The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1120

Led by King Ning, led by Qin Shiyu, a team of only a few hundred people left was sent into Bei’an City under the escort of thousands of evil heavy riders. The chief official of Bei’an City led several core officials to welcome King Ning who returned home in triumph and Qin Shiyu who ventured in to break through.

This chief official is a prefect, named ── Cheng Liao.

He is the chief official of the Northern Domain’s first and second lines of defense. The division of the two lines of defense in the administrative area belongs to the same district. According to the administrative scope, this chief official is He is the chief executive of these two lines of defense.

However, the Northern Domain includes a half government and long-term wars, so the bureaucracy is still a bit chaotic. This is still more effective under the governance of Qin Shiyu and King Ning. Linked administrative system.

Cheng Liao has thoughtful arrangements.

He made arrangements for the wounded soldiers and prepared enough medical supplies, so the wounded soldiers in the old part of Zhenbei Prefecture and the wounded Heavenly Jade Palace dísciple can receive the treatment they deserve right away. .

In addition, he also arranged a place for the rest of the characters.

Under Qin Shiyu’s acquiescence, Gong Tianqing and Qi Qiqi respectively arranged for the former department of Zhenbeifu and Heavenly Jade Palace disciples to go to rest first, but as the commander, Qi Qiqi and Gong Tianqing could not go to bed immediately. But as Qin Shiyu and King Ning came to the tower, a military meeting with Cheng Liao and other officials immediately started.

Yes, although it repelled the Northland army entrenched in Bei’an City and the second line of defense, this does not mean that the current situation has improved a lot, and it can be taken lightly. It is precisely because of the difficulty that the deadlock was caused, and it is only at this time that we should be more prepared to strive to expand the chance of victory and further open this gap.

Because they all understand this, neither King Ning, Mrs. Ning, nor Qin Shiyu, Qi Qiqi, and Gong Tianqing have any communication. Based on their understanding of the current situation, they Came to the tower here tacitly.

Participants in the meeting are also related to Qi and several generals.

As for Sue Kirin, Shui Yuner, Xia Xue, Li Wanting and the others, they have different choices. Li Wanting is a workaholic, so she immediately devoted herself to the resettlement of organ weapons, and there were some new organ weapons in Bei’an City that had not had time to adjust, so Li Wanting naturally couldn’t be idle.

And Xia Xue didn’t have much burden. She went directly to the yard arranged by Cheng Liao to take a bath and change clothes. I think she would definitely fall asleep afterwards.

Shui Yun’er and Tianji’s ideas are much simpler, she just needs to follow Sue Kirin.

Although Sue Kirin is a little tired, she feels a little can’t get down, so she followed Qi Qiqi’s entire group and came to the tower, leaning on the window and looking left and right. She didn’t know much about military knowledge, nor did she participate in military meetings, so she had to stay on the collapsed window next to the city building, yawning frequently and boredly.

Tianji has fallen asleep long ago.

“Hey, I really envy you for not having any trouble…”

Sue Kirin retracted his head from the window and turned to sit down. Shui Yuner laughed on the side, pouring a cup of tea for Sue Kirin, and bringing the tea cup to her.


Sue Kirin took the tea, sipped a cup of tea, and couldn’t help drinking it all. The warm tea was poured into the stomach, and there was a sense of satisfaction that cold water could not match, which was enough to relieve Sue Kirin’s fatigue a lot.

She still has some injuries, but as a Grandmaster, she has been treated with spell again, and she is almost healed. However, physical strength and Spiritual Qi cannot be recovered in a short while.

The most notable thing is the clothes she wears.

Obviously, many places were scratched by Cang Rin during the battle, but at this moment, it has been restored to completeness. This is all due to the technique of woven silk thread into the clothes.

“One more cup.”

Sue Kirin asked Shui Yun’er to pour tea for herself, trying to fill her vomit with the warmth of the tea.

After another cup, she opened her mouth and let out a hot breath. Even if it is already spring, but the ice and snow have not melted cleanly yet, the temperature is not so pleasant.

On the other side of the screen, Qi Qiqi and the others are faintly talking about it. It seems that they are still in the process of proposing a plan and then arguing for exclusion. It may take some time to reach a consensus.

“Beian City is not as badly damaged as I thought…”

Sue Kirin glanced at a pillar, holding a silver sword screen, closing his eyes The calming silver screen opened the chatterbox at the same time.

“The city wall of Bei’an is thick and thick, and there are King Ning and Xie Xie heavy riding mounts, presumably Northland can’t find much good.”

Shui Yuner lightly analyzed , She also seemed to trust King Ning’s abilities quite a bit, and she didn’t know whether the basis was derived from rumors or other sources.

