The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1122

The stronghold that the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry is establishing is about two or three miles away, and a thousand Northern Lights Cavalry is building camp on the spot.

They unloaded the firewood and simple cloth from the horses, and built a temporary camp based on the surrounding rocks, and set up a fire to keep warm.

“It’s really like an iron bucket!”

Beside one of the campfires, the lieutenant of this light cavalry team looked at the place guarded by the evil heavy cavalry at the other end, and issued this Sigh. He knew how powerful the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry was, because he was a member of the Northern Army that was repelled just now.

And they are not content with Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry can easily recover the lost ground and volunteered to harass.

Harassment is their top priority. They don’t need to really attack the evil heavy cavalry. They only need to continue to harass, delay the progress of the other party’s establishment of the camp in order to make fun of it, and consume their physical energy as much as possible. can.

However, if the other party loses protection or becomes numb to their harassment, they will never mind giving the other party a profound and painful lesson.

What about the facts?

They didn’t look for an opportunity. After several harassment calls, the other party was still very cautious. Of course, this is also a good thing, because of such a strained spirit, the opponent’s physical strength and spirit will definitely be tortured, and they only need to return to the army at the point and change another person to continue.

Think about the lieutenant, they are almost invincible! I also admire Cang Rin’s strategy, but I don’t know that this is actually a very basic tactic, and the opponent doesn’t necessarily have any way to break the strategy.

There is no way, the height determines the vision, and the lieutenant’s vision is nothing more than that.

“Artois, they are just iron buckets.”

The leader of this team is talking to him. He is sitting by the campfire, roasting slowly. On fire, he was still holding a branch with mutton in his hand, and he looked relaxed and content.

“Master Elod, it really makes sense.”

The lieutenant couldn’t help but be nodded, thinking of that group of evil spirit heavy riders covered in heavy armor, they It is indeed a piece of iron bucket.

He shook his head and threw away the terrifying memory of the opponent who charged in groups, returned to the campfire and sat cross-legged, looking at the bright, thick bearded man on the other side of the fire, revealing doubts and anxiety. His eyes, but did not speak.

“en?” Elod touched his beard, “Why keep staring at me? Well, do you want to eat this? Come on, here you are, I still have it.”

Speaking, he passed the freshly roasted lamb in front of Artois.

“Hey, Lord Elod! That’s not what I meant!”

Artois denied Elod’s guess, but still accepted the lamb from the other side. . The other party is his own boss, and it doesn’t seem good if he doesn’t accept it.

“Then what are you anxious about?”

Ellod asked while taking out another piece of fresh meat from the cowhide bag next to him and skewering it to another branch On, and then grilled on the fire.

Artois is a bit unaccustomed to the leisurely calling of himself.

“Master Elod, how about harassing each other like this? Don’t find a chance──”

“If you have something to eat, you can eat it.”

Ellod gave Artois a white look and interrupted the other party. As the master, how can he not understand what his subordinates want to say. He understands.

“My lord!”

The lieutenant was anxious to do his merits.

After finally getting a promotion opportunity, he naturally wants to make more contributions and win more glory, otherwise he would be too sorry for the promotion this time.

“youngster, be careful.”

Ellod knew that the other party was eager for work, and suddenly earned and well-meant advised:

“We are only a thousand people , Even if you find an opportunity, you can’t attack rashly… The Evil Heavy Cavalry is an elite of Bei’an City. Did you forget the situation when you charged our camp just now?”

“Naturally, I didn’t forget it, but as long as it was enough Hurry, if they can’t get on the horse…”

Artois’s idea is basically correct. The heavy cavalry of the Hua Dynasty originated from more west, using heavy armor and heavy equipment plus full durability. The horse can exert a strong battle strength, but if you lose the horse, the heavy armor becomes a burden, because it is just wearing the iron armor, and it is difficult for most people to move. That is too heavy.

But the problem is that the Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry is different.

“Artois, my ugly words are in the front, you still lack experience. Those lonely evil heavy riders have more or less a foundation in martial arts, and there is no lack of martial artists. That one is for the ordinary person The heavy armor that is too heavy, for them, although they are not more than capable, they can still move flexibly. You have never seen that as an infantry heavy cavalry, the battle strength is still strong enough.”

