The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1125

A fish in Beiming wakes up from a deep sleep.

A pair of eyes are like two beads of glass, like two faint lights in the dim, but they cannot dispel the darkness that is deeply entangled in her. During this time when the ice and snow melted, the air was quite icy, pouring into her eye sockets and causing her to involuntarily squint her eyes.

She lifted the quilt, her exposed skin was faintly light.

She is accustomed to sleeping without clothes. Now she is almost naked, except for the quilt, she really has nothing on her body. However, she is not afraid of others witnessing her spring glory. No one can approach her silently.

──No, one person can, but she is not here.

In spite of this, she has always been depressed the past few days. She didn’t know what she was resisting, there was always a feeling of being stared at.

“…Is I too neurotic?”

Beijing Youyu muttered to herself, and the clothes hung on the rack were silent when the tail twitched slightly. Started and flew over quickly. She took the clothes, turned them on, and dressed them neatly after a while.

Walking outside, you can hear the faint breathing, which is proof that Ning Mengqi is still alive. Thanks to the doctor’s efforts, her little discipline saved her life, but she was still quite weak, and she didn’t know how long it would take to wake up.

Ning Mengqi has been in a coma for several days.

“A Yuan, are you watching? If so, have you ever hurt me?”

I came to the yard and looked at being covered by thin dark clouds. In the not bright night sky, Beiming Yuyu couldn’t help but blurt out.

She still misses him a little.

Beijing Youyu asked herself many times, feeling that the thoughts at this time had nothing to do with love, but just a sense of dependence on relatives. Perhaps in a long period of time, Qi Return to Origin has become a brother-like existence. She is not so sure, but she must have loved each other deeply.

However, she is thinking that she should also plan for herself, and can no longer stick to the past for those who are no longer there.

A drop of coldness fell on her nose, and her body trembled slightly.

Unconsciously, it started raining unexpectedly.

Cold rain.

“Oh…” Beiming has fish sighed.

She doesn’t hate rain, and she even likes it a little.

Well, she really doesn’t hate rain. She thinks it can wash a lot of things clean, but sometimes she hates the touch of rain on her body.

For example, now.

Sadness, sadness and other emotions will seep into blood vessels along with the coldness and breath of rain. This type of feeling seems to like rain very much. At this moment, Beiming Yuyu just wants to be long and well. The earth sighed long, in an attempt to spit out all the uncomfortable feelings.

She hated the feeling of rain falling on her body, but she did not return to the room either.

I hate it, but I want to feel it for a while.

Very contradictory.

But that’s what she thinks now.

“Hey, are you taking a shower?”

The black umbrella bone suddenly came into the corner of your eyes, and an orange umbrella was opened in Beiming, and the rain fell. The sound of “supervision” was made on the umbrella.

Being carried a chicken wrapped in paper, Bei Xiaolu appeared beside Beiming Youyu with doubts.

Bei Ming Yuqing said, “Huh?” He turned to find that she was the one who came. Seeing her cheeks showed a slight red color, she suddenly understood why the other party came back so late.

“Fuck a man?”

I don’t know if I’m joking or serious, Beiming Youyu is startled.

Beijing Xiaolu, hearing this, rolled his eyes and said:

“You are a man, my old lady is going to drink.”

Fortunately, Bei The small road has been in the market for a long time. If it is someone else, maybe it will fly into a rage out of humiliation because of the saying that there are fish in Beiming.

“It’s rare that you are in the mood to drink.”

Beiming Youyu said with a faint smile, and I don’t know if I blame Bei Xiaolu. Bei Xiaolu shrank his shoulders thinking that the other party had it, but soon coughed twice.

“My mother is not drunk.”

Bei Xiaolu first made a quiet statement, and then said:

“It’s just this time of tension. I have to eat he he, otherwise I’m always nervous, who can hold on? Also, the old lady’s melons are not soldiers, so they certainly can’t be banned. As long as we get to the battlefield, we can do our best to stop it. ? And who knows if you will die on the battlefield. It’s not wrong to have fun in time.”

Didn’t expect just a casual sentence, but in exchange for Bei Xiaolu’s deep emotion, Beiming has fish The line of sight can’t help but drift away, drifting into the memory.

“…Are you happy in time?”

Four touching words.

Beiming has fish bitterly laughed, and I deeply think that it is precisely because I don’t understand this truth that I will miss the one I love deeply. However, she can only let her regret linger in the heart.

