The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1124

“Hey, what’s my opinion?”

The more I thought about it, the more annoyed, Sue Kirin finally couldn’t help interrupting the discussion of several people and raised his own dissatisfaction. Qin Shiyu, Ning Wang, and Yu Yao and the others turned their heads and looked towards her one after another, seeming to be surprised how she raised this question.

“Your question, I will discuss with you later.” Qin Shiyu pushed Sue Kirin’s opinion into the corner as it should be by rights.


When he reacted, Sue Kirin had already knocked on the desktop. She only felt a fire surge along the esophagus and rushed into her forehead. She doesn’t like it, doesn’t like the feeling of being ignored.

“Qin Shiyu, am I your wage earner? Am I coming as I call and leaving? Is there nothing wrong with your head? Did I promise you this matter? I didn’t promise. ! That being the case, are you discussing a fart without authorization?”

The more you talk, Sue Kirin’s hand on the table almost shatters the whole table. People seem to be quite shocked at why Sue Kirin is so angry, but forget that this should be a question of as it should be by rights.

Qin Shiyu has forgotten that Sue Kirin is indeed not her “worker”.

For a long time, Sue Kirin has always been very good at talking, and he is really not very angry. He is very easy-going-no, good-sounding is easy-going, and bad-sounding is perhaps casual.

However, people often get one thing wrong.

No matter how easy-going a person is, there are always times when he can’t bear it. Saint will be angry, even more how Sue Kirin is not Saint.

“His Royal Highness, since I sent the little Ancestor Master and still did not agree to this matter, is it too early to discuss too much?”

Qiqiqi Qi without the slightest hesitation stood at Sue Kirin went to his side and raised objections to Qin Shiyu’s in-depth discussion without authorization. She must have been pleased with Sue Kirin’s attack, because she did not agree with Qin Shiyu’s proposal.

The principle of catching the thieves and the king is very simple, but going straight to the base camp of others is undoubtedly a nine deaths and still alive.

“Yu’er, you…”

King Ning suddenly sighed and stood up. He didn’t say more to Qin Shiyu, but instead turned to face Sue Kirin, folded his hands in front of him and folded his hands forward slightly.

“Xue Venerable, although Yu’er is not unreasonable, but she always said that one is one, and that two is two. No one dared to question her, not as she wished, so one Come, she is gradually self-centered. This king apologizes to you for this matter.”

“Six Imperial Uncle?”

Not only Sue Kirin surprised Qin Shiyu was also a little surprised that Wang Yu Ning saluted himself.

“Yu’er, it’s your fault this time.” King Ning said lightly.

Qin Shiyu wanted to say something, but Wang Ning stared at him. He faced Sue Kirin again, full of sincerity.

“In this matter, if there is any resentment from the Xue Venerable, but it does not matter, this king does not want the Xue Venerable to have a rift with us at this time-naturally, I don’t want it anytime. Xue The Lord was kind to us and came forward to break the siege of Bei’an City. All of this is remembered in my heart.”

Dignified A king said to this extent, Sue Kirin can’t bear any grudges. Too deep, the grievance that was stuffy in the stomach is also disappeared a lot. Although the attitude of the other party is not low, he is a king after all, and it is correct and impeccable to be able to put on this attitude.

“Let’s do it.”

Sue Kirin is not completely relieved, but he also knows that fighting here will not help. She is very clear that this is not Heavenly Jade Palace, after all, she needs to give the other side some face.

This episode ends soon, and it can be regarded as loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain.

However, Sue Kirin did not stay here for a long time. She became angry when she looked at Qin Shiyu, and said that she was hungry, so she got up and walked outside.

Only after bypassing the screen, Shui Yuner waited there with a smile on his face.

“It’s been a while since you haven’t seen the little Master. You get angry,” she said.

Next to Yinping, Yinping also stood bitterly, presumably he was also aware of the conflict inside.

“Little Ancestor Master, sometimes she just likes to talk to herself, and others don’t dare to resist her. Over time, she will be somewhat…well, when she is self-centered. Just like Ning Wang said. If your lord has a lot, don’t care about her.”

“I can’t talk about anger, just a little aggrieved. Qin Shiyu really regards me as her number one thug.”

Sue Kirin rolled his eyes and responded to Shui Yun’er first, and then walked outside without stopping. When she got to the door, she turned her head and looked towards the silver screen with a face of not knowing what to do.

