned.

“Beijing Xiaolu, remember, I am asking you as a friend, not a Grandmaster or the Lord of the Valley of Lingyue Valley.”

What do you mean? Bei Xiaolu tilted his head, wondering what the difference was.

“I mean, the person I am requesting is not Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader, but Bei Xiaolu himself.”


Bei Xiaolu vaguely understood that the fact that Beiming had fish is a personal request, so it has nothing to do with Lingyue Valley.

“Okay, my old lady got it, first tell me what’s the matter, otherwise my old lady doesn’t know how to characterize it?”

Beijing Xiaolu is a little confused, She likes Beiming Youyu to be more direct, and it would be better if the other party could change the tone of command.

“I will ask you to send someone to the realm of Martial Demon.”

“Realm of Martial Demon?” This request was a little beyond Bei Xiaolu’s expectation.

“Well, I have a bad hunch… I can’t tell what is really weird or bad, but…”

There are fish in Beiming Hesitated, closed his eyes and thought, but didn’t find the right words.

“I need you to tell Xihe about the situation in Lingyue Valley.” She hesitated and said such a sentence.

Bei Xiaolu rubbed his smooth chin, frowning deeply. She had known about Lingyuegu a long time ago, and felt quite resentful and sympathetic about it. That Sect, who has kept the main road for the Hua Dynasty for so long, will be destroyed. As a beneficiary, how can she feel pity?

“The Martial Demon Realm should be under the invasion and attack of the Bharata army, can she take care of it? You want Xihe to help find the remnants of Lingyue Valley, is my mother correct? “

Beijing has a fish nod, and said:

“Yes, I have to ask you for this. Although General Jiang has already sent someone, but…I Some can’t believe him.”

“General Jiang?” Bei Xiaolu didn’t have much impression of this name.

Beijing Youyu sneered, showing contemptuous eyes, lightly said:

“Bei Xiaolu, you are also capable, and you are also very horizontal… General Jiang is you just The one who was treated rudely, he is the commander of the Zhenxi Mansion.”


Bei Xiaolu was angry and couldn’t help but pat the desk. The tea sets on the table flicked up for a while, but they didn’t really tip over.

“You mean that bun?”


“Counseling bag.”

so that’s how it is , Beiming Youyu came to understand and complied funny: “It’s the bun in your mouth.” She raised her slender legs and exposed a large piece of snow from the skirt.

“What’s wrong with that guy?”

Beijing Xiaolu didn’t know much. Although she was angry at the fact that the opponent retired, she had only one side with the opponent.

It’s true that Jiang Runzhi, as the commander of the Zhenxi Mansion, has a great reputation, and there are many rumors about him, but these rumors are generally neutral and positive, but there are no negatives. Locally, at best, there were rumors that he was lustful.

But apart from this, there will be no more scandals.

Bei Xiaolu didn’t know how to define Jiang Runzhi. The impression in his heart was that he was timid and fearful. He didn’t chase when he should be chased, which wasted the sacrifice of Beggars’ Sect.

“I can’t trust him, but I can’t give any evidence, but my instinct tells me that he is not trustworthy. Do you know what I mean? Bei Xiaolu.”

Bei Xiaolu seems to know but not understand, but she often feels this way, so she can barely understand.

“That counseling bag is indeed not very impressive…” Bei Xiaolu leaned on the back of the chair and put all the weight on it, “Okay, I understand.”


She lifted her chest.

“The old lady will pass on the nearby sub-rudder, and let them send people into the martial demon realm to notify Xihe girl.”

“I’m pleased to you.” Beiming Youyu Grateful.

“Fine, it’s a trivial thing!”

Bei Xiaolu unconsciously raised her shelf and waved her hand impatiently, but Beiming Youyu didn’t seem to care too much. Look like.

“The old lady will also notify other sub-helmets, mainly in the northwest and west. The old lady asks them to pay more attention to whether there are martial monsters in trouble, as far as possible to shelter them, and notify them to walk outside. Pay more attention to the dísciple… Hey, you martial demon, although the situation in the Hua Dynasty has improved a lot, but it has not improved much, I am afraid that some people will attack them.”

With the promotion of Sue Kirin, the four factions of the Five Great Sects made a covenant to restrain the dísciple from harming the Martial Demons and cancel the trial of the Martial Demons, but this does not mean that other Sect Disciple or Other forces are not interesting to the martial demons, after all, the existence of half human half beasts has many aspects of high value. Rao is in the Five Great Sects, and there is also a dísciple that can’t hold good thoughts to the martial monster.

And most of the martial arts are handsome and beautiful.

Many brothel or high school children will have one or two martial demon concubines and prostitutes. In this case, Lingyuegu and Five Great Sect can’t get involved too much. You must know that there are even people. In this case, even more how are the subtle martial arts.

“Then please.”

It is still a thank you, but it can be seen that Beiming Youyu has indeed laid down a lot of burden. Beggars’ Sect is the World’s First big gang, with power all over the north and south of the Chinese dynasty, and a large number of helpers. With them, the success rate and efficiency of finding the surviving martial demon in Lingyue Valley should be the highest.

If possible, Beiming Youyu would like to ask the Xia Family business.

However, although the official post with her personal letter has already set off, she is not sure whether Xia Xue is still staying in the Heavenly Jade Palace under the circumstances of several battles.

