The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1121

After receiving the approval of King Ning, the uncommon evil heavy rider obeyed his orders.

Presumably, the army of the North Kingdom who held the exit from Bei’an City to the north would be furious, because Qin Shiyu did not target their companions, but sent people to harass them. From a certain perspective, they are considered innocent.

But who cares? It’s all enemies anyway.

“Qin Shiyu is not afraid of losing his life…” Sue Kirin’s tone is somewhat eccentric.

“ha ha ha, I am afraid you are not quite clear. Your Highness, she always likes to mention some stunned tactics, we are all okay.” That old general Speaking of this, he suddenly slapped his knees, “Hey! Those guys in Zhenbei Mansion often show us what weird orders have been given to them by your Highness. Let us guess! It’s just that we are not your Highness!”

This is also worth showing off? Sue Kirin was dumbfounded.

“Will King Ning be okay?” she asked smoothly.

“His Royal Highness Ning is kind, is there any bad reason?”

The veteran has a firm collar and is grateful. From here alone, Sue Kirin can know what kind of existence King Ning really is for his soldiers. Well, sometimes you don’t need much words.

“However, His Royal Highness Ning is serious, occasionally a little bit is missing…Um…what should I say?”

The veteran general made gestures, eating Two fingers pinched vacantly, seeming to express a little meaning.

“Interesting?” Sue Kirin tried to continue.

Beside is still making other discussions on how to deal with Northland’s harassment tactics. Qin Shiyu and the others still seem to want to expand the results even if the primary countermeasures have been made. Qin Shiyu has not mentioned a surprising plan just now.

“Yes, yes, but it lacks some fun.”

The old general happily stroked his long goatee. He solemnly declared, “However, the old man still likes to stay under His Highness.”

paused, he sighed again and said:

“He is a kind leader Not only for us soldiers, but also for the people who are very kind. The rewards and punishments are clearly distinguished without losing human consideration, and everything is for our consideration. Isn’t the palaces of other princes and princes majestic and extremely luxurious? Can Ning His Royal Highness has even changed his wealth, just to help the people, and Princess Ning is also a good man… Hey! The old man is really dead and no regrets if he can contribute to these two.”

It’s really naked. Renjun template! Sue Kirin thought silently, and couldn’t catch up with her. She was not familiar with King Ning’s personality, and even rarely heard news and rumors about him.

This is actually a bit strange.

In theory, Ning Wang Rende is like this. There must be many rumors in the market, but Sue Kirin has rarely heard of it. Among them, there should be some reason to avoid suspicion.

Sue Kirin thought, and responded:

“King Naning is really good…” She looked at that calmly sitting on the main seat, Motionless As Mountains Man.

Then, she looked towards the veteran general:

“But it doesn’t matter if you don’t listen?” She was referring to the discussion on the other side.

“The old man is the one who is in charge of the granary. Why do you listen to this?” The veteran blew his beard, disapproving, “If your Royal Highness has something to entrust to the old man, there will definitely be formal instructions, so The old man doesn’t need to worry too much, as long as you do your part. The old man believes that His Royal Highness Ning will consider and arrange very thoughtfully.”

“Hey, I hope it’s not an excuse for you to be lazy. “

Sue Kirin teased the other party, but the veteran general just glanced at her, each minding their own business stroking his beard.

“By the way, what happened just now?” Sue Kirin didn’t forget what was going on. “When I came, didn’t they all stand up? Did Qin Shiyu propose something? Shocking proposal?”

“Well, it seems so.” The veteran trembled his eyebrows. “However, the old man didn’t hear it just now.”

This guy is OK. Can not do it? Sue Kirin was sweating helplessly on his forehead.

However, the generals present are not all the same as the veteran generals-it is better to say that the veteran general is a special case, he has a kind of leisure that can only be experienced through the vicissitudes of life.

“Xue Zunzuo, your Royal Highness really made a very amazing proposal just now.”

The answer to Sue Kirin was a young general standing behind her. He was about thirty How old, looking at the deep silhouette, it seems that he is not a person from the Chinese dynasty, nor a person from the North.

Will it be a minority person? Sue Kirin thought.

Northern Domain is a peculiar place, with the ethnic groups of the North and the people of the Chinese dynasty. It seems to be a buffer zone between the Chinese dynasty and the North. The cultural integration is also quite obvious. For the people of China, it is a place full of exotic, but not completely unfamiliar.

“What scary plan did she propose?”