De Ke has once seen the scene of a group of remote evil heavy riders using only two legs and forming a formation with heavy shields and long spears to advance forward. At that time, they pushed forward like shoveling dirt, leaving only a corpse of the enemy wherever they went.

“Boy, we are strong, but we must not underestimate the enemy. a centipede dies, but never falls. If the Hua Dynasty is really weak, we will not be unable to take that rich land for so many years There must be a reason for them to stand tall and keep that piece of land. For example, organ weapons-this is something we absolutely can’t make.”

“This is also only by tools That’s all!” The lieutenant was a little unconvinced.

“But that is also the wisdom of others. Wisdom is also a kind of power. It is more scary than pure power. Grandmaster may die in the wisdom of others.”

Ellod increased his tone, with a deep and humble look with majesty. Yes, Artois almost forgot. Forget that this Elod is also the number one person. He has obtained a lot of military exploits many times, but because he offended the king’s noble tribe owner, he was reduced to lead the team to harass. End.

Furthermore, if this mission wasn’t for a large number of generals in the camp to be killed by the opponent’s Grandmaster, I am afraid that he would not have fallen to him. But this does not mean that he is incapable.

“Artois, don’t think about making much credit for this mission, greed is often the most dangerous, you are not a Heaven’s Chosen Son, nor a great character, remember this, you It can save you a lot of trouble, and it is also a way to make you live a little longer, understand?”

Ellod is really wordy, but Artois thinks these are all rare life experiences, unconsciously Jian was already obsessed with listening. He is indeed very young, and he wants to do meritorious service to gain glory, so as to win glory for his tribe.

“It’s not a good thing to die in vain…”

Elode sighed, but the lamb in his hand was already roasted. Regardless of his left and right, he directly took a bite of lamb, the overflowing grease covered his mouth, and it looked very fragrant.

Artois looked at the lamb on his hand and couldn’t hold back a bite.

I don’t know how Elod’s mutton is processed, it tastes very fragrant, and it seems-


Artois Quite surprised, the mutton aroma was mixed with a faint strange aroma. The aroma shouldn’t be in the meat.

“What’s the matter?”

“Master Elod, why does your meat have a faint floral fragrance?”

Yes, the lamb is mixed With a floral fragrance.

“Scent of flowers?” Elod was stunned.

His reaction was called Artois and “Huh?”

I saw Elod squeeze the lamb to his nose, but he didn’t smell the fragrance of flowers. All he could smell was the thick mutton, and some aromas of salt and seasonings. These flavors were very different from the fragrance of flowers-no, it was simply the opposite.

Artois eyebrows raised, some do not believe it. His nose is so good, It shouldn’t be a mistake, so he also learned to put his nose in front of the flesh and sniff carefully.

What enters the nose, there is only a strong meaty fragrance, without the floral fragrance.

What’s the matter? Artois was stunned, not knowing what went wrong. He tried to remove the meat, and he could smell the faint floral fragrance again.

Suddenly, he understood.

The aroma of flowers does not originate from lamb, but from the outside world. But the question is, there is wilderness on all sides, where does the fragrance of flowers come from? Moreover, the floral fragrance seems to be getting stronger.

“It really has a floral fragrance…” Elod also seemed to notice the floral fragrance coming from the wind.

He has a bad instinct.

“Artois, let everyone get ready!”

“Master Elod?”

Although the fragrance of flowers is weird, it shouldn’t be so. The big reaction was that Artois was stunned by his boss’ orders.

“There will be nothing to create something from nothing, and it may not be without cause. Only by being careful can we avoid the danger as much as possible.”

Ellod said this Then, Bian called the subordinates around him.

However, it seems to be a step late.

He didn’t have time to tell anything, the other side of the horizon seemed like the tide was slowly coming over, with a lot of color. With just a blink of an eye, he couldn’t even see the real body of those colors, so he was in the sea of ​​flowers.

The flowers came out of the ground suddenly.

Artois was even more stunned at this, not knowing what happened. Just as shocked as him, there are more than a thousand teams and horses. They cannot understand what is happening right now.

“What are you doing! Ready to fight! Get on the horse!”

Only Elod kept his sanity and quickly shouted his subordinates to prepare.

It’s just that the soldiers of the North Kingdom couldn’t seem to be able to return to the incredible scenery they had never seen before, and their movements were still slow.

