The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1123

My palace is really grateful to Master Zhang Heavenly for being invited. “

This is the first sentence Qin Shiyu saw Yuyao.

Qin Shiyu and King Ning greeted Yuyao at the gate of the tower. Compared with the former , King Ning was obviously surprised at Yu Yao’s arrival, and his expression wrinkled taut when he greeted Yu Yao.

He probably knew what Yu Yao had done before, otherwise he would not act like this. A cautious expression.

“His Royal Highness is serious. The Hua Dynasty is in the midst of life and death, and the concubine body should make a contribution… and the stars are also the guidance, the concubine body has never hesitated Everything defies the destiny, now it’s time to put everything back on track. “

What is she talking about? Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi looked at each other, always feeling that Yuyao seemed to know something and so on. Well, she has always been like this. But at this moment she has lost that pair of jade eyes. ── Lost the ability to watch the stars.

So, how did she learn about certain trends? What is the destiny in her mouth?

Thinking about it, Yuyao’s gaze suddenly shifted and fell on Sue Kirin. The latter didn’t know what was happening, so she had to stare at a pair of eyes and look back.

“And, concubine body I also want to sell Sue Kirin as a favor-after all, the concubine still wants her. “

Yu Yao was talking about Long Ting, this time Sue Kirin thought about it.

I met Yu Yao in the town of Heavenly Jade Palace, when she I asked for Sue Kirin, what I asked for was to destroy the Dragon Court. Sue Kirin never forgot about this.

But, is it really good to mention that here? Sue Kirin read Looking at Qin Shiyu, and then at King Ning, she couldn’t help being somewhat guilty. Both of them were Imperial Family, and the destruction of the Plan Long Ting was no less than rebellion. How could she not feel nervous about this.

Her worry seems a bit redundant.

Both Qin Shiyu and King Ning summed up everything Yu Yao said as a kind of divine rhetoric, and did not investigate further. . Sue Kirin relaxed only after seeing this.

“Hey, Qin Shiyu. “

While Yu Yao and King Ning were polite, Sue Kirin walked around behind Qin Shiyu and yelled in a low voice. Qin Shiyu turned his head in response, showing the expression on his face. There is a trace of impatience, as if asking her what’s wrong.

“How did you call Yuyao? You will not promise something weird, will you? By the way, when did you notify Yuyao? “

“Are you the problem baby?” “

Qin Shiyu did not expect that Sue Kirin would ask several times, so he sighed.

“When I was in You Prefecture, I just learned that the North Kingdom was coming. I have already sent a letter to Yuyao. “

“Have you already had the sly plan at that time?” How do you know Yuyao is there? “

Sue Kirin called Qin Shiyu’s sharp knife proposal for attacking the royal court as a sly plan.

“You are sometimes annoying, you know? “Qin Shiyu gave Sue Kirin a white look, “It was not there yet, but one more high-end battle strength… It’s no secret that there are two Grandmasters in the North.” In addition, this is called thoughtfulness in this palace, do you know? “

Qin Shiyu retracted his gaze and said with a low voice:

“Yuyao once committed such an important matter, and Zhen Guowei, where she is located, has long understood clearly in the mind now. As for the request… She didn’t ask for anything, she just came… Of course, I don’t know what she has tried, but I can only see one step at a time. “

It seems that Qin Shiyu still has reservations about Yuyao. Sue Kirin feels relieved when she realizes this. She still doesn’t believe in Yuyao, even if the other party gives her the casket.

By the way, Yuyao’s spiritual box, Sue Kirin hid it under his bed and put several seals on it.

However, it is also the other person in the palm of his hand. Spirit box, Sue Kirin did not resist Yu Yao as he did in the past. If it hadn’t been for that meeting, Sue Kirin would have done something to Yu Yao just now.