“This…” The young general hesitated for a while, and finally hesitated, “The general doesn’t know if Princess is serious. Yes, but she seems to want light soldiers to go straight to the royal court of the northern kingdom.”

“Go straight to the northern court?”

Sue Kirin was taken aback and somewhat I don’t understand what I heard. She rubbed the temple, shook her head, and asked again in disbelief:

“Wait, you say it again? Where do you want to go straight?”

“The king of the North Court.” The young general said clearly.

Sue Kirin only then confirmed that he had heard not at all and stood up all at once.

“Oh my God! Qin Shiyu are you crazy?!” She couldn’t help yelling.

The shouts reverberated, and all eyes were focused on this girl who was in the group of generals, this very petite, like the sunken part.

“Sue Kirin, you are an insult to the Imperial Family, you are offended.”

Qin Shiyu himself didn’t mind very much, and he also joked leisurely. Sue Kirin is not afraid of these charges. Is it possible that the other party will send soldiers to arrest her? What she cares more about is whether Qin Shiyu really proposed such a plan.

“Qin Shiyu, I’ll ask you!” Sue Kirin simply got up and walked forward, with Qin Shiyu big eyes staring at small eyes, “Did you just propose to go straight to the king of Northland? Court?”

Sue Kirin rarely cares about these things, but she still knows exactly what the Northern King’s Court is. The Northern King’s Court is equivalent to the Imperial Palace in the capital of China, and it is also the place where the Northern King is located.

“Isn’t it simple to catch the thief and the king first?” Qin Shiyu replied solemnly.

Her tone is so plain that Sue Kirin doesn’t know how to make it happen.

“You…” She was speechless with anger.

Qiqiqi came over, “Kirin, don’t get excited yet.” She said so, obviously she was also an excited member just now.

Sue Kirin took a look at her, and finally calmed down a bit after taking a deep breath, but Qin Shiyu disdainfully said:

“What do you think I am Is this going to die?”

Qin Shiyu cast a contemptuous look at Sue Kirin, as if she felt that she had no guts.

“You…!” Sue Kirin was annoyed, and the scene of life and death with Qin Shiyu before appeared one after another, “Aren’t you too risky like this? Fortunately, I don’t care about you again and again.” Yes!”

“Look at what you said,” Qin Shiyu said with a smile, “If this palace is so unfortunate, you may be killed by the carriage when you go out.”

This guy Is it a “Fifty Fifty-Fiftyist”? Sue Kirin was speechless.

“The Northern Kingdom is attacking with all the power of the whole country, and the rear must defend against the emptiness. At this time, the Northern Kingdom is temporarily delayed after a surprise attack. Obviously knowing that too seeking instant benefit cannot easily take down the Hua Dynasty… The strategic depth is deep enough, they will certainly not be able to swallow the Chinese dynasty all at once. Their goal is to slowly invade the Chinese dynasty. This battle may not be over in a short while. If you want to end this war as soon as possible, Only a big victory—a big victory enough to shake the Northern Kingdom can quickly end the battle. The three countries come to attack, and our Hua Dynasty can’t afford it.”

Qin Shiyu doesn’t have much to do with China’s third-line war. Great hope. She explained:

“In the past few years, the emperor of this palace…you know, the Chinese dynasty is very consumptive. In many aspects, it is not as good as the previous situation. How long do you think the power of a country can endure? Even if it can be supported, the space will definitely be compressed and a lot of land will be lost.”

Is it true? Sue Kirin is not so sure.

“It’s exactly what Yu’er said.” Maybe he noticed Sue Kirin’s thoughts, and Qin Ju took the initiative to speak calmly.

“King Ning, do you agree with Qin Shiyu’s plan?”

Sue Kirin is curious about King Ning’s attitude.

In addition, she had a hunch that Qin Shiyu would probably listen to King Ning’s opinion, after all, she regarded him as her own father. If King Ning did not allow it, Qin Shiyu would probably not be able to easily execute this risky strategy.

“This king agrees with Yu’er’s ideas, but her plan is too risky.”

Fortunately, King Ning seems to be on the side of Sue Kirin.

“Six Imperial Uncle!”

Probably he did not expect King Ning to object, Qin Shiyu’s eyes stared slightly.

“Yu’er, calm down.”

Ning Wang looked at Qin Shiyu, his eyes calm, with an irresistible power. Qin Shiyu said something, but was blocked by the other’s eyes.

“Six Imperial Uncle, do you think we can stick to it?”