“Xiao Yinping, Qin Shiyu, she is an adult anyway, right? Even a child, she can’t tell her everything before she is not sensible. You may be her sword guard All that’s all, but I see you don’t just take her as a responsibility, you have more or less feelings for her, so you should help her more. Not only is the safety of life…well…well, you Is it an elder?”

Sue Kirin doesn’t know how to express it, but judging from the looking thoughtful expression after hearing this on the screen, she probably understands what Sue Kirin means.

“Sometimes you can’t be too spoiled, especially when she is not sensible.”

Leaving this sentence aside, Sue Kirin left a message, “Just do it yourself!” From the back, walked out freely. After leaving the tower, the more she thought about it, the more she relieved her anger. She also felt a little proud of preaching about Yinping, and she straightened her chest unconsciously, curling her mouth with an air of air.

“Little Ancestor Master is proud.”

Shui Yuner smiled softly, and tapped Sue Kirin’s nose with her long fingers.

A bit cold and itchy, Sue Kirin wrinkled his nose and made an impatient voice:

“Don’t click! The nose is brittle!”

Shui Yun’er smiled and withdrew his hand, his expression gradually faded.

“However, the little Master will have this kind of time.”

“…When is it?”

“Well, this kind of serious teaching Other people.”

“What are you doing? You want to try? But you haven’t tried it.” Sue Kirin rolled his eyes, “I think you are much better than Qin Shiyu. “

“…birds of a feather.”

Shui Yun’er responded with a wry smile, but somewhat humble.

“It is indeed birds of a feather…One is self-centered, and the other is sometimes unpredictable.”

“Unpredictable?” Shui Yuner blinked. “Is this talking about me?”

“Otherwise you are talking about me?” Sue Kirin frowned, raised a cheek, and complained, “Aren’t you all talking about my rectum, I can’t hide it.” The secret?”

“Be careful.”

Shui Yun’er stretched out his hand to cover his mouth and laughed, a series of silver bells’ laughter kept hitting Sue Kirin’s ear.

The two asked several soldiers on the city wall. When they asked the fifth person, the other party finally knew where they settled.

After asking the prospective boss, the soldier volunteered to lead the two.

He appeared to be quite excited, but besides the two of them being very lovable, he should also think that being able to walk with the living legend is quite worthy.

Regardless of his intentions, Sue Kirin is happy to be led.

Yuyao caught up with the two in front of the courtyard of the Heavenly Jade Palace.

Sue Kirin felt her breath before Yuyao approached, so she stood in front of the courtyard and waited for her.

“What’s the matter?”

Yu Yao came to the front, and Sue Kirin suddenly became impatient.

“Are you not going to follow your Highness to charge forward?”

What she didn’t expect was that it was what she asked about, and Sue Kirin was stunned for a moment.

“Why? You care about these military major events again.”

Yu Yao shook his head and said with a faint smile:

” Caring is not enough. What the concubine is thinking and thinking now is to fulfill the last wish of Lord Nianzhi and to have a small place to live.”

“Under the nest, there is no End of eggs?” Sue Kirin casually said, and then pointed out rather maliciously, “But isn’t this an opportunity for you?”


Yu Yao doesn’t understand.

The breeze blew and the hair of a few people swayed, and Sue Kirin smelled the strange flower scent from Yu Yao. But as before, there is no such annoying feeling, presumably this is just pure body fragrance that’s all.

Sue Kirin distracted the soldier who led the way first, and then let Shui Yun’er take the lead. After both of them were far away, he continued the topic that was interrupted just now.

“If the Northern Kingdom can successfully enter the Imperial Capital of the Hua Dynasty, can’t you use their power to destroy the Dragon Court? Don’t you want to destroy the Dragon Court?”

“so that’s how it is.”

Yu Yao rarely smiled bitterly, and there was a little sadness in his eyes.

“You are wondering whether your concubine will do this by fair means or foul……”

“You are not always like this?”

“If so In other ways, the concubine body will not be attached to you many times, Sue Kirin.”

Yu Yao smiled more ugly, “Although the concubine body can see through the flow of fate, it must be in the long river. In the middle, slightly changed the flow of Liuhechuan and easier said than done… It took a thousand years for the concubine to finally find a chance, but it distorted everything. The destruction of Longting has long been doomed, but this is not the North Country. Yes.”

paused, Yuyao clearly declared:

“Long Ting Ji is an Artifact Spirit, whose power is no less than Fei Xian, and is rooted in Dragon Vein , The Imperial Capital Imperial Palace she guards is unbreakable. As long as she is in the Imperial Palace, she is almost invincible.”