“Speaking of which, what are you doing?”

As he asked, Bei Xiaolu passed the umbrella in his hand, and Beiming Yuyu subconsciously took it down. Then, Bei Xiaolu used his free hand to remove the oil paper of the chicken, and suddenly the fragrance overflowed.

“Eat it?”

Bei Xiaolu licked his lips, broke off a chicken leg, asked casually, and took a bite of fresh chicken at the same time. Qinglun City faced the enemy head-on, and the supply at the back was not cut off, and the supplies were quite sufficient.

Furthermore, many businessmen also want to make a fortune in war, and they don’t hesitate to take the risk to transport all kinds of supplies to the front line. Therefore, Bei Xiaolu just went to the downtown area and brought a lot of dísciple. pause.

“I don’t… let’s have a chicken leg.”

Beijing Youyu originally wanted to refuse, but inexplicably changed his words. Bei Xiaolu smiled triumphantly, broke off another drumstick and handed it to Beiming Youyu. The latter didn’t mind the oil on the drumstick, so he took it with his hands and took a bite.

“I’m watching the stars.” Beiming Youyu finally responded to Bei Xiaolu’s question.


Bei Xiaolu looked up towards ten thousand li, a sky full of clouds, showing a strange expression. She wrapped the remaining legless chickens, tied them with a rope and hung them around her waist. She seems to like to hang everything on her waist, not only the bottle gourd, but also the patched purse, she is not afraid of being stolen.

“Where are the stars?”

“…” Beiming Yuyu did not answer.

Bei Xiaolu ignored her, just biting her own chicken leg. It took dozens of seconds for Beiming Youyu to speak falteringly:

“I just feel that my heart is empty.”

“Is it empty?”

Bei Xiaolu looked up in amazement, and the coat that was draped outside was a little wet from the rain.

There are fish in the lowlands un’ed in Beiming.

“Perhaps Lingyue Valley was destroyed…It seems to be missing something and things, and I feel that I am a little out of the world–well, I have no support.”

“What are you talking about?”

Bei Xiaolu’s eyebrows are twisted into a wave shape, “My old lady thinks you have lived in a place where there are no eggs for too long, right? “

Lingyue Valley is said to be a place where birds don’t lay eggs, and Beiming has fishes that are more or less dissatisfied, but the other party is right, and she has to remain silent.

Bei Xiaolu scratched his head, obviously his hands were still greasy.

“There is Senior Yu, it’s not the old lady who said, you can refute it…you can’t bear it? The old lady just said that your Lingyuegu bird does not lay eggs.”

Was it a small provocation? Beiming fish frowned.

“But what you said is the truth.”

“What about the facts? If you are not happy, you can scold me!” Bei Xiaolu pinched his waist with one hand and bit a piece fiercely Chicken thigh, “If anyone says Beggars’ Sect is not good, I will give him a beating!”

“Bei Xiaolu, Bei Xiaolu, you are so unreasonable.” Beiming Youyu teased.

“What’s the matter if you are unreasonable? Can you just insult my old lady’s Sect if you are reasonable? My old lady makes sense, and then come to greet your mother, okay?”

Maybe it was because Bei Xiaolu’s remarks were too crude, Beiming Youyu couldn’t help but dislike it. But what the other party said made her think deeply.

Do you think too much, too little to express feelings? Beiming Youyu thinks it is, and has always been self-aware, but she can’t twist her mind–no, she is just too rational that’s all sometimes, but she can’t completely ignore other people’s words.

If you change to Bai Ze, you may have the same reaction as her, but that person will definitely not feel disgusted or disgusted in his heart—not disagreeable.

To put it bluntly, I just have a different heart… Beiming Youyu sighed secretly without showing it on his face.

“So, I should have taught you just now, right?”

When Beiming Youyu said that, Bei Xiaolu trembled all over, I am afraid that he has not completely got rid of Beiming Youyu. The psychological shadow that once brought her.

“I said so…but my old lady was just for your good. You can’t reprimand my old lady like this…”

Seeing Bei Xiaolu so timid and fearful , Beiming Youyu also laughed.


Beijing Xiaolu protested, but he didn’t dare to deal with Beiming Youyu. The result could only make the latter laugh happier.

After a while, Beiming Yuyu stopped smiling.

“Well, what would you do if it was you?”