Qin Shiyu was not convinced, even a little angry.

“I didn’t deny your idea, but… there is a problem. You want a few people to attack the royal court of the Northern Kingdom──” King Ning’s eyes turned to Sue Kirin for a while, “You definitely need the Snow Venerable Seat Help. And can you persuade Xue Zunzuo to watch it with you again? It’s ambiguity, and Northern Domain has lost the Grandmaster. Once the other party learns this news, how will this king and the palace Great General face the two? Grandmaster?”

Qin Shiyu didn’t think about this question, so in the face of King Ning’s question, she almost answered quickly:

“Send troops to solve the siege of Ninglan City , Give up the first two lines of defense and shrink your forces.”

“You are betting! A big bet!”

The seemingly light answer, but made King Ning stared wide annoyed. -eyed.

“Your tactics are not unacceptable, but this time it’s not just a Northern Domain or your life! Do you dare to take this kind of attention? And, how do you understand Siege of Lancheng?”

“We have Sue Kirin here.” Qin Shiyu replied.

Sue Kirin hearing this is another moment of depression, how come it falls on me again? Shouldn’t she let herself go to solve the siege of Ninglan City? Qi Qiqi and Gong Tianqing seemed to think of the same place, and they wanted to speak, but they were stopped by Qin Shiyu’s raised palm.

“Our north and south sides have indeed been blocked by the army of the North, but…there is no mountain range on both sides.”

“You want to go over the mountain?” King Ning frowned deeply.

The so-called natural danger is precisely because the mountain range surrounding Bei’an City is quite steep. It is not a problem for a small group of troops to climb over this mountain, but it is extremely unreasonable for the troops that can solve the siege of Ninglan to climb over these two steep mountain ranges. There is bound to be a loss.

On the other hand, how the horses should be transported is also a problem.

To use a small number of troops to break the siege of Ninglan City, the organ weapons must be used, and the elites of Bei’an City are heavy cavalry. How should the heavy cavalry climb the mountain? It doesn’t make sense at all.

Moreover, this matter probably needs to be carried out silently.

“It’s too dangerous.”

Qin Shiyu is not a fool, so she naturally knows the truth, so she seems to have another solution. She took a deep breath and said in a deep voice:

“My palace is going to penetrate the mountain range!”

Without a word, she was silent for an instant.

People are terrifying calmly, thinking it will take some time to understand what Qin Shiyu’s words mean. She wants to punch through the mountain range, who can think of such a thing? How much manpower and material resources are needed to dig through the mountain range? This incident itself can only be described as “unbelievable”.

“You want me to dig a tunnel for you?” she asked blankly.

“Why? Do you want to be the foreman once?”

Qin Shiyu still held that light tone, Sue Kirin covered his forehead, almost hitting his head Fainted on the table.

“…Do you know how difficult it is to dig a mountain?”

“If you use spell, the efficiency should be much faster than digging with people? And it will be much stronger, No?”

Qin Shiyu didn’t know the confidence that came.

“You are going to exhaust me!” Sue Kirin rolled the eyes.

What Qin Shiyu said is not impossible, but she has a lot of burden. After all, she is not talking about digging through a city wall, but a mountain that does not know how thick it is.

“This is not the problem.” Ning Wang said so.

“Where does the Six Imperial Uncle think it is not feasible?”

“It is still the battle strength problem of the Grandmaster. If the Northern Domain has the Snow Venerable Seat, it may still be defended, but If Venerable Xue is gone, and Cang Rin knows the news, we will have to face the arbitrary actions of two Grandmasters, do you understand? Northern Domain may be completely lost. This king knows that you want to talk about confidentiality, but you are How to ensure that the news is not leaked? It’s a big deal. I can’t implement a strategic plan that is only 40%, 30%, or even two-strength grasp. We can’t afford to bet.”

” The bigger it is.”

“It may also be nothing.”

Different from Qin Shiyu’s adventurous advancement, King Ning tends to be steady. Perhaps it is the two who complement each other so that Northern Domain can be stable for so long.

“If there is one more Grandmaster, will there be no problem?” Qin Shiyu is confident.


King Ning made a puzzled tone.

Where did Grandmaster come from? This question was deeply described on his face, and everyone present had the same question.

However, I don’t wait for Qin Shiyu’s response──


Sue Kirin’s eyes suddenly revealed a faint blue light, turning his face and looking towards the direction outside the window. She noticed the approaching breath.

──and this aura is absolutely no stranger to her.

Well, no stranger.

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