“Furthermore, it is estimated that Elder Sister Li’s organ weapons have also contributed a lot as a fortification.”

Shui Yuner added another sentence.

“The organ weapon that Xiaoting studied is indeed huge formidable power.”

Sue Kirin proudly nodded, Li Wanting can achieve such an achievement, she is also quite happy as an “elder” .

“Elder Sister Li is indeed capable.” Shui Yuner was also a little admired.

Sue Kirin did not continue to answer, because there was nothing left to say. In the silence, she teased Tianji, making the latter wrinkle his nose with a disgusting expression.

“Their meeting may have to be held until morning.”

“Yes…” Shui Yuner sighed and took it from the soldier who came in suddenly to deliver food. Put the tray on the coffee table between her and Sue Kirin, “After all, things are piled up like a mountain. How to deal with the army of the North is also a difficult question. I think it will take a certain amount of time…”

“Everything is discussed, but I hope Qin Shiyu won’t make any scary ideas.”

Sue Kirin is really scared.

She followed Qin Shiyu all the way to kill, and she didn’t know how many times she was put in the situation of nine deaths and still alive. She was really afraid that because of Qin Shiyu’s aggressive strategy, she and her loved ones would die in battle.

By then, she really didn’t know how to face Qin Shiyu.

“Her Highness the Princess is not a god either, she can’t always take care of some things.” Shui Yuner spoke for Qin Shiyu.

“Hey, Xiaoyun, did you turn your arm out of the way?”

Sue Kirin grumbled, and Shui Yun’er covered his mouth with his sleeve and giggled. Laughed. The clothes on her were a little damaged, and they couldn’t be repaired automatically like Sue Kirin’s clothes. Only the cloak borrowed from Mrs. Ning Wang could temporarily cover the leaking spring.

“Little Master, you can eat some too.”

Shui Yuner, who had already picked up the chopsticks and brought the side dishes to her mouth, greeted Sue Kirin and said. These small dishes should have been arranged by King Ning, and the soldier who delivered the dishes also delivered some small dishes to the conference table, indicating that the people inside had already planned to fight for a long time.

“If it weren’t for fear that they would ask me anything, I would have gone to bed long ago.”

Sue Kirin complained and picked up chopsticks to pick up dishes.

“Little Master, if you are really tired, take a short break here. If there is something for you, I won’t be too late to wake you up.”


“Farewell, it would be uncomfortable to be interrupted in the middle of sleep.” Sue Kirin rejected Shui Yuner’s kindness.

Shui Yun’er did not force him to mention this matter again.

As if trying to relieve Sue Kirin, a scream suddenly came from the other end of the screen.

“Absolutely not!”

“Are you crazy? Yuer!”

“Please think twice!”

These three exclamations sounded almost at the same time, and Sue Kirin could distinguish the voices of Qi Qiqi and Princess Ning mixed in them. There were some voices from officials, but Sue Kirin could not recognize who was with whom.

“Could it be Qin Shiyu’s amazing strategy again, right?”

Sue Kirin whispered helplessly, and glanced at Shui Yun’er, and saw The doubts in each other’s eyes, but Tianji still slept in hu hu.

But, apart from cry out in surprise, there is no more sound.

Sue Kirin decided to look at the situation in the past, so she put on her shoes and collapsed, but Shui Yun’er did not keep up, holding vegetables in each minding their own business quietly, somewhat uncharacteristically.

──Sue Kirin is not surprising.

Shui Yun’er seems to want to keep a certain distance from Princess Ning, and when King Ning saw her, his expression was a bit weird. Obviously there are many articles in it, but both sides seem to have a tacit understanding, not at all debunked it, and Sue Kirin did not ask.

Go around the screen and see a few people sitting around the table, only to find that they are in a state of confrontation.

The Battle Armor has been removed, but Qin Ju, King Ning, who is still in a uniform, sits high in the main seat, with eyes folded over his chest, his face is steady, and he can’t see any thoughts.

And Qi Qiqi, Princess Ning and Cheng Liao stood up and stared at Qin Shiyu with shocked expressions.

Well, it really is Qin Shiyu who has any ideas! Sue Kirin secretly sighed then said, and didn’t really walk over, but just found a corner to sit in and listen.

The number of countries on the table is limited, and many generals are unknown, and can only stand near the table to participate in the meeting. When several generals saw her, they also gave up space one after another, and naturally respected her very much.

After all, in addition to the identity of the Grandmaster, Sue Kirin still has the main battle strength of Thousand Man Squad Wu to break through. How can they not give due respect to each other because they are petite and female? The principle of powerhouse is respected is absolutely feasible in the military, especially the Northern Domain military.