Yu Yao and Qin Shiyu seem to have finished their courtesy. After the former greeted the latter, he walked into the tower. When passing by Sue Kirin, Yuyao smiled bitterly:

“It seems that the concubine still has to spend some time and sincerity to obtain Your trust. “

She has lost her eyes, and she no longer closes her eyes for a long time. The eyes that belonged to Mo Ji inexplicably suit her. They look as remote and mysterious as they are carved from obsidian.

Sue Kirin was stunned when she heard the loss and sadness in her mouth.

“Kirin, is it okay? “

It is not only Yuyao who does not trust Yuyao. Qi Qiqi also shows a worried expression at this moment, for fear that Yuyao will cause any big trouble.

“Who know? Sue Kirin curled his lips, “I just have to keep an eye on it.” “

“Little Ancestor Master, the problem is that Her Highness the Princess wants to leave Yuyao to guard the Northern Domain…If she has any ideas, almost no one can stop her. “

Gong Tianqing whispered in Sue Kirin’s ear.

This is indeed a problem, but Qin Shiyu seems to believe that Yu Yao will not betray the Hua Dynasty. On the other hand, , Sue Kirin also feels that no matter how much Yuyao insists on one thing, he should not sacrifice the Northern Domain. Well, sacrifice the Northern Domain and even the entire Chinese dynasty and use the power of other countries to support the Dragon Court.

Just No matter how worried, Sue Kirin can only find a time to remind Qin Shiyu.

At Qin Shiyu’s invitation, Yu Yao also took a seat at the conference table. King Ning was responsible for the presence The generals introduced Yuyao’s identity, and everyone listened and suddenly showed a weird expression. Even in the Northern Domain, the rumors of Yuyao have spread here.

“Please rest assured, everyone. , Yuyao came this time for the survival of Northern Domain. “

Qin Shiyu sensed people’s distrust of Yuyao, so she soothed her. She didn’t expect everyone present to trust Yuyao, but at least she wouldn’t put the doubt in her heart. It is expressed in words and deeds, which will not hinder future actions.

“Yuyao, although you have only arrived in Bei’an City with the fatigue of the car, even if the palace feels deeply guilty, it cannot let you first take a break. The matter is urgent, I want to ask you a question. “

“His Royal Highness might as well speak up. “

Yu Yao answered with a smile, completely ignoring the weird sights around him.

“My palace intends to penetrate the mountain range and let an army pass through. You can Finish helping? “

Qin Shiyu immediately sought the help of Shi Yuyao for the strategy just put forward.

Sue Kirin was inexplicably upset. He felt that the other party looked down on him, but he had to deny Yuyao. She is good at spells in this area. Her native skills are better than Sue Kirin’s spells, and more than just a little bit, this is also a difference between specialization and general knowledge.

“Your Highness’s idea is really like a heavenly steed , soaring across the skies. “

Yu Yao sighed with her eyes closed, not seeming to be mocking.

“If it is to penetrate the mountain range and strengthen it, the concubine body and Sue Kirin should join hands. It takes a few days. If there is no need for reinforcement and only one pass, it can be faster. “

After thinking a little bit, Yuyao gave Qin Shiyu a relatively careful answer. The time required for this is much shorter than Sue Kirin estimated, but even if she is not convinced, she can only Accept it, because it’s all true.

“It’s so good. “Qin Shiyu is satisfied with this answer.

Next, she casts a “how about this” gaze on Wang Ning, freely asking the other party if there is a new Grandmaster in charge, whether her plan is OK Carry out.

Ning Wang just sighed.

“You rain is really exhausted. “

Aware of her husband’s complex emotions, Princess Ning reluctantly looked towards Qin Shiyu and sighed out this sentence. Sue Kirin knew whether it was King Ning or Ning. It seems that the princesses have lost their opposition.

No matter how they worry about Qin Shiyu, they cannot deny that Qin Shiyu’s sword moves with side stroke is the best plan to fight big with small strokes.

Why don’t these people care about my opinion? Sue Kirin is a little annoyed.

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