“en?” Bei Xiaolu touched the chin and thought, “My old lady will have a big meal first, then Let’s go to sleep again.”

Beijing Youyu stayed for a while, but then chuckled.

“I think asking you is the wrong person.”

“What do you mean?” Bei Xiaolu refused.

“We made fun of Sue Kirin heartless, but you don’t want to let it go.”

“What?” Bei Xiaolu glared, “My old lady is also the lord of a gang anyway, and she’s just playing with that idler.” How can people get confused?”

Beijing Youyu just laughed, ignoring Bei Xiaolu, who was so dull.

The rain is getting bigger and bigger.

The sound of hitting the oil umbrella became more and more noisy, and a fish in Beiming retracted its already wet tail. She was still not sleepy, thinking that she should find a topic so that the silence would not continue.

She didn’t think of it.

The ears and tail suddenly stiffened, some kind of instinct was warning, Beiming Youyu’s expression suddenly became cold.


Beixiaolu noticed that Beiming Yuyu’s complexion was wrong, so he made a puzzled voice. As a result, Beiming Youyu stared up into the sky in the next instant.

“Bei Xiaolu, the enemy is coming, go and prepare.”

The pure white back is going away, only this sentence fell lightly.

“What?” Bei Xiaolu was unresponsive. It must have happened too suddenly.

However, she didn’t have to bother to understand Beiming’s words, because almost at the same time, a huge roar came from a distance.

The flames are blazing outside the city.

“Damn it, has it attacked again?”

Bei Xiaolu thought the past few days the Western Regions must be anxious, the more they attack, the denser they are.

She leaped up lightly, and after a few ups and downs, with the help of one up and up, she quickly jumped to the top of a nearby high-rise building. She squinted her eyes towards the firelight. It is estimated that the artillery hit outside the city wall and inside the city. Because of the distance, Bei Xiaolu is not quite clear and damaged.

A chaotic voice came from outside.

The gong to be summoned is also ringing, and Qinglun City has entered a state of battle urgently.

And Beiming Youyu seems to have arrived on the battlefield, and in an instant, countless white radiance arrows illuminate a corner of the horizon.


Looking at the light and shadow at that end, Bei Xiaolu frowned inexplicably.

A bad foreboding arose spontaneously. She felt that something bad was about to happen, but she didn’t know what would happen.

But this unknown emotion drove her to act.

Bei Xiaolu jumped out of the ground, fell to the top of the nearby building, and then jumped up again. In a few ups and downs, she had already moved a certain distance, rushing to the edge of the city with speed.


Take advantage of the cover of night to get closer.

Looking at the Western Region army outside the city that was launching a fierce attack on the city, Beiming Youyu frowned on the top of the tower. Qinglun City was not sufficiently vigilant, and it made people react so close to the shooting distance of artillery.

Several deep gun pits can be seen on the city wall.

However, once Qinglun City reacted, it moved quickly. The defenders of Qinglun City above the tower have been organized, using artillery, crossbows, bows and arrows, etc. to color them, and at the same time suppress and shoot the infantrymen of the Western Regions.


A shell fell on the tower, and a burst of dust and impact was immediately set off. Several unfortunate Hua Dynasty soldiers were blown to pieces. A fish from Beiming raised his sleeve to block the impact, and a cloud of mist suddenly burst out of him.

The mist is outlined into a bow-shaped state, and a fish in Beiming stretched out his right hand and grabbed it forward, grabbing a pure white longbow from the mist.

Along with the action of holding the bow, Beiming’s hand drawn the string to draw a pure white light arrow.


A fish in Beiming took a deep breath, and the moment he exhaled, he released the hand that pulled the string. The bowstring shrinks, sending the arrow far away.

The white light pierced the night sky, dazzling the eyes, and accurately landed on one of the enemy’s artillery pieces.


The artillery was destroyed and the nearby gunpowder was also ignited. I saw soldiers from the Western Regions rushing to avoid it. The fault of the Western Regions was to place these artillery in the range of their own reach. Beiming Yuyu once again held up the bow and arrow.

Another white pierced the night.

It’s just that this arrow failed to hit the target.

──It was shattered by a burst of golden radiance.


Beiming Youyu whispered that abominable name, his face became squalid in an instant, and a pair of pointed canine teeth became jealous. The lips appeared, flashing with dazzling cold light.

She seemed to see Jialan looking at herself with that elegant smile.

Well, a hateful and hateful smile.

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