There is a humming sound.

Then, a large number of vines emerged from the ground, which quickly entangled people like a snake. However, the horses were free from disaster, and rushed to all directions in shock.

Between the dust, the horses ran away in no time, and these thousand people were obediently surrender in a short time, simply too late to react.

What’s more terrible is that the vines that entangle them also grow flowers of various kinds.

──A young girl walks over flowers.

She has bare feet and is wearing a black and white gown and skirt. A pair of deep and faint black eyes are full of starlight, which is a little bit more decorated by the red shadow eyes. The illusion and mysterious also added a bit of smoke to her ethereal temperament.

“Fighting, killing and killing is not a kind act, and the concubine body can only be decorated with flowers, hoping to eliminate the blood energy here. This may also be a choice of destiny, please don’t panic, don’t Struggle, because your destiny is already doomed.”

She sang and danced, her big sleeves swayed, she rose up and danced with a large petal, and there was a sacred and mysterious temperament between her gestures and her eyes. A calm was reflected in it.

“Who is that?”

“Where did the magic stick come from?”

The soldiers of the northern kingdom shouted and asked, but they couldn’t get rid of those who were entangled in them. The bondage of the girl can only watch the girl jump or spin passing by in front of her, and keep walking forward.

“Heavenly Master Zhang.”

Ellod recognized him.

“She came too suddenly!”

“Heavenly Master Zhang?”

Artois tried to stretch the right hand to herself On the scimitar on the waist, he couldn’t do what he wanted for a long time, but he didn’t miss the words of his boss, and he showed a surprised expression at the moment of understanding.

Yu Yao.

This Taoist “Heavenly Master Zhang” has heard the rumors more or less, but the “Heavenly Master Zhang” has been acting secretively. It is really hard to grasp all her intentions. He has also been with Sue Kirin. Hostility is.

But to be sure, she is definitely not a companion.

“Master Elod, what should I do?”

“Can you break free?” Elod’s answer was simple.


Artois wanted to say yes, but the truth is cruel. He can’t even reach out and hold the scimitar, so how can he break free? What?

“Nothing can be done, wait for death.”

Ellod said lightly, but Artois could see the unwillingness in his eyes. In an instant, he seemed to understand that the man in front of him actually wanted to contribute to this mission, so that he could return to his previous status.

However, things always go against one’s wishes and cannot be refused.

On the other end, Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry was obviously aware of the situation at this end, and had already mounted their horses and ran towards this side.

“It’s over…”

Artois has a sullen face. He knows that once the opponent arrives, they will all become prisoners, and life and death will be in the hands of others.


Ellod was also speechless and could not help.

His eyes are flickering, and he can only watch the Xie Xie heavy riders step by step approaching. And at the moment when Xie Xie Heavy Cavalry arrived in front of them with a ferocious expression, Yu Yao had already left, and there was a flash of blue light on the other side, which cut through the night sky like thunder.


Sue Kirin dropping from the sky, falling in the sea of ​​flowers, aroused a lot of petals.

“Why are you here?”

In front of the girl, Yuyao in a black and white robe stopped the singing and dancing, and looked towards her with a smile, but she said A not very friendly sentence.

“Sue Kirin, you don’t seem to welcome your concubine too much…” There was sadness in her tone.

Sue Kirin was not relentless at all, even raised his brows, responding somewhat lazily. Yuyao is elusive, and as her meaning changes, she really doesn’t want to guess the other party’s intention.

“Are you here to meet your concubine?” Yu Yao asked with a smile.

The preface is a bit contradictory at first glance.

“Don’t ask, don’t be it.” Sue Kirin stinked a face.

Yu Yao laughed, hummed a song again, took a step, and the once stagnant sea of ​​flowers under his feet spread again. Sue Kirin looked depressed at the young girls walking forward each minding their own business.

She is indeed here to welcome Yu Yao.

This was naturally Qin Shiyu’s order. Yuyao seemed to be called by her, and she didn’t know when it happened. Looking at it this way, Qin Shiyu probably had some plan early, otherwise she would not call Yuyao.

There is a question, is Qin Shiyu so sure that Yu Yao will agree to her request?

Sue Kirin got more and more annoyed when he thought about it, but found that Yu Yao had already gone far, stepping on the sea of ​​flowers and trotting to catch up.


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