“Snow Lord, there is a low chair here. Would you like to sit on it?”

An old general who seemed to be greeted and said that he also He didn’t know the wooden low chair from there, but he was sitting there.

“Ah, thanks, I’ll be fine.”

Seeing the other person over fifty or sixty, wearing a Battle Armor, Sue Kirin is tired sorry for his kindness. She is also a Grandmaster anyway, so she won’t be burdened to stand.

However, the veteran general was terrifying with enthusiasm, and she was finally defeated by the opponent’s hard and soft, and she was forced to sit down. The general in front of Sue Kirin automatically moved away voluntarily, freeing her vision.

“Hey, thank you so much.” Sue Kirin expressed his gratitude to the Old General.

The situation at the other end seemed to ease down in silence. The three people who stood up probably knew that their reaction was too agitated and it was not conducive to the continued discussion, so they sat down.

Then the situation changed again.

Suddenly dull but clear footsteps came from outside the gate of the tower, and people’s attention was suddenly shifted. The owner of the footsteps trot for a while, quickly, and soon stepped into the tower and appeared around the screen.

“Report! The North Army returns ahead! Call out the camp!”

One-knee kneels came down, and the evil heavy rider immediately arched his hands to report the enemy’s situation ahead. King Ning, with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, and a violent light appeared in his eyes.

Although the cavalry did not specify the exact location of the attack, that sentence of “return” is enough to make King Ning and the others understand that the attack was exactly where the North Kingdom army was repelled. In order to prevent the Northern Kingdom from returning, the secluded evil heavy cavalry once again occupied a strategic location, blocked the entry and exit of Bei’an City, and was establishing a defensive stronghold.

The attacked place is probably the stronghold being built.

“What is the size of the enemy?” King Ning solemnly asked.

As if it were an appointment, Qin Shiyu immediately asked:

“Types of arms? Do you have any weapons?”

“Go back to your highnesses “Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry is anxious and not chaotic.” There are about a thousand people who came here. They are all Qingqi, without any siege weapons!”

“Qingqi?” Qin Shiyu raised his eyebrows, “Is it already Launch an offensive.”

“Not yet.”

The remote evil heavy cavalry also seems to have doubts, “The North Kingdom’s troops are just calling for battle, and they have not attacked for a long time. It’s been several times, and they have slowed down Sri Lanka’s intention to build a camp, and they don’t know what the intention is.”

“The strategy of tired soldiers.”

“Harassment Right.”

Ning Wang and Qin Shiyu came to a conclusion almost at the same time.

“The North Country’s move was largely to delay our progress in establishing a stronghold, and at the same time, it wanted to implement a strategy of exhaustion in order to create more weak spots for funeral.”

Ning Wang frowns gave everyone an analysis of the meaning of Northland.

Qin Shiyu, Gong Tianqing, and Qi Qiqi also meant the same. The other generals also felt reasonable after hearing this. They quickly qualitatively determined the return of the Northern Kingdom.

To attack a place where there are thousands of remote evil heavy knights, just a thousand people is definitely not enough.

However, they have to be completely alert. As long as the opponent has any movement, one’s own side also needs to beware. Therefore, the main purpose of the other party should be to increase the burden and consumption of the evil heavy riders. Their physical strength and spirit, while further harassing their progress in establishing a stronghold.

Then how to deal with it?

“Send soldiers to pull them out.” Princess Ning said without saying a word, but she was quite courageous.


Wang Ning shook his head and denied his wife’s proposal, and people’s attention was again focused on the actual supreme official.

“The speed of our horses is inferior to that of Beiguo Qingqi, and because of the heavy equipment, the speed of a good horse is not comparable to that of Beiguo Qingqi. As long as we cannot approach silently, the other party will definitely pull Keep a long distance and look for opportunities. This king does not want to be led by Qingqi from the North to run.”

“Six Imperial Uncle is not bad.”

Qin Shiyu also agreed with Ning. As soon as she opened up Wang’s train of thought, people’s eyes moved to her again, but she did not explain.

“Her Highness the Princess, according to what you said, how should we act?”

A general was anxious, so he leaned forward and asked.

“it’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives!” Qin Shiyu has a certain number in his chest, “Send someone to the north and harass another North Country camp. Um, find A few loud enough, go to their camp to sing a few songs, drag some wood, create a situation where our army is under pressure, scare them, tease them, and if they dare to leave the camp, they will retreat. “

Qin Shiyu’s strategy can be said to be rogue enough.

However, this is also A Tooth For A Tooth! Sue Kirin felt that this was a relief, and he didn’t care if this countermeasure was on the stage.

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