──No, most likely are already not in.

“Do you have any news about Sue Kirin?”

Thinking about it, the question has already left.

I heard that Beiming Youyu asked, but Bei Xiaolu was not surprised, because Sue Kirin and Beiming Youyu are also very good friends, so it is understandable that Beiming Youyu cares about Sue Kirin. .

She showed a pensive expression:

“Well… Taoist Sect seems to have set off to the Western Regions, while Beggars’ Sect is here in the northwest. My mother guessed Heavenly Jade. If the palace is also on the front line, they should go to the north.”

“Northern Domain?” Beiming Youyu thought about the name of the region, and suddenly frowned, seemingly worried, “Northern invades Northern Domain, the leader will obviously be Canglin, and I don’t know if she can please her.”

“I heard that there is a Grandmaster in Northland?”

Beijing Xiaolu heard about it in his early years. Past this news.

“It is probably also in the Northern Domain. It is said that my disciple said that Lingyue Valley was destroyed by the three Grandmasters… Besides Canglin and Jialan, there is probably Ajslane.”

Beijing Yuyu fiercely had to clenched Xiaguan tightly, her face covered with frost. She is not a great man, she must be seeking revenge on these three people. She was able to stay here to support Zhenxi Mansion, largely because Jialan was here.

If you don’t kill her, how can you sweep away the hatred in your heart?

Perhaps the killing intent from Beiming Yuyu is too strong, Bei Xiaolu instinctively shrank his shoulders and held his breath. After realizing it, Beiming Youyu realized that his fist had already been clenched. She loosened her fist silently and grabbed the killing intent.

“Then I will ask you for the matter just now. I owe you a favor.”

Bei Ming Youyu said calmly.

“What kind of human affection!” Bei Xiaolu suddenly patted his chest, “Since you are a friend as an old woman, let’s not say who owes someone the favor. Don’t worry, your business is on the old woman! “

“Everything is bothering you.”

When I said this thank you, Beiming Youyu actually stood up, folded his hands on his belly, and solemnly walked towards Bei Xiaolu. Bowed slightly.

She will give such a big gift to Junior as Senior, which proves how much she cares about Lingyue Valley.

And Bei Xiaolu, who had this instinct, was stunned on the spot, unexpectedly, but when she reacted, she panicked, and then she got up and waved her hand indiscriminately. Her excitement even made her knock down the chair underneath.

For a while, Bei Xiaolu didn’t even know whether to go to hold a chair or go to Fubei Ming to have a fish.

“Hey, don’t bow to my old lady! If it is spread out, how will others treat my old lady? If you want to thank my old lady, you should wait until the next time my old lady offends you, don’t use your tail again Just shoot my old lady’s ass!”

Beijing Xiaolu casually revealed the past of being “punished” by Beiming Youyu in the past. Beiming Yuyu startedled first, and then asked amusedly: “Are you really afraid of me?”

Suddenly, Bei Xiaolu was nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

“Dignified Beggars’ Sect Sect Leader, Fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth’s Bei Xiaolu, but I am afraid that there will be a fish in the North Ming, speaking of which is also funny.”

North Ming Youyu sneered with a faint smile. Although Bei Xiaolu had some complaints in his heart, he could only accept it silently in frustration.

Seeing her like this, the corners of Beiming Youyu’s mouth became even higher.

“Haven’t you eaten yet?”

Bei Ming Youyu turned around and walked outside the room, seemingly leaving these words inadvertently. Bei Xiaolu was stunned again, it took a full ten seconds to react, but he ran after him without thinking.

At this time, the silhouette of a fish in Beiming just disappeared behind the moon gate.

Bei Xiaolu hurryed up, and finally caught up with Beiming Youyu, and replied nervously:

“No, not yet…”

“That’s fine, let’s go Cengfan, I guess there are chicken legs you love.”

Beijing has fish look steadily forward and nodded, and what he said is called Bei Xiaolu, which is a bit unbelievable for a while.

She will eat rice too? Bei Xiaolu has this question in his mind.

“I spent a lot of time at Heavenly Jade Palace, especially Sue Kirin’s small stove. Master Qi’s cooking is very good. I especially like watching me grab Sue Kirin’s favorite dishes. She dares to be angry I don’t dare to speak.”

Bei Ming Youyu said lightly, as if the matter itself was nothing remarkable.

However, when Bei Xiaolu on the side listened, his body felt cold again, and he told himself again not to offend Beiming Youyu.


Walking from the tower to both sides, you can see the scene of “bamboo among plum blossoms”.

On the city wall and behind the female wall, the soldiers stood guard in uniform for a second, guarding the army of Northland that might attack at any time, and next to every guard standing soldier, there was a fellow leaning against the female. The wall dies.

Even if they have fallen asleep, they are wearing military uniforms and holding weapons. Only in this way, once the enemy attacked, they could be ready to fight as soon as possible.

After successfully repelling the army of the Northland guarding at the southern exit, due to the drop in security level, some soldiers on the building wall were allowed to rest on the spot and prepared to replace those still on guard in the near future. companion. Among them, because they want to facilitate the alternation, these soldiers are in teams of two, one resting and the other standing guard.

So, from the top of the tower, they are like a pair of “concave and convex” combinations, with plum blossoms and bamboo on both sides.

──This is quite an interesting sight.

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