“Then why are you looking for me? Looking for me to die?”

“Tian Lei in your palm, that is the only way to destroy Long Ting. Long Ting Ji is unmatched, but as long as the core of Long Ting’s art is strikes by Tian Lei, the dragon will lose its support. It’s just an ordinary Artifact Spirit that’s all.”

What Yu Yao said is not unreasonable.

According to the general theory, the dragon sparrow is too powerful. Sue Kirin has long suspected that her power comes from the dragon Vein, and the dragon court itself is based on the dragon Vein, so the dragon The power that the bird can drive part of the Dragon Court is completely in line with theory.

In this way, as long as the Dragon Court is destroyed, the Dragon Sparrow will lose its unmatched power.

Sue Kirin can’t fault it.

“That’s why you came to me? That’s why you used everything to give me the box?”

Sue Kirin once rejected Yuyao’s box. But Yuyao didn’t know what method was used to deliver the spirit box to her room. Although Sue Kirin took the casket to return it, the casket would appear on the table in her room after a while. With this two encounters, Sue Kirin was disinclined to pay attention to Yuyao.

“It’s not a concubine who finds you, but everything has a certain number.”

Yu Yao’s response seems to be fooling the Profound Void, but Sue Kirin knows that it’s not , This is the most annoying.

“It’s a definite number again.” Sue Kirin chuckled. “Are there no other words you can use except destiny, stars, and destiny?”

Yuyao ignored Sue Kirin’s ridicule and said each minding their own business.

“Sue Kirin, try to think about why you can have thunder in your palm.”

At this moment, her eyes are deep and faint, as if the blue flame is shining again. Reflected like a whole bright starry sky. Sue Kirin thought, her eyes are so beautiful.

“There is a cause and an effect, but at the same time there can be an effect and then a cause. Causation is the most important concept between Heaven and Earth, but just as life is not necessarily more important than death, causality The order is also meaningless. It is the Dragon Court that needs to be destroyed, and Heavenly Dao Samsara will let you be here, palm of the sky thunder. It is also the concubine body that follows this cause and effect, and exhausts all efforts to barely be able to use all the thoughts. My lord was resurrected here.”

“…You mean, because the Dragon Court is doomed to be destroyed, I need someone who can destroy the Dragon Court before I will appear here?” Sue Kirin slightly Feeling stunned.

“Otherwise, you shouldn’t have existed here, did you?”

Yu Yao’s problem hit the nail on the head.

Sue Kirin is not surprised that the other party knows some unknown secrets, even his own secrets-observing the heavenly secret is originally such a thing, Yuyao must have known Sue Kirin from a long time ago Another world comes.

If all this is doomed, Sue Kirin will eventually destroy the Dragon Court.

“Since you said it was destined, what are you worried about?”

Sue Kirin doesn’t understand this, and thinks Yuyao is a little anxious, which was extremely rare before. Things. First took a deep breath, Yuyao’s eyes drifted far, far away.

“Because the concubine took advantage of the secret. Although it only slightly changed the direction of flow, everything has changed. Because the concubine took advantage of you, you became particularly resistant to the concubine. In addition, if it were not for the concubine to intervene, the impossible of the other three countries would come so quickly, the entire time was much earlier, and this time should be the time for you and Jiu Her Highness the Princess to establish absolute trust. You will reject Ninth Princess’ proposal today. , It’s all because of this lost time, and because you don’t trust me, you are unwilling to leave Northern Domain easily, and it’s because of what your concubine did before… Without multiple interventions, the whole thing will be very logical if you do it… But the concubine body intervened and changed the secret, the whole thing became distorted.”

Yu Yao’s eyes There is no regret in it, presumably she does not regret what she did. Sue Kirin secretly sighed then said, the other party was too arrogant and so arrogant that she didn’t know what to do.

However, what the other party said is worth her further investigation. Sue Kirin brows knit asked:

“In other words, because of your many mischiefs, now your fate has been twisted. I will not destroy the Dragon Court?”

“No, you and I will both die in the Northern Domain ──No, most of the people you know will die in the Northern Domain.”

Yu Yao’s expression is quite light when I say this, and it is incredibly light.

However, Sue Kirin intuitively felt that it was true. When the light sentence struck her heart, she was shocked.

It’s true.

There is no basis, purely intuitive understanding.

However, Grandmaster’s intuition is often terrifying and trembling.

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